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BIGFOOT ! nice perfume , and the Fractal
07-01-2013, 07:47 AM #466
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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being somewhat amused with The Porsche 914
and the Stereo , Karen leaned into my shoulder
and squeezed a knee ,,, asking , : " Rog', this thing fast ? "

heh heh
I dropped a gear stomped it
and slung a 90degree right turn without a fishtail

she grabbed the OH shït bar

heh heh

I looked her in the eye from 3 inches from my own ,,

" It handles well ,, does it not ? "

Karen smacked my chest ,,, as she said : Rog' , WTF , warn me
when you want to do that "

I told her : Karen, I built this engine , this whole car in fact ,
it's fast ,, but I thought you asked , hoping I'd show you "

he heh

She was not amused ,,, I think she bumped her parts

Karen has this little house behind a Huge Estate style House

Her little house used to be the Estates Green House ,,
the whole thing is a WINDOW !

She has Curtains over everything , some of those are Tapestries ,
some Macrame' and beads ,,

some tye dye sheets

One I like is made out of a bunch of Levis 501 jeans ,,

She has stuff sticking out of the pockets on the Curtain

Hash Pipe
Little tiny Dolls

Stuffed Animals

and a lot of stuffed frogs around the room in front ,,
plus ceramic Mushrooms and other Hippie attire for the PAD .

Yes, she sleeps on a Mattress on the floor adorned with
patchwork quilts ,,, just like I do .

and Incense Burners that are mostly Frogs and Mushrooms

I smell Nag Champa as we enter and ask if I can light one up .

" Of course, over there Rog' and she points "

There's stuff from Guatemala , India , Malaysia ,
Bhuda Ville everywhere , all the Typical colorful crafty stuff
hanging or standin or laying or PLOPPED on everything .

I feel at HOME here ,,chuckle.gif

I see as we sit down on the Mattress , two or three brass balls

Hey I ask , are those Ben Wa Balls ?"

She laughs ,,

" No , silly , Those are meditation balls "

" Brass ? " I ask .

No silly , those are chromium ,, it's the lighting makes 'em look
brass "

I let out a silent whew ,
I thought i might be in for it for a second there.

Karen has a no cloths on while your on the bed ,,

so our Tweeds have to leave us

I have Bullet holes and she stares at them ,, " Rog',,, That hurt ? "

I looked down at one of them ,,

" Would'a if it'd been a few inches over ,, eh ? "

She laughed and said :; yeah , no shït , ya got lucky there '

( I never thought being shot as something I'd call lucky ,
Until now )

I told her I never felt it , That i never noticed I was shot until later
when Blood had soak my cloths ,,,
that it took a day before it swelled and the pain began ,,

She stared me in the eyes and said : " I'm glad you lived "

Cause I get you now "

every one i ever knew , told me it was too bad one of those
Bullets didn't take me to hell ,,,

Karen is real though , that's why i hang with her .

Karen has studied the Karma Sutra extensively ,
reason being ,,,
She likes to PLEASE her man .

07-01-2013, 08:04 AM #467
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Going full Pensive for me is more like my real world

deep thought , going way inside the mind , is to me , the most
complacent I can get .

If you want to make mouth noise and that's your Zen ,,


This kid right here though ,, loves to be in thought zone .

At her question about the Bullet Holes

I went back to the night I got the one in the upper thigh

I was right there again for a few Moments ,,

The Hand with the Butcher Knife coming down at my chest ,
the blasting of the other guys Gun and mine ,,

The feathers flying out of my down Jacket because
I was shooting my gun from inside the jacket Pocket ,,

The Pukes screaming ,, as they tripped running away ,,

My hand as I picked the First Robbers gun from the sidewalk ,,

Sights set in suppressed memories man ,,,

Karen leaned in and whispered ,, " Don't dwell on it Rog' ,,,
please ,, here,, come here ,,,"
and she pulled me over onto her .

Her lips sucker Punched mine ,,

07-01-2013, 09:02 AM #468
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:9,871 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011
Still running a page or two back in that time when
I realize fully what Karen is doing ,,

whoa ,, I begin kissing her back then , flashes fade slow off into
the back rooms of my mind and I come back up front
to the ,,, "in the now "

After , and the Tea is made ,
We slip on the robes and walk out into the Patio Garden .

