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BIGFOOT ! nice perfume , and the Fractal
01-14-2018, 06:37 PM #1,081
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Inspiration ,

Create ?
why else would you even be in this Physical Plane ?

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01-14-2018, 07:31 PM #1,082
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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" Where do you find the Time ? "

Ahem , like time is different for each of us ?

It's all in the way you use your Time , isn't it ?

Yepper , Time remains the same for everyone .

Different am I ? well , judging by the way my time is used , oh yes indeed , I'll take that Compliment , thank you .

2002 unto 2006 , I used my spare time repairing this old Stone Cabin ,

over the past 12 years ,

Vandalizing Teenagers tore it all apart again .

They probably were influenced , right ?

no inspiration in them , other then destruction ?

Yepper , I'm Different .

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01-14-2018, 08:10 PM #1,083
Octo Mother Superior
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(01-14-2018, 06:37 PM)Cynicalabsurdance Wrote:  Inspiration ,

Create ?
why else would you even be in this Physical Plane ?

Exactly my thoughts
01-14-2018, 08:13 PM #1,084
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~~~ Tildy Song for Spring ~~~~

" Can't help but Feel ,,,,
I need to Fly ,, like a Bird
in that Springtime Sky ,,

Can't hardly wait until ,,, I can ,,

Fly like a Bird ,,, in that Springtime Sky

Winter's White is Fine ,,
it's just that ,, I'm not built for Cold
must free to ease my heart and mind ,,
From a Frozen Sky so dark
it's becoming far too old ,,,,

Oh how I wish I cloud be ,,,
somewhere South on the Sea ,,

Spring , come back to me ,,,
warm my Heart from this Constant Freeze ,,

Chronic cold is all around my Life
I require a Search and Rescue

and if or when it comes

I can only Pray it's you ,,
to carry me away ,,
to warmer hearts melting into
Sunnier days ,,,

