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BIGFOOT ! nice perfume , and the Fractal
05-19-2017, 02:04 AM #946
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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There's a Clue in this Song .

if I can keep the feel alive
I'll write it now

~~~~~ Song ~~~

If you'll listen

I'll tell a story you can feel

Words form and glisten
for they're just that real

I tell the tale
as you receive

how I fought the Imps of hell
who so many they did deceive

How once the nights brought Peace
and those times when freedom reigned
bringing Earth it's calming release
and anger was disdained

I'll tell the story
if you listen with intent

about the Knights of old
and from whence they were sent

About the kingdom of the Sun
Moon and almost all the stars

where Angels make the smiles
while playing softly
pearled guitars

Lost Time is never found
once gone
never comes back around

lost love
is the hardest loss
I've found

wishes whisper like
soft melodies
in the ears of children
to wash away
their miseries

Lost loves
escape by carelessness

lost from lack
of attention
when all it took was maybe
one more caress

Lost time forgets after awhile
you get nothing back
when we forget to use
our smiles

Lost chances
and a missed love

leave silent glances
toward skies above

seeking that cloud nine
where it's believed
heaven waits
and life runs fine

Lost Time
is never found

it passes and never returns
home .

And they sat there
eyes so near
to one another

wondering exactly where
they learned the fear
losing the love
of they're brother

Seems simple to me
that lost love
cannot never be regained
lest we learn to love
learn to love again

seems easy enough to see
lost love
may have remained
best we learn to love again

Say what you will
Take what you need

it's all due to your will
thoughts are the seed

Better take your time
use it wise
cause once it's gone

you're gonna find
even the skies
seem fallen down

Lost in a moment
wrapped in twine
lose what you might
I'll hold on
to mine
it's worth this man's time
to hold to love
love this damned fine

and I'll sing you away
to a time
we all knew
and let slip away

The song rambles
and now it's free
Time as well rambles
just as free

Believe I'll ramble
some say
I'm a little too free

I believe it's all a gamble
no matter which I wish to be

So why not follow
that drummer
of my own

leave my tomorrow
and fate
to the roll of the bones

Better take what you can
and run on home

some have no reasons
to ever roam

I'll lose no time on the road
for motion is a step ahead

heard it told
stagnant is for the dead

Time rolls on
as so do I
I'll come back home
right after I die

But til then
wouldn't watch for me
not a matter of when
it's a matter of
Eternity .

~~~~~~~~ End ~~~~~
06-09-2017, 04:52 AM #947
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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(03-18-2013, 04:48 AM)Cynicalabsurdance Wrote:  NOTE : This thread is a culmination of excerpts from books that are in the process of
being written , I am the author .

