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BIGFOOT ! nice perfume , and the Fractal
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UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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I agree with you on one thing Roger, that we are doing it all to ourselves.
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Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~ Continue ~~~~

For the reason , that my reasoning with people whom engage in speaking of talking to
Mystic Entities , are some what suspect ,, I desired to ignore the dialog that just
whisp by between us , and instead attempt to muse upon a way to
fight off this overwhelming feeling of captivation her spell was drenching me in .

Angie gave a snuggle into my Neck and again I faltered , it's not about to work , I'm
not going to muster enough strength internally to fight off the Natural urges ..

I'm Baked in ,

" Ok Hon , um, These Angels were here , Right ?'

" Oh you don't have to believe me Rog' let's just snuggle , ok ? "

whew ,, thanks

" But you talk just like them , especially when you try to be sweet to me , just like 'em "

" They left before I got here , or are they still around Angie ? "

" We could hear you stop above on the Bridge , they turned and went back through the Mirror thing , that's
their Portal thing , I call it the Looking Glass , like Alice , ya know , through the Looking Glass ? "

She had to go and sigh along my throat , damn it , this Woman's power , she knew well her power and
exactly in what doses and when to use it on a man "

" Let me up a sec , Put some fuel on this fire "

Even feet away from her , I could feel her holding me ,, I don't mean touch , I mean her ,,,

I turned back to her , Eyes ,, " Angie , ,,, "
She pulled my face to hers with both hands on my Cheeks , kissed , long ,,
then said : " I want to make love , can we talk after please ?"

Fog was all that was left of weather from the Storm ,, we didn't try to rise , laid together , her into my Chest ,
she whispered something I knew I was afraid to hear clearly , I just laid there , didn't answer ,,
she turned her cheek up to mine ,,,
" I think I sure do love you Mr . "

Panic for a second , I rolled up onto Angie looking into those Angel Eyes ,
" Sure you'll get past this when I leave , Angie , you know that's true for either of us , and I can't stand
to think I'd Leave you and you'd hurt inside over us ,, and Hon ,,

she shushed me , nibbled my Adam's Apple then kissed down my Neck and chest ,, " Rog' , please ? "

Rog' we got now , the Moment , Let's not think beyond that , anything can happen ,, please ? "

Logic , this time my own being used on me by a Woman I'd never known , but should have always Known .

Tracks of Chills running up and down my spine , caused by her finger tips in slow strokes ,,

" I'm Gonna be Married if I don't find a way to stop us " was a Banner across my inner eye ,, shït .
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UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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Seems to me you are missing the intimacy within relations, but also missing the trust and commitment...you are musing on relationships that are non-existent and will never be existent. With relationships Roger, you got to get down and dirty and stick with it.
01-03-2018, 09:36 AM #1,054
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Angie : " You're thinking too much again sweetheart , please , in the moment , ok ? '''
" We can work out whatever later ,,, Rog', we have now , please stop , it's spoiling what we have for right now "

There's a Dance every Mind will perform when it doesn't wish to listen to itself on matters that
the Soul wishes to experience ,,,

The Dance of Avoidance ,
My Mind was Deep into that Dance , twirling ,, spinning ,, back stepping , chicken Flips with Luscious Lips .

I let go ,, Angie was so me when I'm wrapped tight in Passion , and ,,, I was being too much ass without
a bit of Ground to stand on ,,,

She was pure in her reasoning , hell , we could be or do anything ,,, My Vow to remain unattached was
for my own good as well as any lady I may become involved with ,,

Frick if It wasn't something I could break , my outer Mind was attempting over ride my Inner Being ,
with no good reason to even try .