Oh how I dream ,,,
of escaping this Weather so Extreme ,,,

Come , take my Hand ,,,
Child rescue me , lead me to that Glory Land ,,,

where Sun Shines all through a Day ,,,
where Ice never builds , but fades ,,, fades away ,,

~~~~ Tildy Approved ~~~~ ( I should think )
01-14-2018, 08:25 PM #1,085
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Forgot to add the Pic for Song
pfft ,,, too cold I guess .

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01-15-2018, 06:16 PM #1,086
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It's a Beautiful Day for something .

No Tuba's please , this is Sax Territory .

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01-16-2018, 08:17 PM #1,087
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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How Silly

let it rest , right ?

still Mad ?


anyway , g'morns folks

coming into Taos New mexico , two things you notice real fast ,

1. too many Cafe's for a small Town

2. Too many Art Galleries and Antique Shops for such a small Town .

There is a Third that you've noticed on your way to Taos N.M. ,,, and it's true in Taos as well ,,,,

Too many Churches .

Leaving Taos , you notice how Beautiful the Terrain is .

and you take it all in
and while you're distracted ,,, you just Hit a Cow in the Road .

Happens to every Tourist .

Animals and Tourist Vehicles have a Deal going .

Mutual Suicide Pact .

Works very well too .

Nice Weather here in Taos today .

Have a look

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01-18-2018, 10:11 PM #1,088
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Shenanigans got me in trouble with her again .

I'm on the shitlist for a while ,,

She deserves to have a good Vent at me .

I'll absorb it for her , gladly ,,

WHOOOOOoooooooooooooo watch it Rog' !

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01-19-2018, 05:13 AM #1,089
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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" And Years later , there would be this looking back , The Cold Black Chill of Regret , would begin

to overwhelm me , and the while , The Sea , a forever view , out there on the Horizon , just a little

lower then the Curvature of the Earth out there , was indeed about how low I'd begin to feel .

Solace possible in any place , but for my choice , it's always been the Sea , with that long sight across
a never ending expanse ,,

It's always distance for me , further I can see without obstruction , the More it causes me to feel hope .

Up off the Sand and above to the Top of the Bluff where it comes to a Jagged Point ,, furthest out

I could get to the Sea without getting wet ,, I sat down ,, Guitar across one Knee ,, play the Lead in for

the Jerry Garcia song : " They Love Each other " ,,, and the Outsiders came crashing up into the Point spraying

up and out away from me as I progressed the chords .

The Voice , first in my head ,,, then ,, came from within and out : " Merry run around , sailing up and down ,,
Lookin' for a Shove in some direction ,,, "

Warm tears , sign I just slipped deep into the groove ,, voice broke as the next verse slid past the choke
in my Voice :::::::::::

" Got it from the Top , it's nothin' you can Stop ,,, Lord ,, don't you know they made a fine connection ,,,""""

Barely mouthed the last word ,, emotional ,, so much in our lives together were defined by those last two words ,,

We made a Fine Connection ,, the break was caused by that memory of how we melded so deeply into one another .

a Fine Connection ,, yes , and so sweetly so .

Slinging the tears loose with a shake of my head ,, gazed out somewhere up or down the Coastline ,,
to something ,, to ,, anything , just to cast the dark shadow off ,, her eyes facing my minds eye and sadness wrapped
a tight grip upon my heart ,,

"Next verse sung almost a screech through the Grief : " They Love each other ,,, Lord you can see that it's true ,,"

and the Past scenes of us together clinging to each other where ever we walked
and how People commented on how in love with each other we must be to always be in each others Arms everywhere
we went ,,,

" Lord you can see that it's True "

and then " He could pass his time , along some other line , but Lord he chose his Place beside Her "

and the cramp in your Gut when the deepest pain strikes , shot Barbed Darts through me .

I think it was then that I stood up ,, swung around semi-circle and back trying to spin the Grief out of My Heart ,,

Began to walk as I strummed ,, ,, couldn't say I saw what ever my eyes looked at in the corporeal ,,,

My Mind was seeing us together , arms around each other as we faced one another and I swung her to and fro
dipping my head down to kiss her cheeks each side as she swung to end point and back ,,
Her Giggles tip toeing through my minds ears ,,, her smile , eyes closed , those long lashes curling with Joy ,,

Yeah , regret .

" I know you're making Noise , I can hear your Voice ,,, we're on a Dizzy Ride ,,, and we're cold sober ,,, They Love each other "

Had to break the Spell Man ,,, I was too close to making the Memory come to life in real time ,,
I wasn't steady enough for this right then ,,, the Loss back then , never really healed ,, I wouldn't let it heal ,
reason being , If it remained , as a reminder , I'd never make that same damn mistake with a Love , ever again .
so it was coming to life for me ,, had to switch out into some other Song .

Some way , I never throw intent into it , I segue into some other song in the same Key ,
not this time ,,

I went to the far reaches and snatched onto the Rolling Stones Song " Salt of the Earth "

" Let's drink to the hard working People ,, lets drink to the Lonely of Birth ,,, raise a Glass to the Good and the Evil ,,
Let's drink ,,,, to the Salt of the Earth ,,, "

Upped the Tempo from four/four ,, angst bitching my strum ,, Voice crying to strain the words louder ,,,

Pain had to go ,,

At some point , maybe an hour and a Half ,, I stopped strumming ,,, sat back down on the Point ,,, searching
out to Sea for a Craft or almost anything ,,, searching ,,, no known reason , except it's how I'm Built is all ,,

Just gaze out there ,, nothing interesting out there , that's fine ,, don't think I need a sight to see ,,

you understand what I'm doing when I say ,,, Traveling across that Sea unto some unknown home of Peace ?

We have that , it's Escape Man , we do it all the time ,,, especially doing mundane Task .

" Say a Prayer for the Common Foot Soldier ,,,, Hail His Heart for his Back Breaking Work ,,,, "

Yeah Man , say a Prayer for us unacknowledged Bastards who smooth the Roads ahead of you all ,,

so you don't have to toil for your ,,,

Dreams ,,,

" And So ,,, I can deal with the end of a loving relationship , not well , but ,, in time ,, most of the pain becomes
a little less by and by ,,, a Break up as that ,, yeah , I'll deal eventually heal ,,,

However , This I speak of tonight , was ended by her demise in an Auto Accident ,,,

That type of End ,,, Scars to the Depth of your Soul ,,, and I don't release that .

as I said , as bad as the pain is at times , I keep that to guide my future activities with Loves to come .

Close enough to Be Her

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01-19-2018, 05:52 AM #1,090
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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" Take me to the Station
and put me on a Train ,,,,

For I have no Expectations ,,

to pass ,,,,
through here ,,, again "

Rolling Stones : " No Expectations "

There's a Verse in it : Your Heart is like a Diamond ,,, you throw your Pearls at Swine ,,,

