NASA New Planet In Our Solar System - Nibiru Related ? (Hercolubus) Tyche
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NASA New Planet In Our Solar System - Nibiru Related ? (Hercolubus) Tyche
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04-24-2011 12:13 AM#1
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NASA New Planet In Our Solar System - Nibiru Related ? (Hercolubus) Tyche

04-24-2011 12:47 PM#2
OctoMother Superior
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RE: NASA New Planet In Our Solar System - Nibiru Related ? (Hercolubus) Tyche
ok...they know how big it is and what it's made of, but they haven't found it yet?!? 13.gifwtf2.gif
04-24-2011 01:57 PM#3
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RE: NASA New Planet In Our Solar System - Nibiru Related ? (Hercolubus) Tyche
It's been demonstrated that most suns are binary systems, therefore; it's logical to assume we're looking at a solar companion to our on sun.

It seems awfully large for a solid planet, maybe brown dwarf ala Zacharia Stitchin? dunno.gif I never really bought that Planet X crap. Any credibility it had was hijacked and ruined by Nancy Lieder.

Interesting vid GH! hi5.gif

04-24-2011 05:51 PM#4
Anonymous KritterIncognitoAnonymous
RE: NASA New Planet In Our Solar System - Nibiru Related ? (Hercolubus) Tyche
Nancy was right, she was just ahead of her time.

Zetas right again! You'll all see.
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