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There is a conspiracy theory that has really not been talked about because many people dismiss the very idea that the greatest lie of all is where we are now in time. Orwell had written that “He controls the past controls the present and future.” However the quote goes even further, it continues to point out that all knowledge, meaning and value exists only in the collective mind of the Party; reality is the new past, the new past is what was, hence “he who controls the past controls the future, and he who controls the present controls the past“.

What if one of the biggest conspiracies is the conspiracy to “create a past” that did not exist. Time and history is literally a phantom and all we know of it, is what we have been told to us by authorities that control time and the way we view history. No one would even attempt to say that the entire era was made up or pieced together in an incongruent puzzle that cannot be trusted.

The conspiracy I am referencing is known as the Phantom time Conspiracy. It isn’t a popular one because it doesn’t involve government cover-up, what it does involve however is those shadow entities or authorities that have given us a history that really did not exist.

The Phantom Time Hypothesis suggests that the early Middle Ages (614-911 A.D.) never happened, but were added to the calendar long ago either by accident, by misinterpretation of documents, or by deliberate falsification by calendar conspirators. This would mean that all artifacts ascribed to those three centuries belong to other periods, and that all events thought to have occurred during that same period occurred at other times, or are outright fabrications.

This theory has been presented by a man named Heribert Illig. He determined that historians have admitted that there have been many documents from the Middle Ages that do not measure up to scrutiny and that these falsified accounts in history seem to be discovered more and more. These historical discrepancies were the subject of an archaeological conference that was held in Germany in 1986.

Horst Fuhrmann, the president of the Monumenta Germaniae Historica, had indicated that many of the documents produced by the Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages were created hundreds of years before any of the events described happened. These events were then accepted by medieval society as factual. This implied that whoever produced the forgeries must have very skillfully anticipated the future. Or there was some discrepancy in calculating dates.

Now put yourself in today’s contemporary history and notice that we also have been seeing the same thing happening with regards to potentiality and the idea of what I call retro causality as if the event happens before the cause. We have this massive déjà vu and this massive memory hole where we somehow have forgotten history only to have it replaced with other history. Take for example the death of Osama Bin laden. There is a new film coming out called Zero Dark Thirty that is supposed to reinforce the idea that Osama Bin Laden died in a raid that happened in Pakistan on May 1st, 2011.

However, it seems that the time between 9/11 attacks and the time of the announcement of his death by the Obama administration we somehow have erased from the collective memory the report of his death in 2001.

According to a CBS News report on January 28, 2002, Osama bin Laden was hospitalized for dialysis treatment in the Pakistani military hospital in Rawalpindi on September 10, 2001, the day before 9/11. It was reported that Bin laden had a terminal lung problem and kidney disease. Obviously, a man suffering from terminal lung and kidney disease did not survive for another decade to be murdered by a US Navy SEAL team in Abbottabad.

Fox News of all organizations reported that Osama Bin laden died the day after Christmas 2001. The news organization reported the headline Osama Bin laden already dead and stated that he died of a lung infection. In medieval times it seems that it took centuries to manipulate history and today it takes less time to take advantage of the collective blind spot that can be exploited.

Do we now have to wonder if there are blind spots in history that have been manipulated? Is there a phantom time conspiracy where the elite are capable of time manipulation and retro causality?

I have been suspicious of history because I am student of history and I have also been suspicious of time because of a number of reasons and in recent time I am seeing some amazing occurrences now, that indicate that soon we will have to admit that time is irrelevant, that the way we measure time will have to change and that in the future we will eventually be told that hundreds of years of history cannot be accounted for.

When think of the 300 years of lost time you have to ask why the church would have forged documents hundreds of years before they would become useful. Were they hiding something? Was there an event that happened in those 300 years that needed to be covered up?

