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BIGFOOT ! nice perfume , and the Fractal
12-28-2014, 06:32 AM #871
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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Good advice! For most, positive takes time, while negative takes seconds. Human nature is a strange thing.

12-29-2014, 08:13 AM #872
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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if I can keep the feel alive
I'll write it now

~~~~~ Song ~~~

If you'll listen

I'll tell a story you can feel

Words form and glisten
for they're just that real

I tell the tale
as you receive

how I fought the Imps of hell
who so many they did deceive

How once the nights brought Peace
and those times when freedom reigned
bringing Earth it's calming release
and anger was disdained

I'll tell the story
if you listen with intent

about the Knights of old
and from whence they were sent

About the kingdom of the Sun
Moon and almost all the stars

where Angels make the smiles
while playing softly
pearled guitars

Lost Time is never found
once gone
never comes back around

lost love
is the hardest loss
I've found

wishes whisper like
soft melodies
in the ears of children
to wash away
their miseries

Lost loves
escape by carelessness

lost from lack
of attention
when all it took was maybe
one more caress

Lost time forgets after awhile
you get nothing back
when we forget to use
our smiles

Lost chances
and a missed love

leave silent glances
toward skies above

seeking that cloud nine
where it's believed
heaven waits
and life runs fine

Lost Time
is never found

it passes and never returns
home .

And they sat there
eyes so near
to one another

wondering exactly where
they learned the fear
losing the love
of they're brother

Seems simple to me
that lost love
cannot never be regained
lest we learn to love
learn to love again

seems easy enough to see
lost love
may have remained
best we learn to love again

Say what you will
Take what you need

it's all due to your will
thoughts are the seed

Better take your time
use it wise
cause once it's gone

you're gonna find
even the skies
seem fallen down

Lost in a moment
wrapped in twine
lose what you might
I'll hold on
to mine
it's worth this man's time
to hold to love
love this damned fine

and I'll sing you away
to a time
we all knew
and let slip away

The song rambles
and now it's free
Time as well rambles
just as free

Believe I'll ramble
some say
I'm a little too free

I believe it's all a gamble
no matter which I wish to be

So why not follow
that drummer
of my own

leave my tomorrow
and fate
to the roll of the bones

Better take what you can
and run on home

some have no reasons
to ever roam

I'll lose no time on the road
for motion is a step ahead

heard it told
stagnant is for the dead

Time rolls on
as so do I
I'll come back home
right after I die

But til then
wouldn't watch for me
not a matter of when
it's a matter of
Eternity .

~~~~~~~~ End ~~~~~
01-04-2015, 12:38 AM #873
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:9,917 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011
Two steps forward ,,
and I'd of dropped a few hundred feet straight down .

Standing atop the edge of a Bluff ,
I'm in my kinda World ,,,
Alone , free fall at my finger tips
THIS , is life lived out loud man .

I held in my palm , just a simple note carved in stone .

Looking out over the Mountains , from here The ridge tops can all
be seen ,,,

a very impressive view in a very different way then what
is seen from below ,,
and with those sights , also comes a different feeling over you .

You feel more ,,,,

more what ?


You feel MORE ,

As though Empowered .

My gaze drops to the note in my hand , a single simple symbol ,
engraved on a smooth oblong flat stone .

A singular , conveying a multidimensional Message .

Slowly raising my eyes up to the opposite Peaks ,,,
On each of which,
I can see the stone monuments set up Aeons ago .

The Path, set in stone , the markers by which to follow such .

In stone , in my palm , the key to these signpost atop each peak .

Mysteries , these signpost ,
to almost all of the rest of the seven billion
Hominids residing here on this Planet .

I as well , a singular , for I alone know this key to the mysteries laid down
by those , who in their reasoning ,
felt power this great ,
should be supplied it's own mystery .

They felt , I'm positive ,
that this certain Knowledge,,
is for those who clearly understand
it's value and respect that value enough , to properly implement it .

Behind me the sound of a small stone falling to the base below the apex of this Peak ,,,

No wind of such to toss that pebble off the peak , something
of flesh and blood has joined me here , or I have joined them .

