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BIGFOOT ! nice perfume , and the Fractal
06-27-2013, 07:51 PM #436
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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and those are the parameters of discourse in any .

Taking off back up the Mountain
I checked again the area for something I must have missed
that Morning .

Puzzles have a more concise picture with all the pieces
set in place and I had some misplaced or missing .

I noted the position of the town below to the position of
the craft that night and any other established structures .

Reason being , these Saucers were passing from North to
South then back again , and stopping here in this area ,

Why ?
Satellites are an East West tracking , not North/South
and these were Saucers not Sat's ,,
so discounting them as Sat's was out .

What's here that Saucers are interested in ?

Not me ,

I am aware there are Missile Silos in Montana , but no
clue where those are situated ,,,
maybe that was it .

Beepers was about two years old at the time
and just like a Kid, if you took your eye off her ,,,
she'd investigate everything in her little Fiefdom and
tear up stuff to see what makes it Tick .

She was silent for a few moments , no trotting around sniffing
and busting brush ,,, hmmmmm? better check on her .

Calling her , she ignored me .

I walked down slope to the area i last heard her in .

She was there snuzzling some earth around and scratching at it .

Walking to her I noted more padded footprints coming up the slope .

She looked over at me and back to her little scooped out area
as if saying " hey Pops , Check this out ,,, what is it ? "
06-28-2013, 02:05 AM #437
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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My thought was for Beepers safety first ,, rattle Snakes like
biting Puppy Snouts , so i called her over to me .

She wouldn't budge from her pit ,,, damn .

I reached down Like Samson did for the Jawbone of
an ass ,, but grabbed a branch instead ( ass bones were scarce here )

She'd come up with what looked like silver mesh at first .

I snatched it away from her , because i was pissed she ignored me ,
( I get control issues when it comes to her safety )

It was material of some sort , it coiled into a funnel shape
when i dangled it mid air .

Neat , what's this you found Ms. Beeps ?

She jumped for it ,,, trying to snatch it back ,,,
( Beepers has narcissistic attributes when you snatch items from her )

Mine she shouted

NO ! I shouted ,,,

She sat and moped

I stood and admired her find .

Not plastic , not really metallic
certainly not cloth .

06-28-2013, 06:23 PM #438
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Walking back to the Pick-Up ,
I took the material and tried cutting it with Tin Snips .

it cut easily

reaching into the Pick-Up for my long eyes ( Glasses for feeble sighted )
I gave the Artifact a gander over .

Humph ,,, !!!!

Silver Plated wire !

Now I recalled where I seen this stuff before ,,,

My ex-girlfriends funky shoes .

From a Pair of sandals ,,, SH_T ! bleh.gif
06-28-2013, 06:25 PM #439
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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06-28-2013, 06:35 PM #440
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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hi5.gif Congrats! chuckle.gif

06-28-2013, 08:05 PM #441
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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first time ever ,,,

celebrate by washing my socks yay.gifyay.gifyay.gif
06-29-2013, 07:30 AM #442
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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The eleventh commandment trip over the eighth
and floundered there upon the Rock of the Church ,,

Excusing myself by claiming to be a cripple ,,

I told one one ,,, that I'd help you up
but your ten buddies and you have none nothing
but keep people down for thousands of years .

one one commanded me to kneel and bow to him ,,

I laughed at his prostrate ass and retorted with :

You kneel and suck Satans member sh_t you ass winker .

the Eleven let out a rage and fury ,,, fit to stir with a stick

I slapped it off my sneakers and flipped a booger his way ,,

Kaylem strolled over to add her two cents ,,
but she didn't have change for a dollar ,,

I loaned her a Nickle and told Eleven to add the change
to the collection plate ,,

He pocketed the whole Nickle and said : " Like hell I will "

Ten Commandments came marching up from our East
staying within the Glare of the rising Sun to blind us with .

Ha ! I explained .

And #3 took it personal ,, throwing Brimstone and fire my way ,,

I whipped out the Staff of Arron and reminded three how
hard I kick a D_ck ,,,

#3 coward behind #4 and whimpered he was only kidding ,,

Kaylem shot him a look ,,,
and it hit him between the knees hard ,, toppling him
onto #4 and as Dominoes ,,, Three through Ten took
up close encounters with the dirt .