Some Stars can be seen , Salt Air ,,, and I begin to calm back down .

no residue from the Gunfight now ,,,

just her and I ,, alone ,, quiet ,, serene .

I tell ya man ,,
I have had nightmares where I come straight flying up
in the air ,, spinning and kicking ,, punching ,,
and even though I wake ,,

I am back there being Tortured or shot ,,
or fighting more people then one man should ,,

It felt like it'd be one of those times when the nightmares would visit
again ,,,

Best we sit out there until I calm back down ,,

There are Flowers all over this place and Honey Suckle in bloom

smells are awesome ,,
I look at Karen for a moment , I thought to study her eyes ,,

Karen is a Blond , Thick wavy Hair ,, Big ass Heavy Blue Eyes
with Black Eyebrows and lashes ,,, Long Lashes ,,,
curved up at the end ,,,

She is pretty , Naturally ,

I have never seen her enhance her looks ever .

It's like she came out of the box ,, and just kept growing
maintaining her child hood beauty without
ever wearing make-up once .

She looks into mine

" what ? ",, she asked .

I'm just ,, You girl are beautiful ,,
I'm just enjoying your eyes with mine Hon ,,,

" I'm studying those eyes , trying to figure out what it is that makes them
so pretty ,,,
the color , or the shape , the lashes , what is it with them
that I can't tell why they are so beautiful and drawing ,,,

" I mean ,, it's like ,,, they have so much to them , that is beautiful ,,
that I can't define the exact ,,, shït !
never mind ,,, sorry ,,

Karen giggles,,, ' You Rog' , are precious , with those artist eyes ,,
you get too critical with your picture ,,,
You want to KNOW the picture , all of it at once ,, it's depth ,, it's every
stroke of the brush ,,, "

" Karen ,, eyes are a person's depth of beauty ,, you know ? "

and yours are killer "

" They're killing you now ,, is that it Rog' ? ,,, earlier , they were
drawing you in , now it's killer ? "

" Stop ,, I am not here , this conversation is not taking place ,
you are alone ,,, I am a Figment ,,,,, "

She laughs ,, and " Nice avoidance Rog' ,,, ok ,, I'll be quiet ,, "

07-01-2013, 09:20 AM #469
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~~~~~~~~` "Seems the simple times , mean more " ~~~~~

Wish I hadn't left that day
and ran away

Wish i'd had the nerve child
the nerve ,,,
the nerve to stay

A man can never
can never say
whats really on his mind

ain't it a shame
lord ,,, ain't it a shame

and whenever
he feels he's exposed
he tries to hideaway ,,,
how he feels about her ,,,

afraid to look the fool

ain't it a shame
Ah Child ,,,
ain't it just a crying shame

Gospel truth is ,,,,
I'd rather to have remained

rather to have stayed and loved you

Lord let it shine ,,,
shine my truth
all over you ,,
rather than run away

ain't it a shame
ain't it just a crying shame

07-01-2013, 08:24 PM #470
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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letting go of what you've got
without concern of loss or of missing it later

is a practiced and fine tuned art .

ever try that ?

for some reason , I do practice conditioning .


You own too much , and you want more ?

At sixteen , all I wanted was a car

ten years later at twenty six ,,,

all I wanted was every car I ever wanted

which ,,, were all the Classics .

By thirty years of age
I was a Mess ,,,

Ten cars and still shopping for more .

Every one of them drivable

Glutton ?


07-01-2013, 10:46 PM #471
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Off on a spree looking for porsche

I bought three Porsche 914's
and a pearl Black Porsche 911

One of the 914's had belonged to Vince Neal of " Motley Crew "

I restored it , built the engine with dome top Pistons for increased
compression ,, from 95Lbs to over 150Lbs

Fast ?

yes ,, for a 4cyl. vehicle of that day .

The 914 was developed by Porsche for the race track
these came stock from the factory with adjustable suspension
and were a mid-engine car

which meant they handled in a hairpin turn awesome .

This was My Black 914 ,

The one Karen and I were driving that night .

She loved it ,, and did not own a Car .