and as I watch you leaving me ,,,, you pack my Peace of Mind ,,,,, "

and then : " Our Love was like the Water ,,,
that splashes on a Stone ,,,

our Love is like our Music ,,, it's Here ,,, and then ,,,, it's Gone ,,,,, "

Ok , you really got to open up wide to the Surrealistic Perception to Gain the Metaphor in those verses .

Ok , this for the Male readers ::::::::::::

You are going to cause your love to wonder : " Am I just something that will do until somebody else comes along ? "

You damned well better get that Bunnyhead of yours out of your asses Man ,

Grab that Lady by the Hand , walk in some place naturally beautiful with her ,, the two of you alone ,

and as scared as you are to say it man ,,, Let her Know what your desires are for your Relationship ,
let her Know how and what you feel ,, and feel those words man ,,

Tell her of her Value and meaning in your life.

You big brave Bonehead son of a Bitch , Get past your Fear to open your sensitivities to her .

Open that Freaked out Heart that's scared to talk to her ,,

Her desire to know is strong in her ,, and she's asking you , but your afraid of her words because " YOU "
FEAR opening up and exposing your Heart to Her .

It's your Fear that will Rob Her and You as Lovers Man .

Get Past that Pansy Bullshit , Be the Man you want everybody and yourself to believe you are .

Yeah Man , I'm your Gawd Damned Relationship Councilor , I earned that Degree by experience in so many varied
relationships in Levels not many have known .

Regret later Man , you will , and your Fear stopped you from being a Man with Your Lady .

Have another gawk at a Pic , She's trying to See into you because She Values Highly the Love
between you .

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01-19-2018, 06:44 PM #1,091
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Whoa , Trippy Stuff ,,,

I wonder which of the Aliens in my Head wrote those above .

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01-20-2018, 01:52 AM #1,092
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1974 again

Lisa and Rog'

from above storyline , Lisa .

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01-20-2018, 01:55 AM #1,093
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1974 , part time money , selling flowers on the Blvd .

for get her name ,


Valery ,,, Val ,,,, shït , memory ?

I think that's her name ,,

44 years , i remember her well , that Mole behind her left Ear , her Lisp ,
Birthmark right Hip
bony knuckles when she punch me while playing and teasing .

and where I bought her that Top she's wearing down in Manhattan Beach .

but Her name ?

it's either Valery or Gina , they both looked similar ,

Grrr .

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01-20-2018, 11:07 PM #1,094
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" So , you're waiting in a Treeline along some Bug infested Drainage in a Third World Shithole that was

forsaken by Western Civilized Accouterments , for the reason it lacked any Discernible Profits in what

Natural resources it may have ,

You're about 150 yards from the Tarmac where your Transport Plane is having it's Brake Lines repaired .

Aboard that Craft is exactly one Ton of Cocaine .

You're a Sky Pirate and Captain of the Craft .

Sweat in this Tropical Humidity , swatting carnivorous Buzzard size Flies , and Lights of Vehicles coming
your direction are Showing up on the Mountain side across the Landing Strip from you .

Two Six-By's filled with Federalies on their way to investigate this Plane which has landed without clearance .

" Excedrine Moment " Theme song begins to thump the inside of your Cranium , with the Bass set at 11 ,,
Throat tightens as you strain to gulp ,,,

" FEKK ! " sounds out from behind you , co-Pilot , and you think : " and I talked him into this shït "

Unknown to you at the moment , I'm standing outside a Black Benz where I've been engaged in surveying your Troubles .

I'm here for one of your Passengers , not you nor your load , I'm more than angry with you , my second mind has

visioned up ways to cause your demise , One of which involves a Road Side Flare stuffed up your ass and lit , while

you struggle in your Bindings , fitting I think to myself , should be amusing to watch .

For what you deserve done to you , I doubt enough Pain could be delivered before you'd succumb and die .

Federallies arrive and snoop you and Passengers out of your hiding , bring you to the Tarmac throwing all

of you prostrate on the Macadam next to your Craft ,, I spit , they tossed her down hard ,, brutal to her , kicking her ribs

every few minutes , screaming over her ,, I think of the Tannerite in the Trunk of the Benz ,, Blow these Pukes straight to Hell .

After the fourth kick she received , and fifth Cigarette I've smoked , Time to bust up the Party ,

I move forward , long purposeful direct stride , Head up , back straight , authoritative smug countenance exuding out

and announcing my Intent to be respected .

Directly up against the Barrel of an Hk 91 , I look the underling in his Black eyes , in Spanish I spit : " Kick me Bitch "

His sneer , like this child could intimidate me , he attempts to growl some Threat and I slap his Rifle barrel aside

stepping into him " KICK ME ! " as I slap him almost to his knees spinning him , then kick his Rifle out of his Hands .

The others barge my direction when the Major Halts them , " Quien Es ? "

Badge in my hand U.S. Intel , one comes with me , back them off , or find yourself a Plot to bury yourself in "

He approached , I turn and close the space between , " One here comes with me , the rest is for you , plane , people ,
the load . Gringa is mine .

I call her name while staring him down , Get up , walk to me NOW, come HERE !

She Hesitated a second , worried they'd shoot her ,

I command her again " NOW , MOVE RIGHT NOW ! "

She jerked , then slowly as if waiting for the Bullet to hit her ,, stood and at first with slow steps , began walking toward me .

" FAST , NOW ! " She ran at me , I caught her , her eyes wide unbelieving , " Rog' ? ,, what are you doing here ?
" How ,,, what,,, ??? "

I grab her pulling her into me : " Black Benz , back passenger Door , get in , shut and lock the door , lay down on the
floorboard , stay down "

I hand her the mini-mag lite , " Watch the trail , snakes , don't run , don't look back , move fast but steady, GO NOW !"

She has 70 yards to cross , we both have less moments for me to maintain Power over this Egoist Mexican Major .

Turning to him , " Senorita is ours , she works for me as an operative , she is U.S. Police , You have a Good Payday here

if you are smart and work it right , keep those Pilots alive and they'll make you Much more Money than what's on the Plane ,
work this right , you're set for life , contest me , your Boss will have you dismembered for his Gator Hunts "

" I have to call ,,"
I cut him off , : " Listen , don't talk , I'm helping you , call and fekk it all up for yourself , here's my contact device ,
you call me in 48 hours for instructions , you'll be rich , or ,, Gators "

" Good Night Major "

at my signal ,the driver sped the Benz over to me , jumping in the back when he hit the door locks ,
I smacked her ass , stay down , it ain't over yet "

Driver spun 180 and hit it for the Road ,, I listened for the smashing glass of the rear window , didn't happen ,,,
we made it out ,, .

" Gawd Dammit , you pitched your Pearls for this shït , and your Pearl has to come get your ass out of it ! "

" Feel good about the way you dumped me for this Travelogue of Cocaine Stains ? "

She stared at the floor , shook her Head ,, and wept .