I raised a Sack of Ashes and shouted out to Heaven ::::

" Stay thy Stupidity ,,, For amongst ye ,, is the One "

All Commandments Looked past Two ,,, toward One ,,

One began to babel speak a verse of Attrition at three through
eleven with admonishment to burn a Fatted Calf .

Laughing at the Sun and pulling up Kaylem's Panties ,
I swore an Oath of Dire Consequences upon the Brow
of the Holy One ,,,

he missed his duck and it stuck deep into his head ,,,
letting loose a Great Flood of forty days and nights ,,,

John the Baptist came whistling a Tune he heard in a whorehouse

down New Orleans way ,,, where the hookers are all

He-She's ,,, and Kaylem flashed her Boobies at his Beard

for good times and measures .

Back in the Manger a Spoiled babe gave a squirt of yellow
in his Tunic to prove his might .

I reached over and snatched it all away from him
to use as a water slide for the one through eleven
commandments .

They alldove in to escape the whore tune John was belting out
and I tied a knot in the tunic capturing them all in one .

Kaylem let out a Cheer as I passed the Bag to John saying::::

Take this Brother ,, and shove it up your fatty with splinters .

John Crooked a Grin at Kaylem and I slapped him for
flirting with my Girls Teets ,,,

he left happy

Kaylem dropped and gave me ten
I stood and gave her eight back

9 months later
nothing came of it

so we tried again overt and over again

nothing yet

but stay tuned

06-29-2013, 08:53 AM #443
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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The crack of a momentary Madness gone awry in the
Bell above the Alcove before the Church of the mighty
slow motion movement to dissuade the masses from
sinning ,,,

caused the hot to drop from my Joint onto my Silk Shirt

Pissing off My priest who'd just rented it to the Bishop
for his Bar Mitzva

The creak in the door , stuck it's head out to see
what the ruckus was about and the window slammed
down on his fingers .

Cries blurted forth from mouths as the sky broke black

I was happy to feel , but not so much to see ,,
the Puffy hand of the Miss who found my lobes
in the clay of time .

Over and Over again history repeated ,,, Until she got it right .

Ms. History is awesome Velum when she repeats .
06-29-2013, 07:47 PM #444
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Ran into a hairy Russian Bitch as she referred to herself .

With hair and moles all over her back
I was impressed .

You don't often get to screw a Professional Hooker
for free unless you're a Pimp ,,,

so, I did her just to have that on my Resume' too .

Hey , it was free ,,, so shut up .

What I gleaned from the experience is that
this woman's motions were all theatrics in bed

and not good one's either .

No wonder I never paid for sex ,

HA! ,,,
who has to pay for it ,, it's being handed out all over the Globe .

I've seen more passion come from Dead Squirrels man .

Sex Act

and the act of sex

I found the meaning of the difference between the two .

I never tried a blow up doll either

but I think it would be about the same as doing it with a Hooker .

06-30-2013, 05:31 AM #445
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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A Poke in my back and I turn to see Gale
standing , smiling at me ,
she opens her arms and steps into mine .

We hug and as we do she asked : " Ummm yum , you smell
good ,,, what's the name of that Cologne ?

I reply with : " Polo , and you're a sneak , poking me like that
from behind , and giving me the best surprise ever ,,
how'er you ? "
06-30-2013, 08:30 AM #446
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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I'm Good she replied ,, what'r you doing hangin' out in
the lighthouse,, you don't drink ?

" Playin with the Band tonight Gale , Mike's Band , You gonna dance ?

" Maybe ,, tee hee " Where's your girlfriend ,, she here ? "

" What Girlfriend ,, I'm solo now "

Gale wants to hand me her number , I want it , well ,,,
I did and didn't want her number ,,
I don't call anyway ,,, I just throw numbers away ,,

i wanted to see her on the side , but not steady and not often
either ,,
Hell , let's be real about it , I'd go home with her ,, but not date her
so it either had to happen right then or it wouldn't happen at all .

