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BIGFOOT ! nice perfume , and the Fractal
11-01-2013, 10:21 PM #691
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~~~ Of all the Gin Joints in all the World ,,, She , had to walk into mine ~~~~~~~~~~

( From the Movie : " Casa Blanca " )

In the barren Coast of Morroco , sits the city of Casa Blanca

back in the 1940's , not very big and certainly off the Europeans beaten path .

Bogie settled there to get away and forget the ex and mankind as a whole .

and in walked Bogies Ex .

I have a true life experience just like that .

Where a person can go so far back in the wilderness , that one would assume
that no one would ever show up .

Population Density , is non existent in that area .

and in it walked .
11-04-2013, 09:47 AM #692
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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There in The center of the state of Nevada , 43 miles out a dirt road from a small two lane

paved Highway , I set up a camp near some old mining claims that had been closed

for decades .

3 days into my retreat ,,, the morning sky thumped with chopper blades .

black helicopter circled me , side door open and black jump suits stared

out and down at me .

Replete with Machine guns mounted on turret ,, a gunner threw his menace down at
me .

reaching for my Morning Coffee with my left hand , I slid my gun out with my right .

Another day in the Hell of America , a stink state of affairs , run by Corporate
entities .

We Vote for the Smiles of Faces as phoney as Chinese made goods .

We had a Choice , stand tough and keep manufacturing in the States ,
Keep Enforcement focused at outside enemies ,,, and hold our heads up with
Pride ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

or ,,,,,,

Not give a shït and receive what we have now .
11-04-2013, 11:34 AM #693
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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Hey Rog! Good to see you. Complacent sheep get exactly the govt they deserve. After what was pulled back in 2001, people just laid down and died.
Not certain what it is...TV? GMO's? Fluoride and/or fluoride based antidepressants? Piss poor education?
All of the above maybe? gaah.gif

11-04-2013, 03:53 PM #694
UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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I don't think it's all complacency. I think perhaps people are afraid of this ...

11-05-2013, 01:22 AM #695
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Fear is in fact the driver behind the wheel .

disgustingly , it spreads like an airborne disease .
11-05-2013, 07:57 PM #696
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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yup.gif Like bad gossip.