I left it with her to drive for a few weeks to see if she
really wanted one ,
if it turned out she did want one after driving mine for a while

I'd go ahead and Build my White one for her .

As I said ,,, she LOVED it ,,

Having the engine out and on the bench , I slipped
the dome top pistons in it .

Put the engine back in the car ,,,

drove it the 4 blocks to her house , parked in her driveway .

Left a Note
and where the keys were to be found
( I slipped them through her mail slot in the door )

Walking back to the house,, I felt good about releasing possessions ,,,

This was going to work ,,
I'd get the Car Bug out of me .

Then work next on other possessions .
07-01-2013, 11:04 PM #472
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Setting aside myself for others has never been any problem for me
for reasons of consciousness ,,

That was another habit I would have to tone down .

We are rare people in Los Angeles .

Too many were attempting to take advantage of the kindness
and trust .

Karen was another selfless person .

She was about to receive huge gifted loves man .

Going out to one of the Fields and gleaning wild flowers

i walked down the street swiping flowers from mediums and
front yards ,,,

went to a store ( Pier One ) and Bought a Big ass wicker basket .

I did one of my colored pencil sketches for the Card ,,
Set this on the Hood of the White Porsche ,,,

and left it there in her drive .

the title and bill of sale with the keys in her mail slot .

On the line for the price : Gift and a winged smiling heart
next to that .
07-02-2013, 12:53 AM #473
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Having a lower back problem is a hate filled pain in
the ass ,,
Karen and I both share in that misery .

The seats in a Porsche 914 have no lower support for such
problems ,,,,,,

so on all of mine I switch the seats out with VW GTi seats
I get at the junk yard for $50 a pair ,,

I found a white Gti that had been wrecked at a pick your
parts .
The seats were perfect , no stains or rips ,, They matched
the 914's interior , White with red Piping .

I had made her brand new door panels and stitched in the
Arm rest her Initials with a Rose applicate .

I had a Pioneer Super tuner snorting dust on a shelf ,
so I hooked that up in the car ,, and added
a case of Grateful Dead Concert tapes in the center console .

I did the Carpet in Black with red piping and centered in each
of the floor mats,, was a Vase of roses .

I customize cars at that time and had the best time of my life
doing this car for her .

On the Stick Shift knob , I made out of Poly , a Set of ruby red lips
with wings ,,,,,,,,,,,
puckered for a Kiss ,,

and embedded them into a T-handle shifter .

the down graphics at the bottom of the car was done
in Black with the word " Porsche " and before it the Porsche badge ,
the graphic came along the bottom from behind the front
wheel well ,,,
Back to the front of the rear wheel well,,, then diagonally
up over the top of the Targa bar

I took the " Never Worked Right " Tilt up headlights and buckets
out of the car ,,,,

and manufactured buckets for the 1983 Camaro Headlight system
I put in .

On the rear was a spoiler off of a Saab Turbo molded
into the rear lid ,,,

I tinted the windows and it was done .

That night ,,, she came home from work on her bike ,
stopped when she saw the Porsche in the drive ,,,

and as she said : " He didn't,,,, no ,,, yes he would ,, THAT NUT ! "

She called ,,,

I had left this message on here machine earlier : " Karen , Hi , She's a Gift of Love ,

and being such , you must except her into your life , I love you too much

I suppose ,, so now you're cursed with my attention ,,, you know better

then to try giving a gift of love back to the giver ,,,( giggle )

She called again ,,,

Then she called back ,,,

I never answered the phone ,,,

I grabbed the other flower basket and drove over ,,

I smiled at her when she opened the door ,,,

" You BRAT ! "

I laughed ,,, couldn't see you buying one , when i had one to give ,,

drive it yet ? No ,,, you havn't , let's go spin the wheels off her "

Karen looked at the flowers in the basket
and said : " Man the others have the whole place smelling good Rog' "

She took the Basket and pulled me in .
07-02-2013, 01:06 AM #474
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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This one is close to the 914 I built for Karen

gives an idea
07-02-2013, 01:40 AM #475
softy Incognito Anonymous
Hi Rog',

Nice,,,what year???,,,

The police cars in El Paso have a big 911 painted on them,,,

the crooks down there were stealing them,,,

thinking they were Porches...