These are not as yet copyrighted ,

Summer 1986 , Eel River , Village of Redway . Humbolt County California

~~~~~~~ The Suburban , Kaylem , The Rog', and Oscar B. Bigfoot ~~~~~~~~~~~

On the Road with Kaylem the Wild Child Girlfriend , we stopped into Garberville Calf.
to visit some friends , ,,,

the Batshit Crazy , too much Hair type friends ,
only a well heeled Bong could Love .

For privacy ( Cause, Kaylem is WILD,, and a screamer,
((((her resume' ends with::: Former experience : Nympho)))) )

and given there's gonna be dramas in our Pajamas
and to not give our host the Hots,,

We decided we would camp on the River
instead of impose on friends for a stay over .

It's a little Past Sundown ,, and the shadows are leaning horizontal on their way to sleep.

I'm up on the front seat jamming a Grateful dead tape in the player,,
( 1976 vintage, favorite year for the Dead )

Kaylems in the Back of the Suburban,

with a mini-maglite in mouth looking in a knapsack for zuu zuu's
( Hippie Snacks , like a Snickers Bar or other candy, chips , cookies )

We are 15ft. off the bank of the river which is 40 feet wide at this point ,,

across from us is a steep slope that ends in a drop off of 15 ft.

A Scream like a Rhino  stepped on his nut's ,, rings out shattering the peace,,

a Crashing of Branches and bushes comes ripping down the slope ,,,

and this Dark Blob of something comes flying off the Bluff ,, SPLAT ,, roll ,, thump,, stop .

To my right ,, Kaylem's face pops up
( Gawd she was naturally Beautiful ),,
eye's staring like a drunk's  when his bottle hits dry ,,,,,,

What was that Rog ?

Thing on the ground over there came off that Bluff
the scream i think was13.gif a Mountain Lion ,, I think ?


The THING stood up about 10 feet tall ,, 80 or so feet from us ,,

Kaylem (while i stare stupid) say's under her breath " Bigfoot ,,,, ! "

This Dark Shaggy Bastard takes about 3 strides and right up a small wash it climbs back
up the slope and into the woods with a limp ,, branches and small trees bending ,,

Just before it went up the wash ,, it turned and looked straight through the windshield
at us ,,, Kaylem pulled her head back and sat toward the Back of the Burb

( note : More correct to state : Kaylem jerked her Body back midair to the back of the Suburban )

Kaylem : "Your Gun Rog' ?

Rog' : " It's here Hun, no need ."

Kaylem : "Uh Rog' ( a bit more panic in the Voice )  Can we leave please ?

Rog' : " I'm Moving now sweet-cheeks ,, be calm ,, ok ? you find those Club Crackers ?

Kaylem : " Calm ?! gaah.gif PLEASE ! My thighs wet dude ,, I pissed myself ,,,

Rog' : " Got it going,, lay down it's gonna be rough kiddo ,,,

(Suburban runs over something ): bounce bounce,,,,,, BAM !,,, bounce

Kayle : "what was that ?

Rog' : That,,,,,, Little one ,, was a boulder ,, if it wasn't dead,, ,, it is now

Panic has a pace ,, and your heart falls right in step ,,

mine was beginning to out step panic about 3 to 1 ,,,

Kaylem's had seem to pass me on the right ,,, no turn signal on , and fell in ahead of mine

( Note to the Heart Cops : Statute of limitations ran out , her heart BEAT you , no ticket , and ğck off bleh.gif )

There's a steep climb out of the River Bed and this part of the road is rutted badly ,,

Full blown Bozo on the Pedal describes nothing compared

a tight hairpin near the top with a bluff on the left ,,ğck ,, forgot about that

spun the wheel and let the Burb drift the turn ,,
spun it back for the straight and shifted up to second from a downshift for the turn ,,

slippery hands from the sweat,,,
and the wheel left my minds acceptance ,, fucker ,,

we're going over the edge when a deep rut takes control and shoves the Burb to the right saving us a descent  ,, shït yeah yay.gif

ğck ,, wipe palms and up and over the hump for the Redway Hiway ,,

we make the road , hook right and make it to Garberville ,,

Kaylem has a habit of laughing after the fear subsides , and this will be scaled per
amount of fear she just experienced ,,

No ear wax remained when she had finished this one

As an Outdoorsman , with enough crazy in me to a Grizzly Bear's Nutz, I'm not too
often freighted by much ,,,

Well , this was not a case of MUCH

it was a case of shït and soak your socks ,,TOO MUCH gaah.gif

We took a Forest Service Road North and parked , this time Kaylem waited for me to get in the back in Bed before she would climb over the seat and into bed ,,

There, after a few moments she spoke ,,,

Kaylem : " Rog' ?

Rog' : " Yes ,,,, what is it,,,, desire of my loins ? chuckle.gif

Kaylem : " Shut up , this is serious ,,

Rog' : " Ok , You can use that Bush , I'll stand Guard ,, wipes are on the dash girl ,,,,

Kaylem : " Fucker ,, listen ,, I think that was Oscar back there ,,,

~~~~~~~~~ Oscar, Dead Falls , Widow Makers , tight lips ~~~~~~~~

Across the River near where we were camped is an old wooden bridge ,,,

cross that, and top out the rise, go a quarter mile and on the right is a Ranch Style on 20 acres,,,

the front is a Pasture , and between it and the River is an Apple Grove,,

Living there is the sweetest of ladies with 3 kiddies, a teenage boy and two of the Cutest
cuddle bunny little sisters ,,

Her Name is Angela , close friends call her Angel-lips ( and they are , i've Kissed them,
kinda where my Halo came from )

Anyhoot ,, we run into Annie at the Laundry ,, and Kaylem points her out to me ,,

Kaylem : "Rog',, that's Angel ,, she's the lady with that orchard , where Oscar eats ,,

Anne stands 5 foot too sexy in bare bones and has a Giggle , makes you think of
Butterfly Tinkle on Chrystal Bells ,,,

She smiles over at us ::::::

Annie : " Hey Honey ,, your back ,, good road story to tell ?