11-07-2013, 02:20 AM #697
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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another song

~~~ Trip to fall ~~~~~~

Comical errors on the rise

another fail
and it ain't
no big surprise

Sad Comedy of current events

and you speak of sitting it out
on the fence

Wasted Young on techie toy

can't spell
nor tell time of day
can't count
or see the hell

they're livin' in

finish this later
11-20-2013, 04:49 AM #698
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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last night on a life review , I replayed memories like old video tapes through my mind's eye ,,

for some reason ,, my older sister Sandra just kept popping into mind .


There was more havoc caused in our home by that one skank sister ,
then all the bombs dropped in Nam could possibly have caused .

She had no GOOD reason to live .

She could wake up in the morning

open her mouth and speak

and cause wars across the globe to break out .

You know very well that you are a complete Psycho ,,,,

if Half the School and all the Parents show up on your front lawn to kick the SH_T
out of you ,,,
just because you said something

and that is when she was in 7th grade at 12 years old .

it got worse when she got to high school .

I got some sister Sandy Stories to share

I hope to hell she shows up and reads them ,,,\

she deserves it lmao.gif
12-11-2013, 07:50 AM #699
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:9,871 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011

Above , a link to a movie turned TV series of 1969 ,,,,,,

" And Then came Bronson "

Inspiration to me , and at 17 , I lived it for a short while , and then over the years ,
many times again ,,,

as I do now .

Road Story ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No Moss ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Rog" :::" On the road ? "

Stranger : " Yeah ,,, anywhere you know of to sleep tonight in this town ? "

Rog' : Abandoned house next door here ,,, I already checked it out , the garage is open ,
and it's floor is swept clean "

Stranger : " Cool , you gonna squat there tonight ? "

Rog' : Yeah , Hunk-O-Iron I ride , offers no roof and looks like rain "

Stranger : Mind if my girl and I hang with you ? "

Rog' : Safety in numbers man , this side of town is low I.Q. , Your girl may attract attention
you guys don't need ,,, I pack , so , yeah , you'll be safe here with me "

Stranger : " You carry a gun on you ? "

Rog' : L.A. Life man , became like my boots after a while ,, ya know ? "

Stranger : " yeah ,, bad people there ,, cool , when you going in the garage ? "

Rog' : Soon as you two finish the food I haven't bought you yet "
12-11-2013, 08:14 AM #700
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Rog' : " What exactly were you two planning on , an all night stay inside this Micky D's ? "

Stranger : " Yeah , I guess , they stay open all night don't they ? "

Rog' : sign says so , cept they kick everyone out at 11:00 PM , so , I took a walk to find shelter
from the storm ,, noted the boards on the windows of the house next door , checked the garage
and relaxed , fastest i ever found a squat in a town man "

Stranger : " How long you been on the road with the Bike ? "

Rog' : " Couple months maybe , ,,, no ,, actually ,, about 3 months and a half ,,, got to
Colorado ,, from L.A. ,, had no idea it Snows there in April ,, spent two days in
an abandoned cabin before it let up ,, split straight back to the Coast ,,

I'm still chilled from that , three weeks ago and my hands are still cramping at night "

My Boot laces were iced and i slept with them on for two nights ,, cause my fingers
were too sore to unlace the strings ,, learned from that "

Stranger : " Yeah I guess ,,, what'd ya' learn man "

Rog' : " To bring a woman "

Stranger : " Ha ! why's that man ? "

Rog' : Woman's got more sense then to go up in the Rockies before August man , she'd
of said : " NO WAY ! " and I'd of complied "

Yep , next Colorado Trip , Woman's gonna be with "
12-11-2013, 09:51 AM #701
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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early morning
Sun never waits on dirty socks anyway , and soggy frowns can't stop frost
from building on a Man's breath ,,

so too is the energy that runs through the veins of a traveling Man ,,,
Cold be damned , I ain't waiting for a Moon Shadow across my back .

Strangers part as they met , strange to one another ,, yet a bit closer to knowing each other than a fore ,,,

A cave is Dank by way of it's habits
old broke down houses have gray in their beards , and water from rusty pipes is cleaner
than most Men's minds ,,, you may understand plight , but too old to care at that point .

I left the Old House Garage with a pair of Ladies panties on my head ,,, riding out straight
north of the Red Wood Highway with stains in my jeans from the good romp with Carol ,
from the Micky D's next door ,,,
Red headed women are tough to match for wild

Carol being a brunette surpassed Red's and hit the bell at the top of the pole , smaller hammer be damned , it's in her swing that got the height .

I no longer can see her face ,, but remember a mole that intrigue somewhat mildly ,, just right
of my nose as I licked her thighs that night and early next morning

Tender thighs and I can't help Oral with a Woman ,, damned mouth of mine finds it's own reasons for it's existence , and i just follow lead .

Sometime after I die in this near future ,, there may be a moment when someone , a stranger
i would hope , might find some solace in a word I once wrote ,,,

