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BIGFOOT ! nice perfume , and the Fractal
08-21-2017, 08:37 PM #976
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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" " Rainbows " I thought to myself , smiled , brought slowly my Hand to her Cheek , she leaned into it , pressing
my Hand between her Cheek and Shoulder ,, she exclaimed : " Oh WOW ,,, I felt the electricity just then "

I let out an almost silent laugh , pulled her into me , hugged her , and whispered into her ear : " You just
made Magic , that was you doing that "

I turned for the Camp , she followed .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "

~~~~~~Pick it up from there ~~~~~~

Entering The Camp of Pedram and Ryan , hugs all around , smiles , laughter , and
the Atmosphere just became Cosmic Bliss ,
We're very good friends , like souls , kindred , always happy when together ,
in the excitement , I'd forgot the Girl behind me , I heard her giggle ,and turned , " Oh yeah , this is
Pedram and Ryan , and turning to her , I introduced her as : " and guys , This Lady is a Beautiful Shine "

giggles , and we sit down for catch up time , in between my drifting , we have only
had contact occasionally .

The young lady , name I thing was Heather , sat almost against my ribs , and took my hand into hers and
placed them in her lap , she was watching for my reaction when I turned and smiled into her gorgeous eyes ,
she leaned her head on my shoulder ,
Home is where the Head is , right ?

Alright , here , I supposed it behooving that I relate the state of being I was experiencing as I walked
along approaching the Gathering .

This State is referred in various cultures as : Nirvana , Total inner Peace , Ultimate Bliss , and in the West
as " In the Spirit "
When as a Child , and as I grew , I had not any definition of the Condition , I as well , had no idea that others
around me , seldom if ever , had like experience .
Later in Life , I came across knowledge that most people sought this State , and attempted to reach that
through varied ways , I mistook it to mean that they suffered some sort of Damage which caused them to lose
the ability and were seeking to regain it , Rather than Obtain it , I just thought we all had it by our Nature .

I would as well find , that very Negative people became angered at people who walked in this State by Nature ,
and would actually attempt attacks without knowing exactly why they instantly despised the person without
ever having prior contact of experience with them , which may give them cause .

It's an Interesting World this one , it certainly is . I have a Home World from which I traveled into this one from ,
our entire World is a State of Loving and kindness , we are by our nature , Nurturing of Love , for Love
is understood to be the Nature of Life and we are that Life .

There , in my Home World , Conflict is unknown , Every instance of the Negative energy found here in this World
is a Stranger to us , We cannot even Imagine it for ourselves , simply because horrid thoughts as those
cannot arise in our consciousness , we haven't awareness of such , it doesn't exist for us , it'd be suicide of Love ,
and that is not possible .

Not so much as a single moment of despair is possible , Self Enhancement through destructive to life actions ,
have never been in our Home , it just simply cannot Manifest there .

I do not by will , bring about this state of being , it comes over me , usually when contact with negative energy
is far away .

When it comes , Testimony of others state that I appear to have a Glow or Halo surrounding my entire Body ,
What they see , I believe , is my Soul's energy expanding out beyond this Physical Container , not actually leaving
it entirely , just expanding , when I do exit the Body , Seldom if ever , can anyone contained in the Body , be able
to see me .

I will only tap into the state , as deep as it takes to throw off a negative result of an Attack upon me .
As to heal , not to Travel or experience full time while in the container .

This is a Base World , Enlightenment is not a Natural attribute here . This World is like an Infant that has
been abused heinously and is attempting to find some avenue to escape the resulting damage from the abuse .

There is always and constantly , souls here screaming out silently within , their pain , some at times , are very Vocal
in doing so , However , no complaint has ever healed or solved any difficulty , rather , it gives it a stronger force
to subdue an entities ability to grow beyond their difficulties by solving them through Conscious tools available to them .

And so , the state of being as above , that I was walking in , is a natural state , it's always there , always able to
be tapped into , yet , I do not pull it up , it comes over me , I can pull it up , but it's not wise to do so here in this
World , unless required to fight off attack .

~~~~~~~Back to the Camp with Friends , in my next posting~~~~~~~~~~
08-22-2017, 09:24 PM #977
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~ Camp with friends ~~~~~~

Sitting down on Pedram's Thermal Pad , The Girl sits almost atop my Hip ,
Banter is about all the DRAIN-BOWS that slither by begging from my Two Brothers , it's
over the Top with useless lifeless needy too lazy to work Begging bags of dead dog shït people .

