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BIGFOOT ! nice perfume , and the Fractal
09-03-2017, 03:00 AM #1,006
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Switch Track
off a Camel's Back

Stomp on a Tack
Can't carry on
without a Tally Whack

So let it be
After all
Means very little
in a World un-free

Saw Horse
Place your Bet
Race is on
and the Turtle's
soaking Wet

Score Four
for the Filly in Red
and half again as much
for the Fellow
whose Blood runs ,,,,,,,,,,
what I said ,,

Show and Tell
straight from Hell

show us your Horns
when Those Tits get Grown
you can claim they've
as well been shown

Make it clean
Side ways into
your washin' Machine
Dirt Devil on a Bust
made away with
the drugs and most
all your Rust

Can't see
what I just smelled
cause it's so clean
ya never can tell
if it's a center piece
or just a side board scene

Trust in Rust
it's around a lot more often
than Gawd

Pledge your heart
to a Soul that's gone
But reclaim his money
and be sure ,,,
to stuff his Bod

Run tell Ramona
what Mama said

Cause Daddy can't
well you know ,,,,,,
He's almost dead

So , For Ms. Mona
Brush her dents
and let her show where
Granny's stuck in bed

and nobody's crying
but Old Uncle Fred

Just be sure
To tell it like it was

For future Gen's
will believe
every lie ever said
and have a Cause
to ,,,,

When the Man
comes your way
and the Lady states
she can't get away
and Mama's Lost
in a Gin Boiled Fog ,,,

well take it up and run child
Run Child ,,,
Run like a Dog ,,,

~~~ Bridge insert ~~~

Cosmos came with a Cane
Beat your ass insane
laid you out cold

I told ya man
you got too damned Old

~~~ verse again ~~~~

Stumbling Greek
Drunk on Ouzo
Falls prey to the sale
of the Sneaker of the Week

and now ,,,
He's a Turk
Got His Fez
and Believe him child
you can rely
on all he says ,,,,,,

Fall comes
when Summer
begins it's Nap
Frame your smile
with a Money Sack
chase the Fox
and dance a Hen
can't be lost
when you're
always making it
making it back in