but none to any great effect will ever be written that brings what solace i have seen
in the Blue eye's of a Dark Haired Woman .

Lashes as Long as her tongue was wide , and Carol was deep in my heart digging small
stars out of it ,,, casting them Seaward on a wind made of China Doll sighs ,,,

GAWD DAMMNED I missed her right at the first lean into the on ramp of Hiway One .

Can't look back I kept whispering over and over ,,,

Laid is Laid Rog' ,,, courtships are for princes , You're a Court jester at best , and best remain so ,,,,,,,,,,,, rent goes up as status rises ,, and your low budget just makes
the free tent .

Ball peen Hammer for a weapon , I ran off three thugs at the next stop ,, freaking gun is for
outlaws who have guns ,, these snootles had only mouths ,,,,
12-12-2013, 08:12 AM #702
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Colors of a Sunset is the Suns Encore for the day ,,,

it's wave goodnight to ya all ,,, it's last wink as the lights go down for the evening .

California Coast has the best Sunsets i know of.

waist high in glad rags , twisted throttle to 55 , and a slow burn off of pains of a crush
on a brunette blue eye ,,, damned right ,, fit like hair on your head ,, she was awesome ,

hard to look back at a tomorrow ,,,,

just as hard to look forward when a yesterday has something so distracting as her in it .

Like playing a note that never existed before ,,, you just sit and wonder it out ,,,

then when you just got it figured ,,, you forget what it was to begin with ,,

Splintered Red , slow Gin fizz , warmth inside her smock ,, smiles dance within her
eyes as she teases with her tongue along your ear lobes ,,,

man ,,, grace ,,, those that never tasted it ,, why even live if you refuse yourself that
stolen kiss from time to time man ,,,,

been said by many that I am CRAZY !!!

yeah , but those people live such boring lives ,,, what a pity for them .
12-12-2013, 08:51 AM #703
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:9,871 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011
On the South edge of Ukaia Calif . right on hiway one is a Road house ,,,

One of those left over from the 1940's Saloon/Diner watering holes that has a pretty
good jukebox throughout the week and usually a local band playing weekend evenings .

As I passed i head the live band playing a Marshall Tucker tune i especially like ,,
being nightfall , and my Bones were weary from all day riding ,,, I slipped over the median and into the gravel parking lot ,,,
just to see what the crowd looked like and rest a bit .

I never drink , drugs are for dopes , so I think I was too sober for the crowd ,,, they all seem
stupid to me ,,,

like ,, hey Bro' ,,, you ride far ?

well freaking DUH ,,,

Some Woman who obviously had been drunk for days turned to see me walk in ,,

( Found out she watches the door to see what Beef Steak may enter )


Freakin' Horn Dog Bitch ,,,

I trundle up next to the end of the Bar and get a soda ,, then spin to sit near the rear and watch the band for a bit ,,,

Lady Barmaid flirts with me a bit ,,, I see her ring and think ,,, " Why'd ya even get married ?"

probably had been knocked up and just went with convention .

plays the side seats when they come up no doubt ,, usually a stranger passing through
as I am ,,, keeps it simple when the other man is a hit and split .

Lady at the bar sends over a drink to me via the Barmaid , barmaid says she's a bitch ,,
to watch it with her .

Cool Beans I reply and leave the drink sitting as I walk for the mens room ,,,

Chick with Tats swings out in front of me and ask " You Dance ? "

" Yes , and sideways too , you got a place with a nice dance floor or Bed ? "

She looks down at my Levis 501's ,,, slowly looks up my Bod ,, and smiles " Two blocks down the street ,, room mate won't be coming home tonight , she already scored a guy "

( Mental Picture of a Petrie dish with small squiggly virals swimming in it )
Trojan makes a tough condom ,,, THANK GAWD !
12-14-2013, 12:24 AM #704
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:9,871 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011
~~~~~~ Observance of Light through the dictate of alternative Thought Process ~~~~

Cosmic Dust ,,,,,,,, suck the space between each unit of the dust , out , and as a collective ,
it takes on form per your own perception without influence by an other source .

That form it takes , becomes a self sculpture via your thoughts .

Your Cheers alone give it Ego to motivate the encore performance which in turn,,

creates further continuity of it's existence .

Stay the drive behind this creation , and in time , a World begins to form and give life
to all you can become and be .

Evolve to the higher frequency your mind is capable of projecting as well as
receiving ,,,,

and you become very busy being the highest potential possible in thought .

Segway out of and beyond selfish thought ,,,, and all greed dies .

Insure that your world you may wish to share with others , has only
positive actions and reactions ,,,

otherwise ,,,, keep your World out of others lives .

Change your ways ,, change the ways of others ,,, only to higher degrees of
inner well being for all living creatures within this Cosmic existence .

Only then can you truly state that you are of no need for leaders .
12-14-2013, 12:39 AM #705
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
Posts:31,876 Threads:1,454 Joined:Feb 2011
Well put! My ego's always been my own worst enemy, and never truly got laid back until I got that house in order, and stopped reacting to things that were out of my control.




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