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BIGFOOT ! nice perfume , and the Fractal
06-23-2013, 07:36 PM #421
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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UPDATE !!!!! yay.gif

The donuts have just hit the Table ,,,

many happy Hippie Tummies smiling widely !!!


Fat Cells away folks ,,,
06-24-2013, 12:36 AM #422
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~~ NEWS FLASH AGAIN !~~~~~~~


The Donuts have been successfully scarfed up

and are floating in the pool of amino acids inside
Hippie Tummy's

we'll be on top of this story throughout the evening folks
to insure you get the news as it happens

so stay tuned , and buy our sponsors products

so we can eat more donuts

thank you
06-24-2013, 06:45 AM #423
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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In the moments it takes for a person to pass judgement on another

Good judgement has past them by
06-24-2013, 06:46 AM #424
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Wax Poetic , and it shines up nicely
06-24-2013, 06:48 AM #425
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Bite the hand that feeds you

and you''ll miss dessert
06-24-2013, 06:50 AM #426
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Acceptable behavior depends on who accepts it

some behavior is accepted by people you should never accept
into your life
06-24-2013, 06:53 AM #427
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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allowing life to proceed by it's own design

works better than attempting to out design perfection
06-24-2013, 07:25 PM #428
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just cause the Frog Croaked

doesn't mean he's dead
06-24-2013, 11:21 PM #429
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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pull just left of center
then down 2 notches

what'll get ?

another step closer
to normal
and 2 notches further from being stuck in the spin

As a Child your mind was influenced by minds
that were influenced by minds that had been influenced
to think
and believe
what your ancestors thought and believed
when they had been influenced to think
and believe what the controllers
of their thoughts ,,,,
desired what they wanted them to believe and think .

You are now a Product of that long standing process
of thought and belief control .

Some of what you consider to be your Cultural norms
you can list on your own .

I can list most of them in this post

the Taboo's set in the minds of people of your thought processes .
the do' and don'ts
the accepted and the unacceptable in your cultural perceptions .

Then I can lay out addendum's to each on the list
pointing out why your Cultural Norms are Insanity
personified .

I could use the Fractal Consciousness outlines
to give you a venue to change with .

But ,,, your Spots have to want to change chuckle.gif

06-25-2013, 08:01 PM #430
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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you wake up and the Sun is out ,
spring is floating past your nose

and you have a feeling it's going to be an Epic day .

Your bones don't ache
you're not coughing

you haven't wet the bed

and the Breakfast Burrito is awaiting you down at
the Cafe ,,,

Scattered White fluffy Clouds hanging mid air ,, there just
for you ,,, to add a smile to your eyes .

The Bay looks like Glass with reflections of the Clouds
dotting the surface ,,

Sea Foul floating and bobbing on the bay

Sea Otters yawning a grin at you

water lapping your hull ,,setting the Rhythm for
your background theme for the morning

Here on Monterey Bay

we have just such a day

06-25-2013, 11:03 PM #431
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~ Montana Check out time ~~~~

dateline : June , 2006 ,,, Middle of nowhere Montana

" Over 15 % of the Water in my Body runs too hot
for most people to deal with ,,

seems i always have a little steam rising from my brow

Short tempered with stupidity and selfishness
unrelenting in my hostility toward people who are obvious
PIGS ,,,,

I make a point to recluse away from people into forest ,
deserts or the water .

In 2006 on a Summer Journey with beepers ,, I used
a Topographical Map of the Western states to find
tiny roads across the Territory .

In Colorado I remained on top of the Rockie Mountains
from south to north as much as was possible .

I had left New Mexico for the Olympic peninsula in Washington
State , and had as much time as I chose to use up .

With over $4,000 to travel on and being frugal as I am ,,

I could live on the road no less than 4 to 5 months easy .

Beepers Suggested we take our time and see as much
Country as we could ,,,

I flipped her Some jerky and agreed , so we did .

5 months later , I woke on a Friday morning , I was down to
$8 , and was to get a Paycheck that day at work with
a Bring Home of $892 .05 for the week I had just worked .

