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BIGFOOT ! nice perfume , and the Fractal
03-26-2013, 08:06 AM #31
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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One Authors example of the Fractal Consciousness

Though the material has certain correlating elements with my own ,
we are not exact .
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JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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reading.gif Interesting link, hi5.gif I'll read a bit later when I have some free time.


03-27-2013, 07:28 AM #33
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time is free

just finding it is getting scarce
03-27-2013, 01:57 PM #34
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UFO's and Rainbows~~~~~~~~~~~~

If you are the type of person who recalls every inspiration

they have ever had

for everything they have ever done

which has made them Proud or ashamed ,,,,

then I'm clueless how you do it ,,

cause, I can't

Having no Idea what Inspired me to ever wish to ride on a UFO ,,, I can't tell
you why I did it ,,,

It just happen ,,

I'm like that though ,, I'll just do shit,,, no thought required .

Like that day back in 1996 that I just drove off down the Highway and kept on going .

Like right now, I haven't stopped yet ,, I just keep doing this kind'a shit .

If ever you get a chance to ride on one ,, just do it ,,

It's like an LSD trip , it only gets bad if you fear it .

Outdoors almost 24 hours a day ,, on the road,,, in the camps,, on my boats ,,,

where ever , no matter where ,, I always watch the Sky ,,

If some shit is out there ,,

Chances are ,, assholes like me are going to be the fucker who sees it .

Not you,,, you sit inside , watch TV,, watch your brats ,, watch Your Ol Lady's Mouth as she Bitches at you

or your eyelids as you snore on the couch farting .,, which causes her to bitch some more.

I don't have a life ,,, you do ,,,,,,,,,,,, shit ,,, you got a Couch and TV

so why not take a ride is how i thought about it .

Not having much excuse to be you ,,,,, I'll just be me,, just how I am ,, and you will not understand
how I am about some shit ,,

That's fine ,,,

I don't understand why you wished to be a House Bunny,,,

when you had a chance

to live as free as I do .