Home is where
You sat your Ass
Not your Heart
and not your bone
But those tight Buns
from which you fart
and smell up my
Happy Home ,,,
(End in Sight )

~~~~~~ Chucko , claims to know the Truth , give it to ya , For a Baby Ruth ~~~~~~~
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09-27-2017, 09:27 AM #1,007
The Cyn not logged in Incognito Anonymous
Ok , so update the Sasquatch stuff ,

Found a Hair stuck on my Porch Post , I think it's a Sasquatch Hair ,

I may be wrong , but , you know I'm always right about these things .

I'm gonna let the Cat sniff it , she'll let me know if it's Foot was over sized .

be right back
09-27-2017, 06:35 PM #1,008
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:9,990 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011

the Kitty confirmed it ,,

the Hair is from a Male

we recon about 60 years old or so .

Blond with a streak of Gray in it .

Kitty say's it's mine .

Case Closed
09-27-2017, 06:55 PM #1,009
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:9,990 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011
(11-30-2014, 02:22 AM)Cynicalabsurdance Wrote:  Some damned 1940's road side Diner ,
burnt Toast under grits , and Coffee taste as though it was strained through
my socks .

Western style prints all over the walls , and those suck a$$ Wagon Wheel
hanging light fixtures ,

yeah , typical ,
Another day on another two lane road .

Waitress names Sasha ( probably more like Ann , but , dreams of being
an exotic woman )

I tipped by nature , over kill , some waitresses think of it as
my way of saying : " Hey cutie , date ? "

Ma' was a waitress as I grew up , no tips , no eat that night ,
so , it's a guilt thing if I skimp on a tip ,,,
like I know the waitress is struggling and I am cheating her
out of reaching the Stars .

Depressing actually , to see a single Mom worked slinging slop
to Pig People ,, damn , make me an abortion before you make me a single
Mom and a waitress in my next life .

Dirt poor mothers , and this is civilization ?

Get the hell out of here man , this is far from civil .

I stepped off the stool , spun a ten across the counter and up under the
edge of my mostly full breakfast plate ,,,

Three dollar meal and a ten dollar tip ,, yeah , makes perfect sense to
this Hippie .

Stepping outside the Diner , Dust cloud meets me off the twenty or so wheels
on an 18 wheeler ,,,
can't hurt the grime already on me , just another coat added over
an already stiff with filth Jacket ,,
Been road bound now over two weeks , I believe sixteen days , might
be seventeen , not once have I changed out these 501's ,,,

Denim is like that ,, the less you wash it , the longer it last ,,,

and never use Tide detergent on Denim ,,,
Tide cleans by heat ,,,
which as well strips the dye out of the denim , and breaks down the
cotton ,,, turning them into rags ,,,

Woman over on the side of the sign for this joint , seated in a 25 year
old Pontiac ,,, watching me ,,
saw her inside as I entered , she was paying and about to leave ,,
she glanced over at me , gave me an up and down ,, and smiled into my eyes
with " Well,,, and just where did this Stud come from? "

I guess she supposed I was worth a wait see , and find out for herself .

Zipped to the neck the leather , threw the scarf around and tucked it
into the jacket ,, straddled the Bike ,, and she pulled up and stopped in front of me ,,,

She opened with : " Hey ,,, aren't you Tammy's Brother ,, ? "

( I know damned well , there ain't no Tammy , and this woman's done every brother in this area )

I manage a squint into the Sun , and sideways grunt a " Nope "
as I stroke down on the kick stater and fire up .

She thought she had me pinned in I suppose ,, I just cranked the bars right
rolled back , knocked it down in first ,, popped it out of there ,,

is what I think she said , As I passed out and onto the highway .

Dirt comes in a combination of lifestyles ,,,
sometimes it sticks to a jacket
other times it calls you stuck up a$$hole

and sometimes , it's that Burnt Toast under the Grits .

Burning Deserts , ,,, sage ,,, and heat , two miles high and you're
still frying ,,, what damned cause is there in making such a hostile
planet ,,, MAN ,,, give it another try Mr. God ,,, remember buddy ,,,
you're supposed to be a Perfectionist man ,,,
this is just too half A$$ for a perfect God ,,, unless your Throne is missing
Half the seat .

I heard a very old WW I Vet say once ,, " Ya never think , that a Foxhole ,
would look so beautiful ,,,until bullets and bombs chase you into one "

That described how I felt getting out of my family home ,, like ,,,
it was dropping bombs and bullets on my life ,,,,
and the Road out was my Foxhole ,,,
a place to rest and be safe from the crazy people in this world

( another note to Mr. God , which is crazier , Crazy people , or the Crazy God that makes them ? )

I mean , to what are Crazy People purposed ?
Why make them ?

Is it just to add variety ,,, or are crazy people a way for us sane bastards
to tell we are sane ?

never Mind Mr. God , I think I just answered it for myself .

I guess it's odd that ,, well ,,, that the question above came to me ,