Could be a Lion , they are the perfect sneaks ,,
I flip the message from my right hand into my left ,
and draw my Pistol ,
as I said , Lions are sneaks , opportunist , and after all ,
I am in a vulnerable spot at the moment .

I slide my line of sight to left , slowly, no need to arouse suspicion in the cats
mind and cause it to lunge at me ,
if it is a Cat , and not a Human ,,,

Patweeeeee ,,,, off the edge of the Peak , a Bighorn Sheep takes a leap
down to a lower ledge ,
barely wide enough for a foot hold ,,

Amazing ,,, how they do that , what balance , sheer agility .

I smile at myself , and return the Pistol to holster ,
how uneasy I am about intruders into the mysteries ,
and what they'll attempt,,, to gain them .

Sometimes , in looking back at those times ,
I wish I'd been born a bit more paranoid ,
I may have caught on to the spies a lot sooner , and saved
myself and the Mysteries ,,
a hell of a lot of trouble from them .

Sometimes , I as well wish , this part I was given to play , would have been
passed to someone else ,,,

But , as it was said at the time I received this part to live out,
I was the best pick for the job , though it had to do with the way I think ,
and I would not understand that until later stages in this game , I couldn't see
where I thought all that much different than most other people ,,,
well ,,, not at first .

Narcissistic sounding ?

Try it this way then, it is what it is , and I tell it exactly as it was .
No Pride about it , as I said , I at times would have rather
some other person would have been the poster child for this .

Behind and to my right is a tree , ancient ,, that has a symbol
blazed on it , about even with a man's eye level .

It looks like an Axe in shape .

Walking back over to it , I was instructed to place my back against the tree
with the symbol directly behind my head , and look straight out at
eye level .

Each of these sign post have their own way for them to be used .

This one was to show me the exact spot of a sealed entrance
to a Cavern , In order to spot these sealed entrances , you have to train
your eyes to see how they stand out against the rest of the Terrain .

I had the eyes by now , much training , and I was at this moment ,
very busy seeing what others cannot .

This is the Vault built from a natural Cavern , that the Ancients used to store their advanced technology in after the fall of they're Civilization .

Some of these hold their Treasury , Some the Cultural Scripts and History ,
and some their full knowledge of the Natural Sciences .

These were stored away at a time when the Mother Culture had come to it's
final fall .

Some of the material stored here , the technology , was misused as a weapons
system , by people who had a destructive thought processing anomaly
inherent in there character makeup , some DNA cross wired , I suppose
is a good way to say it .

For that reason , the wiser of the Culture , had decided to secrete these
away , out of the hands of such mentally defunct personalities .

Here these have rested , waiting to be brought out at a time when
the defunct consciousness had waned to a powerless few people .

It shall be revealed when you are ready to respect it .

That statement fits so well .

He will come , when you are ready to see him for what he is .

So that you will respect him enough not to destroy the gift he
brings you .

These sayings are in many Ancient text and scrolls .

Here , atop this peak , feeling almost as ::::""""" the Old Man
of the Mountain"""" looks , I thought through ,,, that these Ancient wise men
KNEW ,, and how perfectly right they were .
Human nature was certainly another of the sciences , they studied , and
had perfected .

And there in my Palm , as though resting from a long arduous journey ,,

The Key ,
I placed it , symbol inward , to my third eye as I closed my corporeal eyes ,,

Lightly I held it there , and waited for the visions if they'd come .

No , this was not an instructed use of the stone , I just like doing
this kind of stuff , and sometimes , effects do happen man .
01-05-2015, 03:46 AM #874
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:9,917 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011
continue ~~~~~~~~~~~

When finally , I did open my eyes ,, straight out and across from the Tree ,
I saw a natural stone wall formation , behind that , what looked like
a bowl shaped courtyard .

Bluff making the Back wall ,,, and at center of this yard was a Large Boulder ,
atop that boulder , was a smaller Boulder , flat , teardrop shaped ,
and stood on end .

