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BIGFOOT ! nice perfume , and the Fractal
06-20-2013, 09:08 PM #406
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and to add a bit more about that location i am standing at in the photo

exactly 1,732 yards SOUTH of that Strike Mark

is one of Padre La Rue's treasure vaults .

06-21-2013, 03:47 AM #407
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So whats the connection between UFO's , Treasure and myself ?

and why is the United States Gov't intelligence agencies so nervous
about the connections ?

Why is it , that truth of the above has to be kept covered up ?

~~~ Song for those questions ~~~

Truth is so strange
a simple answer just will not
be acceptable

It's just missile range
can we learn an answer
without the paranormal

Whats normal anyway

Living like a secret code
dodging agents
as they come and go
from the cold

what is it about
all that gold

why keep it quiet

would the truth
cause us really
to riot

seems a simple way
would just tell the truth

seems that's the way
no need further proof

just take ,, pull back the cover

no need to follow me
black choppers to hover

track me back and forth

no need to bother me
i ain't your damned lover

walk back and sit a spell

was all that business
worth all the hell

think it out
before you think
yourself in

is it worth covering up
your whole life

to feel yourself
dealt in

06-21-2013, 05:05 AM #408
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~~~~ When your pants come falling down ~~~~

"""" when the wind of change

begins to blow
on a summer dawn

when the tempest rage
begins to glow

and comes rollin on

when covered crimes

come rising up

the sign of times

begins to fill your cup

when your C0ck-eyed
raven begins to crow

and your old lady
drops her lease on you

and your innocence you cried
won't cause release of you

When it all comes
fallin' down

fallin' down on you

tell your blues
to your clowns

tell your moaning woe

to the wind as
she begins to blow

When your back up
backs out on you

when your troops
fall out of line

when even your shack up
won't stand behind you

and all the hoops
jumped out of time

when your closet
throws out it's bones

you're gonna lose it
dance to brand new tones

and find ,,,,,,

((( Chorus )))

it all comes falling

falling down

falling falling down

it all comes falling down
on top of you

~~~~~ second verse ~~~~~

You seemed so smug
in that pin stripe suit

now your mug
most wanted
what a hoot

as you rolled the dice
shook those bones
ain't so nice
when your crimes
come rollin home

When that wind
blows your way

when the skeletons come
out to play

and you're finally
on your own

when the dice take
their toll

you're finally on your own

finally on your own

all alone

((( repeat chorus and end with )))

Wind gonna blow
on a summer Dawn
and leave you on your own.

~~~~ End

06-21-2013, 06:48 AM #409
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The Mighty Grateful Dead

before the failing health

in their tight playing , you'll need headphones
closed eyes

and wonderment of what it was to be there

06-21-2013, 07:18 AM #410
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~~~~~~~~ My Baby's Day ~~~~~~~~~

A fractal moment
in the space of your mind

and the chilling realization
of your existence

is prominent on your sign

Got you some money
now gonna get you a friend

down on the sidewalk
where the pain begin

shake up in the Belfry where
the ring has
a different chime

shoes talking slippin' away
you can come anytime
you might want to play

seen you on the poor box talkin
your blues

steppin out and shuffelin'
back stepping and walkin blues

I got a pension
you got the rent

and we got heaven
til the money all spent

getcha somethin'
kinda blow your mind

getcha another woman
one so kind

make you stop and think
can you buy love
with just another drink

does it take talkin'
to get her down

or can you get naked
with clownin around

Oh say, this day is
like no other day

Oh say
this day
gonna take lead
over any other day

cause i got your happy
in my wallet
time to spend it on you
time we went
and paid that
paid that rent

look sun up and shinin' like
a star from, afar

shinin on ya baby
shine like my sweet guitar

shinin baby

shinin just for you

Sun up and shinin'

shinin' just for you

~~~~~~~ End

Last song i can write today

fingers are beat feets

06-21-2013, 08:54 PM #411
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~~~ There's a face in the rear view mirror , that's not mine~~~