you and I got that going for us ,,, and that's sorta cool

You sit and stink up the Sofa Cushions

and I get to have all your fun,, ,, good swap i say .

~~~~~~~~~~ UFO's and Rainbows ~~~~~~~~~~~

This one particular day back in 1996,,, just had one of those feels to it ,, you know ,,, like ,, it was too
boring a day for anything Epic ,,,

and that's usually when the Epic shit happens ,,, Nature's like that ,, sneaky

Meeting some other Rainbow Children on the Road ,, I guided them to a free place to camp

out by Ft. McDowel Arizona,,, along the Verde River , in the sand , by a berm ,,

under the trees,,, and far from your couch and TV ,,( we be Rainbow Hippys, not house Bunnies,)

we all set up for a Night of Hippyism a drum circle , zuu zuu's , and eats .

I'm kinda like Cheech & Chong mixed with a little Dirty Harry thrown in .

You know,, the kinda Peace and Love Hippy ,, but kick your ass if you Bogart that Joint .

Then cause you to laugh about it . ,,,, that kinda guy exactly

Well shit,, we're all drummed out for the evening,, so , we sit around the campfire
and swap road stories with each other ,,

Round the fire the bullshit went until the Feather was passed to me ,, I can talk man ,,

I can tell stories that make ya feel like your there ,,, even if it ain't real , you'll believe
you're there anyway ,, I'm really that good man ,, no brag ,, just pride

So , I get to tellin' 'bout this time i was all alone in the desert not far from where
we were squatting at that moment ,,

I got picked up by this here UFO one night ,, not the Kind you see Photoshopped

I mean the real kind ,, with real dudes and dudettes in it and all ,,

I got my audience pretty enthralled ya know ,, like i say ,, i'm good at story tellin''

I get to this one point in the story where I looked up and first noticed this here light
in the Sky ,,,when up in the Sky ,, ( Hang on, I'm gettin' to it )

and across from me is this younger Hippy Chick ,, she got the Hair in the Pits and up & down

her legs, real furry legs and all ya know ,,Hairy ass legs,, the kind when she wraps her legs around you ,, it feels like ,,

a Bigfoot got ya in his arms giving ya a BJ without his teeth in ,,,,,,,,, picture it ?
Well ,, as I'm tellin' bout the light ,,

I look up from her Cleave where she had this funky kinda hairy ass Mole looking Birthmark ,,

( and as I'm a talkin' away, I'm trying to recall what the shape of it reminds me of,,, like,,
is it a Hubcap off a Buick or an Olds )

and out there on the Horizon is floatin' ,,, is exactly what I'm Talkin' "bout ,, The Light ,,

Kinda swayin out there , Like a Tampon on the wakes of a creek ,, like that,, or like the O'l lady's
Douche Bag when you hit it with your head in the shower .

so ,, I point out past her dreads ,, and say : There ya go ,, right there ,, there's one ,,

and like,, folks are turnin' to look and all ( and at the same time you're snorin' on the couch with the TV blarin' away ,, ,, in your House Bunny Slippers and all )

and I'm kinda thinkin' WTF , NOT AGAIN ?

See , I don't mind the ride ,, hell ,, i like it ,, it's when they set ya down ,,

these goddamned Government agents come grab a hold ya ,, they fuck with ya ,, ya know .

So real slow, a couple of the Hippys start to stand up ,, turning ,, looking at it ,,

This one other chick ,, she walks over to the berm and up it ,, ( She's kinda hard to look at,

I mean,, the girls got parts just shouldn't be on a Human ,, like , well,, she's got this neck ,,

kinda long ,,, shit , the girl could eat apples straight from the tree ,, not exactly off top branch ,,,
but Purt near ,,)

So she's up there gawkin' and a few more go up ,,

( I'm still mesmerized by the Hubcap, so i just sit till it gets up )

Hubcap and me walk up there , and this one Guy turns ,, " That One of 'em "

I ain't fessin' nothin' right off ya know, so I says : Looks like , if it does funny shit ",, and it starts
doing funny shit ,,

Hubcap and I are standin' kinda close and Long Neck's to our right and forward a bit ,,

Long neck turns her left cheek our way , sayin' : They follow you around ,, don't they ? "

I turn my left cheek toward the little guy on my shoulder and say : Fucker , stop talkin'
to people about me "

Little Guy says back : Dude , you get too weird about shit "

I ain't gonna hit him ,, but when i get his ass alone ,, know what sayin" ?

I turn right cheek back to Hubcap and a line in my eye smiles at it ,,

I tell long Neck ,, You know , I think i just remembered what the Hubcap reminds me of "

Long Neck says " Huh ? "

I Left the flash cards back in L.A. so i have to speak to her again ,, I says : Ain't me they like,,

( Little guy on shoulder looks down at the Hubcap in the Cleave , and tilts his right eyebrow at it ,,
saved me talkin' to long Neck again ,, )

(I think to him,,,, Nice try at makin' it up to me Little Guy ,)

Long Neck looks at the Hubcap ,, turns cheeks forward and her Lashes give that slow ,,,,,

Blink Blink that lashes do when mind is thinkin' shit deep and figurin' ,,

Long Neck Mumbles ,, omg ,, it's a match ,, Hubcaps one of THEM ,,,

Hubcap has a pace rather sweetly Calming to me , so I figure she is one ,, like Long Neck
thinks ,,,

So I touch Hubcap on the Dreads close to what may be her ear , and she turns her cheek to mine and : Blink Blinks a question mark my way ,,,

I ask : Do you think ,,, I mean ,,, uh,,, well ,, would it be alright,,

if you think it'd be ok,,,, to hold hands ? "

Hubcap ain't real attuned to speaking with her mouth , she mostly just Nods when spoken to,,,

