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BIGFOOT ! nice perfume , and the Fractal
07-03-2013, 05:02 AM #481
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just lost another text to bad wifi gaah.gif
07-03-2013, 05:31 AM #482
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Here is my Old 1966 Triumph Spitfire

I restored this from frame off

Karen loved this buggy .
07-03-2013, 05:36 AM #483
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This is the closest i could come to finding a photo
of what my 1969 jaguar XKE Roadster looked like .

same color as mine

My Interior I did in Fawn Skin

07-03-2013, 05:48 AM #484
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My 1939 Dodge " Hot Rod " Coupe

Sold this to some guy in a Heavy Metal Band

The paint is Sunbeam Tiger red lacquer

8 coats of primer
12 coats of paint

and a good buff job to bring it up to gloss
07-03-2013, 05:59 AM #485
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and this is as close as I could find to my
1956 GMC Panel Truck

about the same color as mine
07-03-2013, 06:10 AM #486
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and ,,,,

the 1941 Pontiac Sport Coupe

I got this one for $900 back in 1981

it was my " Go out to Dinner " Car on weekend nights
07-03-2013, 06:36 AM #487
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and the Black Porsche 914 was like this one
07-03-2013, 10:12 AM #488
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Karen : " Are you sure you're supposed to be doing that Rog' ? "

From where I was crouching on the Dock : " Maybe "

Karen looking around to see if anyone was watching : " Um , what
if someone see's you , what'a ya gonna say to 'em ? "

Rog' with a broad grin : " HEY ASSHOLE , I ain't your T.V. man ,
watch something else dude ,,, change the channel or I'll kick
your ass "

Karen laughs ,,, " Ok , that would probably work , but what if
a cop pulls up ? "

Rog' trying to concentrate on the lock while picking it " Then I shoot him and we have
more guns to play with "

Karen : " yeah right , ok , I'll leave you alone with it then "

But before she does : Uh , that's Piracy , a crime you can hang for "

Rog' " The crime is he never uses it , it's life has no meaning to it if it is never used ,
besides , we'll bring it back cleaner then we stole it "

Karen snickers but remains quiet .

Rog' thankful for the break : " thank you hon "

heh heh

The pick key aligned the wafers and the lock popped open

Rog' : " Got it , here hold this while I throw the goodies in "

Karen takes my pick keys and hands me the fuel can and goodies
and says : " You ARE a Pirate " ,,,, You pick that lock that easy ? "

Rog' :" Uh... yeah ,,, Practice gets you that after a while "

handed the goodies ,,,
I load them into the Dingy , put the Oars in the Oar locks ,,
then help Karen into the Dingy ,,,

We are about to Pirate a dingy from a neighbor

I have 3/4 of a mile to paddle out to the 34 foot cabin Cruiser
my friend Dana is stuck on .

Karen could have waited back on my Sailboat , But she likes adventure ,,

especially a Pirate adventure ,,, and this was exactly that ,,

Without even a look back over my shoulder ,,, I shove the Dingy off the Dock and pull
on the Oars ,,,,,,,,


Dana has the Anchor light on so I can keep him sighted , no other light is on .

A Moonless night by chance ,,, black as tar on the water ,, I can't see even the wakes

About half way out , which seemed like a full ten miles of stroking ,,,

I hear ::::: BONK !

Karen : " WHAT WAS TH,,,

Rog' : SHARK !

Karen : " Was not "

Rog' : " Ok then ,,,,, Bird maybe ? "

Karen : " Wrong ,,,"

Rog' : Why ? did you see what it was ? "

Karen : " Nope ",,, but I know what it was ,,,"

Rog' : " then why'd you ask ? "

Karen : " It was me silly ,,, tee hee "

Rog': " You girl are getting frisky , you do that so I'll spank ? "

Karen : " Maybe " ( repeating what I answered back on the dock )

Rog' : " BRAT ! "

HEY Rog' ! ( Dana from the stranded Cabin cruiser )

Rog' : Whoa,,, easy on the light Dana my eyes ,,, remember ? "

Dana : " Oh,, oh yeah ok , yeah light sensitive or something right ? "

Karen : " Honey ,,, I'm Home ! "

Rog' with a LOL : " Karen's with me as you can hear "

Dana : " Cool , get the fuel ? "

Rog' : " NO ! ,,, I just like doing this kinda shït , rowing around in pitch black
darkness with sharks nipping at an Inflatable boat I'm happen to be
sitting in "

Dana : " Oh,,, well , can we go get some , I ran out ?"