~~~ Fekk Wheaties , I was Born Strong "

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01-21-2018, 06:42 PM #1,095
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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" There behind the Soda , to the side of last nights Potato Salad , The Vial of Liquid Happy sits "

Supposing your intent was to find yourself through this outside source , Can we intimate that you've

in some delusional state , decided for yourself that you've lost yourself and are now forced to Journey

into a Drug enhanced alter Realm where you believe the " You " that is lost , may be found and resurrected ,

and then , only then , can you continue your Life in Total Happiness and Bliss ?

Hmmm ,, ?


Sit down and Listen to the Tale as the Teller Tells it .

His own story , is not so far misaligned from yours , that you'll never be capable of picking out
the Golden Fruit residing there .

I've been privy to as many Nightmares as any , prostrate upon hard surfaces , denied Happiness , Failures ,
and The Rust of Shiny Objects not obtained .

Darkness in every corner and No Known Door out of the Trap .

Granted , we all have Foundations that have experienced shattering assaults .

Granted we've all been more than just a smite confused at times in our lives .

Some , Brutalized by close Family Members even .

I'll grant any possibility in the Arena of Torture of the Soul in a World Run seemingly Cruel .

However , I have never met a Drug I'd want for a Mother .

There is damage , there is pain , there are those who love to drive other people insane .

That's a Given , and yes , in my life , much of that has been projected directly at me .

The Voices in the Background of the Mind are cruel little Bastards that await an opening to pounce
upon you .

Mmm Hmmm ,, I do understand that process .

How to stop the Voices of the Dark side of your Mind ?

Well , farthest from a cure , is using Drugs .

~~~~~ Where She Danced ~~~~~~

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