I ask them for a Supplies list , and later , I'll drive back to Town and replenish the stores
of the Camp that have been almost Totally depleted by the dregs .

Meanwhile , Blues eyes is silent , I ask her to excuse me , for I'm taking a Nap , long
Road trip and I'm a Tuckered Pucker .

she slides down along the Pad , Pulls a sleeping bag up and over herself and holds it
up for me to slip into with her ,, Huh ?
well , alrighty then ,
I awake a while later , she's had her arm over me the entire nap , I'm kinda cramped out from
the weight of it being there so long , I stand , stretch and as I do ,
Ryan ask " Rog' , that Girl over there , points with chin , You know her ? "
I look , um , don't think so "
Ryan says : " She came by , introduced herself , asked about you and the Heather girl being boyfriend/Girlfriend ,
I told her nope , just met , I asked her does she know you from Venice ?
she answered no , just he's interesting , I'd like to meet him , but don't want to make his girlfriend Jealous "

I turned back to the Sleeping Girl with Blue eyes , look back to the other girl on the trail ,,,
" Ryan , what are these people ? Orphans seeking a support team ? "

He nods toward a group sitting in a circle across the Meadow
" Over there is Morning Star Camp , your friends from New Mexico , They said their going to have to put a
fence around their camp , people are just walking right in and Taking food and eating it right
in front of them without even asking "

There went any Halo for me today .
08-23-2017, 07:29 AM #978
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Agreed that I'd make a supplies Run , I left and went into Town , took
a tour of Tarps available , bought 4 , ran for the Market , and bought 8 Bags of Yummies .

Gone over 3 1/2 hours , Mostly because my skills as a Mechanic were called upon
to help a Couple Broken Vehicles , and an Interesting long Conversation about UFO's
with a young couple out of Tennessee ,, I drove the Pick Up close to our Camp , sent a Hitch Hiker to fetch
Pedram and His Two Wheel Cart , to help pack the Yums to camp .

While I awaited him , a big Girl Puppy Doggie , came sniffing and wagging Tail , She caught the hint of
Red Meat in my Bags ,,,
as I gave pets and snacks ,, a Pack of Doggies began to gather , Seems the Drainbow's aren't any Better at
Feeding their Pet Buddies , that they are at Feeding themselves .

Well I said to each there , I'd feed all of ya , but your Parents wiped us out already , go feed
on their digits will ya's .

Drainbows View a Gathering as a Huge Free Box , one that they have exclusive rights to , in fact ,
they have a right to all you own , and if you refuse them , they Treat the rejection as though you're
taking away their Rights to your Goods , and hate you forever for being a Prick in their spaced out eyes .

And so , these Drainbows were next to gather around me in a Pack .
I turned on them with Fire Blazing ,,

last word from my mouth was " Not a F'ing word out of you , shut up and f'ing RUN ! "
The Branch I threw was close enough to leave a scar .
DONE ! with you DREGS !
08-24-2017, 07:17 PM #979
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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and so ,
Returning to camp , There are two new additions , Two Young Ladies ,
One is the Girl who stood staring at me from the Main Trail earlier that Pedram
had pointed out , and another Girl she had with her , that seemed a bit dislocated from
her environment .

The first , Amy , would continue to stay in our Camp for the rest of her stay at the Gathering .

This is her story , I'm just the Peripheral Element in it .
08-24-2017, 08:32 PM #980
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~~~~~ Nutter Song ~~~~~

Wash a Sky in Sunset textures
both pink and blue

Breath in the Tides of the Sea
Building Sand Castles
Child , sing to me
in notes soft and true

Ran aground ,
alone on this Island with you
must be a Gilded Fate
just for me
Just for you

Mid Sky ,
See that Rescue plane
duck , lets hide
Reason why ?
Oh just to be alone
alone with you

Fate shaking us free
and alone with you
that's where I
always wanted to be

Fates my number one friend
Takes me high up
with the Eagles
Soars to worlds
where love has no end

Just one thing I need
Just one Woman to love

Just one Island to share
with no body there
cept you and me

Morning Break on the Rise
Glints of speckled Azure
in your eyes ,,,
Love ,,,,,,,,,,, take my hand
Fall into me
Love , come ,,,
I'll  take us to that
Special Land

Ummmmm yes I will

Look upon our Garden here
Laced with seeds of Bliss
Tilled in Love
and ya know child
ain't no way as Lovers
We'd ever fail or miss

Write our names in the Sand
cross our hearts with both hands
pledge undying love
For love , has a Home child
as Long we're together
and We have that between
to hold us ,,,

