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BIGFOOT ! nice perfume , and the Fractal
08-06-2014, 08:59 PM #796
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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As the experiments progressed , the fine lines between what is real , and what is not ,
became invisible .

Each event in your life is dependent on stability .

With the MK Ultra Child Lab Rats , we had only theatrics , nothing for us could be depended on to be real .

To take a situation at face value , became a foolish concept .

The Brainwashing and Mind Control of MK Ultra , was at first , for the study of
the effects on Children's minds through Traumatic conditioning .

These were Psy-Ops

( Psychological Operations performed on
U.S. Civilian Children )

As a Lab Rat who , after years , finally figured out what had been done with his
life via these experiments , I could no longer take any event at face value .

All events would require of me to view them as a possible staged theatrical
event .


Nice Perfume

Fractal consciousness

could all have been staged using technology available today .

Reflect on that , in the same manner , as your staged news media .

That as well , is mind control , staged to sway your perceptions to fit an agenda .

Manipulation of the mind , is the most effective advertizing campaign .

example : The price of Diamonds .

Understand ?

Point is , that your reality is shaped through manipulation of your mind by others .

No ?

Ok , I can outline for hours just how manipulated your perceptions are, with examples such as the Diamond statement above ,
however , rather than I lead you into processing your thoughts on the World
you perceive around you , what works best is for you to simply take it upon yourself
to question reality .

One example I'll display here :

Some believe " The Devil " is real

some believe the myth of Jesus as well

Those who believe , were not alive 2000 years ago and never met Jesus ,

For realistically , Jesus may never have existed , The story written in the Book
may indeed be nothing more than a Myth .

There are those who just do not question reality as perhaps they should .

One question kept forefront in my mind back in the late sixties and early seventies

was this : " How the hell is Pres. Johnson and Pres. Nixon getting away with
this War in Nam ? "

My Mother would state : " They're smarter than us , I'm sure they know what's
best for this Country "


She watched a lot of T.V. Back then ( heh heh )

Mind Manipulation is ever present all around you everyday of your life .

Unless as myself , you found areas on this planet where advertizing is void , and
spent a great deal of time there , you may never notice just how much
advertizing is prevalent around you .

Billboards on the freeway as you drive , with the radio in the car pumping adds ,
right down to the license plate frames on cars around you as you drive .

~~~~~~~~~~ End ~~~~~~~~~

Now I have a question

are you sure you have never been brainwashed in your life ?
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Shocked ?

Are you experiencing denial at the moment ?

No ?

Example again : " None of us were alive when U.S. Treasury first began to Print
Paper Money .

We have no direct memory of the event .

We at best can only imagine what people thought about giving up
Hard species for soft paper .

Yet they learned to value the paper as if it were solid hard species such as
Gold and Silver .

Even further back in time , was the event in which Gold became valuable .

What exactly created in peoples minds the thought that Gold had value ?

Brainwashing/mindcontrol .

just that simple actually .

It was a case of persuading people to believe .

I wear funky used up clothing

why ?
because it is mostly free and when I am done with it , I can throw it away rather than wash it over and over again .

for free cloths are everywhere here .

But , why do I not dress better if I can afford to ?

reason being is , that I do not feel any need to dress to impress people , that I am not impressed with the way they think .

Understand ?

If they think less of my person , because of the uncouth way I dress , then
what really do they deserve as for how I view the way they think ?

Understand ?

The oft times stated adage : " The U.S.A. is the best country in the World "

Bullshit !

The best country in the World was here 500 years ago , prior to the Greed of Western Civilizations arrival here .

That's advertizing and equates to mind control .

If you can honestly believe that the Genocide of indigenous people in order
to found a nation , makes it the best in the World ,,,,,

Then I am not impressed with the way you think .

Example again

Why are there Royals in Great Britain ? what exactly is the excuse they use to RULE
over others ?

Heard it said that they rule by divine right .

Divine in that they are supposedly of the Davidic Bloodline of King David
of the Old testament of the Bible .


what if that Bible is nothing more then manipulation , mind control ?

Ok , see the situation , there are Royals living rich lives , and the subjects of those Royals living dirt poor .

Sometimes I just have to question some shït .

That to me is a horrid system .

Do you support that system ?

If so , I can not be bothered to make any attempt to impress you with the way
I dress . ( heh heh )

The Cave Man would have seen how crazy we are , and just shook his head .

Silk Cloths on a Fat Pig ?

and people believe the Fat Pig is higher on the food chain then themselves
and they must pay honor to it .

I cannot honor a PIG that eats rich food while others go hungry .

The Established Order , was Established through manipulation
of peoples minds .

a false stability , induced into minds , in order to self aggrandize .

and it works

it worked on you .

denial ?
don't bother please , it's true , you've been brainwashed , mind controlled ,
manipulated , and induced to enjoy your lower position on the scale of Human
status .



Were they born with a better mind than I ?



Is she immortal ?

was she born with one more toe than me ? and if so , how does that make her better and wiser than I ?

These leaders you set above yourselves , have no more wisdom than you can
achieve if you allow that .