a Vow ?

~~~~~ Taste the River in the Sky ~~~~
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Cynicalabsurdance Member
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In less time than it has taken me to brush the Tears from my eyes , we'd fallen in love .

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Cynicalabsurdance Member
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We're packed , Angie mounts the Bike , no plan , just roll , I mention I was headed southbound ,,
and was that fine ?
Lips up to my ear : " barely alive Rog' , I'm almost out of body with Joy for us to just continue together ,, take
me somewhere Cowboy "

heh heh , I giggled but as well felt the elation of my Soul through my smile ,

!20 or so miles South of that Bridge where we met , I rented us a Motel Room , more because
we both needed to shower , Rather than to rest , Damn sure we were riding on Hyper Elation , and energy levels
were spiked ,,,
we may have been able to do another 5000 miles if time allowed , we were too alive to require Rest .

In the Shower , I lifted her eyes to mine ,

" You've fallen in love with me ,, "

Angie tipped her forehead into my Chest ,,, : " Mmmmm ,,, Hmmmm ,,, you're falling too ,,, in your eyes ,,,
you love me Rog' ? "

Take that Shot down a Twenty Minute Drop into an Instant Love ,,, and no sight in your eyes exist but Her ,
nothing your heart can say or do ,, it belongs to her ,,,

Helpless ,, and you don't mind at all , scared a little , too fast and you know you haven't put enough guard up ,,

this could Hurt You , you could Hurt her Heart ,, GUILT will get you if you do , so you trim your actions
to ensure you do NOTHING to cause her Heart to Hurt ,,,

You can't Hurt her , you'd die before you'd let that happen .

Scary it is man ,,,
If you've never been on that Precipice ,,, That one in which you love so hard that it scares you that
you may cause her pain ,,, it's an Unreal World to fly in .

Into my eyes , seeking , then , a slight smile of reassurance comes into her features ,,, She Knows .

Out at the Pool , playing , underwater sneaks on each others parts , surfacing Laughing into
Hysteria ,, embracing ,,, LOVE .

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Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Not easily understood by people who've never fallen rapidly in love with someone ,
and then became scared that You'd Hurt their Hearts , Break their Hearts ,,,

Usually , we are rather concerned about our own hearts being broken ,, and then ,, theirs ,,

Damn selfless Soul of mine , I'm always so frightened I'd be the cause of a Love experiencing
a Broken Heart ,,
sometimes I am Different in small ways , other times ,, So Different that I doubt I belong to the Human Species .

That hit like a Hurricane ,
I turned to Angie ,,,

" Hon , GOD ,, I'd Die if I hurt you "

Tears filled all eyes in the World ,,,
she just grabbed hard , held ,,, and ,,, let my words be alone inside her .

moments we held ,, breathing into each other our Love ,,,
in time , she looked up into my eyes again ,,,

" Want us to stay together ? I do ,,, but ,, do you ? "

I took her down onto the Bed , deep kissed , raised away a bit ,,,

" We're melding into one , we're not losing us to anything , Love me now "

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Fatima Incognito Anonymous
(03-18-2013, 04:48 AM)Cynicalabsurdance Wrote:  NOTE : This thread is a culmination of excerpts from books that are in the process of
being written , I am the author .

These are not as yet copyrighted ,

Summer 1986 , Eel River , Village of Redway . Humbolt County California

~~~~~~~ The Suburban , Kaylem , The Rog', and Oscar B. Bigfoot ~~~~~~~~~~~

On the Road with Kaylem the Wild Child Girlfriend , we stopped into Garberville Calf.
to visit some friends , ,,,

the Batshit Crazy , too much Hair type friends ,
only a well heeled Bong could Love .

For privacy ( Cause, Kaylem is WILD,, and a screamer,
((((her resume' ends with::: Former experience : Nympho)))) )

and given there's gonna be dramas in our Pajamas
and to not give our host the Hots,,

We decided we would camp on the River
instead of impose on friends for a stay over .

It's a little Past Sundown ,, and the shadows are leaning horizontal on their way to sleep.

I'm up on the front seat jamming a Grateful dead tape in the player,,
( 1976 vintage, favorite year for the Dead )

Kaylems in the Back of the Suburban,

with a mini-maglite in mouth looking in a knapsack for zuu zuu's
( Hippie Snacks , like a Snickers Bar or other candy, chips , cookies )

We are 15ft. off the bank of the river which is 40 feet wide at this point ,,

across from us is a steep slope that ends in a drop off of 15 ft.

A Scream like a Rhino  stepped on his nut's ,, rings out shattering the peace,,

a Crashing of Branches and bushes comes ripping down the slope ,,,

and this Dark Blob of something comes flying off the Bluff ,, SPLAT ,, roll ,, thump,, stop .

To my right ,, Kaylem's face pops up
( Gawd she was naturally Beautiful ),,
eye's staring like a drunk's  when his bottle hits dry ,,,,,,

What was that Rog ?

Thing on the ground over there came off that Bluff
the scream i think was13.gif a Mountain Lion ,, I think ?