Come a Moon so sweet like Honey
Come a Night
when no other can compete
it was that one child
we fell into each other

Oh , just blessed we are
To have every night
beneath our very own
heaven of stars

Ah When , We have to go
Sail me
Sail me home with you

Sail us home ,,,
this journey is one to own

Share this song with
Sharing that Love
that Love
which makes History ,,,

~~~~ Instantly , Love Light Shines ,, and into this Home we call our hearts , warmth ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
08-24-2017, 09:27 PM #981
Accidental Stoner Member
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08-25-2017, 04:29 AM #982
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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There is that Point in life some shall touch
It comes so silently , Subtly , You'd have to face it in
a Fire to understand you've reached it .
When the Characteristics begin to gain your attention , you've already been there for
a long time .
It doesn't come to seekers , They'd never know it .
It comes only to those destined to experience it .

Other words , It's always been there waiting inside you .

Your understanding Matures , and there you are .

Now , I'll take you into Amy , what she saw that days she stood on the trail looking
back at me .

This is not a Love Story , this again , is her story , even though she fell in love with me ,
it remains , a Woman's Trials .

~~~ break ~~~
08-25-2017, 05:14 AM #983
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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And so it passes that on return to Camp , Amy is sitting on Pedram's Sleep Mat ,
Wrapped in my Sleeping Bag , staring up at me , watching , as The Guys and myself
store away the Yums I brought from Town .

In my mind , I was thinking , what is this underage Chick doing in our Camp , and in my Sleeping Bag ,
is this a Honey Trap set up to Bust Us ?

Ain't gonna Happen for you Red Neck Cops , this Hippie right here , Got your act years ago .
I'd glance Amy's way every few moments , attempting to size her up , Bait or Just another Needy Kid
with big eyes for guys ?

Each time I looked , Her eyes were on me , and would glint and smile at my glance .
" Ok Man , Chicks here because I'm here , she's putting out the Signals , so yepper , this one's a Honey Trap .
I look around for the Undercover cops ,,, not likely , not in a crowd of 30,000 people , am I going to spot them .
They could be up a tree , in a Tent with a Peep Hole , in Sheep's Clothing , inside that Great Pumpkin even .

Oh well , play it out Rog' , time comes , give the Girl the exit Visa .

Stores placed and secure from Drainbows , I walk toward my seat ,
Amy speaks up : " I have your sleeping bag , want it back ? "
Nah , s'alright , I answer .
She holds it open , " Want to share it with me ? "
Gawd Dammit
she is a Honey Trap I say to myself .

I bend to one knee with her inches away , she looks into my eyes with sultry speaking loud across mine ,
Holds out here hand to shake with mine and relates : " Hi , I'm Amy "
" Rog' , how do ? "
By the Way , um , over 18 are you ? Sorry , But lots of entrapment's are being set up you understand ,
and I'm not interested in going Bail while on Vacation "

She snickers with " I'm 24 , I'm Legal "and Laughs at herself
I'm not laughing ,
I sit down , she scoots closer wrapping the Bag around my shoulders , I tense up , Girl's trying too hard here .

I speak out to Ryan , " Rye Guy , I can't afford the Utilities on my own Man , let's go gather some firewood
shall we ? while I nod toward some place over Yonder .

He lays the Pan down , " Ok "

as we walk away from camp , I ask : " Those Girls Ryan , we don't need heat , what's their Story Man ? "
Ryan looks back at them : " That one in your sleeping bag , she picked it up , asked is this Roger's , and when
I replied yes , she walked over , sat down on Pedram's bed , and just waited there not speaking much , "

I inquire "Um , waiting for What exactly ? and just how the hell did she Know my name and I camp here ?
" Ryan , this Chick is some kind of Bait Man "
Ryan looks back at her again , she's still watching me , " Well , you I'd say , cause she asked for you , where you were ,
we told her you went for supplies and would be back soon , so she's where you see her , just sat there waiting for ya ,
Don't know how she knows you , remember earlier I asked if you knew her ? "

" Not Good Man , if Ronnie ( Veronica ) shows up , This Chick is going to cause a Damn Flaming Cat Fight ,
you know how Ronnie is , damned insecure and possessive with her Man "

Ryan ask : " Ronnie say for sure she'd make it Rog' ? "

Point my little one , " If " she shows , You or Pedram Grab hold of that Chick quick man , make like
she's your new maker "
Ryan grabs my arm above the Elbow , " Rog' , you're so organized and always thinking ahead , no worries ,
I'll cover ya "

" We can ask her to ,, oh f_ck it , none of us will ask her to leave , let it be man , "

Why a 24 year old woman is after a 40 year old Man ?