between the thought that " Some people are better at blowing Bubbles that they are at Drawing Bubbles ,,, drawing a Bubble is kinda hard for me ,,,,

I just cannot seem to get the 3D image of them correctly ,,,like ,,,

They just keep coming out looking like a circle ,,, no depth .

Kinda like that Woman waiting on me back at the Diner ,,, no depth ,,
just a hollow looking for someone to fill her Void for her .

a Dirty Bubble ? is that how I associate her in life ?

an empty dirty bubble ,,, with a NEED , to be filled by a Man ?

Lonely People , something I never understood , was loneliness ,,, in
other people ,,
Given that I myself ,, fight hard to find a lonely place to be myself
where I am the happiest .

I guess I should try and remember some of those bar jokes for people like her ,,

just to kind of entertain them while I make haste my escape form them .

It's got to be better than just a rude scoot off and being called a stuck up a$$hole ,, though I don't mind that handle at all ,,,, it's just that
sometimes I have to travel back through these spots on the road ,,,

and every once in a while , I do run into someone I pissed off ,, such as her .

No idea why I held a thought of her for so long , maybe I wanted to
be with her , and just thought myself cheap if I did ,,,

Ego ?
Me ?
been said many times , even by me .

Ah well , that's what was happening back there , and out ahead is where I am
headed , so I dropped all thought of her and that snide a$$ statement of hers .

Desert winds are nice when it's very hot out , yet they are nasty when
mixed with sand and you're riding a bike across the desert ,,,
sand-blasted ,,, I've been ,,, and never liked it at all .

I pulled under a Culvert to get out of it until the wind died down a bit .

Shutting the bike down , I heard a weal voice ,,,,

" You're not going to hurt me are you ? "

Female Voice ,, I didn't even want to turn and look ,,,,
this FEAR Sh_t from people over my looks , sick of it to death .

I answered without turning " Ignore I exist , if it helps please , I have no need
to know you're even here , I'm just getting out of the wind a bit "

Names Angie , she said to my bent over ass as I wiped oil from my
rear wheel ,,,

" Nice enough name , short for Angel perhaps ? "

" Angela actually "

How'd your folks settle on the surname " Actually " ,,, that's a bit odd isn't it ?

I heard her snort a giggle ,,, " Last names not actually , it's insanity actually "

" Two last names ? ,,, that's even more odd , try again , I'm beginning to think
I can't trust you behind my back "

" You're a funny man ,, you always talk to people like that ? "

" Like what ? like with my back to them ,,, or with this smoke in
my lips "

" You're not smoking "

" Right you are ,,, not yet I am , gotta light ? "

She steps out and to my side , surprised me ,,, she was closer than I thought
from the sound of her voice ,,

" she lit a match and cupped it ,,,

" Guess I should have a smoke ready before I asked,,, eh ? "

again she snorted
I pulled a smoke and she lit it up
as I said " You always snort like that when amused ? "

This time it was I who got the short " Nope " reply .

" Well , what other noise can you offer when amused then ? "

" Oh , I don't know , sometimes I just hold the giggle in , and that
makes me fart out loud ,,, do you mean that ? "

I turned to her bag ,,, " you travel rather light for a fart'er ,, I'd think you'd
have more preparations with you for the times you really get to giggling "

This Page was fun ,

When I get back from my Road Trip , I'm gonna try and finish this Tale .

meanwhile , Have a Sunset

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09-27-2017, 06:57 PM #1,010
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:9,990 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011
oh , and by the way , those Orbs you see in the Above Picture , those follow me everywhere .

just click the picture and it will expand .

Orbs are our Friends
09-28-2017, 03:28 AM #1,011
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:9,990 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011
She's not waitin' 'round

and I ain't bound
to be her toy
nor clown

Scurry ain't for me
won't be there
when I arrive

Well that just way
it's gotta be
and Care ?
hell no , not this kid
no not me

Window shopping
just ain't my way
to spend my time

No , I rather sing
dance , or play away
sliding sideways
through a knot hole
to small for me

Train Tracks
Offer a fun time

go on out there
lay on 'em
see what comes on by
might be fun
to watch your hair
flying 60 mph out of here
Yeah scalp ya with flare

Style ya up
like a Poodle

Bald ya up your Noodle

Save cream rinse dime

Back of my mind
I'll think about the times

but I won't miss you
not one bit

if you fell off the face
of the Planet
so far ya never hit

What'd they charge ya
for that Doo

did it come with a Buick
to haul it home

Big old nest on your head
good lo' child
I'd rather be dead

than seen with you

I am a Traveler
low Budget my middle name

Family Home evening
I don't intend to see

and though that's your game
it just ain't a lifestyle I can be

Tuned for the Highway
Wind and Rain glides me
unto anywhere I wish to be

Said those road signs
each spell out my name

some special Mail for me alone