So we had made it 5 months on the $4,000.

But rolling back 5 months

I had noticed on the Map there was a Small lake on
a Two Track dirt road ,,, about 50 miles from any size town

and those towns had less population then most Trailer Parks .

Beeps is happy whether we are driving or camped and
she agreed we really needed to see this Lake .

We came upon the lake and No one had been around for maybe
months or even a year judging by the only tire tracks i found .

Bitchen !!!! We won't be bothered here for sure .

I was driving my Toyota Pick -up with a Shell on the back
to keep the elements off of us while we slept .

at 29 mpg ( Cheap on gas ) , and durable ,, it was the best choice of my vehicles for a long road trip ,,,
and functioned very well in all terrain we traversed .

~~~~~ Time Out, or missing it ? ~~~~~~~~

First night at the Lake I had the tailgate down and the camp mattress
set in the bed of the pick-up with the pillows
at the tailgate end so we could lie and watch the stars ,,,

We were doing so when i saw two objects up in the sky
about 20 miles
streak at a speed i know i can't do even in panties .

That's coming up
06-26-2013, 07:19 AM #432
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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If there is a craft made on Earth that can fly at about
30K an hour

then i saw them

when they came back in a few minutes ( Like about 20 minutes )

they slowed and eventually came to a stop mid-air and hovered
up there ,, then ,,,,,,,

They began to circle each other and seemed to descend
slowly ,,,

Beepers had her snore buzzer working constant
so i watched alone for a while .

These moved off straight due north and finally out of sight .

20 or so minutes later , low on the North horizon they
came straight at us ,,, huge lights like a set of headlights
coming fast on us .

they shot up at an angle and stopped off a ways to the North
West and moved around out there in slow circles and
diagonals .

06-26-2013, 10:06 PM #433
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Way off in the distance to the West are lights
of a small RV park and general Store

it is actually a Town with a zip code ,, however , I've
seen campgrounds Larger then this .

The two Disc were between that town and us , when
they came down close to about even with my elevation
( I was up the Mountain and the Town was down in the valley )

UFO's are unique to watch for a spell , especially if it
is a persons first sighting ,, but this is my passtime
and it was a matter of " If you're not going to take me for a ride,
good night "

Your eyes get tired watching bright lights moving around
in a dark sky ,,, and i just went to sleep instead
of hang out there with them and watch them do the same thing over
and over .

There was a loud crack that woke me in the night ,
might be a bear , so I moved slow and raised the Gun
with the flash light , then turned it on in to scan the area .

Shadows happen , agreed ?
yes they do , at night in the woods and using a flashlight ,,
Shadows happen ,,,

These Shadows moved independent of the flashlight beam however.

Musing it might be another Bigfoot , I sat up ,
spun my feet off the tailgate and out of the truck to touch
earth ,,, I stood there pointing the flashlight toward
the ground diagonally ahead of me ,,, watching Shadows .

Shadows that wobbled a bit side to side .

Panic is something that happens to me when I catch fire .

Not while I am watching Shadows , calm , and curious was all
I felt ,,, no apprehension at all for whatever reason .

100 feet of buffer zone between myself and the closest Shadow
was comforting I suppose , and none of these were
coming closer , why sweat it ?

another loud crack , this with a green flash , florescent glow
to it that lasted a few seconds after the flash ,,

Hmmmmm ????
interesting ,, but still no panic .

A Finger ridge extends down to the valley floor off to my right
and the flash was in the canyon other side of that ridge .

Momentarily , the Shadows were forms , then back to blurs .

WOW ! now that's special .

My life has been a little to interesting as it is ,, this is just another
added event in that interesting life ,,, so still I remained calm .

Bark from behind me drew my eyes left to Beepers half
covered in a sleeping bag with her forward shoulders
neck and head extending out of it .

She Growled and barked again , I reached over petting her
telling her " It's ok baby ,, it's ok ,,, just relax ,, lay down "

Spoiled Brats tend to know they can ignore suggestions