Latent shadows form the lines
of the inner face of ancient times

splendid trick of illusion this
face of mine

face on the soul from
a much older time

Been said you're as old as you feel

Age of the soul proves
that's not real

Ancient secrets
not lost to an
ancient soul

White washed regrets
fade to those
who know

Spiral of time returns
unto the watcher
whom within truth burns

No faded memories exist
within the soul who
maintains the gist

Of ancient knowledge
as he clears the mist

and to the age he reveals
all the lies of elitist spiels

Ancient truth be known
and lies they fade

and we find truth has grown
lurking there in shadow and shade

Light shines on
and shadows fade

Corrupted power
dies as we wade
into truth of an
ancient age

Slavers and money changers
all fall down

when the truth comes
rolling around

~~~~~ End

You as the individual traversing the illusion produced
for your adherence to enslavement ,,,

Have a purpose to yourself and the world you exist in ,,
to reveal your condition to yourself
and take action on it .

Fear is how they get you in their web

If you allow them to attach their strings to your
life and make a puppet out of you ,,,

you will find a way to cut the strings if
you will it to be .
06-22-2013, 04:21 AM #412
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~~~~~ The lifestyle of fearful ~~~~~

" Renting out your mind
to another fright

you succumb to the delusion
of the magicians
over night

where did the solid ground
under your feet go

exactly when did you lose you
to the delusional freak show

you wear out the nine and one on
your cell
calling in on the demons
you see rise from hell

something cracked your egg
when did you get so scared

peeking out the window
is that shadow a villain
foe or friend

Sad to see your old mind go
i'll miss it my friend

your new mind is not good for you
all that paranoia it came dressed in
is one ugly face to see

all those locks you've wrapped your
heart in
has held it prisoner to your fear
hard now,,,
to set it free

Holes in the eyes of the mind
leave you scared
and unkind

Patch kits are not made
that can heal what you suffer
you fool

Ratchets,, torque wrench
nor buffer
no tool

can fix your poor wretched mind
give over your fear
try to understand and find

a reason for loving
or just getting free

you're no longer the person
you were meant to be

My dear friend is gone
return them
unto yourself

don't rely on Tele fears
for your reality
bring you down
off that shelf

touch solid ground again

~~~ End

06-22-2013, 10:02 AM #413
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A bit of the Old Nasty

Tina was 19 , worked a waitress job in a Hollywood Dennys
down on Sunset and La Brea .

I was 29 , well built , square jawed Movie Star looking
single guy with a Bright Red Motorcycle .

Leather jacket , 501's too tight for my nutz , boots and
a charm that'd make a snake blush with envy .

Tina's ass was one of those that made a shelf fit to
balance a Beer Bottle on , eyes that said Sex on silk .

I hung with the other Bikers on Hollywood and Las Palmas
certain nights ,,,,
usually a Friday night ,, and wait for some Chick to notice
my Hansom face and attempt to take me home .

Nichol was a 22 year old hottie in 501's even tighter than myown

She'd noticed , and with a bit of flirt , had me up on Mullholand
drive , naked and Boinking in less time that it took us to
drive up there .

Nicky as we called her , had to brag to Tina that she got in my shorts
and it was awesome ,,,
she did so , because she knew Tina wanted to ,, and girls are Catty
with each other at times .

Since Tina had tried to get me to chase her ,,yet i do not chase ,
she asked Nicky how she got me up there ,,,

Nicky bragged " I just said to him " want to drive up and watch
the lights with me , and he went for it , once there , i just
started kissing him ,,, he's easy once you get him alone "

Tina packed with this new info , came down to the Blvd .
that Friday after and asked me if i wanted to take her for a ride
on the bike ,,,

Ha ! Climb on ,,,,

Tina had a brown bag bottle under her Levi Jacket

She was hitting to get up nerve i suppose ,
when we stopped I asked her what it was ,,

It's Jack dude ,,,

Jack ? Jack what ? Jack off ?

She laughed " No silly , Jack Daniels ,, black label ,,hick !

Gawd Dammed ! You're hitting Jack Black straight ?

SHEEET ! Girl , slow on that man ,,, you'll be a Jelly fish .

Tina tipped it up with a sly look to the side at me , and emptied
the whole bug in her throat ,,,

without a hack , she smacked her lips at me sideways
twisted the cap back on the bottle and slipped the empty
into her back pocket .