Rog' exasperated : " Dana ,, I have 5 gallons here as I said ,, here take it up "

Dana reaches over the freeboard and grabs the fuel can ,, then sets it down and reaches
for the Dock line to tie us off .

Karen : " Shannon with Dana ? "

Dana : " yeah , She's below playing Solitaire ,, go on down and get her to stop
playing it please "

~~~~ What had happen is this ~~~~

I have the eyesight of a Dead mole , in the dark ,

a blind rock can see more than I can,

I also have this 13 foot Boat with high sides on it that I use for my Dingy
for my Large sail boat , the high sides keep the water from
coming in during rough seas.

My brother in law borrowed the dingy and outboard for a fishing trip out
at the lake .

So he had the outboard engine i also use for my sailboat ,,,

I cannot take the Sailboat out for a rescue if there is no wind .

it is a Moonless , as well as a windless night when my ship to shore radio
begins a crackle and garble .

I heard : Hey Rog' !!!!! Rog' ,,,, hey Rog' it's Dana I got an emergency man ,,

I grab the Mic and answer him .

Dana had snuck onto his friends 36 foot Cabin cruiser

and took it out without permission .

He said it showed on the Gauge that it had Half a Tank of fuel .

He ran out of gas 3/4's of a mile from the marina coming back from Catalina Island
and threw out the anchor
to hold the Boat from drifting into the beach or the break wall made of rocks .

He then called for my help .

I had a Full five Gallon can of fuel , but , without wind , and my Dingy gone
as well as My engine , I had no way to get it out to him .

All of the Live Aboard friends were gone for the weekend with their boats .

My Neighbor in the slip next to me had a Nice inflatable Dingy but it was locked
to the dock .

and all he had on it were the Oars , no motor .

I had walked the docks looking for anyone home that could
help out or loan me a Dingy to get the fuel out to Dana

no one was around .

I have pick keys for the cars I buy at auction which almost never come with keys .

So , while picking my neighbors lock on his dingy

Karen came off the Sailboat to check on me ,,, and caught me in the act red handed .

Dana's Girlfriend is one negative headed woman , give her the slightest

opportunity to pitch a bitch , and she jumps it like a Toad on a Fly .

So in the background i hear her pitching a nasty bitch at Dana for running

out of fuel ,,, and he's desperately crying for help , cause he is on a boat stuck

out to sea , that he did not have permission to have out that weekend .

We got it back into the slip .

I threw my fuel can to Dana and told him : " Go fill this up and bring it back to me '

" Tomorrow , come back and take this Tug of Han's and put fuel in it , or he'll know
someone took it out ."

Karen and I went back to my sail boat after I put the Dingy back and locked it .

as it was , if Dana got the fuel into the Cabin Cruiser before Hans showed up
the next day ,,,

we made a clean Piracy .
07-03-2013, 07:45 PM #489
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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The Moral of the Story

Engaging in a scandal , does at times have beauty as well ,
if the negative of the scandal is voided by the positive results .

Dana and his scandal ,

culled me into it with him because of my consciousness
to help others out of a jam .

My scandal was committed because his scandal developed
into a karmic kick in his ass .

the scandal I committed taking the neighbors dingy without his
permission ,,, was voided by me washing and adding air
to his Dingy , and also lubing his lock for it .

Dana filled Hans' boat past what was in it when he swiped it .

Dana's Girlfriend is a Thief .

Her scandal caused Dana to break up with her and throw her out of his
home .

Shannon had stolen Hans' Knife Collection while they were
aboard his Boat .

Hans had come to his boat , noticed a few things missing
and began to ask around if anyone had seen someone
board his Boat .

I went to Dana and told him .

Dana Checked his home , found the stolen goodies ,
he got them back to Hans who griped about Dana
taking the Boat out .

Dana filled his Boat with fuel to make up for it .

So even the scandal of Shannon's theft had a positive result .

Hans got free fuel

Dana got rid of a heinous Thieving asshole of a girlfriend .

Karen and I became the Hero's of the event when
I told the neighbor i had to borrow his dingy
and to make it up to him we washed and aired it up .

He thought it a Romantic story , plus thought Karen had some real
Cajones to go out in the dark on a rough sea with me
in a small dingy .

Plus , he told me he had dropped the key to the lock in the water
and that is why he never took it out ,,,
so I picked it again for him so he could replace the lock .

heh heh

good things come from bad , you just have to work out