the Nod ,,and I took her hand with my right one opposite my heart cause , it was nearest

to her ,, and my left one being close to my heart , causes me to feel too much love at

touch ,, and me and Hubcap ain't goin" there ,,

Holdin' and I feel her energy ,, oh ,,,, yep , Hubcap's got the vibe ,, she's one of 'em ,,

Light up there makes an Arch , like laying on it's curved side ,, and I think ,,
Hubcap and me made it smile man , and Little man on shoulder winks back at it ,

( I'm Thinkin' he's one of 'em too ,,, I can't recall where or when he came from,, ya know ? Woke one day, and he was just there ,, preachin' and shit)

Jump down a page here "V"

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~~~ Continue : UFO's and Rainbows ~~~~

Children around us picked up on the vibe and a few OOooo's and Ahhh's are sliding sideways

back toward Hubcap and me ,, Hubcap Blinks , I giggle , Little Man snorts, and Long Neck
sips her Chai ,,,

I get this whiff ,, and that was not a snort out of Little man ,,,

Light up there begins laying out some Geometric shapes , and my brain thinks ,, FRACTAL

as that thought comes to me ,, Hubcap squeezes my hand a Bit ,, ( sure glad i used my right, I'd
of fallin' in love right then )

Hubcap's quietness ?

Now I got it ,, she don't often speak , cause she ain't got to , she's Telepathic like me,, but way

more in tuned ,,

There's this one Dude there , he ain't Rainbow , He's some Agro-Bum , alcoholic , moocher ,

Mikey had picked this dude up hitch hiking ,
The dude has all the Dignity of a Toilet brush ,, and he has been real mouthy around us ,,

He interrupted me earlier when i had begun telling my story with : " Oh man, I see UFO's all the time,

they ain't nothin" be afeared of ,,,

Well , he's a might to the right of Mikey and Flutterbye ,, He's entranced, ain't even breathin' from
what i can see ,,,

Thought came to me to flip him some come-upin's ,, Hubcap squeezed at the thought , "Yes "

so I let go Hubcap and sneak over to his left side ,, sayin' : so ,, bud ,, what'a think that is out there ,,

It breaks his spell ,, with scared anger , he jerks my way , and says :::::

" How should I Know what it is , Mudder Fricker ,, tell us,, you made it come here ! "

I got this one certain sneer i use for guys like this ,, been awhile since i'd used it , but i flipped it
over and shook the dust off and beamed it into his Jaundiced stained eye's ,,

He gave the two blink and slinked back a bit ,, I stepped toward him keepin' in his space ,,

He stopped, stood there defiant ,,

I says , well ,,, they don't like you man ,, I seen 'em do some things bud ,,, probing type things ,,
know what sayin' ?

right now ,, you can do what ya' think ,,,

but ,, you stay here around us ,,, may be you goin' for a ride with us up there ,,

Dude's booze shocked eye's go even duller , ya can tell, the two beans called his brain ,, just registered
self preservation , he's scared , yet defiant ,, but he spins ,, running down the berm ,, grabs his
sack and trucks off toward the nearest light out on the Highway ,,

with him gone ,, I step back to Hubcap ,, air is way more peaceful now around the place ,,

My Left hand takes Hubcaps right hand , she pulls my left arm up over her shoulders , and grasp it with her left hand ,, and she pulls me up sliding her arm around my belt ,, sticks a forefinger in a belt loop,,

and we meld a bit ,. Tingles ya know ,, i mean ,, incoming loving energy ,,

Tingle says , Rog' , Left touch is Love ,, recall ,,, her left in your left ,, be cautious Brother,,

But ,, and I let it be,,, and we just flow into it .

All the Rainbows are watching the light out there, Hubcap and me know ,, these kiddies are receiving
Telepathic subliminally the message of the Fractal ,,

They're all entranced , Flutterbye squats down ,, Leaflet sits down Lotus ,, Precious is swaying slowly back and forth ,, Mikey ( the Most intensely entranced ) is leaning at the hip , chin out , eye's wide
open , Hooter has his hands in his back pockets the way ladies do at a Western Saloon ,,
Taper with mouth open is beginning to sorta sway a bit as well ,,

Hubcap pushes me toward the side with her hip, and we walk down to the fire silent ,, silent like
you can't hear on the surface of the Moon ,, which is where we probably are in our minds eyes .

Long Neck is already there with a smile and twinkle for us , we sit with her , I on the ground ,
back against the log ,Hubcap on the log and with hand on my forehead leans me back into her
and rest my head on her tummy ,, Book ended by two furry twins .

Long Neck reaches over and slides a palm across my arm ,, looking up into her face ,, her eyes say ,,,
Love to you brother ,, and thank you

small smile turns great smile inside me , Hubcap squeezes me with inner thighs and I feel fuzzy all over

Hubcap actually goes by the Road handle of " Walker " She's from Venice Beach Calif.

Long Neck uses Lucy lite for a Handle , we get to know each other after a couple hours,,
and now Lucy's neck ain't lookin' so long ,, she's an awesome lady ,,

Mikey is another Free Spirit of the Road , he and I make good buddies and I donate some parts
for his VW Bus the next day and we get it running pretty damned bitchen ass ,,

Flutterbye and myself have met up many times over the years , she just don't age at all ya know ,

She staid on my Cabin Cruiser last Summer up in Portland with Me and Beepers Puppy ,,for several days
she sewed up a seam on my Berth for me ,, and scored a clutch of beads i gave her ,