I look toward the heavens feeling weak guts cringing for
air ,,, milk ,,,, Manna from heaven ,,, anything smooth
and calming .

Tina stepped into my side sliding her arms ,,
one up over and one under mine ,, and slammed a deep tongued
kiss into my pearly whites ,,,

F_CK !
She sucked the oxygen out of my eyesight even ,,,

I rose man , she felt it on her upper thigh and pressed into him .

slipped a hand down my ribs and into my top buttons
popping them open .

Tina is 5'11" in skin deep feet , I am 6' 1" in bare skins

Her waist is about 22 , her buns bulge to a 36 ,,,
top side points at a perk out of the Glam Bags ,, at about 35 D

Gawd Builds some awesome bodies for a guy like me to enjoy

and he did well with mine so the attraction would be mutual
between our bodies ,,,

Tina after a few deep slushy but hot tight kisses ,, lays her
forehead to my cheek , looking into my eyes with
silky sex purring from hers ,,, and says ::::

Damn you dude ,,I had a crush on you for the longest ,,

if you don't like me why are you here , and if you do ,,

why didn't you ask me out , i tried to get you to , i gave

you signals ,,, you wouldn't though ,,, why not ?

Man you flirt with me and i wait for you to ask me out ,,,
but you just turn and go home at the end of the night,,,

what's up with you ? do you like me or what ?

( If ever you've been hit with this , and if it didn't make you
smile ,,,,
you are one dead soul my friend )

I kissed her eyebrows sweet and softly and slipped my lips
along her temple to her ear ,,,

whispered : insecure ,, thought you were just teasing maybe ,
never thought you'd want to ,, and i can't take rejection either ,,
f_cks my ID up on me ,,,

Can you take my lips home with you and wear them
on yours as you dream tonight ?

she hissed ,, heh heh

Then said : Your coming home with them ,, bring 'em along ,lets go
home .

I don't drink booze , I can kiss a Girl with a whiskey soaked tongue
and get drunk like a dog pissed flea ,,

" My buttons open " I said and looked down at them

she looked in the general area of my fly ,, giggled ,,,

and asked " That a problem ? '"

Uh ,, kinda , see he's peeking at you , see his smile ? "

Oh ,, he's happy huh ? he ain't half as happy as he's gonna be,,, HICK "

( ok, I have a jelly fish now, she's drunker than _____ and I'm
not comfortable because it's like taking advantage of her )

We're headed to my house down the coast , she's a bit tipsy
on the seat of the bike ,, so i figure a motel is best , cause I live
20 more miles down the coast .

I pull into the Malibu inn and help her off the Bike
and stand her against the wall of the Motel while i rent the room
and grab the key ,,

She burps into a sentence not even she understood and i reply OK
I hold her tight to my waist because her feet want to go south
while her Tits are on their way East to the room ., as her fine ass
is headed any direction i can guide it .

We wobble into the room and she flops face first toward the Big ass bed
misses a little and bangs a knee trying to mid-air correct maneuver her
balance ,,,
she whimpers a giggle to the dust bunnies residing in a Village they built
for optimum view of the bare feet that come in all the time .

Tina has elevated from the sitting to almost vertical when i reach down and stand
her up and sit her on the bed ,,

She ask " which way to the bathroom hon ? "

I take her in and she drops to her needs to yell food filled cuss words
at the toilet ,,, streaming them ,,, oh Gawd !

I wet a wash rag for her face
and one for the back of her Neck and sooth her with them as she catches her breath
between squirts.