She jumped off the tailgate and began Puppy Cussing the Shadows .

I picked her up , she kicking , and struggling to get free ,,
and put her in the bed of the pick up and closed the tailgate
and hatch to keep her out of the way .

It was time to react , so i walked up to the cab, got in ,
started the pick-up , spun it around toward the Shadows
and turned on the headlights .

Shadows despise light , I learned that as a baby .

These had no argument with the headlights at all .

They just floated there , as though too busy dancing to care .

Watching and thinking ,,
I determined that sleep , peace and quiet were required on this road trip .

Shadows ,,, stupid Shadows , and I am allowing those to rob us ?

" F " the Shadows ,,,

and I drove down the old logging road for a new spot to camp .

less than a mile later , I pulled up , set the brake , went to the back
of the truck , opened the hatch and climbed in .

beepers was fully attentive to our situation now .

Whining and jumping around , she wanted out to face the Shadows .

Took a while to get her to settle down enough to lay down .

I awoke to a bright blue Sky dotted with fat fluffy Clouds and
beepers seeking natures Toilet ,,

I had to drive back up to the camp and retrieve the items i had left
behind the night before when i drove off ,,,
and while there ,, I checked for tracks ,,

Shadows to my experience , do not leave tracks , these Shadows
had no awareness of what my normal experiences knew ,,,

these Shadows had left tracks ,,, more like pads then foot prints .

Oval shaped about a Men's size 7 .

There appeared to be three that had circled around the pick-up.

a mess of them mixed in with my own tracks .

Hmmmm ?

where the Pick-up had sat , there were no tracks
That told me whatever these were , had circled the pick-up while it
was parked there ,,,
not after I drove off .

I have a saying : " Money is Water in a cracked Jug ,,, it leaks away "

I have another saying : strange things only last as long as you dwell on them .

These Shadows had heard my saying i guess , cause daylight was
here and they were gone ,,

The tracks were all they left ,,,

or so I supposed ,,

Driving down to that little town off in the distance , I stopped and
filled the gas Tank , bought coffee and jerky for the Beepers puppy

and as i paid I said to the Kid behind the counter :;;;;

" I know you watched those UFO's last night "

He jerked back , looked as though I'd pulled his Wisdom Tooth ,,
Looked around as though he expected to see ghost or something ,,

the thought for a bit ,,,

He answered with : " I'd say something , but I think " YOU " already know "

I smiled .

Yes , I know .

He looked around again at each person in the store ,, like he was trying
to spot someone he didn't want to see in there ,,,,

I walked out thinking and musing about his reaction .

Yep , that Kid knows too ,,, and he's been told to keep his
mouth shut about it .

Understand this one thing

If you have a close encounter

and have been told to shut up

agents will occasionally come around and test you to see
if you keep your mouth shut .

This Guy, about 21 or 22 , was under the impression i was
an Agent testing him , and he was looking around to see if he
recognized any agents who had visited him before

that had told him to keep it shush shushed .

I was certain it was Saturday Morning .

The Church across the road had a full parking lot .

I asked a man at the Pump : " Excuse me ,, They have services on Saturday
or are they holding a Bizarre ? "

With a curled lip ,,, he looked at me wondering what i was ,,,

" It's Sunday ,, uh ,,, you going ? "

I answered ,, Nope , not this Hippie ,,, Sunday ? ,,, you sure ? "

Man replies " I ain't sure of nuthin' since I retired , but them folks are ,,
and it's Sunday to them "

( Good answer I thought and laughed )

I said : " Hey thank you much ,,, you live here ? "

Man : " for the Summer, got an Rv over in the park ,, best to leave before
end of August though , gets cold at night here "

I got a bit bold then ,,,, " You see funny lights in the Sky round about here ? "

Man: " heh heh , you mean Saucers ? " I've seen 'em from Arizona to Florida
and here too , they're every where ,,, you seen 'em huh ?

Well ,,, he asked so i told him : " I've been on them , Last night , I watched
two of them over this town , you see those ? "

Man : " Nah , Got to watchin' that new show ,( he names it ) and fell asleep
watchin' ,,, why were they out last night too,, don't tell me they dropped