( Kaylem is a local )

Kaylem Back to Annie : " Hi Angel ,, yeah ,,, this Mudder fricker Picked me up in L.A. ,, we been Boinkin up the coast Hiway-one ,,, and in Big Sur , he got Poison Oak on the Back of his Sack ,, tee hee

Rog': KAYLEM !  She's making that up Ang" ,, it was only on the bottom ,,not the whole sack

Kaylem :what's up with Oscar Ang' ?

Annie' : Kaylem ,,, !!!!( flips her thumb my way ) uh ,, loose lips girlfriend ,, know what sayin'

Kaylem : "Oh,, Rog' is cool ,, he's a secret agent ,, heh heh

~~~~ Oscar and Annie's Story ~~~~~~~~~

Anne was  out hanging the Christmas lights one year ,, maybe 15 years before this ,,

She noticed some prints in the Snow going across the pasture ,, she looked about ,,

and there stretched out below an Apple Tree was a Bigfoot eating Dead-fall apples off
the ground ,,,rotted one's ,, TASTY !

She ran inside , grabbed her Son and went in the bedroom grabbed her Rifle , came
out to the living Room and watched this Bigfoot snack down ,, clearing the ground .

Anne kept this Secret from everyone but her sister for years ,,,

They Named the Big Boy Oscar because his manners were like Oscar Madison's of
the Odd Couple

That Day at the Laundry ( While Kaylem took a coin op shower ) Anne told me the story of Oscar ,,,

She asked I not speak of it outside the valley for she feared Hunters would come after her buddy Oscar ,,,

Been said : You only go round once in life ,,,, Kaylem proved that wrong for me ,,

Certain times , we went several times a round ,,, rested and resumed ,, bet 8 times at least on some
occasions ,,, ah youth ,,

She's still there in Garberville,,

I see her every now and again , some times more often ,,( I am Celibate and we no longer go a-round or eight )

Oscar is believed to still be gleaning Anne's Apples,

for the ground around her Orchard seems to never have dead falls on it ,,,

and I am still on the Road ,,, but I wouldn't be ,,,

for Once up on The Tetons , Leaning against an Old Growth,,

my Guardian Angels stopped a Widow Maker  from crushing me ,,

I no longer lean against  Old Growth,,

not during a high Wind .

Next , The Stench that stopped my breath dead

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End Quote of Page #1 ~~~~~

I am sitting at this exact Moment in Redway Calif. where the above incident took place .

I am at Deb's Cafe , slurping a Strawberry Malted , and Life as usual ,, is pretty sweet .
06-09-2017, 05:02 AM #948
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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It's five minutes til 7:00 pm , Deb's Diner/Cafe/Burger Joint , and over my right shoulder is a Window with a View
of the Peaks around the Canyon in which the Eel River Runs .

I am less than a Mile from the Bigfoot Encounter site , and using Google Earth trying to find
the small dirt Road that leads down to the river where we were about to camp that Night .

I want to take Pictures and Post them into this thread for the subject .
However , the old road is blocked off and over grown ( told by the Locals here that
Homeless drug addicts began making camps down in there , so they Blocked the road off
and Police Patrol the area now .

Most everyone I knew here , Including Annie , have now passed away .
Kaylem is still alive , but both her addresses I have for her , She's not living there , but has
been heard from by the people who do still live there .

Wild Child Kaylem ,, yepper , she still is that .
06-09-2017, 06:05 AM #949
Ninelives Singing In The Rain
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Tell Bigfoot I say wave.gif

Look Up
06-09-2017, 07:44 PM #950
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I'll do that 9
and remind Him , that he caused Kaylem to Wet Herself .

Garberville is full of Tourist this Weekend
big Festivals and events happening .

Traffic is too thick to be driving along watching for the Turn off down into the Canyon .
so , no pics .
06-11-2017, 08:32 PM #951
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How did this thread get over 77,000 views ?

easy , write anything on the Net about Bigfoot ,,, and watch the clicks ya get .

gotta tell ya's , people give ya a strange look when you tell them you ran into a Bigfoot ,,,
but ,,,
they want to hear the story .

they want to know , but don't want people to know that they want to know ,,

ain't people a blast ?
06-11-2017, 09:04 PM #952