she'll show up again too one day

I heard Walker got Married and Lives in a small town in Central Colorado , she may come around
some day ,, we of the road do that , we just show up .

Mikey Lived in his Bus and worked at a Vw Repair shop out in Springfield for a while

again, he too will run into me again .

Last I saw Lucy was that Camp out the day we met , some you just misplace at times ,,
she may come around ,,
Maybe she got a Sofa and TV ,,, Nah , not that Hippy ,,

To my Knowledge ,, I ain't been aboard a Craft in a couple years ,, they're around, i see 'em all the time,,

Flutterbye and I were talkin' one night out on the Columbia River in my Sailboat,,

Came up the Telepathy , we get really stronger in that lately ,, kinda too strong at times for me,
anyway , she said something like her and a few others have been communicating with the feeling
field and she now gets hit pretty hard with emotions ,, I sat sorta numb for awhile with her ,,,

then asked : You get Sobs ,, Flutter replied : YES , shakes and Sobs like someone's sad ,, real sad.

I got some tears going on that , and said Flutter , I Got someone , I ain't real;y seen in a long time ,

It's a lady , I get real deep impressions on her ,, you get that , i mean , from someone ain't even
tapped as we are ?

Flutter kinda sunk a bit ,, sorta said to the floor ,, yeah ,, Tina ,, I don't think she's really happy ,,

I took Flutters hand ( My right one,, remember ? ) Flutter , we love in no way others do I think ,,

I mean, we got people , like you and I ,, those we love ,, but i think there's more of us ,, like,,
people we knew or know or something ,, we just never knew we were all in someway connected into this stream we share ,, ya know ? They and us ,, they are too , like we all know each other from a prior life sorta .

Flutter Looked at over the Island ,, i could see , she was with that friend Tina right then ,,,

She asked , Rog' , your phone work out here ?

Yeah , here, want to make a call sister ?

I left her there in the cockpit and went below while she called . privacy issue ya know, ya just don't
crowd a person with a call in mind .

Made some Chai for us and petted beepers Puppy for a while ,,

She came down , Handed me the Phone , sat down kinda like her legs just fell out from under her ,,
Hard,, ya know ?

All of us are enhanced sensitives , we feel deep now ,, very deep , Flutter was there at the moment,
it was hitting me too by extension through her ,,, Gawd ,, damn,, something was deep wrong somewhere ,,

I just took Flutter in arms , she sobbed hard ,,

I put Flutter on the Train the Next night for S.F. ,,, Tina lives there ,, she's goin' down make
her friend some healing personal ya know .

I know they're doing good at the moment ,, Flutters on my wave length ,,, i get her once or twice i week coming in .

You get that chance ,, take that ride ,, we did ,, we're just people like you ,, 'cept we have

a sorta special gift in us that you have , we just are tapped into it .

I'm gettin real hard hits on my person now ,, been getting really strong last 3 weeks ,
last week been shaky bad ,,

But, got a loved one it's happenin' with , old time friend , so it's a good thing really good thing .

Know this , I ain't hardly in this body anymore ,,, I mean , the body is there of course ,,
I just ain't attached anymore , except by a very small bit .

Most everything is now mental or spiritual for me ,,,deep thought mostly , incoming energy,, out going too ,, and lots of emotion transfers too ,,,

did ya know , ya can send love like an email straight into people ?

One day you will , have faith in that , i get it coming in all the time , send too ,, awesome ,,

Just people see ya kinda out there when it happens , cause you are out there , body ain't be all
end all to you man .


Epilogue ;;;;

We are Fractal

We are your brothers and Sisters from back home ( referring to that Home which
is your actual home world , before your soul entered into the material body you are
contained in here in this World )

You are waking up to your new World

The Fear Based trauma induced control of you is dissolving all around you .
you are helping that process when you attempt to regain your primal essence
that while in your home world , you were fully aware of. )

Fear will soon be dead if you'll just stop enhancing it , you cannot feed it and at
the same time , expect it to die

you must starve it out of your World .

Yes it has Been a Conspiracy of fear inducing for control over you .

We are awaking to that fact now .

do not feed the Monster that will eat your Children
give us some help,, in helping you

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UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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Hey Rog, there are some that have real desire to positively change society; The Venus Project.


Debunking the Venus Project:

In addressing the speaker's resource-based argument, I must point out that he is not taking into account vertical farming, nor does he mention the use of farming in self-contained enclosed environments (terrariums & vertical as well), nor developing new or using existing techology to collect rainwater, nor developing food growing technology for individuals in their living environments (vertical again?).

The Venus Project for your information:


03-28-2013, 09:13 PM #37
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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good morning Uniquewave.gif