Some chick sticks her head in the doorway ,,,

" I'll be back in a few minutes " and smiles at me ,,

Gale looks at her , the chick is pretty and damned young to be in this
nightclub ,,,
Gale points as the chick leaves the doorway ,,,
and ask ::::

" Who's that ? "

I answered with : " I don't know ,
someone who pick me out in the crowd I guess "

I look back at Gale ,,
She's reading my eyes like she isn't sure I'm telling the truth .

She now ask if i want to dance ,,

Alright kiddo ,, we walk out on the dance floor and boogie two shoes
to Huey Lewis and the news ,,,

well , actually ,, To the band about to vacate the stage for us .

There's this rule gale has with herself ,,
She doesn't like to be picked up ,,,

you call her and invite her out .

She has this dignity thing about it ,, she's always thought that it makes
a woman look cheap if they go home with a man from party
or club ,,,

I have this rule of my own ,,,

If we're going to be together , we go do it right then and there .

Not conducive to a gale and Rog' togetherness situation ,,,

she'll win with her rule because I won't attempt to break it with her .

Mike Riley Band is one I just sit in with and follow Mikes lead
on Rythem guitar ,, so i have easy with them ,,

this night Greg Almond will show up about 11:30pm to join in ,,

Mike does studio work on Greg's albums for him ,, playing lead guitar and slide .

I was hangin' in anticipation for it , I'd met him many times before , and
he's somewhat quiet mostly and boring when he does talk , but
good for the company he brings with him ,, those Musicians are tight
players and i dig running behind their jams with them .

Gales hands are warm and we hold on and i walk her to her table
say my bye
and slide out the back door with Dave and Mikes wife to walk the beach
a bit so they can smoke a joint.

Peggy ( Mikes wife is an old friend and sweet

as a bakers dozen with secret sauce on top , and we always talk like crazy

with each other ,, that night she was telling me with the check

Mike just got from Greg ,,, he was buying her a VW Karman Ghia and she

wanted me to come down and give it a check out for bugs to make sure it
was a Road Worthy old Girl ,, she was excited in good spirits so we hung
until showtime this time .

Walking back in ,, Gale strides right up to me and ask her the lady was ,,

She is beginning to get me curious about her motives ,,
I let her know it was Mikes wife ,,,
she smiled and looked over at Peggy ,,
is she nice , she looks like a sweet heart ?

" Oh yes , Peggy is heaven on two feet Gale ,, awesome apples in a pie ala-mode"

" Well , I gotta go Rog' ,,, here's my number , call me up , we'll get together "

I take the paper and put it in my wallet under " Throw this evidence away as soon
as possible "

She pecks a kiss on my cheek ,, turns and does that little Trot of hers ,,
out of the Club .

I never called her , hell ,,,, I forgot she was even there in about less time than it
took her to get out the door .

I snatched up my " PRS Guitar and tune in with the keyboardist ,,

I believe we started the set with " Angel from Montgomery "
Mike sliding and Lea and I on Vocals switching off and on in the lead per verse .

I got fired up with that one and gave Mike the idea that a cover of " Franklin's Tower "
a GD standard , would boast well behind Angel and we strummed into it ..

Looking down during the lead Guitar jam , I noticed Karen was dancing in front of me
and looking up into my face ,,
Karen and I get together every now and a when ,,
Looked good for tonight ,,

Karen is full blown Hippie sauce as I am , and I love just hanging with her
She loves to kiss if we hang out together ,, so we usually are when together
but ,, I could just hang with her and be almost as happy ,,

I really liked Karen , and she wanted us to become a couple , which ,, if i was
going to , it'd be her .

She smiled up at me as I smiled into her eyes ,,, Karen has Dimples man ,,
and her Left one winked back at me ,,

I heard a fizz in my head ,, like air escaping through a balloon ,,

yep , tonight I'm yours Karen ,,, tee hee ,,,

Lights go down and Jason tom toms into " Not Fade away " while I'm trying to
tell Karen I brought my Porsche instead of the Bike , so she won't
have to worry about a Jacket on the way to her house ,,

I step up to the Mic and Bellow out a " I'm Gonna tell you how it's gonna be ""

You're gonna give your Love to me ,, and step back for a Laugh as everyone
there comes in on verse ,,,

place is smiles
dancers whistling and excited cause it's a righteous dance jam
we do it about 12 minutes long ,,!