I flip on the shower and dial in a nice warm spray for her

helping her stand and sit on the sink , i take her boots off and work her sweater over
her wobbly head ,,
drop her pants and with her hand in mine and her waist in my arm
guide her into the stream of warm water ,,,

I turn her back to the stream and adjust the shower head to rain
down on her neck while I rub it for her and with a wash towel wipe
her face ,, GAWD that Beautiful face of hers ,,,

She's beginning to see a little less than triple when I turn the water off
and pick her up over the tub edge and onto the tiles ,,,

I wrapped Tina in bath towels and walk her to the bed and she sits with
a double bounce that flips a pillow to the floor ,,
I bend to get it and she kicks me lightly in the butt and falls back
on her side giggling at me ,,, and belches Jack to the blankets ,,,

NICE ,,,

I popped her bottom with the pillow and jump on the bed with my knees
tossing her up and over to her back and land next to her side and kiss
her tummy with slow motion smoochies
first up to the peaks and back to the pube line
then to her eyes again ,,, stopping to look into them ,,,

" You have love tattoo'd into your Pupils , did you know that ? " I asked .

HHHHhhhmmm ? she queries ,,,

" I said your nipples have pupils tattoo'd into your lips "

" Oh ,,, Pashaw ,,, you got nipples too " she garbled ,,, I think .

Tina grabbed my hair and jerked a kiss into my neck sucking
sweat from the back of my calves she sucked so hard ,,,

" HEY ! " ,,, ya got my left tonsil just then ,,, cough it up lady "

Tina snorted a word that means something in a lost tongue ,,,
but translation was not on the TV so I just laughed at what she said .

The TV did nothing ,,, cause we never turned it on ,,, not yet ,,
we had just started though ,,,

She rose up spun on her bottom and leaned against the headboard
casting glances around the motel room ,,,

" this your house ? "

" Tina, I rented us a room girl , we're still in Malibu "

" That why you have a TV ?,,, I thought you don't have one ,, you said so "

" I don't, that's the Motel's "

" You stole a Motel's TV ? "

" No,,,,,UH,,, Ahem ,, Tina ? "

" Whats Tina ? "

" You are, and I'm in love , can I have Tina here for a minute so I can
tell her that ? "

" I'm right here , did i go ,,,,, huh ? Tell me something who ? "

" Your pounding me with your heartbeats Tina, can you listen ? "

" Oh ,,, hummmmph ,,, yes , are we making love now ,, I want to ? "

" We already did ,,, did you miss us doing it ? "

" We did ,,,?,,, well I want to again ,, I don't think it's fair, you remember
and I don't ,, so do it again ,,, alright ? '

" We will ,,,, can I marry your eyes ? "

" NOPE ,,, I need them to look at you ,,, your doing funny talk again ,,
are you just being funny ? "

" I was,,, but now i can't be ,,, your leg has my nutz trapped under it "

" OH NO ! ,,,, I'm sorry ,, I,,, HEY! your making that up ,,,"

" Ok, now , you feel more sober ? " can we talk ? "

" yeah ,, tell me those stories you always tell ,, ok ? "

" Ok,, come here ( She places her head into my shoulder and turns into my side )

" I have money Tina , probably 50 -60 thou
i have to use it up ,,, cause i want to be broke again ,,,
does that sound like something you would like to help me with ? "

" Hurumph ,,, sure you do ,,,, are you serious Rog' ? "

" No , but it's a great story to make up to tell you ,,, want to hear it ? "

' I want love now "

" I just order your food , wait or he'll show up with it just as we get started "

" Food ?,,, we're going to eat first ? "

" Yes, you need to ,, sober up some with it ,,, ok ? "

" Oh , ok , what'd you order ? "

" Steak and lobster , and Chicken in case you only eat white meat "

" Yum , i'm starved "

be continued tomorrow

06-22-2013, 06:53 PM #414
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~~~~ Continue ~~~~

Tina : " is it Lobster ? "

Rog' : " Looks Lobsterish ,, why ? did it move ? "

Tina : It will ,,, why's it Red ? "

Rog' : That's the shell silly , turn it over "

Tina : I'm not gonna find sex organs if I do am I ? "

Rog' : " Not on this one , he was neutered before they boiled 'em "

Tina : " Try a bite ? "

Rog' : " No Hon , after we eat "

Tina : " What ?,,,,, oh,, funny talk again , you're never serious,,
heh heh ,, i like that ,,, it's a good thing "

Rog' : " Well thank you ,but seriously ,,, eat that thing , before it
wakes up '

( Tina bites into the Lobster Tail )

Tina pushing a bite of Lobster to one side of her mouth
with her tongue :::::
" It's Rubbery ,,, MMmmmmm , but good "

Rog' " RUBBERY ?!,,, open,, lets see , you may have the Condom
instead "

Tina Cracking up : " Stop,, I'll spit up "

I handed Tina two aspirin and water so she'd lessen the hang over
the next day ,,, old trick i learned from drunks ,,,
take the Aspirin the Night before .