~~~~~~~~ Silent Revolt ~~~~~~~~~~~

Defined, a silent revolt is created when you change the way you think .

that is done internally and is silent .

In order to change your World , you must unlearn a conditioning you've all gone
through for generations .

First step is to Change the way you think

and that will change your personal WORLD .

After you change your personal World
you can perhaps begin to attempt changing the World around you .

First step is always directed at the self , then if that becomes , you can jump
to the next step .

but just as you cannot realistically declare peace while waging a war .

You can not change your personal World without changing the way you
think and believe .

Ken Kesey : The Fallacy of the Fabric of our society .

You eat lies long enough , and like believing that paper money has value , you'll
as well believe that Royals are wiser and better suited to run your World for you .
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Pharma Mama ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In conversation with a life long friend

Stan : " Rog' , what situation was it that got you so pissed yesterday ? "

Rog' : Ah man Stan , I hired this lady Tammy , young Mother of about 28 ,
she came in yesterday bragging the Doc just put her 5 year old Son on Ritalin
or some such Psyche Drug ,, because he was hard to manage "

I was livid as all hell Stan , saying Tammy , I never met a Drug that I would want for
a Mother "

Stan : " Wow dude , you have a way of talking that's for sure, what she say to that ?

Rog' : " She just stared at me man ,,, like I was judging her as a bad Mother "

Stan : " That's because she knows her guilt Bro' , and she was seeking
from you assurance that she'd done the right thing "

Rog' : Yeah well , in the follow up conversation , I pointed out the problems
children are having due to the Pharma abuse their parents are
coerced into indulging in ,,,
then stated to her " You love your Boy , be the Mom , never leave a drug to babysit
your child , or the child soon becomes the drug , which do you want ,
a baby boy , or a drug to cuddle ? "
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At the National Rainbow Gathering

I would sit and listen to people talk about how to change the World .

Inside my mind , I would think : " You get high on drugs , and talk about change ? "

You mind becomes the drug you use , how is it , you believe you have any
CLEAR answers , when the last time you had a clear thought , was at your Birth .

Nope , a high mind has no clear answers
I would not want a drug to run my world .

You see , from my perspective , these rainbow people , seek a world that fits
the way they think ,,,

where that is a fail ,,,,, is that their thinking is done through a drug .

Dreamers on Drugs


I stopped attending those gatherings years ago when it became too much
like dealing with little child minds in adult bodies .

The priority of the drug abuser , becomes the high , the kick , of the drug ,
everything that person is , is relevant to gaining the drug .

Phoney act , to get high .

You will find that you are not speaking to a person , you are speaking to a NEED .

A need that will attempt to use you to get what it wants .

No thank you
08-10-2014, 01:54 AM #800
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It was one of those moments,,,,

I mean ,,,

" it was one of those : " It ain't what it looks like " Moments

~~~~~~ Honey Trap vs Home Girl ~~~~~~~

No way to figure where people believe somebody Else's life is their concern

However , this is another one of those times where Amy plied the rule .

Laurel yon is 27 year old honey trap

She had hounded me for weeks , every morning at the Cafe , she'd slide in next to my seat and ask what I had planned for the day .

As stated , I have no plan , it is always moment by moment , If i feel like doing something
it is always spur of the moment , and never planned .

Laurel would ask " Want to go to the Hot Springs today ? "

so off I went , naked dunking at the hot springs .
each day , something different did Laurel Have in mind for " Us " to do together .

It got to be a daily routine with her , find Rog' , and get him out alone .

After weeks of this , Amy caught up to me one morning and asked ::::::

" what's up with you and Laurel , you know she has a Boyfriend , you two
seem to always be off somewhere together ,,
does that seem right of you to be out with another guys Girl all the time ? "

I spoke slowly , she bugs me to go places with her , we're just hanging out as friends Amy , why do you ask ? "