There in the light of the streetlight ,, in the doorway is Gale ,, her chin
about an inch from her cleave and staring down like her puppy just died ,,,

I flinch ,, what's wrong with her ,, she OK ?

06-30-2013, 09:14 AM #447
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Having a wrist that aches if I play too long

I take a stand down , and Karen sitting at the Table ,,
stands to walk outside with me ,,

There looking at me as we walk out the door , is Gale ,,

She turns her back and walks between cars out into and across
the street ,,

Odd look of pain on her face ,, weird to me to see that in her .

Half a Block and Karen with our arms around each other
are walking down the Strand while she points out
Constellations to me ,,,

" Karen ,,, ? That friend of mine with the brown hair ,
she say anything to you ,,? "

You mean the woman watching us as we walked out ? "

' Yes"

" No ,, but I know what you mean ,, somethings on her mind
about you ,, were you and her ,,( i cut her off )

" No,, we're Friends , But she was here and left a while ago , then came back,
and stood at the door like she was about to cry "

" Then when we come out ,,, I thought she was going to walk up
to us and say something ,, what do you make of that Girl ? "

Karen was not really enthused about talking it over , and just said ::;

" problems of some sort , that's for sure , but who know's ,
didn't she say anything to you about what it might be ? "

" No, we just had a nice visit ,, but one thing was odd ,,,,
That young Girl that always flirts with me , what's her name ??? uh jeanie I think ,,

She stuck her head in and playing as she always does ,, said : I'll be back in a few minutes "

and my friend Gale got concerned and asked who she was ,, like ,
she was worried i was with Jeanie ,,, though why she should be , i have no idea , cause
gale and I ,, we're not together ,, and ,,
Hey ! "

never mind , lets go sit on the swings ,, wanna ? "

" Ok Rog" ,, gonna take off those dress boots ? "

" Oh Yeah ,,,

06-30-2013, 07:28 PM #448
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Swinging at night on the beach ,, watching the stars as
you swing ,, alone with a lover ,, yay.gifyay.gif

sometimes it's the simple things ,, know what I mean ?

Cup Holders are useless on swings we found out .

Spilled Karen's Juice all over her ,, well ,
call it an early night and go to her place I guess . ( not too sure she didn't
do it on purpose for that reason )

We de-wheeled her Bike and stuffed it the rear trunk of the
Porsche 914 for the half mile drive up
the steep hill to her house with " Blue Sky " of the Allman Brothers band
Playing on the Blaupunct .

Verse : " You're my Blue Sky ,
you're my Sunny Day ,
Lord ya know,
ya make me high,,,
when you turn you're love my way "
Turn you're Love my waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy ,,, yeah yeah yeah ,,

06-30-2013, 08:40 PM #449
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,340 Threads:231 Joined:Feb 2011

Allman Brothers Band

"""Blue Sky ""'

That Pentatonic kicks my ass ,,,

The style of art on the album is the style I was into back then
in 1971 ,,,

used to write letters and dress the envelopes with Art like
this .
06-30-2013, 08:59 PM #450
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,340 Threads:231 Joined:Feb 2011
~~~~ Jam for something ~~~~~

Look out your window
ask the sky ,, what do you see ?

every day brings you something
and it's best when it comes

for free

You say there's something
in you , that you hold dear
and it's just for me

Look out your door
feel that floating breeze
whisper through
your hair

Now run child
go get free

Hold back no more
run child, through the trees
don't just
stand there and stare

Run child
go get free

Up on the mountain
running wild
go get free

Road stretching out before you
like life on a string

catch that wild wind
see what tomorrow
gonna bring

Now run child
go get free

Every word ever spoken
every eye to ever see
must'a felt some freedom
some love
longing to be free

Now Run child
go get free

Leaving home
you're bound to wander
wander roads
where you can be
what you wish to be

Now run child
get yourself as free
as you wish to be

~~~~ End



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