My mind screamed to me : " That's it ! The Vault capping Boulder , it's
under that !!!! "

and it was .
01-07-2015, 02:03 AM #875
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:9,917 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011
If a Slice of Heaven can turn into the whole Cake ,,, in a moment ,,,

This , was that moment .

I knew to expect treasure under this Boulder , inside the cavern below ,
I did not however expect it to include Artifacts from a Lost Civilization .

Artifacts that proved the existence of what the current Culture
I lived within , Thought of as a Myth .

As these proved out , Our current Cultural beliefs were the actual Myth .

These as well proved the Old Adage of : " The Golden Rule "

" Those who own the Gold , make the Rules "

The content of History books , are especially ruled over by those who make
these rules .

What is the greatest fear of the Rich ?

Truth .
01-07-2015, 02:19 AM #876
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Always in extent , are those , whom through manipulation , seek
an inside knowledge , simply to gain self promotion .

This due to the Sociopaths eager indulgence .

In the Book " Insights , outlooks and lookouts "
These Sociopaths are outlined .
Those that I have had personal contact with in life .

They are many , and each feel that they themselves are The most special
person in the World , and no one but themselves , matter a twit to them .

My Father , who pretty much got me into this Treasure Hunt , was one of the
most Affected person I ever met ,
He was pure Sociopath , Sick in a way , that only death could cure .

Within a year of my entering into this Treasure Vault , He'd be cured
by another Sociopath ,,, my step brother .

At the end of another seven years passing , That Sociopath Step Brother ,
would be cured by another Sociopath ,,,,
His throat slit from behind , as he sat in his wheelchair , doped up and
drunk , homeless on the Streets of Albuquerque New Mexico .

Karma Kicked both of them to their own special place in Hell .

Karma is like that , yeah , it is .
01-07-2015, 02:46 AM #877
Accidental Stoner Member
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01-10-2015, 06:50 AM #878
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Given that constant travel , brings into your life , a constant flux of ever
changing situations and events with a multitude of various personalities
and cultural abnormalities .

Easiest way to say it , is to just point blank state the facts .

All Men are created Equal , must be a short sale item on a Shelf
in the Discount Bargain Store ,,, because it sure as hell is NOT true .

Traveling as a Lifestyle , I have set in Mansions with the wealthy Elite ,
the Movers and Shakers of the World .

Those whose Lead ,,,,,,,,,
you ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and the rest of us , follow .

They set the trends you want to share and wear .

Oh com'on Man , get real , face it , you know you sit mighty
damned low o9n the Pecking Order ,,
and your ass shows it ,, so accept what is to come in this next story
as the facts as they truly are man .

This is about an Item I bought at an Estate Sale of a recently deceased
member of the " Wealthy Elite "

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Begin Raconteur of " Box of Clues " ~~~~~~~~~

Carmel California , in the Carmel Highlands , resides some of the Worlds
Wealthiest People ,,,

In this Community , you are 100% definitely what you own , and you
had better flaunt it if you have it , or you'll be committed to an
Asylum as a Nutcase .

I am at the Estate of a Famous Artist , Garcia , I was acquainted
with him for a short while back in 1971 , he was pretty humble back then ,
yet , like most of us Artist , he was Moody as well as Flighty ,,,

Say it this way , He had quirks .

Quirks , that some of which matched a few of my own ,,,, EXACTLY matched mine .

At this Estate sale his family is conducting , I am with his sister in law
in the five car garage , I am only interested in the Man Stuff ,
sporting mostly , like Boat stuff , Bike and Shooting equipment .

Art , I have enough of , and I think maybe even a Couple of Garcia's pieces
too , from back when I knew him .

A Box , made of Old Slat Wood , sitting ,
covered in gawd knows how much dust ,,
on a bottom shelf of a work bench against the far wall ,,,,
Just kept drawing my attention to it ,,, I believe because it had a curious
word written on it , and just that one curious word .


That was all it read , just one word , which left a lot to be determined
about the possible contents of the box ,,,
and what exactly kind of CLUES , was this referring to ?