Sense isn't always sensible , and I've spent too much sense trying to make sense of Rainbows anyway .

~~~~ If I'd Known this , I'd of Picked my own Taco's ~~~~~~~~
08-25-2017, 06:22 AM #984
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Seems the day comes
when every child's smile
becomes as one

Seems my life's just another
silken Mystery
wrapped in Stained excursions
into missed chances in History

Seems ,,
If you loved me enough
Well Child ,,,
you wouldn't be so Tough
You'd sway me into pleasing you

The Day's went slipping silently by
until so many were over ,,
there weren't enough left to even
attempt a Try

I know places inside the Milky Way
Where I'd take you if you'd only believe
That shower of Love I've saved for you ,,
drenching , waiting , come take in as much
as we can , just take me

Good lor' child
Just take me ,
make this love your Man

Staring where the Clouds make a Home
Watching down pours of Rain
sure is hard to be alone
once you've made me your own

Train Yard full ,
People standing on Deck
Platforms sinking from the Weight
As my heart does as well

Child come , give a pull
don't allow for it wreck ,,.
This Love deserves a better Fate
Then a spiral into hell

Wake to your inner source
Just claim me child
Claim this man as your own ,,,
This loves gotta take it's course
Ah let it be man ,,,,
I ain't rent to own

Got the best
why toss it away
seems you'd be happy
with less
as long as it was me

So we dance and we learn to love
Makes sense to me
Ring of fire in my mind
can't let go and can't leave it behind
A season has it's end
Lovers never , if they begin as friends

Stroll now
walk along this stream with me
we can be all we're meant to be

Ever softer , just let go
Take it now
Run this show

Dance,,, Dance child ,
sing with all your might

Ah com'on
let's take flight ,,,

Absorb this Man like skin tone dreams
you'll know soon enough what that means

Once you walk
walk through one of my Dreams

I can Vision like a Master
imagine worlds like movie scenes
Avoid Disaster
with calming solace clean

Roll away with me
Roll away
Past that line where fear ends
and life begins

Roll away

Past those Times that kept us against our will

Roll here now
where we can do what we will