In 1582, the Gregorian calendar we still use today was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII to replace the outdated Julian calendar which had been implemented in 45 BC. The Gregorian calendar was designed to correct for a ten-day discrepancy caused by the fact that the Julian year was 10.8 minutes too long. But by Heribert Illig’s math, the 1,627 years which had passed since the Julian calendar started should have accrued a thirteen-day discrepancy a ten-day error would have only taken 1,257 years.

So Illig and his group went hunting for other gaps in history, and found a few… for example, a gap of building in Constantinople (558 AD – 908 AD) and a gap in the doctrine of faith, especially the gap in the evolution of theory and meaning of purgatory (600 AD until ca. 1100). From all of this data, they have become convinced that at some time, the calendar year was increased by 297 years without the corresponding passage of time.

Now there are several ways to challenge this hypothesis. I would say the Bible would be great place to start however the Pope made an announcement that now put the dating of events of the bible into question. The pope now claims in a new book that Jesus was born several years earlier than commonly believed.

“The calculation of the beginning of our calendar – based on the birth of Jesus – was made by Dionysius Exiguus, who made a mistake in his calculations by several years. The actual date of Jesus’s birth was several years before.” – Pope Benedict XVI


The assertion that the Christian calendar is based on a false premise is not new – many historians believe that Christ was born sometime between 7BC and 2BC. But the fact that doubts over one of the keystones of Christian tradition have been raised by the leader of the world’s one billion Catholics is striking. The timing is also amazing because of the advent that has been parleyed around about a so called Day of Judgment or change on December 21st 2012, the beginning of the winter solstice.

read more: http://www.groundzeromedia.org/911-ad-th...onspiracy/
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JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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Great point, there is little doubt in my mind that our history has been manufactured for us for purposes of control.

History is rewritten continually, I certainly recall Bin Ladens death in 2001, was reported as fact in the the Pakistani news. His more recent death was history revision for political gain, was only obvious, but there are so few that read the many sources of information I do, that it was an easy spoof.

One of the major blows to our past was dealt was the burning of the Library of Alexandria. Plutarch wrote that during his visit to Alexandria in 48 BC, Julius Caesar "accidentally" burned the library down when he set fire to his own ships to frustrate Achillas' attempt to limit his ability to communicate by sea.

The library was said to contain the history of man, and dated back to Atlantis. That was taboo information, and probably told exactly who we were, and were we came from. Most everything that goes on...

Revisionist history, distraction, destruction, tyranny - you name it is a concerted effort by those in control to keep us from realizing what we were, and more importantly; who we are.


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Octo Mother Superior
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The burning of the library of Alexandria is undoubtedly one of the more well known destructions, but there are many more... sad2.gif

The deliberate destruction of libraries in wartime:Sarajevo and beyond
Quote:The destruction of the National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina in
August of 1992 was just one of a number of tragedies during that particular conflict. On
the Bosnian Muslim (or Bosniak) side, the reason for the library’s destruction is clear: it
was part of a coordinated effort to eradicate their culture and destroy evidence of their
history in that region.

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Octo Mother Superior
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Quote:The House of Wisdom was a library and translation institute established in Abbasid-era Baghdad, Iraq.[1] It was a key institution in the Translation Movement and considered to have been a major intellectual centre during the Islamic Golden Age.

During the reign of al-Ma'mun, observatories were set up, and the House was an unrivalled center for the study of humanities and for science in medieval Islam, including mathematics, astronomy, medicine, alchemy and chemistry, zoology and geography and cartography. Drawing on Greek, Persian and Indian texts—including those of Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Hippocrates, Euclid, Plotinus, Galen, Sushruta, Charaka, Aryabhata and Brahmagupta—the scholars accumulated a great collection of world knowledge, and built on it through their own discoveries.

Along with all other libraries in Baghdad, the House of Wisdom was destroyed during the Mongol invasion of Baghdad in 1258. Nasir al-Din al-Tusi rescued about 400,000 manuscripts which he took to Maragheh before the siege.[5]




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