As my Hostess " Charlie " ( Charlene by birth name ) Pointed out various
items about us , and gave historic facts about each , she noted
that my attention kept slipping away from her , and to that Box that
bragged about containing Clues .

Charlie touched my lower arm , I turned my eyes into the lines across
her forehead and hummed " Hmmmm ? "

She pointed to the Box , " Rog' , that has your focus so to such extent ,
you cannot even follow what I'm telling you ,,, would you like to investigate it
and see the contents ? "

" Uh ,,, whoa ,,, sorry Charlie , uh , yes I would ,,,"

We walked to it , I slide the Box off the Bottom shelf and sat it on the Top of the
work bench .

Charlie leaned into my ear as she held the crook of her arm in mine , and
said : " These have a Purpose the people here no longer have a need for ,,
Well , because as you can see , we all have wealth , ,,,, enough "

~~~~~~~~~~ Continue tomorrow ~~~~~~~~~~~
01-10-2015, 08:24 AM #879
nobody Member
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01-10-2015, 11:42 PM #880
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~~~~Continue ~~~~~~

Open it ,,
Charlie whispered , in a way , that lines were , in old mystery Movies .

I flipped the two drop hinges up , placing my fingers on the side edges
of the lid , I slipped a side smile her way and,,,

" Scared ? "

Charlie replied ,,, no , you're the cause of my Goose Bumps ,,,
and gave that little flirt look back my way .

I kind of chuckled , and gave the Lid a lift , two chains were used as stops
to keep the lid from flopping all the way over , and when I first heard these jangle ,, my thought was ,,,

" Ah shït , we shouldn't be messing with this , it's probably some
secret family legacy ,,, not for public viewing ,,,

Letting the lid rest at full tilt open , I noted a wax paper sheet had been
set across the top of the contents ,,, " Shall we ? " I asked Charlie as she pinch
my right love handle with her left painted nails .

" Lift it Indie " ( reference Indiana Jones )

I removed the wax paper , below , stacked end on top , were little glass
bottles , old ones , perhaps from the 18th century judging them .

Pulling one out and holding it up to the light , we peered at it to see
the contents .
I expected a dark amber fluid in it , as I'd seen in others like it , when exploring
old farms and finding similar ones stashed in false wall panels .

The bottle , though opaque with age , and hard to determine any content
within ,,,, seemed empty , but heavy for an empty bottle ,,,
and as I turned it over , I swore I felt contents inside moving .

Charlie , sliding her palm up my extended forearm ,, and touching the bottle ,
whispered ,,,,
it's a clue Rog '."

" A Clue? " slipped between my lips and back to her ears ,,,,

She pulled the bottle from my fingers ,,, Spun from my side to stand in front of me holding the Bottle up and before my eyes ,,,

" See the Clue Rog' ? ,,,,

replying I said " I can see a spanking for your Tush , coming in a second ,,,

She purred ,,, clue first Rog' , business before pleasure , that's the clue "

It hit me between the Temporal and the Spiritual , like a lead bucket
filled with Gold .

Ah HA !
Yes I do see it ,,, now I do , it is a clue ,,, that's exactly what it is , but
I was trying to see the Corporal of it ,,,, not the Temporal .

DAMN ! and there must be dozens here in this box ,,,, why would Garcia just store them here ,,, why didn't he sell them or get them out to other people ,
why just hoard them up and store them ? "

Tee Hee ,, that's the catch Rog' , these are valuable clues ,,, that is ,, they
are priceless clues ,,, and it's a sin to just throw them away ,,, or ,,,????

She continued ,, " Rog' , All the people we know here , are all wealthy ,
all have a great deal of insight , wisdom , and understanding ,,,
none of us need these clues , we already have them enough ,,,

so ,,,. the only way we felt these could be passed on ,,,
since we do not associate with people of the lower classes ,,,,was to find a person , who fits into both worlds ,,,
Our World ,,, and the lower elements ,, or ,, the other World .

I kicked a Giggle out of my mouth that was wasting time hiding
behind my left bi-cuspid ,,,, and said:::::::::::::

" Oh ,,, yes ,,, I see , you mean someone like myself ,,, right ?
a person who can hang in your circles ,, uh ,,, our circles that is ,,,

and , can also fit right in when he goes slumming ,,, right , you mean
that type of person ? "

She just sent a sparkle into my face from those Emerald eyes of her , conveying
a yes .