~~~Laurel and Rog' snuggled up on a love seat at the San Juan Room listening to the Band ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Laurel had my head on her lap petting it ( not that head you filthy minded goops )

Amy walks into the Saloon , see's us and begins to head our way,,,,

Laurel : " Oh Oh Rog' , here comes Amy, she don't look happy either "

Rog' sighs and lifts his head and sits up : " Alright , whats this one going to be ? "

sure enough , Amy walks right up and stands behind us

Amy : " What are you up to Rog " "

Rog' : what ? "

Amy nods her head toward Laurel and ask : " Whats up with ( Points with forehead )

Rog ' Kisses Laurels cheek and stands up, walks around the love seat to Amy , and they both back away from the Honey Trap

Amy : Looks like you two are getting pretty familiar with each other ,
I thought you said she was only a friend "

Rog' : " We are , we're not doing anything wrong , what's the matter ? "

Amy : You said you don't play with another Man's girl , looks like you are a liar "

Amy turns and walks out of the Saloon .

Rog' sits and cuddles Laurel some more .

Laurel was with Rich when I met her
they broke up about three times a month
this moment was one of those moments when they were broke up .

I told laurel nothing between us but Platonic as long as she was with Rich .

well , no Rich and Laurel

so Rog' and Laurel get to snuggle ( heh heh heh )

We ain't doing nothing wrong ,,, but ,,,

and here's the sitch

Amy acted as though my being with a woman , was something that was her concern .

Odd that .

since neither her nor any other woman were in a committed relationship with me .

The Perfume got a little thick again.

Just prior to that night

Amy got rancid pissed at me for fooling around with crissy ,,,

and yet ,,,
Crissy and I were not involved with anyone at the time .

Sometimes , i just gotta question

and Sometimes , like back then , I just take for granted , that some folks
believe in spanking me for being as they are .

I think some folks think I am a Monk .
08-10-2014, 08:29 AM #801
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Here's the problem

Amy got pissy twice with me

the two times she saw me with another woman

why is the problem

she was not wearing my ring

and I had not gone thrice around the fire pit with her panties on my head

so we were not a couple
not boyfriend / girlfriend

we were friends

but dang

with crissy and with Laurel , both times she got on me .


like damn girl

why you try to be my momma ?

I'm old enough to date those girls

so why you care bout dat ?
08-11-2014, 03:42 AM #802
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If ever you figure it out , it is not a country , it is a Corporation

you must except that .

devastating to your meme of America ?

Tuff shït !

it is what it is

and you ain't got a piece of the pie .

you don't have a Key to the Clubhouse men's room

You are what You are ALLOWED TO BE,
and you help the system to convince you of your position .

Am I angry at you for being such a Lamb in Mall Clothing ?

yeah , I certainly can be .

However , that which soothes my brow ,,, is the knowledge that
your situation is exactly what you deserve for your support of the