you off here ,,,heh heh ? "

( got to admit , he was real with the world , knew how to laugh at it )

I smiled a chuckle at his remark and said : " ha, if this is Sunday for sure ,,,
I think they may have taken me up for a day and night ,,, but who can tell
anymore "

he looked up ,,,

then said : " heard it's happened here , no one say's much more than that about it
though,,, do yo think they really took you ? "

hard to tell like I said ,,, you never remember at first ya know "

06-27-2013, 04:11 AM #434
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Passing Beepers her jerky and taking the pick-up to a
parking spot ,, I thought about it being a day later ,,

I jumped out , went in and ordered breakfast and asked
to sit outside at a Table with the Beepers ,,

I looked out at the Sky,,,

They call this Big Sky Country , even have that statement
on their cars license plates here .

And BIG it is ,, clear and clean air , a blue you don't see
South of here ,,,

Something in the Night Sky a hundred miles away
could easily be seen from my vantage point up the Mountain .

Usually ,,, after an abduction by U.S. Agents , I have some aches
and pains , sometimes bruises and scuffed knuckles ,,,

I ached all over , and felt like I only slept a few hours if even that .

I kept getting small flashes of struggling with people ,
someone holding me from behind , and me kicking
people down to the ground and breaking free .

Dreams do not make you ache like this .

Little Finger on my left hand felt sprained as well .

If this would have been an Agent ordeal , there would have
been blood on the ground from whomever I would have shot .

There was only the prints of small padded feet back there
though .

Looking out and around , I thought about
the Kid behind the counter ,,, His reaction to my statements to him .

I know if I am here , Agents are nearby , that's just the way
it is in my life , they tag me and stay on me .

Even here , where people are scarce and the roads are straight
and long between towns ,,, they'll follow both
in front and behind me .

I came to the conclusion this Kid had contact with them , and
I'd trick him again and find out if he had .

Recalling every word between us , that statement : " I think
" YOU " ,,,, already KNOW ,,, just kept smacking my
forehead ,,,
He knew I knew , The " I " knew, not others in there ,,

But " ME " ,,,, need i say it ,,, he meant that " I " KNEW .
and he knew i knew .

How'd he know I knew , was the question ,,,

and the only answer was , He was told I knew or at least ,
I was a person of interest to someone .

This was going to be one of those info gathering
operations that required no interruptions from
customers or anyone else ,,
06-27-2013, 07:28 AM #435
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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In operations where stealth is a concern , it helps to have
a Charming personallity , a wealth of varid knowledge and subjects

and can talk well with strangers and get them comfortable with
you .

Be an Ear , and you are about there with most people
Be an Ear as well as a good story teller with
interesting stories to tell ,,, and you're in and a Family member .

There are some set rules in gleaning info

1. your opinion sucks so shut up about what you think
you are there to appease the target ,,,
not impress them with your feeling and opinions

2. be agreeable , not conflictive with them , and no, honey catches nothing
so don't try it , this is not a fly , it's a thinking human being .

3. Never ask a question directly , work a subject into the conversation
don't lead them , let them lead it in the direction you want it to go.

4. NEVER , interrupt the target

5. Never ask them to define any term or phrase they use
put it together later
otherwise you digress the conversation

and besides ,,,,
You are supposed to know what they are talking about
so let it flow and crimp some notes for later to figure out .

6. If they don't kick the info the first time
wait til later
eventually they will .

7. The target feels more comfortable when they think
that they control the conversation and if you show real interest
in what they are talking about ( The Ear, remember ? )
they'll loosen up and give lots more .
Let THEM control the conversation

8. If you ask a question ,,,, NEVER interupt the answer with
another question or statment ,,,
NEVER attempt to say what you think they are about to say ,,,

it pisses people off when you are rude .



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