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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Yeah, it has gotten a lot of views.

06-11-2017, 09:08 PM #953
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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(06-11-2017, 09:04 PM)JayRodney Wrote:  Yeah, it has gotten a lot of views.

So has this thread from a Vintage GLP cynicalabsurdance Thread on UFO's

link if it will stick

06-16-2017, 07:11 PM #954
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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It was found , just as anything can be found , through seeking with an open mind and
hard intent for a drive .

Anyone could have seen it , as it plays in the open , for it has no reason to hide , as a matter
of fact , it's entire being , focused to be utilized , not secreted away behind dark doors , closeted ,
out of sight .

Nature of Life .

Eyes that Sparkle and shine , not glow red in the dark , mysterious and frightening ,,
but rather , Alive and Breathing Heavy upon us , to draw attention to it .

We can Vote for those Issues we create out of thin air ,,, or Live Life with ease .

That old sales pitch of " New Improved " is nothing more than Bait for the Weak at mind .

There was never any cause to " Improve " Life .

Life by it's nature , is Perfection .

Complicate it out of a personal dissatisfaction , born out of ignorance of it's simple existence
as a Perfected Norm .
And you shall indeed miss living it perfectly .

A difficulty , if catapulted into a Catastrophe , becomes that Jump you must now get over .

However , if proper sane approach is applied , The Difficulty fades to nothing .

Eh ?

It is never " Life " that F_cks up ,,, it is always a personal fault that F_cks up your Life .

Life is perfect , what you do with it , is Your Results .

Eh ?

Is there ever reason to become something you already are ?

no ?

alright then , go forth and Be .
06-16-2017, 07:22 PM #955
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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above post
I probably remembered that ,,
while inspecting the Shadow from a Blade of Grass .
06-16-2017, 08:22 PM #956
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You have a most interesting mind Cynicalabsurdance
& why i like reading your posts

' Welcome to My Nightmare '
06-16-2017, 09:05 PM #957
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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(06-16-2017, 08:22 PM)-NIGHTMARE- Wrote:  You have a most interesting mind Cynicalabsurdance
& why i like reading your posts

it's certainly a Different mind than most , that is easily seen .

Good Morning

it's another Friday , yay.gif
06-16-2017, 09:17 PM #958
Ninelives Singing In The Rain
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(06-16-2017, 08:22 PM)-NIGHTMARE- Wrote:  You have a most interesting mind Cynicalabsurdance
& why i like reading your posts


Look Up
06-17-2017, 03:50 AM #959
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Kinda like asking yourself : " what do ya want from Life ,, a Babies Arm holding an Apple ? "

Interesting how we come with a natural born perfected arena of existing
with a Big Happy ,,,

and then comes ,,,

the Shiny Object .

In an Instant , the Big Happy ,, is pushed under ,,
for we must now have the Big Shiny Object in order to be Happy .

but the Big Shiny Object Happy is never everlasting . It Rust , it becomes obsolete with
the Next Generation of it , or once achieved ,,, in time becomes boring .

No, the Big Shiny Object Happy is never everlasting ,,,

not in the content as the Natural Big Happy could have been , that is , until replaced
with the False and cheap Big Shiny Object Happy .

What do you want from Life ?

To be Happy ?

We had that Natural Happy with us when we came into this World .

if you're not happy with the Nature of Life ,,,

Then expecting to find Happiness through any other Venue or arena ,,
is unrealistic , and results are never satisfying in the Long Term .

Eh ?

~~~~~ " I ran out of things to bitch about ,,, That's the Moment I regained my Natural Happiness " ~~~~~

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07-11-2017, 11:32 PM #960
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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" You can't always get what you Want "

and ,,, that's a damn good thing .



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