PIGS that OWN you .

~~~~~~~~~~~ End Rant ~~~~~~~~~~~~

You ignored for generations , your responsibility to keep in check
the managers of country .

Ha ! COUNTRY ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nope , Corporation , and the managers do not work for you
the are front men for those who own your asses .

Still , you never took a peek out your window
or into any windows , to see what they were up to .


You sat , you watched , and it all went down .

Lazy , selfish , scared little piggies .

Denial gets you denied by the owners of your ass .

Admit you pigged your way into being owned .

THEN : " SHUT the F_CK UP ! " and eat your CHOCOLATE
08-11-2014, 08:45 PM #803
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" It changes the way you perceive , was all I was told .

Yeah , it did just that , and in a way , ,,,,,,,,

well , you just cannot describe it .

nothing after , was ever viewed by me , in the manner it was before the change .

I never trusted Theater seats before , too many stories about stickies on them .

After , I never gave those seats a thought , i just plopped down on them with
a smile of anticipation of what would flow out of the screen before me.

I came for the show , not to worry about seating stickies .
I learned to relax my caution .

The Western Dogma ,, oh Christ , what can I say to that ,, it broke down ?

More as though it dissolved away from my conditioning .

no ,
more exact to state that the conditioning had been shattered and thrown out .

Freeing ,,, that is best for a description I suppose .

The ladies dark body , casting candle flame shadows against the shag carpet
on the floor , became the strain of young eyes , which left impressions
of a distant past life tribal custom ,,, where dance was a language and
Love the child of the Dance .

I heard once about the Crimson Clouds that swirl about the mind
while tripping , that these Clouds actually are the conveyor by which
you are slipped through tiny constricted holes , out of your mind , and
into the Ultra Universal Thought processes where ,,,,

the understanding of everything that ever existed is found .

" So it was a trip ,, a journey to find that ultimate truth ,
and the understanding of it ? "

To answer : " That was not the intent actually , the primal intent was
to experience the Trip ,,, I gave no thought where the trip would eventually
take me , or what may lay there . "

It was not a Journey of seeking any great knowledge or understanding ,,,

the intent was to simply experience the TRIP ,
what I thought I would see along the way , I guess i never really gave thought to ,
I was to Journey ,,, and that at the time was enough ,,,

Life was somewhat mundane for me ,,, I mean , little had I experienced ,,
we were too poor to do much other than Eat , shït , and complain about our lot
in life .

You may have heard it said : " Where one Journey ends , another begins "

Perhaps a bit true , perhaps not so much .

In my case , there had been no journey to end , we just existed , poverty
allows nothing left over to journey anywhere .

The only Knowledge I had, literally , was the useless false gossip that
we children were pummeled with in public schools ,,,

which in poor schools , ,,,,
well , the value is extremely defunct .

" Curtains do not close , and then reopen to become a new stage ,,,
there are no floodlights to light your way , no teleprompter projecting
a pre writen script for the Act you are to portray through your minds eye ,,,

and by the way , a minds EYE is a singular , Minds eyes is more proper to say ,,

and I think that is another part we have wrong in our Society ,
we perceive with one eye closed and one eye half asleep .

Where I was about to journey , would Throw open both of my minds eyes ,,,

and the billions of other minds eyes in my head as well ,,,

There is a dot in the center of the circle

the dot is the understanding of the All of our universal .

the circle around the dot , is made of the minds perceptions ,, ALL OF THEM
all the Minds Eyes make up that circle

every eye in the circle is looking at the dot , seeing all ,,, and understanding it .

This is a level of consciousness , that perhaps a few have achieved in this world .

What they missed while they were at that point of enlightened state of awareness ,,

was for every eye to turn 180 degree ,,, and look OUTWARD
to the Ultra Universal Thought Processes ,,,
to see and know , to understand ,,,

You understand ?
That just as you thought you reached the highest ,
if you push just a bit more ,,,
there , beyond ,,,,
exist ever more to perceive and understand .

I was reminded by one of the Watchers of something I seldom considered ,,,
when she stated : " Rog' , you are aware that for some , they never use their imagination to conceive the thought to use their minds eye ,,,

and ,,, have by that , left themselves in a position to never consider that they have a multitude of eyes within the mind to perceive with .

That state of mind is Lineal Consciousness .
Which is what I refer to as the consciousness of the prevalent civilizations
thought processing .

This particular Journey I was about to engage upon ,,,
was a first for me .

Light would guide if I opened enough to see it .

If I opened extremely wide , I would see it to the furthest extent imaginable ,,,
it would have to be met with full imagination applied though .

but there is no limit to imagination , for just as you believe you reached the end of
your imagination , you may imagine there is more to imagine and that
shall manifest a further discovery through imagining .

Understand ?

In Essence , there exist no time and space , which leaves no limits ,,, to imaginations wandering through out the universal.

I can swear to the truth of a fact I am aware of ,,,

and that is ,,,,
Within your being , is encoded a type of encyclopedia of all knowledge and
understanding of everything possible ,,,
Nigh , say it as it is ,,, OF EVERYTHING OF THE ALL .

You just are not apt to tap into that encoding within you , if you do not
imagine it to exist ,,, imagine it first ,, and that may prompt you to seek it .

Along the journey ,
The first indication you are coming onto the road, is that certain
" set in cement " perceptions you thought were truths ,,,

begin to slowly melt away and your eyes begin to see the Fallacy of them ,,

and that , if you are as I , can cause you to cringe at first , but that passes faster than it develops , for the Awe is so powerful ,, that you do not stop
long to contemplate the melting away .

Light-speed is exceeded ,,, thoughts ,,, those that are of the past , those that you thought were your make up ,,,, dissolve so rapidly ,, that you have no time to
keep up with each of them as they die away , and try to maintain
focus of what you are draining yourself of .

You understand that these need to be gone , and you must relax and let them leave ,, The ID must Die ( Frightening at first , until you realize it's a very good thing ) do not fight to maintain them , this journey has a purpose ,,,
and ,,, part of that purpose is this process of tossing off your defunct
thought processes and conditioning .

I brought fractal here to reveal a little something of how my mind works ,,,
I lay no valuable slide rule of what Fractal Consciousness is , or how it can be measured .
I do not describe it in full ,,, for it is best for me to Story tell it .

