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BBC cover up: Vaccine shot killed famed cancer doctor in mere minutes from “total organ failure”
01-11-2019, 09:58 PM #1
Me? Incognito
"Martin Gore, 67, suffered total organ failure soon after having the jab, which is recommended for travelers to parts of Africa, the Caribbean and South and Central America."
01-11-2019, 10:04 PM #2
Me? Incognito
"The BBC also tried to hide the truth about this vaccine-induced fatality by eliminating any word of “vaccine” from the headline of the story announcing his death. “Royal Marsden’s leading cancer expert Martin Gore dies,” states BBC News, deliberately misleading readers because the BBC is, of course, state-run fake news.

The BBC goes on to misleadingly claim, “The cause of his death is not known.”

"So far, the U.S. media has completely blacked out the story in yet another effort to silence any truth about the deadly dangers of vaccines. There isn’t a single establishment news outlet in the United States that has accurately reported on this vaccine-induced sudden death of a cancer doctor."



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