07-02-2013, 03:52 AM #476
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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that one in the photo is a 1975 with a 2 liter engine

it is not the one I built for Karen though

it looks close to it though

Her's was the same year 1975

and those thieves down there need
a bounty placed on their heads

07-02-2013, 08:25 AM #477
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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We take the 914 out and up 190th street and out to the freeway,,

We're going to Dinner Karen says ,,, her treat .

(Gee , I feel so special )

( I Grabbed the bill and paid anyway , told her to leave the tip )

The 914 had a spedo that read top speed 160 MPH

On the freeway she hit about 89 MPH before she slipped
it into 5th gear ,,,

She looked down at the speedo

:gaah::gaah: Christ !!!! :gaah::gaah:

and left off the pedal saying : " Sh_t , this thing hit 85 before
I noticed how fast we were going ,,,
it didn't feel like it was going that fast ,,

( It was time to give the WARNING )

" Karen,, I built this engine to the same specs as my Black one Hon ,,

This is not your old VW Bus Girl ,, around on the streets ,
you never have to shift up out of second ,,

I put squish injectors in it ,, for the fuel too ,, so it's faster than most
914's ,,,

Karen has a cute way of looking not pleased when she is
pleased with you ,,,
and she had that look on ,,, right then .

When we pulled out of Gladstones 4 Fish ,,, she lit up the Tires
but not intentional ,,, Tee Hee ,,,

Shook her and giggled ,, " Rog' ,, too mean a machine, remember ,
I haven't driven in over 3 years ,,, this is gonna take some
Practice ,,:chuckle:

07-02-2013, 08:36 AM #478
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Phone rings

I walked away thinking ,,

alright ,, what's this one gonna be ?

I Spun and went over to it and told the damned phone to


Then ,, picked it up .

WHAT ? ! I shout in the receiver .

HUH ? ! comes back into my mouth from the other end

" Oh Hi , sorry Karen , I just got a bad call a minute ago and hung
up on them ,,, I thought it was them again ,, sorry Hon ,,
how are you ? "

" That bad huh Rog' ? "

" it's ok now ,, "

" Good , I was wondering what you were doing tomorrow ,,
I'd like to go sailing if you want to ,, think we can ? "

( Karen can sail , she grew up Sailing with her parents , )

" Sure we can , wanna come spend the night ? "

" Yeah yay.gif "

We set out from King Harbor headed out around Rocky Point at P.V.
and thinking Catalina for the entire weekend .

My 27 foot Coronado had everything aboard when we went
down to her , so we could do what we wanted for the
weekend ,,, and Catalina was 3 hours away ,,

We for the heck of it sailed naked once out a few miles ,,
Karens a free spirit too ya know .
07-02-2013, 06:45 PM #479
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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All of this came about over a 20Lb Gold Bar

a few photo's of gold in a cave

and a Fancy trendy pair of sneakers , of which one
was ruined in a Dryer .

Gold can be funny , it can bring into your life
the strangest people

It brought Columbus for a Visit

and every thing that followed ended up like that one sneaker .

Ruined . chuckle.gif

740 years after my great great great grandfather
lead a team of Knights Templar into a Mountain Range

to hide a little gold
and some artifacts

crazy gold chasers are still chasing it

I chased my puppy once

and had a better result than they .
07-02-2013, 08:54 PM #480
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:9,871 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011
Fractal Consciousness understands the interconnectedness
of each other in the World .

Sharing in that , we share with one another selflessly .

" Nothing in Heaven is for sale "

Nice adage is it not ?

Karen is one of the people who shared in experiences of this
with me .

In the Fractal , it seems you just cannot do enough for each other

Giving becomes the being .

Being becomes the World .

When all are involved ,,,

The World becomes a giving being .

2 years after Karen and myself gave and shared unto each other

in our Fractal ways .

I would remove a 20Lb Gold Bar from a Cavern full of Treasure .

and the Greed of Non-Fractal went crazy over it .

When Greed Grows so big it cannot be controlled ,,,,

The heaven of a Fractal World ,,,,

Becomes a Hell ,,,, totally .



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