Gestalt is not something for me to give the reader , For Gestalt is your personal
evaluation and interpretation of the meaning of the material I lay
to lines here .

Therefore I give no finite definitive of Fractal Consciousness ,,, You'll
find it on your own ,,, I just point out that it possibly exist ,,, and depending on how you think ,,,
that alone may get you curious enough to ponder the fractal as an Ultra High
wavelength or frequency of thinking .

It's a Journey I took , a Journey that I was always on , but didn't understand that
I was .

So subtle is the travel , that you may miss the fact you've always been traveling .

But you are ,,, and if you pay attention , FEEL for it , you'll find it there by it's
motion ,,,,

You are in constant flow ,,, ever onward ,,,,it's just that ,,,if you do not keep up with
your changes ,,, you slow almost to a stop and the changes
have no chance to take effect and take you higher .

What priority have you with this span of time that you refer to as
your life span ?

What is your goal ?

I mean , what do you believe is the meaning to your life ?
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To describe the trip

in the multitude of layers in that trip
there is the beginning ,,, and of course the supposed end .

The beginning starts out with a wonder of the strange changes
in all that is around you

as the walls begin to vibrate
material objects take on different appearances ,,
and this along with other effects is at first, as I called it , an enjoyable Wonder .

The last portion of the trip , turns frightening as hell .

Reason for that effect is that deep in the mind , you understand how WRONG
your perceptions have been .

That is as though an attack of your most precious inner being .

But what it really is , is your ego is being dismantled for the Pig that it is .

You discover that you are not so cool after all , and that scares the shït right out of you at first ,, then it is devastating ,,,
but that devastation is exactly the cure you have long needed in order to become
a higher thinking individual .

But I myself did not realize that while traveling ,,, the realization of it came after I came what they call DOWN from the trip .

To explain my conditioning in life before this first trip .

I was raised in a home , where the parent was the product of many generations of Southern Baptist .

I have to plead the case , that if you know that faith , it is filled with hate for difference in others .

Hate is the child of ignorance , as I have already said .

Ignorance breeds hate per it's quantity .

The higher degree of hate is equal to the higher degree of ignorance .

What I was experiencing along that trip ,,, was the conditioned ignorance
within my mind ,,, being exposed for what it is ,,, and I did not like what I was seeing of myself ,,,

Regret is what hit , i regretted many actions I had taken through my ignorance bred hate .

The Ignorance bred Ego was being exposed , taken out and examined ,,,
but i did not know how to internalize that with acceptance and understanding .

I was tripping through the experience without a guide book to explain
the bumps and potholes in the road .

As I pointed out earlier , there is a repository in your memory of every experience
you ever had and as well with those experiences , are the actions/reactions
you created in them .

If an action or reaction was motivated by ignorance and hate , You will certainly
see that in the " trips " life review ,, these just come straight out and in front of your
mind to contemplate and evaluate them .

I mean to tell you right now , so many of them came out of the memory box, it was as though heavy rain falling down where every droplet of rain was
a memory of events /actions/reactions .

Ok, this was after the initial wonderment had began to slow , and then the inner view and confrontation begins to take over ,,,
which is perhaps the most valuable part of the trip .

To realize that you must unlearn everything you were ever conditioned to learn and believe as truth ,,, Just does not give any Ego Strokes ,,,
no , it devastates the Ego instead .

No matter how or if you think about it ,,,

You came off that trip CHANGED ,,, and if you begin to understand that ,,
Then you KNOW that the change was GOOD and needed .

I despise War Mongering

Even more do I despise ,,, the thought processes that create War Mongering .

If War Mongers actually think they have something to protect ,,, they are WRONG .

Ideals are only valid in the mind that thinks the Ideals up .

Wars are fought over Ideals mostly ,,,, Insane Minds that have
this belief that these insane Ideals deserve protecting .

That pretty much describes the cause of the current situation in Israel today .
08-11-2014, 10:20 PM #805
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Further the description of the trips dismantling of the Ego .

Imagine the Ego is constructed of factions , which create a Pyramid .

Built Bottom up . the Bottom being the oldest , largest of the Blocks and make
up it's primal Foundation .

The deconstruction begins from the top down ,,, the latest created delusions come down first .

As the melt down progresses ,, the closer you come to your foundation ,,
and that increases your panic greatly ,,

Your most fundamental personality blocks are attacked ,,,
the threat to your Id becomes so intense , as to almost cause you paranoia
indescribably .

You have no way to escape that process , and the realization of that fact
causes you to experience extreme mental agony .

You will seek a HOLD , to hang onto what is left of your Ego .

There is none , you must indeed just let go , forget about your controlling
the process , you are not able to control it .

I had hell trying to control , what i was out of control of .

That kicks your ass , as it should , and hopefully you make use of that .

The Ego produced self made dominoes are tumbling down to naught ,,
without your control nor consent ,,,

You fight , you struggle for control ,,, and you lose the battle .

The Light that shines out from the Enlightening , has the power of control ,,,

best is to just surrender to it , yet this is your Ego , your Id , your inner reflective
mirror you created for yourself to view you in , that is being shattered ,,,

and you can not stand it , you cannot let go and just allow the transformation ,,
transmutation ,,,, unto a higher Frequency of thought .

Your Brain Box just fell completely away into skanky dark dirt , from which it was formed .

Sun rises , you awake from sleep after the trip , Confused , disorientated ,,,
for you no longer have your false foundation under you to support
your Phoney Self .

You have just viewed the Nature of your self deluded being .

You did not like it , but now , you need to come to terms with yourself and what
you now have become .
You have to let go and let it fall away ,

You inwardly Know that your trash has to be disposed of ,,, and the change
you must now be , is new territory ,,, and you must find your true
essence and be it from now on .

You grew so comfortable with telling yourself lies about you , that
you have very little experience at facing the truth of yourself .

you do not lack the skill or tools , you just so seldom used them , that
you must struggle a bit to become acquainted with them and use them properly .

