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A modern ode to Autism moms everywhere
01-29-2019, 08:47 AM #1
Me? Incognito
Notate bene: The video posted below is best watched twice with no sound the second time, so that you can see how Brandon is transformed in about two seconds at about the 31 second mark and continues to be transformed for the next minute and a half. Brandon's mom says the phone stopped recording, otherwise we'd see an even longer cessation of Brandon's involuntary movements.

I'm sharing this out of a compelling public interest, as so many mothers and their children are suffering right now in a 24/7 prison of the mind and nerves, and mothers' crushed hearts. I hope you are as moved as I am by what you are seeing. Then perhaps the prisons can be emptied. I have no website to speak of and almost no audience. You are my voice. You are the town criers much like Paul Revere. Could we, in weeks, gently open the caterpillars' cocoons, as it were, to release the young monarchs and the mothers?

It's difficult not to think of every single autism mom, whose every moment has had her patience tested and her love magnified for her precious child as he or she struggled against the ravages of sputtering nerves that rules her son or daughter's muscles.

When playing this video with the sound off and watching, I am struck by the 30 seconds of nearly contuous displays of brain injury being healed in two seconds and remaining healed for 90 more seconds so long as the Machine is whirling and in near contact with Brandon's head.
I am in awe that for some moments even though the Machine is a few inches away from him which reduces the Machine's effect 400 times or more, yet the Machine still performs somewhat...

It's like a spark plug that misses every so often. Clean the plug once and tweak the plug's gap and the child could win the Indy 500!

Oh child! O mother! Pull your child to thy bosom! We will weep tears of joy, and remember the hope you had when you witnessed the crown of his head for the very first time parting from your body and still dream for what can now be realized. Oh mothers of Israel, and Instanbul, and every other land where you held strong and held dear, your milk and honey has arrived and is now overflowing.


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