we're everywhere , we are ,

there's free hugs signs
all over the world , free boxes , alternative farming like the link

alternative houses ( if we can get the laws changed ) Cob, straw bale , used tires .
adobe , stone , houses built by gleaning materials from all sources

it's consciousness changing that is getting the work done .

Green energy

Bikes as i was building

we plant food every where ,,

we've had the insane consciousness running our lives world for thousands of years

we can occupy anything ,,, however, before we even begin

it is our consciousness that must change

we must not be afraid ,,

and Hate stands in our way as well .

03-28-2013, 09:32 PM #38
UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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Used tire (partial) house - solar. thumbsup.gif



I'm hopeful we'll get there at some point, whether we choose to or not, it may humanity's only option in the future.
03-28-2013, 10:34 PM #39
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Throughout my travels in the Northwest , I may not have been up every forest service
logging road , backwood two track road out there ,

but every one i have been on, in all the thousands of miles i have traversed , one common
along all of them ,,, is the clear cutting of the trees .

The Forest product Industry has stripped beautiful forest as though mowing down hay .

Amazing are the amount of tracks of land held by these Corp.'s and the locked gates they install
to keep you , the folks that these trees are in the care of,,, OUT !

I build , it's one of my professions , Alternate Material exist for building homes .

That is a threat to large industrial profits .

Threaten Profit with an Alternative free product , a Law will be Legislated outlawing
the Alternate product .

Hemp laws ( Marijuana Laws ) were Legislated for that exact reason .

The demon Weed Laws

I plant every day , Today , Lemon tree, Onion, and Avocado trees ,

The Avocado Seeds are gleaned from Restaurants around the area , where Avocado is used to make Guacamole .

I will plant these anywhere there is open space .

Food source , free , Johnny Apple Seed style .
03-29-2013, 12:18 AM #40
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~~~~~~~~~~The Tye-Dye Snowball Battle of Thumb Butte ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If you get off the major Highways of Arizona ,, and onto the smaller roads ,

it changes completely Your perception of that State .

Arizona is not confined to being a Desert topography , it has almost everything but
a seacoast ,, and it once had that as well ,,, that's where all that beach Sand you
see came from .

Cris crossing the state , I've seen almost every mile of it , Beeline Highway and Salt River Canyon

you will go through 5 levels of Topography in less than 60 miles .

Take SR 17 North out of Flagstaff , turn east at Tuba City heading onto the Hopi/Navajo

You just entered " The Zone ",,,

Right there, I always began to feel Peace just flow into me , quietude within , Head space
zero's down and bliss becomes being or being bliss .

I kinda Got it figured it's the lack of Micro-waves or Radar waves , whatever Tech is just
Bombarding our 2/3rds water based Physical .

Just pure calm over me,, comes along that Route to where i stop in Kayenta to visit my brethren on the nation of the First Peoples .

These are people who have a great deal less Egoistic within them .

Be as they are , be trusting and loving , selfless , and you may be excepted and trusted .

You are very fortunate if this happens for you .

They may take you into the Interior of the nation they are in care of and share with you
sights few see but them .

The Shadows cast , the colors hued ,,, the just awe inspiring Beautiful Peace and quiet
of a still natural home .

The Artist , whom have deep affinity with peace and beauty ,, finds they will feel
the landscape intensely .

That Landscape has a Pulse as yours ,,, it's heart beats as yours , be still , breath deep the scent of unaltered clean pure air mixed with the wild natural elements ,,, and see rather then look ,, and home you are .

Everything from the negative drains off of you ,, every intense intrusive harsh wave of energy
slips down off and into the ground away from you .

Sitting alone for hours in one site , as the Sun pulls across the horizon ,, I've watch
the landscape change faces as many times as there are hours to the watch .

Shadows create faces in the Monolithic Stone around you , these faces change to animal
shapes ,, then into various other characters throughout the day .

This is a land , it's soul understands it's relationship with the people whom coexist
with it .

These are People , whom the DNA of their Souls is aligned to a consciousness of each other
and the Land with all other creatures being recognized as soul travelers upon that land .

This is a World , in their care , and they in the care of their World .

Share in that responsibility with all around you , respect that Beauty , and you become the Heaven of dreams .

Feel yourself a part of it all , and the all a part of yourself , take it inside of you , exude it out
to your World ,, and you find , you have a peace with yourself and it ,,,that you will
not be able to ignore nor deny .

You will not deny this , for it's truth is far too overwhelmingly beautiful to you .

This State of being , is that which some of us share together .

To follow, is a story of us , creating joy in an outing with each other .