~~~~~~ Continue later ~~~~~~~~~~~~
01-11-2015, 12:28 AM #881
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:9,917 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011
~~~~~~~~ Continuing ~~~~~~~~~~~

I had to look away from those eyes of hers ,, they'd pull me into them , and there my heart would be ,,, trapped forever in a cell , the walls of which were plastered in love .

Holding the Bottle back up and using the daylight from outside the garage door
to back light it ,,,,

Under my breath i whispered again her phrase of ,,

" Business before pleasure "

" If you want to be successful financially ,,, practice business before pleasure "

There's your clue .

I picked another one from the box as charlie snuck a kiss to my cheek
and said " Thank you sweetie "

At that , as I held up this new bottle ,,, my mind said ::::::::::::::::

" if you wish to succeed in Love ,,,, give more than you take "

There's your Clue .

As on Auto-Pilot ,,,, my sight remaining fixed on this new bottle ,,,
I turned us toward the Door and walked us out and over to the
Patio that allows for a view of the valley as well as the Pacific Ocean ,,,

Setting down on a sculpted marble bench with her ,,, I laid my chin
to my Collar bone to her side ,, and said :::::::

" I understand ,,,, everyone here ,, the private planes , the exotic cars ,,,
the High Arts ,, the Mansions ,,, THE SUCCESS , the ultimate number
of happy moments possible to experience ,,,

Yes ,,,, you all have the CLUE as to create your heaven and enjoy it
fully .

Charlie was beaming silver shining love of pride for me out to Sea and back
at me ,,,,
saying ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, " See ? ,,,, you're the perfect dispenser for these ,,,,"

" Hmmmm ,,,,, point taken ,,, indeed there are places and people I visit ,
that certainly NEED these ,,, for they have NO CLUE ,,,, ,,

Charlie touching some high end of the crack sticking above my belt line ,,,
stroked and asked :::::::::
" You'll do it , you know you will ,,, want to take them with you now ? "

I reached around her waist and stood us up , turning us back toward the garage
and inside ,,, I set the bottles back inside the box ,, closed and latched the lid ,,

lifted it up and we carried it to my Mini Van ,,, setting inside on the floor
through the back hatch ,,,

Closing the hatch , I stepped between Charlies Arms and she stuck a lick
on my left Earlobe .

" Where to with them Rog' ? she asked as I slid a tongue into her exposed cleavage ,, and looked up , smiling from my eyes into her's .

I gave no thought about it , there was one place on this planet that
NEEDED these clues more than any other site in the Universe .

Portland Oregon slipped out of my gut and jumped off my tongue .

She nodded a smile and said conspiratorially ,,,, " Yes " with a lisp .
01-11-2015, 12:40 AM #882
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:9,917 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011
~~~~~~~~~~~ Continuing ~~~~~~~~~~~

I pulled my Wallet , how's a hundred bucks to start Charlie ? "

Charlie pushed my hand down and pulled it around her ,,,

" These are priceless Rog , to you ,,,, we give them , fore we know you
will not sell them , you'll as well give them as gifts to others "

As I drove out of the Estates and back toward Pacific Grove ,,,,

I thought some lyrics and began to sing them ,,,,,

It takes a Box full of Clues to change us

Takes a free ride to a higher ground to free us .

Takes ,,,,,,
01-11-2015, 12:47 AM #883
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
Posts:31,896 Threads:1,456 Joined:Feb 2011
(01-11-2015, 12:28 AM)Cynicalabsurdance Wrote:  She nodded a smile and said conspiratorially ,,,, " Yes " with a lisp .

Yeth? popcorn2.gif

01-11-2015, 10:33 PM #884
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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YETH indeedy !
01-12-2015, 01:26 AM #885
Accidental Stoner Member
Posts:9,115 Threads:77 Joined:Feb 2011



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