She sloshed them down , and laid back ,,,

Tina : " Wow! No spin this time ,, that food helped ! "

Rog' with a laugh : " Go to sleep so I can watch you snore "

Tina with a curled brow : " ladies don't snore ,, they Purr "

Rog' : " Sorry , this is the first time I've been with a Lady ,
this is exciting ,,, are the snores,,, kitten purrs ,,,
never mind ,,,let's sleep ok ? '

She began to purr ,,, I thought ,, Nice pedigree girl "

~~~~ Morning after ~~~~

Tina : " Man ,,,, where do you get your energy dude ?!!! "

Rog' : " Did I wake you ? "

Tina : " No ,, Jack in my stomach did "

Rog' : " Jacks a Pimp , He coaxes you with temptation ,,,
then rents out your guts to chaos "

Tina : " Pimp ?,,,, Jacks a Pimp ?,,, that's a new one "

Rog' : Try not to dwell on it too long ,
makes him hang around longer "

Tina : " You are Socrates ! " aren't you ? "

Rog' : Last Night you said I was Stud ,, whose Stud ? "
Now I'm so great " whose so great ? "

Tina : Socrates , he was a Greek ,, philo-so fur ,,, uh ,,
I'm not awake "

Rog' : I ordered coffee , whose Stud ? "

Tina : Stop it ,, funny man ,,, it's not a who and you know
who he is anyway "

Rog' cracking up : " Oh , I see , now he's someone I know , but not me
did you sleep with him ? "

Tina: " I'm gonna give you a crack , now stop the funny ,, ok ? "

Rog' with a grinning cheek bone : " Speaking of ,
want coffee before the gift of your crack is given up ? "

Tina : Huh ?

Rog' : Hang on ,, I think I heard myself get hard "

Tina looking to see if I am : " He's still asleep ,, come here , I'll
get him up "

Rog' : " Now whose energized ? "

Rog' with a bigger cheek grin going : " Coffee's comin ',, wait "

Tina as she slides towards the edge of the Bed : " NO , com'here "

Rog' : " You Vixen ,,, kiss ? "

Tina : " Uh hmm ,, yes,,, "

as we kiss I slide my hands down her spine

Tina : You have wandering hands ,,,, nice one's ,,, I like that "

Rog' with pride : My hands don't wander , they know
exactly where they're going "

Tina giggling : " Wise hands , they know what they're doing too "

door knock ,,, coffee arrives ,,, and I'm at attention with a flag
up high ,,

Rog' : This is difficult , how do you answer a door with
a hard on ? "

Tina : " Never had one, your asking me ? "

I answer the door with only my head out

" Here's ten , keep the rest , thank you kiddo "

Rog' : " Life's blood , room for cream ? "

Tina : " I'm sure I do , and you can add some to the coffee too "

Rog laughing : " shush ,,, here , you add the cream here ,
I'll add yours in a minute "

continue later

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~~~~~ Continue

Tina : " You have that upside down and inside out :"

Rog' : " It's not what you think it is ,,, it's not something you wear
it's for eating "

Tina : " What ?!! ,,, eating??? let me see you eat it "

Rog' : " I didn't say it was for Human Consumption "

Tina : " Oh ,,, well who eates something like that ? "

Rog' : " Probably something that calls a swamp it's home "

Tina : " That's cool , Alligators maybe , you'd need Alligator teeth
for something like that "

Rog' : It's my Back brace Tina ,,, you broke it with your hips "

Tina : " You gonna suit me or sumptin" ? "

Rog' : " Nah ,,, you'd make me demonstrate the act again
in court ,,, and we'd be arrested "

Tina : " It'd be worth the Bail "

Rog' : " come to think of it , if we perform as well as we just did ,,
we'd probably get donations and leave rich "

Tina : " Always thinking aren't you ,,, I LOVE that about you "

Rog' : Thinkers get it done right "

Tina : " Yes indeed you did ,, besides, you left bite marks on my ass "

Rog' : wait til you see your Neck ,, oooohh icky ! "

Tina : " You didn't ,,,,, did you ? ,, You gave me a Hicky ? "

Rog' : Just on your ass , it's you neck that has the bites "

Tina : You and that Mouth of yours , you wanna stay another night
here ? "

Rog' : No work today for you either ? ,,, good , Let's go to