~~~~~~ Thumb Butte Magical Shroom Tye Dye Snowball Battle ~~~~~~~~~~~

03-29-2013, 01:57 AM #41
UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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That was lovely, Rog.
03-29-2013, 03:10 AM #42
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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thank you Unique

Hard to actually type in full the inspirations .

I threw away a life, drove off and left me behind

opened up to possibilities without hesitations

and the World just complied to a willing receiver is all .

It's an experience of outward beauty being given the chance to come within .

feeling it, holding on to it tightly ,, giving it back out to others .

People will feel those insights that you have been given , if you felt them , and the
meaning was powerful for you ,,, believe in the fact that sharing them with others
will be felt in like manner by them .

The love passed in that exchange is very powerful for all involved . destructive of us not to
embrace that love ,, give it ,,, share it , receive it .

All that you have received that has managed to heal you , is to be shared in your care
for others whom ,as yourself , require a helpful push once in a while .

The Journey is not to be selfishly received , that destroys the beauty .

do not keep it for yourself .

selflessly give to others whatever you have gained through it all .

The song lyrics i posted : Shouldn't have took more than you gave

was Illustrative and why i posted it .

Reading and not feeling what you say ,,,, is an awesome verse .

We must be very strong within, secure in our being , in order to show our truth to another .

If you become uncomfortable with your truth ,, you are doing it wrong .

Don't hide you from yourself , if there is work there that needs to be improved on,,,
you cannot get it done by hiding it from yourself .

accept it as a common , we all have defects inwardly ,, no shame in that .

We have to accept we have faults and have made mistakes to give them an identity and be
able to deal with them .

Your life , journey ,, is also in the care of all others here, and they in yours .

Interconnected by default , the loving kindness you extend is your giving to the care
of the others ,,, that which is given in return to you , is their care of you in return .

Self absorbed was a Nightmare for me .

dwelling was giving power to exactly that which was killing me spiritually .

Hey get the hell away from that cliff ,,, is a chapter about being pulled out of that
condition .

It took others, as well as myself to get me away from that cliff , i was one foot over and
dangling it there .

03-29-2013, 03:19 AM #43
UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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I'm beginning to suspect you are into Kundalini? 13.gif
03-29-2013, 06:24 AM #44
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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(03-29-2013, 03:19 AM)UniqueStranger Wrote:  I'm beginning to suspect you are into Kundalini? 13.gif

That's been said before, Also people familiar with it, have wondered if i was
a scholar of the Urantia Book .

During the days on GLP when someone posted a thread entitled : The SECRET

I would get PM's from members asking if i was that author .

I wondered why they asked me that . I didn't even know what it was .

No to all the above though .

never actually read more then couple of the post on the SECRET thread
and that only because people thought I was the Author .

Years ago , early 1970's , I read portions of the Urantia Book

very limited info on Kundalini , some terms and verses mostly .

03-29-2013, 01:06 PM #45
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~~~~ Tye Dye Snowballs are edible ya know ~~~~~

Heading west off of SR17 out of Cordis Junction Az. is a really sweet scenic drive ,,
ya get to this Town that still has all the 1800's stone buildings ,,,

it's called Prescott ,, and sets in the rolling pine covered hills of Western Central Az. .

keep west a few miles passed Prescott,,, and You come to this HUGE Ancient Volcanic Column

Known as Thumb Butte ,, it's a state park ,, and awesome in the Snow of Winter .

Us Rainbows figure a Trip up there is a good idea to use up a weekend together ,
so we get it all planned out,, goin' to be about 20 of us , so lots of logistics gotta be worked out.

Food water toiletries , fun toys ,,, fuel for cooking ,, and the vehicles needed .

Money pitched in for those ain't got a Job ,, extra stuff like sleeping bags if someone
ain't got one .

Orion had just come down from Oregon with two shopping bags full of Rainbow Mushrooms

so we got the entertainment covered in that respect .

and,,,, I got an idea ,,, a sneaky Idea ,,, a fun Idea ,,, lots of laughs Idea ,, many giggles Idea

Tye Dye Snowball Wars !!!!!!yay.gifyay.gif

We got a lot of Art in us all ,, kids in Adult Bodies are GREAT man .

You make 'em like ya do Snowcones, cept the Snow has to be wet snow not dry powder
and packed really dense too, other wise , ya gonna melt the snow with the food coloring
which you also have to set down in the snow for a bit before you pour it on the snowball

don't want it to melt the ball ya know .