The THING stood up about 10 feet tall ,, 80 or so feet from us ,,

Kaylem (while i stare stupid) say's under her breath " Bigfoot ,,,, ! "

This Dark Shaggy Bastard takes about 3 strides and right up a small wash it climbs back
up the slope and into the woods with a limp ,, branches and small trees bending ,,

Just before it went up the wash ,, it turned and looked straight through the windshield
at us ,,, Kaylem pulled her head back and sat toward the Back of the Burb

( note : More correct to state : Kaylem jerked her Body back midair to the back of the Suburban )

Kaylem : "Your Gun Rog' ?

Rog' : " It's here Hun, no need ."

Kaylem : "Uh Rog' ( a bit more panic in the Voice )  Can we leave please ?

Rog' : " I'm Moving now sweet-cheeks ,, be calm ,, ok ? you find those Club Crackers ?

Kaylem : " Calm ?! gaah.gif PLEASE ! My thighs wet dude ,, I pissed myself ,,,

Rog' : " Got it going,, lay down it's gonna be rough kiddo ,,,

(Suburban runs over something ): bounce bounce,,,,,, BAM !,,, bounce

Kayle : "what was that ?

Rog' : That,,,,,, Little one ,, was a boulder ,, if it wasn't dead,, ,, it is now

Panic has a pace ,, and your heart falls right in step ,,

mine was beginning to out step panic about 3 to 1 ,,,

Kaylem's had seem to pass me on the right ,,, no turn signal on , and fell in ahead of mine

( Note to the Heart Cops : Statute of limitations ran out , her heart BEAT you , no ticket , and ğck off bleh.gif )

There's a steep climb out of the River Bed and this part of the road is rutted badly ,,

Full blown Bozo on the Pedal describes nothing compared

a tight hairpin near the top with a bluff on the left ,,ğck ,, forgot about that

spun the wheel and let the Burb drift the turn ,,
spun it back for the straight and shifted up to second from a downshift for the turn ,,

slippery hands from the sweat,,,
and the wheel left my minds acceptance ,, fucker ,,

we're going over the edge when a deep rut takes control and shoves the Burb to the right saving us a descent  ,, shït yeah yay.gif

ğck ,, wipe palms and up and over the hump for the Redway Hiway ,,

we make the road , hook right and make it to Garberville ,,

Kaylem has a habit of laughing after the fear subsides , and this will be scaled per
amount of fear she just experienced ,,

No ear wax remained when she had finished this one

As an Outdoorsman , with enough crazy in me to a Grizzly Bear's Nutz, I'm not too
often freighted by much ,,,

Well , this was not a case of MUCH

it was a case of shït and soak your socks ,,TOO MUCH gaah.gif

We took a Forest Service Road North and parked , this time Kaylem waited for me to get in the back in Bed before she would climb over the seat and into bed ,,

There, after a few moments she spoke ,,,

Kaylem : " Rog' ?

Rog' : " Yes ,,,, what is it,,,, desire of my loins ? chuckle.gif

Kaylem : " Shut up , this is serious ,,

Rog' : " Ok , You can use that Bush , I'll stand Guard ,, wipes are on the dash girl ,,,,

Kaylem : " Fucker ,, listen ,, I think that was Oscar back there ,,,

~~~~~~~~~ Oscar, Dead Falls , Widow Makers , tight lips ~~~~~~~~

Across the River near where we were camped is an old wooden bridge ,,,

cross that, and top out the rise, go a quarter mile and on the right is a Ranch Style on 20 acres,,,

the front is a Pasture , and between it and the River is an Apple Grove,,

Living there is the sweetest of ladies with 3 kiddies, a teenage boy and two of the Cutest
cuddle bunny little sisters ,,

Her Name is Angela , close friends call her Angel-lips ( and they are , i've Kissed them,
kinda where my Halo came from )

Anyhoot ,, we run into Annie at the Laundry ,, and Kaylem points her out to me ,,

Kaylem : "Rog',, that's Angel ,, she's the lady with that orchard , where Oscar eats ,,

Anne stands 5 foot too sexy in bare bones and has a Giggle , makes you think of
Butterfly Tinkle on Chrystal Bells ,,,

She smiles over at us ::::::

Annie : " Hey Honey ,, your back ,, good road story to tell ?

( Kaylem is a local )

Kaylem Back to Annie : " Hi Angel ,, yeah ,,, this Mudder fricker Picked me up in L.A. ,, we been Boinkin up the coast Hiway-one ,,, and in Big Sur , he got Poison Oak on the Back of his Sack ,, tee hee

Rog': KAYLEM !  She's making that up Ang" ,, it was only on the bottom ,,not the whole sack

Kaylem :what's up with Oscar Ang' ?

Annie' : Kaylem ,,, !!!!( flips her thumb my way ) uh ,, loose lips girlfriend ,, know what sayin'

Kaylem : "Oh,, Rog' is cool ,, he's a secret agent ,, heh heh