Santa barbara and rent a room ,,, wanna ? "

Tina : " F_ck yeah ! I love it there , I wanna move there "

Rog' : " we can , wanna live with me and father my kittens ? "

Tina : " I'm not a Licensed breeder ,, besides , you can't have
kitties , your a Dog "

Rog' : " are we going to co-habitat or do we need a kennel ? "

Tina : " what about your freedom Rog' ,, won't you miss it ? "

Rog' : " See , I give up my freedom for you and still
you ask hard questions ,,, can't we just be dumb once ? "

Tina : " I think it'd be dumb of you to want to live with anyone ,,
why me ? "

Rog' : because newer models are under age and against the law ,
so I have the best i can get with you ,, besides , Your Purr
has me addicted to it and I want to fall asleep to it
every night "

Tina : " Maybe "

Rog' : " Boy , that's committing ,, "

Tina : " commitments are scarey Rog' ,,, they scare you too "

Rog' : Ok , just if you want to sometime , I'd love to "

Tina : " Where ,, Santa Barbara ? "

Rog' : anywhere you want , I'd live in hell with you if
it came to it "

Tina : " You'd take over the place too I bet "

( Tina has a tiny Beauty mole below left of her left eye , gawd
what a statement it makes , like a 1940's Movie Starlet )

Rog' : " Can I kiss that again ? " ( meaning her mole )

Tina : " Pffft ,,, since when did you start bothering to ask ,,
com'ere "

( I kiss her cheeks ,, she then pinched my nipple )

OUCH ! Gawd dam,,,!

Tina cracking up loudly : " Shouldn't get me started ,, your fault "

Rog' laughing now : " You do that to get me to bite you,,
don't you ? "

Tina : we both have our perves ,,,"

Rog' with his famous devious grin :::

" yeah we do , and I'm beginning to worry about
the one's you haven't revealed yet "

Tina : " Don't worry ,,,,,,,,, you'll love them "

( Know what ? I DID ! )

Rog' : " HEY !,,, how'd you get in those jeans without baby oil ? "

Tina : " All that exercise ,,, i lost an once here and there ,
are they baggy now ? "

Rog' : Turn around ,,, let's see "

( I smack her ass and grab her from behind and pull her
into me )

Rog' after Tina's ouch : " I'd burn my civil rights for you ,
gawd I love being with you "

Tina : " I'm mad at you , you know that right ? "

Rog' : " WHY ? ! "

Tina : Because we could have been together a long time by now "

Rog' : " Thanks for the reminder , now I hate me "

Tina : " Don't , I don't "

Rog' : Wanna go or stay ? "

Tina : " Hells yes ,,, Santa Barbara ,,, WOO HOOO yay.gif "

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Up the Hiway from the motel is a clothing store

We are dressed for a Friday night out ,,, not the Beach .

I pull in and Tina ask why

Rog' : " We need beach Cloths , and you a Bikini ,,
some sandals ,, and that Horse Blanket in the window
for a beach Towel ,,, com'on ,, see how you look in Pink"

Tina : Uh, Rog' I only have seven dollars left ,,and,,

I cut her off
Rog' : " 'so k , I have a card , i told you i had money i need to spend
don't be shy , let's spend it Tina ,,, it's FUN ! "

Tina,, : I can't let y,,,,
I cut her off with a Kiss this time
looking into her eyes ,,, " I have you to spend this on girl ,
it's what makes me happy , to have someone to share with ,,

do you want to Rob us of happy ? " No,, you don't , so
com'on ,,, lets get spendy " ( Big smile on my face )

Tina : Your call Cowboy ,, lets empty the card then "
( Big smile on hers)

As I said , Tina has the Bod a Goddess would run up a Debt to
have ,, she came out in a Black Bikini and even the
light pole out at the curb piss it's pants ,,

DAMN !!!!!

Tina : " How's this one ? "

Rog' : " Get two , one in white ,, hell get a Pink one too ,,
One for day , one for Night , one for LUST ! '

Giggling ,, Tina puffs a kiss on my mouth and ,,

" Just the one for lust is enough Rog' "

Rog' : " All three colors Tina ,, do they have it in Pink ? "

Tina : " yes, I didn't want to drive you nutz , so I didn't try
it on ,,, for YOU "