~~~~ Suppositions ,,, why must they die ? ~~~~~~~~

Easy that one ,,,

For they are formed from a lack of information/knowledge mostly ,,,
and there is only one direction they will lead you ,,, and that is DOWN .

Grace , comes through Understanding and acceptance ,,, the higher degree
of these that you have within you , the greater Grace you bless The World
around you ,,,with .

You attract in like , that which you exude ,,,

Exude Grace ,,, Grace will surround you , take you into it's breast ,,,
and Love you .
08-11-2014, 11:50 PM #806
Accidental Stoner Member
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Beautiful, man.

And spot-on, as far as I can tell.
08-12-2014, 08:38 AM #807
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(08-11-2014, 11:50 PM)Accidental Stoner Wrote:  Beautiful, man.

And spot-on, as far as I can tell.

Thank you A/S

Once I said to a man , if what I have spoken today with you

rings true for you

it is because you have always had it in there ,
I just verbalize what your essence already Knows , but you never actually said to your self ,,

I went on with him

The words I say , just paint what you feel inside , it gives the mind a picture
of what you feel there ,, you can visualize , using my verbal illustration

~~~ End ~~~

He was homeles and felt very down , for he had just been thrown out of a store
by a Red Neck asswipe

I watched it go down
then using the only language the ass wipe understood ( his own )

I yeeled his ass into backing down

Then , I sat with the homeless guy , telling him that he was NO LESS a being that
any asshole that ostracizes him

To not be afraid to stand them down .
they are simply a Rack of bones with organs stuffed in it, and skin stretched across
that skeleton

view them as such

even those wearing a badge
they too are nothing more than you

WE lose that through trauma

we regain it back by realizing we are all the same and no one
can kick us around .

To lose self pride is GOOD

because it is actually a negative

In losing self pride , you do not lose self dignity , and that is to remain within and never lose .

Self pride is NOT dignity .
08-13-2014, 04:08 PM #808
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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Just thought this should go here is all.

08-13-2014, 11:31 PM #809
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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In perhaps my favorite pose , as though he is reassuring her , that
there is no reason to fear anything ever, he will be right there for her always .
08-13-2014, 11:55 PM #810
UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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I thought we weren't suppose to interrupt the flow. wtf2.gif



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