Sunshine,, she heads up the Rainbow Gatherings in this area , she organizes ya know , and
I , well , I'm kinda an Organized type too ,,
so it's me and her puttin' the trip together ,,

about six of us go in the Market together and grab the Stock of goodies we'll be cooking

and FleaBo and me go down this here Isle , I stop at the Food Coloring ,,,, FleaBo, help
me grab all of these man ,,

All of them ?

Yep ,, every one of them, and those up there on that top shelf .

FleaBo ask a hella lot of questions some times ,, so I know it's comin'

"Hey ,, ah , what do ya do with all this Rog' ,, like why all of them man ?

FleaBo,, secret sauce dude ,, can't divulge it man .

( He kinda thinks I'm some sort of Wizard any way ,, He asked me once : I think you can fly dude,,you probably can ,, can you ? Ha! no man ,,, used to , till the surgery cropped my ears down . )

so he just shrugs and tosses all he can in the basket that he's been driving without a License
through the store .

Daily life Mystify s him any way, so this Mystery is just another of the collection to him in a day .
No Prob he thinks .

FleaBo is under my wing, I take care of him , ya know .

He's the little Brother to me ,,

He told me once : Ya know Rog' , I ain't real big or nothin" and I got to thinking , if we
are descended down from Apes and stuff ,, well , like,, which one was small that i came from ,,, ya know ,,
so I got this idea ,, That Monkeys are Midget Gorillas ,,, Makes sense don't it ?

if you can't love that man ,, you just dead inside man , he cracked me up ,, and right
then and there , he was gonna be my ward ,, someone that precious man ,,
ya just adopt 'em right on the spot .

So we clean the shelves of every drop of Food coloring ,, cause , well , we got important stuff
to use it for ,,, they'll restock someday , it ain't Easter or nothin ya know , so ain't
like our greed is gonna inconvenience a whole city or anything .

maybe some Gran Ma wantin to make a Cake for a Gran Kid,, but she can go to Vons ya know .

We load up the Bus and several trunks ,,,and Boogie rubber north out of Phoenix for
the Thumb ,, everyone pretty Jazzed to get out of the City for the weekend .

Happy is swirlin' the Air around us like a breeze pushin misty giggles , we ecstatic we are .

My Bus is point and I set the pace,,, the pin on the needle at 55 mark,,,, cause any road trip
is about the scenery along the way,,, as it is as much the destination , no rush , Thumb
is hard tacked down , so it'll be there anytime we arrive .

We slither silently through Prescott and surface the other side of town without picking'
up the notice of the Local Ticket dispensers , we cool , we Rainbow , we are targets
in their sights ,, so we are on a very good Karmic stance this day .

I pull into the parking lot with 3 in the train coming up behind , we park , the lot is empty

Oh yes , it is our day,,, this day,,, RIGHTEOUS ! No Normals to worry about,, no holdin' back
our behavior in front of them ,,, ya know.

We can Kick out the Ya' Ya's freestyle without concern .

I jump the top of a Boulder and hold up the Feather over head ,,( Speaker is given the feather , means shut up, his turn to squawk ,, ya know )

Sisters ,, Calm thy Brothers ,, Brothers heed please ,,

Today you all enjoin in an Epic event , That Shall set upon this spinning blue Globe of ours ,
A Rainbow Original Tradition ,,,
You , all of us here ,, it is up to us to create the progeny of this new Tradition,
we are the Progenitors ,,,, we be Rainbow , and in like we shall create today ,, Rainbow Snow

Gather up ye this that below our feet , shimmers in anticipation of it's part in all that is to become ,,,
Pack ye snow , tight round balls ,,, for this , is fated for Historic Awe Ness .

FleaBo , Little Brother whom I love as my own ,,, pass amongst the congregation the wares

Huh ?
FleaBo ,, the food coloring if you will,,,,,, son of the Short Apes .

Brethern and Sistern ,, Uh ,, Sister rens,, no,, uh, shit ,,
never mind on that,,

Maketh Tho' Tye Dyed Balls of Snow !

Brother Orion will be passing out some shrooms after the balls are done ,, so get the hurry on
for this Blissness to come .

We about to make Tradition , one that shall become a Standard throughout our Tribes from
here on out .