Rog' : " Let's get it ,, uh ,, where's that Puppy Shirt ,,, I want that
for a Curtain ,, for my bathroom window "

Tina with another curled brow look

" What ?,,, a Curtain ? a shirt for a Curtain ? "

Rog' : You'll see what I mean when we get to my place "

( I have a shadow box in my bathroom with a tinted window
in the door , a light inside , I hang patterned prints over it
and the light makes the print on the opposite wall )

I like shït like that ,,, art is cool .

Rog' :" You can wear that up the Coast Hon ,,, it goes good
with your Boots too "

Tina : I might get sun burned if I do , I better not "

Rog' : " I have Sun Block in my saddle bags , no worries ,
let me spread it on though "

Tina : " You have the right to spread , you bought the reason for it "

Rog' : " You have the right to remain spread over , anything
you spread , may be held open until desire is fulfilled ,,
" You have the right to legally enjoy the spread over ,,,
" If you cannot afford to spread over ,,, I'll provide one for you ,,,

" If you choose to ignore these rights ,,, I'll be Bummed "

Tina Busting up : " Where do you get all this shït you say all
the time ,,, you're one funny man ,, gawd dammed it ? "

Rog' proud like a Pea C0ck : " shït just comes out ,,,
I mean , I don't even form the thought first , it just
comes out of my mouth ,,, like being channeled or something "

Tina looking at me like I farted ,, her nose crinkled : " it's gotta be
channeled ,,, no one is that quick ,,, unless ,,,,"""

Rog' :Tina ,, your right high beam is on , I think the left
needs help ,( and I rub her left nipple and make it come on )

Tina : hey ,,, stop ,( with a giggle )

Tina : See , shït like that , you just say and do spontaneous funny
shït ,,, right out of left field ,,, what are you man , an Alien
or something ? "

Rog' : You're pulling my I.D. ? " ,,, man , I get away with nothing
around you Lois Lane "

Tina Laughing : " Ok Green Horny ,, let's pay up and get
going for that Motel Room in Santa Barbara you keep bragging about "

We do , and the ride up was perfect sun , awesome
waves .
06-23-2013, 06:13 AM #417
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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I swear to the last chance watering hole in the Mojave

if you want to really be happy on a first date , even if it
was a pick up date as Tina's and mine ,,,

take the Girl Shopping for a Bikini ,,,,

take her shopping outside of a mall that is ,,

even a small thrift store is fun ,,

at the time this is from
I was bringing home $800 a week

I had a Trailer House I owned in a small park
that included utilities for $200 a month rent on the space .

I had a small used car lot that brought in cash like it was
apple seeds

Day Job was Building High Rises at $800 bring home

car lot brought in sometimes $3000 a week profit

I had all this cash

A Psycho-Bitch Girlfriend who had about 4 boyfriends going
at the same time

Sailboats and Cabin Cruisers , toys all over the place .

I spent about $150 a week on food and Fun with fuel
thrown in .

The Night we took this ride , I had in my wallet a new credit card
never been used and I had it for over 6 weeks .

In there stuffed along side of it , was over $2.800 in cash .

it was June , I had just received my vacation pay on the first
of June , it was $2,200 , and the check was in the wallet too .

That's $5,000 of mad money ,,,
a sweetest prettiest awesome personality Girl who really liked me ,,,

and I wanted to BLOW some cash on her ,, JUST BLOW it all
on her and make her happy ,,

She wouldn't let me though ,,, so I got sneaky ,,, did it
before she realized it was happening ,,,

wait and read how I did it .
06-23-2013, 07:35 AM #418
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~~ Santa Barbara California ~~~~~

Daylight in So. Calif. last a long time in Summer
Love of Tina has lasted me ever since .

It's about 7:30 pm and we are at the Marina on a
