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BIGFOOT ! nice perfume , and the Fractal
08-07-2013, 10:58 PM #661
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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The only language that some people understand is a black eye

this particular dude , was one of those who didn't even
understand that much .

He came right out of jail and right to harassing again .

tsk tsk
08-09-2013, 08:25 AM #662
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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heh heh

I lost track of where i was at .

try again tomorrow ,,,chuckle.gifgaah.gifgaah.gif
08-09-2013, 08:49 PM #663
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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MK Ultra

Rode the Motorcycle up into the Hollywood hills

parked at an overlook

just sitting and taking in the View

" Hi , I'm Tara , "
08-09-2013, 09:33 PM #664
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A Voice from behind that sounds that sweet , can startle you a bit

But when you turn and see a Beautiful 22 year old woman
dressed in expensive designer dress like she just fell
off the cover of " Cosmopolitan "

your face drops off your skull .

Standing there smiling at me with " I love you " in her eyes ,

She had a child's voice in an adult body , and a twinkle in her eyes
that said " You sir , can we play "

We spoke for a bit , then she mentioned she'd love to go for a ride .

I answered : " You wouldn't want to go in that dress would you ? "

She looked at her dress , then slowly looked up into my eyes ,
embarrassed ,,, " Oh , no , I suppose not ,, anyway , I have to
stay for the party here tonight ,,, can we go tomorrow ? "
08-10-2013, 07:13 AM #665
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~~ The Story of Missing Children ~~~~~~~

I just gave the account of an encounter with a Beautiful
Young Lady .

there is more to the story and I'll finish it after I outline
a little about where she came from .

There are THOUSANDS of Children that go missing each year .

None of which are ever seen again

There is a certain percentage of those children that grow up
to adulthood .

They grow up with Handlers trained in MK Ultra Mind Control
brainwashing .

They become Sex Slaves and entertainment for the Wealthy Elite .

The Young Lady " Tara " In the above contact , was a child at one time .

A Child that had been kidnapped , and brainwashed and controlled
to become a Plaything for the Elite .

This is a Personal Account of my contact with her .

It took me years to get the proper information and
assimilate the event into facts .

I can take you into a nightmare .

This is hard as F_CK to write , for the emotional distress it causes .

Over the next few days , I'll write this account

it will take a few days to do so .

( because I can only deal with the material in short small
pieces at a time )

This event is factual .

08-13-2013, 01:20 AM #666
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~~~~~~~~~ The continuance of the event ~~~~~~~~~~~~

As Tara and I spoke , I heard a loud rough hostile voice from my left ,


I turn left,, a man is walking toward her , middle of the street ,
staring with hostile eyes at Tara ,,

I was seated side ways on the MC

I stood up at 6 foot 10 , flexed , ready to defend ,,
he looked at me

he saw the posture and look in my eyes ,, he began to flex up
more ,,
I took a couple steps out into the street toward Tara to protect her
and turned toward him

he dropped the flex

I looked like a Cop in my MC Jacket and Cop hairdoo

He began to assimilate the situation in his mind ,,,

He became cautious
I may be a cop , was written all over his face .

I am Armed for sure , he looked to see if a bulge was under the Jacket

it was , my hand at the ready .

His voice calmed as he said " Tara , com'on ,
every bodies waiting for you up in the house ,
we have to go back honey "

Tara smiles at me , as though she liked the Chivalry I exuded toward her
aggressor ,,,

She would not look his way , but stated " I want to get to know him ,
I'll come back in a while ,,

He walked up to her , reached to grab her arm ,,

I stepped up closer " Tara , You know him ? "
Then to him " You have a relationship with Tara ? "

He replied " She's here from out of town and doesn't know how
dangerous it is to walk around the streets , I'm security for the House "

I cut him off " You yell at her like she's a slave Bud ,
turning to Tara I ask " You ok with him Tara , I can escort you back "

Tara looks at him , he says calmly
" Com'on Tara we have to go back, "

She looks at him , then to me , " Sorry , I guess we have to go ,
but I like you ,, but I go back tomorrow , and no way you
can contact me "

I tell her : " It's ok Tara , nice to meet you anyway , your gorgeous
take care ,, ok ? "

Tara responds " Thank you , your sweet to me , not like them "

She turned and walked away with the Handler

I sat and watched

He had her by the arm and his mouth to her ear admonishing her
harshly under his breath .