~~~~ Oscar and Annie's Story ~~~~~~~~~

Anne was  out hanging the Christmas lights one year ,, maybe 15 years before this ,,

She noticed some prints in the Snow going across the pasture ,, she looked about ,,

and there stretched out below an Apple Tree was a Bigfoot eating Dead-fall apples off
the ground ,,,rotted one's ,, TASTY !

She ran inside , grabbed her Son and went in the bedroom grabbed her Rifle , came
out to the living Room and watched this Bigfoot snack down ,, clearing the ground .

Anne kept this Secret from everyone but her sister for years ,,,

They Named the Big Boy Oscar because his manners were like Oscar Madison's of
the Odd Couple

That Day at the Laundry ( While Kaylem took a coin op shower ) Anne told me the story of Oscar ,,,

She asked I not speak of it outside the valley for she feared Hunters would come after her buddy Oscar ,,,

Been said : You only go round once in life ,,,, Kaylem proved that wrong for me ,,

Certain times , we went several times a round ,,, rested and resumed ,, bet 8 times at least on some
occasions ,,, ah youth ,,

She's still there in Garberville,,

I see her every now and again , some times more often ,,( I am Celibate and we no longer go a-round or eight )

Oscar is believed to still be gleaning Anne's Apples,

for the ground around her Orchard seems to never have dead falls on it ,,,

and I am still on the Road ,,, but I wouldn't be ,,,

for Once up on The Tetons , Leaning against an Old Growth,,

my Guardian Angels stopped a Widow Maker  from crushing me ,,

I no longer lean against  Old Growth,,

not during a high Wind .

Next , The Stench that stopped my breath dead
I no understand what's this story about??
I read a little bit
No understand
I read a little bit
I sleep
Now wake up.. Obrigado !!"
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Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~ Some Song ~~~

Didn't you see me
down on my Deck

I believe you had headlights
on your brow
with broken hearts
screwed into your Neck

Laughing ...
laughing with cursed smirk

and wasn't that your Mother
the one from Desperation Road

sure looked like her
the way she sunk her Dirk

In all the Blabbing that you do
One would think you
knew your Business

but turns always ,,
that your just a Jerk

Was it me ,
that mentioned Suicide
or some other Man on the road
perhaps ,,
a rider at your side ?

Matters not
and don't make that known

for invasion sits there watching you
drooling blood upon the Stone

and just when you think
you've made it good your escape
he snatches you back
from he seat on high
High upon his Throne

Now Take this Placid Morning
run deep within the Wood
Be however mindful
to heed this warning
it will all come to not a bit of Good ,,,

Really ?
Is that a Smile or a Grin
The eye's of lesser beings
shine every time
you commit a Sin ??????

Be well all you merry Gentlemen
as you drink your due
Roll your money tight
Influence people
mindful making a friend
cause just as dreams
Nightmares as well come True

Dust Bowl Days
and Windless Mindless Nights
all too stoned in so many ways
you'll only fall ,,,,
Fall with all your Might

I recall the day after yesterday
recall all the nuts and bolts
but I can't seem to remember
you at all
otherwise I'm sure
you'd have received each and every
one of every bodies Votes

Now take this Hand
screw it back upon that wrist
don't remove any Parts
other than those
that we can turn and twist ,,,

Bring me ,,,

I see you got that one
that came inside that Box
Be proud to own it now
hide it with your socks
and when the Buzzards come
to take all you have saved
just remember ,,,
you'll be gone and Laughing
laughing from your Grave

Three Button Pullover
in a Bind or was it a twist
wrung from above
covered in love
hung out to Cry

Just be sure before you go
to reach up and Touch the Sky

cause ,, last you'll see of it
for hell bound you are
on that day that you Die ,,,