Sailboat a friend owns that i have free access to when
I am up there .

He uses mine when he comes down to Hermosa beach in L.A.

and my Cabin Cruiser when he has Guest
so his is open to me when I am up in S.B.

Tina as she pours herself a drink : " Why don't you drink Rog' ?

Rog' : Used to ,, just stopped is all ,,"

Tina : I know that , I think I mean why'd you stop ? "

Rog' : Had a Vision ,, it was of my brain ,,, mind actually ,,

it had all these little roads that connected on these little

places in my mind ,,,,

some of the roads had holes in them ,,,, BIG POT HOLES

next to each pot hole was a Booze Bottle ,,, with the mouth

over the edge of the hole like the Booze was acid eating

holes in my Mind ,,,,

and the holes severed the connections between

the places of my mind and communication between them

could not get through to each other ,, so,, none of them could
figure out what was really going on in life ,,,

I drank Tequila a few nights later ,,, and began to think about
the holes in my mind ,,,

I swear , I could almost feel holes opening up in my mind ,,

Next day after the Puke out with the Garden in the yard
I woke up in ,,,

I said to myself : " Self , if you can get me home ,,,
I swear I'll never get you drunk again "

well , myself said back to me : " Me , you got a deal buddy "

So now
everytime I think i might drink ,,,
My self says to me : hey Me , what about our deal dude ,,"

Well , I know the moment a person begins to argue
with their self ,,,,
it is the first sign of Insanity ,,,

so to stay safe and sane , and keep the pact with my self ,,,

I don't drink anymore "

Tina : " Rog' ?,,, not to be mean ,,, but ,,,, you may as well go
ahead and drink ,,,,
cause that story ,,,,, it's insane " ( and cracks up at her own joke )

I take a look out at the Islands and think a moment

I walk over to her , and hold her kissing her every where about
the face and neck , and onto her shoulders ,,,

then say : Nude beach you've never been to can be had "

Tina giggles with : Where ? on those Islands you keep
staring at ? "

Rog' : " Hon ,, know where i want us ? "

Tina: " no telling what a sober mind wants Rog' ,,
what's the price of this Boat anyway ? "

Rog' : " can I have that eyelash ? "

She closes her eyes and I kiss them

Rog' : " let those eyes fly to Paris with us Tina ,,, South of France
has a Nude Beach ,, we can piss people off with your Pink
Bikini when we get there "

" Gibraltar Loves beautiful Couples like us too "

Tina : " Alright "

Rog' : " Licks ? "

Tina : " You and that mouth of yours ,,, I need a bath "

Rog' : " God provides ,,, he gave me this tongue for that "

Tina Laughing hard now : " God did that to you because he
knew you were an ass licker and it'd come in handy for you "

She pulls me below deck through the companion way and into
the forward V-berth for licks .

06-23-2013, 07:02 PM #419
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~~~ NEWS FLASH ~~~~~

We interrupt this Romance for the following news flash ,,,

This just in ,,,

A Hurricane of LAUGHTER has just touch ground
In Monterey Calif .

and Frank were just Clowning around

at the super market on the hill

Andy tried on a pair of Sunglasses , Womens ,,,
turn to Frank and Rog"

and asked ::::

" How do I look ? "

To which Rog' replied :::::

" Just Like you should have been an Abortion "

The entire Store has Gone Hysterical folks

The Monterey Peninsula has returned to
the Happy Hippie Days it once was ,,,,,,,,,, all due to one

Happy Hippie's Joking around with his two friends

this is very good news indeed yay.gifyay.gifyay.gifyay.gifyay.gifyay.gif
06-23-2013, 07:21 PM #420
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Sad news follows

the donuts are here at the market

however ,,,,

no one has set them out in the doughnut case

we have to wait ,,,

Hippie Tummies are griping ,,,,

Oh the Woe gaah.gif



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