I gripped the gun thinking ,,, stop him or not ,

this little walk is definitely against her will ,,,

I decided to hold back , but wait around and see what transpired .

I watched the road below to see if a Cop cruiser would come up the Hill .

Nope, they didn't call in for a back up from their paid thugs in
uniform .

The Guy returned ( I thought to myself " This guy is stupid , or wants
to die )

In a Stern voice he asked : " What did she tell you ?,,, what did she say
to you ? "

I answered his question with an option :

" You ever been shot ? "

" want to be ? "

" You don't F_CK with me , I F_CK with YOU "

I went on : " What's the Gig Pig , you treat her like she's your dog ,
what'd you do to her ? "

he answers my option with one of his own ::::

" She's none of your business , leave or a Cop will take you in for
attempted murder , we'll get the charges to stick "

I replied :
" That ties it asshole , come get you some "

He began to inform me these were powerful people , and they could have
me put in the past tense ,,,

I chuckled ,,, then ,,, " Mudder Feker ,,, you gonna kill me with threats ? "

" Jump Frog , bust a move ,, NOW ! "

He's wearing a Hawaiian shirt , it was tucked in his pants before ,
it is now untucked and his hand is under it above his belt line ,
I can tell by the square shape above the imprint of his hand
he has a Glock under there with his hand on the grip .

I have my MC Jacket hanging on my right shoulder
covering my right arm

at the end of my arm is a Star PD 45acp in my hand ,,,

I have the barrel straight dead center of his groin , so if i begin squeezing
off rounds ,,,
it hits him low and tender , and rises up his guts and ends at his head .

At the time I was giving private Combat Pistol Match training to selected
friends and relatives .
I was ranked #2 in the state .

I watched his face , he'd indicate his draw just a split second before his
hand would move , he was weighing the situation as he summed me up
as to my ability with the gun ,,,

He maybe thought : " He's not scared , his gun is on me ,
he won't back down , this is going the distance ,,,

and he delivered the message , his out is to turn and leave ,,
or chance his death by a Man who obviously can manage
that easy enough it appears .

He blurted " I gave you warning, that's all I was told to do , stay around
and you'll wished you'd hadn't "

I almost shot him just for his defiance .

" Get away from me dude,,, GO NOW ! "

He theatrically Truned slow and walked with shaking legs
back down around the turn in the Road .

I scanned what I could see of the property he came from , for his back up .

There was no clear line of sight from up there to me , so that was foolish
of him to come back without someone to take me out from behind .

Bad planning

Taking chances in such a situation ,,, not smart .

Years later I got the info put together on what that event was about .

Tara was one of the Mind Controlled Kidnap victims used by the Elite as Sex Toys
for their Parties .

She must have heard the Motorcycle coming up the Hill , then it stopped
and she looked down and saw me ,,,

walked out the gate to come speak to me , whether for attempted escape
or just that she liked what she saw in me .

The Handler was too interested in what she may have told me about
what was happening up at the house ,,,

it was his main concern .

His question was how much she may have said , and what would I do with
the information .

He tested me , I stood him down and ran him off , so I was certainly
someone to be concerned about ,,
not easily scared , and willing to stick up for a person I did not know ,,
even risk my life and willing to shoot it out with him .

That to them , was either I was Crazy , an investigator with prior
training and intent on investigating them ,,,

or a paid assassin or kidnapper as they are .

Either way , they got my License number off My Motorcycle ,

I'd be getting attention from their investigators now .

08-16-2013, 09:24 PM #667
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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people read this next post and they are going to giggle

be back at lunch

36 minutes to go
08-22-2013, 03:21 AM #668
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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long ass 36 minutes


Two plain cloths detectives show up at my apt

they come back to the garage and ask me where Apt D is at

( That's my damned place )

I point them toward the front of the Apt

" it's up front , top of the stairs on the right "

There is no right at the top of those stairs

when they reached and began to climb the stairs

I flew over the back fence

and was at the Shoe shop pronto quick'o lmao.giflmao.giflmao.gif
08-22-2013, 03:22 AM #669
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Quote myself as I flew over the back fence

" F_CK 'EM ! "

08-23-2013, 12:58 AM #670
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Why the Plain cloths cops at my house ?