This shall be noted in our history as ,,,,,

The Awesomness , the greatness , The Gigantis Magical Shroom Thumb Butte Tye Dye
Snowball War ,,,

The Family sets to creation of the Balls of rainbowness colors

Colors streaking ,, giggles peaking ,, happy hipping ,, and we be Glorious before the eye's
Of Creation in our task ,,,,

The Children all munch the Fungi of enlightenment ,,
I am always sober , and shall direct all over maxed energy into even flow for them ,,

Glad to serve

Balls of rainbow streaks all hoarded one side and opposite ,, we ready ,,
folks is beginning to glow ,, smiles get longwide ,, Teeth un-bared by happy hippy lips .

Brothers and Sisters I announce , When Cotten here lights his Fart , Let the Battle begin ,,

Cotten couldn't manage a match ,, so I toss a snowball straight up and when it hits the ground ,, the air takes on ribbons of colors that just cause the Soul to say ,,,

WOOOOoooooooooo yes ,,

Sniggers and giggles become Guffaws as Balls meet dreads and asses ,,,
long colorful streaks running down peoples faces ,,,

People Laughing so hard they weaken and fall while others charge them to deliver the Nell
and fall over them weak from laughter ,,

More balls hit the ground than opponents and the lines blur where teams once were ,,,

it's Glorious ,, your heart becomes so light you almost levitate ,,,

One Brother is on all fours ,, giggling hard to right and just above center ,, when a sister
creeps up and shoves a mostly melted snowball down the back of his Dungies ,,

Shits gone beyond giggle-lific at this point ,, ya can't throw what ya can no longer lift ,,
hell ,, ya can't lift your arm ,,, much less fling a Ball ,,
almost everyone is on the ground laughing ,, a couple make snow angels ,, flapping
like flight was eminent .

Oh Gawd ,, EPIC just Took on Higher Consciousness and flew right up to the sun .

He said he didn't ,, but he did ,, this brother pissed himself ,, steam whiffing off his
pants leg ,,,
I lost it right there man ,, Contact High took me ,, I ain't even a Good figment of myself any
more ,, I now be,,, Rog' the Gandalf of Thumb Butte ,, Transform from Gray to White ,,

I'm down on my knee's ,, belly laugh so hard a lung pops out my mouth ,,

Sister with a ,, " Laughing like a Loon brother " out in front of her comes flashing by ,, Big old
Ball of Glowing color held over head,,, arm cocked for the Patweeeeeee,,,,, SPLAT !

He'd beaned her a good one from 5 feet away,, she's determined he pay up that price with change left over ,,,

He turns sideways in defeat looking back at her and steps on his own foot, with arm raised to ward off the ball ,, face meets mush ,,, she flops straddled across him ,, ball comes down to the

I ain't even in me no more ,,,I've took flight and floating ,, mouth open wide ,,,
sound of my laughter is coming from above and behind me ,,, disconnected ,,,

Skate shoe on it's own ,, sticking out of a pile of snow ,, confused look on it's laces ,,
winks at me and ask my hand in Marriage ,,

Gladly ,, i say to it ,,

another sister rushing with a hoody full of mushy balls leaking streams of deep blue-ish
purple ,, held to her stomach cracks a laugh and smacks a brother across the ass with it ,,

Knees bend and he's down for the buzzer ,,, sister slips sideways pass him and lands
Tush bounce down ,,, I can't stand it ,, vessels in my nose are gonna pop off ,,,

Echos of the Laughter careening off the Butte and ricocheting off every head and into mine ,,

I'm now every one ,, I ain't one , I am Legion ,, a Giggling Hippy Legion of mindlossed
color streaked Children whose only Fault is they forgot to remember to be ,,

serious about life ,,

A brother has a 2 liter of soda shook up and he's spraying downed laughers with it ,,
Oh the Sticky we are ,, shits hit the fan ,, and it couldn't make us happier .

There are no matters ,,, this is senseless sensibilities in complete abandon ,,

riches is what we are having ,, price was nothing ,,, there is no rent in this world ,,
We be Rainbow , and we 99.9 fine ,,, on a Golden stream of heavens Cherry Pie ala mode .

A God may have Created Adam ,, we created Adams Laugh ,,,, we awesome potatoes
we the bean in the sprout that won't cop out ,,, we that lace on the hem of heavens
curtains ,,,
we the Window ,, we the prismatic child with the glass eye into the willows secrets ,,

we love to laugh ,, and embellish laugh with love ,,, we painted the dark with glow in the dark tye dye and made it lighten up on itself ,,,

We Fractal , we Rainbow , We keep the Light stuck to a darkened world ,,,

we the love no one else wanted

We Rainbow Children of Living Light ,

and we love you

~~~~ End



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