to read ,,,
none spelled out the same

She's Still waiting
for a Man , whom I just can't be

Waiting is a waste that
she just cannot see

30 years rolled on by
through all
those fears and tears
I never had to try

never had to play a sneak
over my back pages , never once
did I have to peek ,,,

Headlong into whatever
play came to me

My Choices
my alone
no one's permission
did I ever need ,,,,

To Believe ,,,,

was just all this Child would need ~~~~~~

There's always some back story to whatever event impresses you so deep , that you can never forget it ,,

To review mine ,,, I'd have to live another 62 years , cause every moment of my life , seemed worthy
of remembering them forever ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
09-29-2017, 10:44 PM #1,012
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Angie Troll under the Bridge ,, nice Perfume ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This Sexy Voice of mine , Has gotten me laid way more than my Hansom Face has .

Angie , the Lady under the Bridge , Had only heard my Voice , not seen my Face ,,,

and she had already decided she was going to pursue Bed Time with me .

Self confessed make out artist , I could feel it from her as she lit up my Cig.

Pulling my Tarp and laying it out , we sat together spelling out the desires with useless words .

When she rested her hand across my thigh , any confusion on the signals she was sending
was cleared away .

Apes jump each others bones in the like manner as Angie and I jumped each others .

Natural Red Heads have a preferred Position , they love top side , aggressive approach , You as
a Man have little need to even move a Muscle , they'll do all the action required .

I did a lot of Motion regardless ,,, I like to serve and wait for the returns .

" Magic Slippers with Wings " ,,,,, to follow
09-30-2017, 07:57 PM #1,013
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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And so ,,,

Angie Crossed her legs , and it crossed my mind , that she may wish to uncross those legs
so I could remove my hand .

Above the Bridge , Rain like a solid sheet moved in , I think somewhere around Crescent City , there
was another Night with another Woman , and this same Storm was visiting us at that time as well .

She was the Bar Tender at some Bo-Honk Road side Saloon along the Hiway , Screamer if I remember right .
Though , it may have been some other Woman in that area that was the Screamer .

Red headed Angie was a Groaner , some other Woman was a Moaner ,,,

and another Angie from another Time , ,,, uh ,,

never mind , she'll find me and cut me if I tell about her .
10-09-2017, 08:36 AM #1,014
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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And so ,,,

I never did ask nor figure out what exactly Angie's Real Story was , where in hell does a Woman get the idea
to hang out under a Bridge

and rock the Pockets of the first Man to show up ?

Thinking Back on other events of like circumstances , I can't recall asking any of them much about anything .
I think they did most of the asking , I just mostly answered with slick ass lies ,,

kinda a Pretense to Offense in a Defense of my ambience .

You know , that way we have to defend those secrets we'd rather forget we own .

Morning Broke , up and rolling to Coffee is all my mind can focus upon , Angie ?

well , she's a Natural Red Head ,,, and Morning Person evidently , to match any time of Day in
her need of Sex .

She's not a Happy when I refuse service , but her moods aren't exactly something I rent for enjoyment ,
so I tough Guy the situation with ::::

" Headed South , if ya want , you're welcome to ride to the Road House with me and I'll
splurge a Coffee for ya "

She wanted

so I took her with , Coffee turned into the Most expensive Breakfast on the Menu , I guess she thought
She'd get the Best of Both Worlds , Free Sex and a Breakfast fit for a Queen,,, for FREE .

SOME <----<< key word there ,,, Some Women who know my Reputation , claim that I use women for
their Bodies ,
Usually the Trailer Park White Trash make that stupid statement ,

Truth known , Women would look at me , glance to my Crotch , walk up and open up
with some line they'd been using to get laid .

I can Honestly state , I never had a need to pick up on women , I just Hang , even on a street , and
they see what they want and grab at it , I've turned down more then most Men ever get lucky with .

Just life Man .
Brag ?
Pfft , like I need to , it's the Story Man , it happens as it Happens , I just tell it .

so that out of the Way .

As we ate this Breakfast , my mind kept slipping back to how the hell was I going
to Escape this Energy absorbing Woman , Slip out and go if she uses the Bathroom ?

Give her a few bucks and ask her to run in the Gas Station and get some smokes ,
and while she's inside the Station , Roll off Fast ?

Angie leans over and asked : " We going all the way to L.A. ? "

WE ?!!!!

FEKK !!!!!
10-10-2017, 08:51 AM #1,015
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:9,990 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011
~~~ Perpetual opportunities ~~~~ on an Open Road ~~~~~~