the logistics .
07-03-2013, 08:38 PM #490
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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" Is that a Bomb Rog' ? "

" Not yet ,,, hey hand me that tape please "

Dana : " What is that thing Rog' ? "

Rog' : " None of your business is what it is Dana , stop bugging me
please , and stand over there please , you're blocking my light "

thank you "

These were 4000 MF capacitors , inline noise reduction was the idea .

I was building a bridge to filter out the ignition noise from
a car Stereo .

Dana had walked in on me while I was engaged in a top secret
project i had invented .

He'll take any Idea he can get and try to work it for himself .

The good thing is about him , he flubs it up every time he steals
an idea ,,

He is not smart enough to create , he's just smart enough to
swindle ,,,
but not capitalize on what he stole ,, he fails .

I had two graphic equalizers running ten speakers in my
Road Van ( 1974 VW Hippie Bus )

The problem was , i was picking up the ignition static from
my battery and it was coming out of the speakers .

To remove the static I was building a filter for the noise .

the gizmo is called a bridge .

But the damned thing looked just like a BOMB !

Tee Hee

It worked well enough , except i still had to connect the Hot wire
for the stereo to a polar switch and run the power separate
of the Bus' main power supply .

How that worked was : Two batteries , one to run the Bus ,
one to run the Stereo ,

The generator puts out the noise as well , so you run the stereo
on a battery NOT connected to it .

When the battery gets low , you flip the switch and it connects
up to the generator to recharge as you drive .

I had a Linear Amp , that ran Radio Phones in an Old
work truck .

I hooked it up one day ,,,,


Blew every bodies ear wax out ,,, then all the speakers .

Linear Amps can Kill you ,,,
ya gotta be aware when you work with them , be very cautious
when attaching the power source ,,

That 12 volts turns into some shock when backed with amps that
touch the sky .

I flipped the Tuner on as Dana and I drove out the 405 toward
San Diego ,,

NO NOISE from the generator !!!!yay.gifyay.gif

That's another McGyver trick that worked .

07-03-2013, 09:16 PM #491
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" there's a Movie you don't see everyday " and I point to them .

Steve looks over at them walking in the crosswalk .

he watches them coming up in front of us at the stop
light .

as he watches I lean toward him and say :

" It's in the water "

He bust up laughing lmao.gif

I look in the back seat at Rodney

Rodney is one of them ,, and hates when I make fun of
his kind .

Two people 5 feet tall all the way a ROUND ,,, were wobbling
along the crosswalk at 1/2 a foot a minute ,,, SLOW !

we'd have to wait out another red light because of them ,
they couldn't get across the Blvd. in time for the light .

When ever I see people doing some thing odd or strange ,

I refer to it as their MOVIE ,,

Especially if it is done to gain attention from others ,,,,

There is a Psychosis that has a name for it .

I call it attention Junkies .

Like this :

" Hey , look at this Junkies Movie ,,,"

Well ,,, Weebles Wobble ,,, but they don't fall down "

and a good thing they don't ,,,

because they'd roll til they starved to death ,,,

and as they did so ,,,,

anyone or thing in they're way is gonna Be bowled down .

Once ,,,

This Fat bastard in the 450 pound range of blubber filled
sack of shït state ,,,

had the bright notion to get on a skateboard and
attempt to ride it down a hill in New Mexico .

Indeed you guessed it ,,, right in front of my eyes ,,

He over leaned his fatness ,,,,

and hit a parked Nissan Pathfinder ,,,

Oh the sad shape he left imprinted on that vehicle .

Even the windows on the opposite side of the impact blew out .

He broke a wrist and messed up a knee

The Pathfinder must of went into a state of shock ,,

cause it looked Comatose as hell .

That day with Steve , Rodney and I ,, and the two Weebles ,,

what we watched were what appeared to be inbred people

on a diet of extreme fat foods ,,, delivered consistent fist to mouth ,,

and on a March to and from a Walmart ,,

wobble wobble wobble they came along

Glazed out eyes with pupils only showing ,, no whites to their eyes .

Quadruple chins swinging to and fro ,,,,

belly buttons hanging down over their knees

Yes ,,, a MOVIE ,,,

A Horror Flick out of the '40's from last century .

I swear their furniture must have had concrete bases ,,

No wood could hold that weight .

07-03-2013, 09:56 PM #492
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Pride is a dark bitch with a hitch

the hitch is ,,,

when it's false pride , just like false modesty , there's
a price to pay when the truth comes out of your trunk