~~~~~ Few moments ~~~~

~~~~ Bad day , in some way ~~~~~
Free Store (nli) Show this Post
08-25-2017, 06:39 AM #985
Free Store (nli) Incognito Anonymous
(03-20-2013, 06:55 AM)Cynicalabsurdance Wrote:  Quoting myself from the Log

" There is nothing so frightening to the Established order ,,

Then the Truth shouted from the Mouth of the Lunatic on a Soap Box "

Good deep thought. God also is deep into Sasquatch. Smart souls from higher densities wanting to choose to go and experience nature as beautiful and fit to live on. Rare a Planet like Earth is habitable. In the right place to the sun and angle. Day and Night. The Universe. Mah kinda Religion.
08-25-2017, 10:23 AM #986
Mars Member
Posts:609 Threads:31 Joined:Aug 2013
(08-25-2017, 06:39 AM)Free Store (nli) Wrote:  
(03-20-2013, 06:55 AM)Cynicalabsurdance Wrote:  Quoting myself from the Log

" There is nothing so frightening to the Established order ,,

Then the Truth shouted from the Mouth of the Lunatic on a Soap Box "

Good deep thought. God also is deep into Sasquatch. Smart souls from higher densities wanting to choose to go and experience nature as beautiful and fit to live on. Rare a Planet like Earth is habitable. In the right place to the sun and angle. Day and Night. The Universe. Mah kinda Religion.

^yes to the bolded^
08-25-2017, 07:52 PM #987
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~~~ This is not a Love Story ,
this again , is her story , even though she fell in love with me ,
it remains , a Woman's Trials . ~~~~~

You may find , in those back pages of your simple silences , a well contemplated concept , formed
during a period of life , in which a small difficulty seemed so large , You pulled on all resource for
an understanding of your position in regards to that situation and future events similar .

And then again , you may be one ,
whom like so many , just pretty much float along through life
like a Loose Leaf on a current out of control .

Amy was at this period in her life , that Loose Leaf ,
I to her , represented in some way a Forged Self Actuated Individual with all the answers
to the Law of Life and it's Supposed Mysteries .
Pffft ,,,
Like my Sneakers never gained a Stain .
08-25-2017, 08:38 PM #988
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Base consciousness will do fine to get a person through ,,
Through to where , may not exactly be perfected existence ,
but it will indeed do just fine .

Seekers are People who feel that somehow , their Life is NOT , doing just Fine ,
and seek to improve it , but lack a skill or two in that , So they look
to someone who may fill in the Pieces for them .

A 6'1" Glowing in the Sunbeams , Long Haired , Mellow walker with Blue eyes ,
Well , I'm not that Filler for most , but may have been for some .

Amy thought so .

She was all about enjoying the Skin Game with all the sexy boys she could ,
However , on a Deeper level ,
She admitted to herself , that while engaging in some good clean shallow affairs
on the side , She as well required a well founded serious Man as a Foundation
to Build a Life and Family upon .

Who better , than an Individual , who from external appearances , LOOKED to be just the one .

There is written within the Road Logs , a sentence or two , on my selective attitudes toward the
Quality in a Woman , that I'd consider for a Long Term involvement with .

It set a Standard that I adhered to for my entire adulthood .

There was only one Single Woman in my Life , that I'd consider for a Life Long
melding of us two .

and Amy is not her .

I cannot claim to know it for a fact , but evidence I've witnessed many times ,
I'd say that each individual has a single """"" Love of their Life """"""" Person .

In that venue , It is as well , in many cases , a matter of Love at first sight , as though
a Latent pre-cognitive knowing , There before Birth , a Love from their Home World , which
is not this World , this one is just another Exploratory Journey , one of many we experience
as ever living beings .

We recognize them from our home World , we are just not aware of that in our fore minds .

Cool thought , is it not ?

It's also a Truth .
08-26-2017, 05:50 AM #989
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Sultry Lady
Breeze has found you again
lifts that Chiffon Skirt
with the wind

Walker , takes a Peek
from out in the Middle
of the Street

Cash and Carry corner Mart
Five on a Dime
if you're thinking Smart

Candy you make
sweet to my eye
I dance our minds
if you'd give me a try

Sultry Lady ,, sweet to the eye
woman , you make the Angels Sigh

Treat me to your Honey Pot
Ha , I'd give all I got
for just one spy up that dress
Woman , damn ,
hard on me you do impress

Singer got a Tatt
of the rising Moon
across her back
there's a Name ,,
I guess it's Tommy Jack
and In my Name
there's a piece of her
residing there ,,,
but no worries
cause she don't care

Take out Cafe
middle the Block
got two and Half sale
for twice the price
On the Door is a Knocker
tap once , two and three
appears the Child
Face of fine Mint leaves
He's a Rocker
Rocker of the 60's

Strollin' along
fifteen feet mixing time
with Socks untied and spun
Missing Leg with Missing Shoe
Watch now folks
Here he comes

Eight folks in a line ,
dancing crazy
but keeping time
Felt lined Mist in the Air
The Eighth missing a Leg
But she don't care

Sultry Lady
Fine Lace
down your Back
Appearing Shady
slipping out that Alley side shack

Where ya go
in a Mist like this
in Spikes
with open toes
Questions desire answers
and Seekers sleep
in Soiled Cloths

Old Woman
sitting Porch front stool
watching nothing special
Maybe a Bird on a Wire
or the Village Fool

Spits her Snuff
on a Bad Boys Shirt
No worries man
that's just the way
she likes to flirt

Double Space parking
on a One way street
still can't find a place
to Park my Feet
Every Corner
another Hound Barking
Believe it's time
to exit this here street

Well you thought I'd go
just a Moment before
the end of this here show
That's not true
cause honest child
I'm here waiting on you

I came with Roses child
and Perfume so fine
Rolling Papers
and a Bag of Dime
Smoke your eyes red
until you're so dizzy
You're dancing out of time

~~~ Long Story Short , City Life ain't all that much Fun ~~~~
08-26-2017, 06:55 PM #990
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Carried over from a thin time ,
when younger ,
and innocent of mind
Tradition states ,
ya gotta pretend to be ,,
But this Old Act
ain't all that impressive to me

Just some old adage
from an Ancient Text
some old fogy spiel
and upon the Children
it sets a Vex

No Thanks for me
I'll take my Liberty

and if that Cross
you'd like me to bare
well then Man
ya better agree to
Tote your fair share

Shades of Old
Man , let em fade away

Honesty is hard to find
Integrity is a state of mind
dignity a matter of fact
But only when
you have the Knack to
understand that

Chivalry ain't dead
Just been hiding out
in a Dead Man's head

Comes alive when
a Lady in need
requires my Manners
and you know it's then
I mount my Steed

Ah just one thing we need
just one thing we can be

doing human things
in a very Human way
Human ,,
yes human and free



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