Move over Wind

let this child swing
on in

Roll on Sky
I got to get on by

Mind's been holding me Back
For Far too long

stuck to a Track
and Man
you just know that's Wrong

Open Door to destiny
Now let me go
so I can Run Free

Conductor out of the Way
I'm off this dead end train
Running a one way game
and on my way
Tomorrow say what it may
But it won't be like today
like all the rest
all the same

I see it's coming
and bringing Something

Tomorrows Coming
with it ,, sure to be
bringing loving

Dark Car , last in line
escape your bars
escaping for good
this time

Rolling ever on
gonna find out
what the rest of the World's
really ,,,, all about

Where I'm going I don't know

but any where gotta be better
then this Stale old show

Standing still has it's end
and for this here child
Life's now , going to begin

New sights
I'm going to see
New life is breathing
inside of me
New Road running on
into forever
like this life's song
where it goes
Bound to be
far far better

Where I'm rolling to
I can't say

Just rolling out
no direction known
just move on
into any day

Can you see me ?

if not
then it's working ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Seeds for thoughts , born of Desires , are always FREE !
10-10-2017, 09:41 AM #1,016
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Through that Mist
came a shadow of you

in this dreams Gist
related those Tales
of love so true

I can't miss you more
and I'm not all that strong
when you're not around anymore
and it's not the same as before
all is never right ,
when your gone
it's just wrong

Spare me the Pain
of missing you
come back home
Your Bottle of Rain
awaits beside me
waiting here for you

Purest Life's Blood
in a Bottle
just as pure
as my love of you

~~~~ Wait it out ~~~~~~~~~
12-19-2017, 09:57 PM #1,017
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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No , I didn't write it ,, I lived it by my Nature

Kisses ,,

( click pic to enlarge )

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12-20-2017, 12:28 AM #1,018
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:9,990 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011
~~~ It's kinda one of those Stories where the Hero is a Heroine with a 'Tude ,
so when the Epilogue rolls Up , listen to it , so you don't misconstrue the Gestalt ~~~

No matter what time you arise in the Morning ,no matter whom you believe yourself to be ,,
it's always Too Early , and you're always just another Schmuck Stuck in the Muck .

Days never really begin when you awake , hell , you couldn't start a good toilet flush if some other

schmuck hadn't designed , made and installed it for you ,,, right ? Fekk Yes Right .

And so , my point is , in concerns of you in a Personal meaning , your Life amounts to just about

the space you take up on an already way over crowded for space ,,, piece of Dirt .

All the Glorious Positive light of the Universe ,,, does NOT Shine on your Ass big Boy , so sit down ,

shut the fekk up, and read silently as I write .

~~~ Begin : She's in the area of 5'2" with Gorgeous Doe Soft Blue Eye's and Cheeks so sweet that
I can Taste them in any Dream , no matter how long ago I dreamed it .

Even her name envisions Beauty , ( No actual real name is to be used , she's reading this )

There's some time stamp to where we first met , it's way earlier than She recalls , so we'll begin

at the point she does remember , that's 1971 , Early in the Year , I believe it was my Birthday Party ,

which would be late Feburary ,, so it's a cold night , and to heat life a bit ,

Romance is for sure on my Hippie Mind .

How we met ?
I open a Door , not the Door to my Home , my friends home , he threw the Party , I just served
as Greet the newbies for that one time .

Levis 501's , Converse Sneaks , Penellton Flannel Shirt over a Thin Cotton Laced Top , dressed to Kill she was .

Packing a small paper bag with a Liter of " Boon's Farm Berry Wine " under her Arm , and clinging to it like
some Wino was behind her eyeing it for a snatch .

Instant fekking full fallen in love , hit me through my Heart and into my Spine .

~~~ Trips ,, everything has the ability to Melt ~~~~
12-20-2017, 12:33 AM #1,019
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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You'll need a Picture to gain a feel of what she looked like ,

try this one .
Hope it helps your imagination .

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
12-20-2017, 12:42 AM #1,020
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:9,990 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011
Ok , so at that moment we first looked into each other's eyes ,

I wasn't wearing one of the plastic Bracelets for out patients from the Asylum , Those they give out as weekend
passes and special occasions like family Funerals .

Nope ,,, not wearing it that night ,,, cause ,

I didn't have one , I was NOT an outtie , I was an escapee , went under the Fence , just to be different ,

all other escapees had gone OVER the Fence or out in a Trash Bin .

I hate being a copy-cat , I'm an Innovator Man , like , Invent something new type person

so , I trenched for two nights to get under that Fence .

Lot of work just to feel special , I understand that . But hey man , I'm just me ,,,, ya know ?

She could tell instinctively that there was something a bit odd about me ,,, but ,,

without a Bracelet to make it clear as to what that Oddness was ,,, she wasn't positive on how or what .

She would never find out for sure , hasn't yet ,,,, even now .

That's why I'm writing this , she has the right to know .

here , have another Hottie Pic

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