you keep it locked in .

This one day in my life ,,, I had never been so proud .

I stepped out of the shower and was drying off ,,

I was wiping down the Big Boy and noticed something was
stuck on his base ,,,

a hair ,, I pulled at it ,, OUCH !
The bastard hair was attached ,,,

I HAD MY FIRST HAIR !!!!!! yay.gifyay.gifyay.gif

07-03-2013, 10:41 PM #493
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" If you'll get the knots out of this chain Doug ,, I'll go
find a pipe to use "

Doug : " A pipe ? a,,,,,,, PIPE,,,,,,,, for WHAT ? "

Rog' : A pipe to use as a tow bar Doug , just get the knots out , ok ?

Doug looking around us and seeing on the west the Ocean ,,
and on the east a bluff running straight up ,,,

he asked : " Where are you going to find a pipe around here man ,
buried in that sand out there ? "

Rog' : " Doug , I'll find it faster if I don't have to answer questions ,
just please get those knots out ,, I'll be right back "

I walk off ignoring his next set of fear based questions .
( he had done nothing but exude fear based bullshit the whole trip )

Doug is a Fatalist extreme , he has absolutely no faith nor
positive outlooks ,,, his dark cloud does not follow him anymore ,
for it has become him .

I walked a few hundred feet and went behind an
old building boarded up,,, and the business long ago shut down .

Sure enough ,, leaning against the back of the building was
a Pipe from a fence ,,, FREE ,,,, ready to go .

I walked back toward Doug , about 40 feet from him ,,, he looks up
and see's the pipe over my shoulder ,,,

He drops the chain while his jaw drops open ,,

" You are uncanny " where'd you find that ? "

I replied : " Doug , I told you , have FAITH and everything comes
together ,,,
btw ,,, I can build this faster,,,,,, if i don't have to stop and answer
your questions ,,, ok , now,,,, did you get the knots out ? "

Doug : " No , just some , I didn't see any reason to , cause
I knew you wouldn't find a Pipe anyway "

F_CK !

" Doug , you are a freaking pain dude , get those out please "

Once out , he hands the chain to me and asked :

" Tell me how this is supposed to work to tow the Bus "

I answer with a pissed off tone :

" hey man , no questions ,,, right ?

it'd take me longer to explain it
to you,,,
than it would to build it and get home ,,, so please
Doug , just watch how i do it "

He sits and thank GAWD he did so quietly as I build the tow bar .

I slipped the chain down inside the pipe ,, and draw a 10 inch
lead out the other end ,,,

which i loop around the tow ball on the hitch and then put a bolt
through the links and bolt them into a loop around the ball .

with just enough slack to allow for the chain to slide easily around it
in a turn as we drive .

I take the other end of the chain and wrap it around the front
tube of the axle on the Bus and double bolt it on there .

I draw the slack between the two vehicles out of the chain

we now have a stiff tow bar so you can tow with
a person in the towed vehicle,,, " NOT ",, having to use the brakes when
we stop .

Doug sits there watching ,, then ask :
" You sure this is not gonna break ? "

I throw up my hands in exasperation ,, this has been a 350 mile trip
of his misery ,,, towing a vw Bus ,
and him whining the whole freaking way with his fears .

Jeebus to f-ck I exclaim ,,, just get in the Bus Doug , and touch nothing .

it will drive itself now .

and it did for the last 26 miles we had to go , right to my shop and
up onto my ramp where i had to pull the engine that next day .

We had been rear ended by a Drunk Illegal Mexican Immigrant
who hit and ran ,,,,,

when he hit the Bus , it bent the tow bar and it snapped in half .

I had to build us one out of a chain and pipe without a welder
or electric tools to use .

Another McGyver episode was made .

Yeah ,,, pride ,,,

against all the adversity others like Doug had caused me
and the cops , and the drunk wetback
and on and on every foot of the way ,,,

I got my sabotaged VW Bus home from a Cliff
along the Big Sur Coastline on Pacific Coast Highway
almost 400 miles from home .

I had put up with shït from all around me ,,,, and persevered .

it was worse then I write for the moment .

and I made it .

07-04-2013, 02:52 AM #494
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If ever you have spent a great deal of time watching
people ,,,

Then , you know it's not a pretty sight .

That is ,,,

Not nowadays , not in the U.S. at least .

Once ,,, oh yes indeed ,,,, once in a while ,,, One person
will be a very Pretty sight .

be back with one I hope .
07-04-2013, 03:18 AM #495
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Well ,,,, here she is ,,,

a Pretty sight

isn't she Beautiful ?

I just want to suck her petals dry lmao.gif



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