Scream Bloody
Scream silent as a sigh

scream with all your Might
scream out your mind
For ,,,on that day
it's then ,,
that Finally you'll
learn to Fly

Da Da da doooo
isn't a wonder
how and why they
come for you

In a Cage on a Night
so dark you couldn't find
your heart
and almost all your Mind
left to Roam Dauntless
and Thoughtless
through the Void
of your own making
you can't dance
when your Laughing from the Grave ,,,,

It's a Strange way
to call on me
show up without invite
Then stand without a word
to say
Like a sneak
a Sneak ,,,in the night

So , with all good intent
we replaced you with Machinery
for we see your reasons spent
tired and worn through
even some say
you're a little Bent
so ,,
retire to the Scenery
of forest Grove and ,,,

Seems we have a Talent
for creating a Gestalt
seems you're the undercurrent
of everything ,,,,
it's all my Fault .

~~~~ Tombstone Blue Eyes ,, draining sorrows in the Rain ~~~~~

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(03-19-2013, 06:23 AM)Shadow Wrote:  reading.gif wow.

How's it going eh?

~Political Correctness is an Infringement of Free Speech!
~When a Gun Culture Fails, A Rape Culture Prevails!
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Cynicalabsurdance Member
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be back in a bit , meanwhile , hold this Pickle for me , it's for the Monkey .

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100 year old Feminist Lover , see pic for details

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Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Seems the least we could do ,,,
01-04-2018, 06:54 PM #1,064
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Ghost Story ,,, right ?
time to write it I guess ,

have a Banjo Pic

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Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~~~~~ Continue on ~~~~~~~~~~

"""" " We're melding into one , we're not losing us to anything , Love me now " """"""""""

Seconds , grow like Wild Wood Weeds during a Kiss , ever pay attention to that ?

Kisses are awesome like that , They're just good people , always causing pleasure for
your Lip's Satisfaction .

Kisses are Selfless Fun Bunnies with Fluffy Tails that last way long even after they're gone ,
I mean , I can still feel my first Kiss with my First Girlfriend ,, and , the smell of the Candy Bar
I bribed her with to get that Kiss from her .

Angie was a lover of Long Kisses , Match , for I as well , will Kiss while holding my breath until we both pass out .

Stopped at a Red light , Her hugged tight to me from behind on the Bike , I'd turn lips her way ,,
Kiss until the Light changed twice at the very least ,
Get Dizzy and almost topple us off the Bike .

Ever try that ?
if not , get busy , it's worth every drop of slobber Man .

What I do while engaged in such , I Picture a Bright Full Moon over the Ocean , and we're swinging in a Hammock ,,
small waves of pure white Foam slipping up close on our feet just inches above them .

or ,,,

I picture dropping the Kisses down her Neck to her ,,

well , as far as I can bend actually .

We're at a light on Main Street Santa Rosa Calif . Kiss has lasted through two green lights and we're close on a third ,

Wa Wooo , siren , flashing Red and Blue lights , then , both cut off , we look left , Cop is Thumbs up to us ,

Ha Haa , funny , Female Cop was acknowledging us with her approval .

Kisses do that , they cause People to instantly smile , even if the kiss is between another couple ,
I can't help but smile at their Kissing and feel happy for them .

We're taking our Kissable Lips a bit South down to Santa Cruz to visit some Hippie Friends of mine ,
Angie's loving the Ride , she said been a couple years since she'd been on the back of a Bike for
a long ride like this , missed it , and Me ? well , My precious Cargo back there ,,, need I say ?

She had these delicious hard candies in her Jacket Pocket , every 10 miles or so , her thin fingers
would slip along my lips and pop one onto my tongue ,, big smiles flash with the dancing sunlight off
my Handle Bars ,
almost as though Magic Elves were so happy we got together , and they were adding a light show to our
Movie in Life , we're in every scene , and all of them Ecstatically Charged , we're writing a script to
beat the Classics ,,, Roll over Casablanca , Humphry's got a a much better Cameo for this role .

Whatever Scene would you ask to last forever , I'd compliment you if it was one as this , for, Epic Moments
can indeed last all your life , if you hold them as Precious as they are .

I just relived it myself , so true that .

Angie in Pic , not really , but close enough to pretend .

~~~~ Probably a Splinter , but , could be that Needle from the Haystack ~~~~~

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