I had sold my 1972 Porsche 911 to a Guy

the Guy took my plates off my Porsche and put them
on a stolen 1982 Porsche

he drove to a store

three guys tried to car jack his stolen car from him

he fought them

they shot him

cops ran the numbers on his stolen Porsche and traced my plate back to me

He lied to the cops and said he borrowed the car from me

Now I was under investigation

The Cops left their card in my apt door

and I came back after they left .

I called them

The Cop said : " Very Funny Roger "

I replied " Hey , I smelled a Rat , and rather than have to bail out for something
I knew I did not do ,, I tricked you , so now you're pissed cause I am tricky ? "

Cop : Yeah , that's lying to a cop dude "

Rog' : No it's not , you asked where Apt. " D " was , I told you where , you didn't ask my name'

so I didn't lie " ( heh heh )

I had them and got away with it

chock one up for the hippies yay.gifyay.gifyay.gif

As it turned out , I had a copy of the bill of sale for my Porsche to the guy
with his signature on it .

He was now F_cked .

He was shot 3 times , in the Hospital , he would live , but have to be in Jail .

Gawd I hate the corruption in L.A.......

I told the Cop : " Look , you know, and I'll tell you that I also know , that Cops are corrupt
in this City , good cop , bad cop , no matter , I've been harassed and robbed by cops ,
also attempted entrapment's have been perpetrated on me ,,,,,,

so when you showed up , I smelled another trap ,,, no way i was going to allow
to be taken into a trap , so blame your brethren for the game you all play

I just trumped your Ace before you had a chance to play it "
08-24-2013, 02:17 PM #671
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For wherein lies the desires

the heart or the head

the feel of your words as they're being said ?

Seek what the heart desires and rest the head upon them .

your head thinks far too much

your heart feels at times far to much

heart ache or head ache ?

choice is , to obtain the heart's desires may run into a little pain

but roll the dice anyway

never allow your head to rob you of Love
08-24-2013, 07:33 PM #672
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the family tree

you have 4 grandparents

8 great grandparents

16 great great grandparents

just to make 1 you

it took 256 people in 1800 , just to make one you

think about it

click on image to see the math
08-24-2013, 07:42 PM #673
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The Grave of my Great Grandfather in the Confederate Veterans section of the Cemetery

here is the link


He was a Rebel in the Civil War

too cool huh ?

you can now look up and visit your old dead relatives at Cemeteries without

leaving your home chuckle.gif
09-06-2013, 07:02 AM #674
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I have a Family Tree that seems to have been all over both sides
of everything in History


coming up ,,,,

more news from the underground lmao.gif
09-17-2013, 05:04 PM #675
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They had Mastered Space and time travel in some distant Millennium before The Earths cooling .

In their way , the love for exploring , would eventually urge them into creating
a craft equipped to analyze all that they came in contact with on a Journey
into the vast unknown Universe .

An intense white Star gained their notice .

In orbit around that Star were a small group of Planets .

A perfect Lab Test .

Aboard the Craft were the Artist , Musicians , scientist , Anthropologist , Geologist ,
Techs of every Trade and Profession .

One Blue Planet in particular sparked a deep interest within them .

A Virtual Garden dressed in it's own Terrarium .

They set the craft into orbit around the planet and sent out scout ships to reconnoiter
The life forms residing in that World .

Blue is a Color that is perhaps the rarest in Nature , certainly the rarest
color for planets .

As a shiny object stands out in the darkness of a Blackened room ,
Earth stood out , catching their attention and imaginations .

She filled them with curiosity , for these , curiosity was the
driving force for each , it was Prime to why each of them were in the field
they chose .

They could not ignore the Planet and simply glide by and move on ,,

Earth was the exact pattern they sought in their quest .

covered in jungles , teaming with living beings , yes ,,,,,
a better subject to study , would be close to impossible to find .



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