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Antifa Group Hangs Trump in Effigy, Calls For 'Revolutionary Violence' Trump should declare them a terrorist group
05-05-2018, 04:55 PM #1
RLK Member
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An antifa group in Los Angeles celebrated May Day by holding a small march, hanging a Trump effigy, and advocating for "revolutionary violence" against the "capitalist state" in order to "create real political power."

"We must carry out military actions against the enemies of the people!” a member of the L.A. cell of the Red Guards said in a speech published on the group's blog.

The Red Guards is a Maoist group that hopes to duplicate in the United States the anarchy and terror Chairman Mao's Red Guards inflicted on China during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. The group also identifies as "antifascist" and has cells throughout the United States.

More pjmedia.com

Send every one of those Maoists to Gitmo. Mao's Great Leap Forward 'killed 45 million in four years' independent.co.uk and this is what they want to model their "revolution" on?
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05-05-2018, 05:02 PM #2
The Mao Clinic Incognito
[Image: giphy.gif]

Something needs to be done before this gets out of control.
05-05-2018, 05:38 PM #3
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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I used a Pro-noun once .

Teacher said I wasn't skilled enough to be a Pro .
she set me back to using a noun .

I can now Cuss real good .

and I have twice as Many Virgins stored up .

I may even get an Espresso and a New Puppy if I don't use a Pro-Noun ever .

How about you ?
are you anit-Pro-Noun too ?
05-05-2018, 06:24 PM #4
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(05-05-2018, 05:38 PM)Cynicalabsurdance Wrote:  I can now Cuss real good .

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05-06-2018, 07:14 AM #5
Anonymous Kritter Incognito
A few of those assholes may be dangerous, most are crybaby pretenders that would run home to mommy rather than face confrontation. Lots of actors these days.
05-06-2018, 10:35 AM #6
Octo Mother Superior
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Strategy of tension

A strategy of tension (Italian: strategia della tensione) is a policy wherein violent struggle is encouraged rather than suppressed. It is usually associated when governments, or security apparatuses within a government, allow or even encourage extremist groups to perform attacks, bombings, murders, and the like. In extreme circumstances, it can even involve agent provocateurs and false flag operations where a terrorist threat is outright invented or created. The goal in such strategies is that such a struggle will rally support behind the military or police forces opposing the radicals, to radicalize opposing movements so that they can be better marginalized, or to permit loosely allied extremist groups to attack enemies of the government. As few organizations would openly say that they are pursuing a strategy of tension, accusations generally come from opponents that such a strategy is being pursued.

05-06-2018, 11:39 AM #7
Strigoi Diavolul
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Smells like Soros money.

Un Strigoi printre noi


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