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BIGFOOT ! nice perfume , and the Fractal
02-13-2018, 12:34 AM #1,156
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Quote ::::::

Sailboat shot through a Bottle of Rain . Metaphor

Meaning :
Bottle of Rain gathered by a Lover for His Lover , purest Water possible ( Life's Blood and Love's Life )
( Giver of life , giving life to the love in Purest Form , representing his love as purest Love possible )
Gathered slowly with Patience , with the Lover in his Heart and Mind .
Water , Transitory from mist , cloud , steam , and back into it's form , representing Transformation
of the Love as it grows , turns and returns Eternally through all obstacles and joyous moments combined .
( Represents the Value of the Love between quantified )
Sailboat = Carried on the Wind unto Paradise , Free to be as Love Stains the Wind before their Sails ,
to carry on to infinity The Journey of Love between .
Through Calm and Storm , the conveyance prevails ,
He loves her , His Heart Desires the most valuable gifts for her .

Enjoy the Love Between .

( Text above written years ago , into hand made and animated Card as I waited for the Bottle to fill )

The Gift you make for her , the Love , This , is how we love .

~~~~~ The story behind the Gift " Bottle of Rain " ~~~~~

try to explain

while alone in The Forest of Colorado
The gift " Bottle of Rain " formed in my mind .
the idea seemed so beautiful .

Hard in words to state , the amount of loving feeling that overwhelmed me as I created the gift .
There's some deeper level , and it's blissful . I felt so much love , all matter around me was
non existent , absorbed with the creating of the gift , her in heart and mind , the love
between us cherished .
in writing the card , i was under that feeling , the words came from that depth of love
my Heart felt .

we were apart for the week , her south in Durango Co. , I outside of Boulder on a Job .
Weekend , drove down , trip to the Hot springs for us to be alone in nature together .

Handing her the gift : " May be best you read it alone , no distractions , I'll be down trail
a ways ,

Moments later , she came down the trail to me , tears , grabbed me , sobbed into my Neck ,
" No Man has ever,,, "
I interrupted with , " shhhhh ,,, just hold me please "

She was feeling that same depth of love between ,

That love created the gift , that love I felt while creating , was put into the Gift ,
the love inside the Gift given , burst into her and just as i had experienced , that love overwhelmed her .

We are all , each of us , very special , we respond with love when given love .
We all have someone in the world , whom we can experience the most intensely deep love with .

When two come together , if it's right for them , they'll have that Love between in their lives .

we are not compatible with just any one , that's a given , when we find someone that is good
at rounding off our hard edges for us in a loving way ,
and we in turn are equipped in like exchange with them ,
when we Love to Feel the Love we create for each other ,
When we feel deep love overwhelm us as we seek to find a way to bring them Beauty in
their lives ,
When they see the love between with the same view from heart and soul .

Then ,,
we make the connection .

The Duality of the Love in that Gift , the Love I felt while creating
the Love created , given , the Love she felt in receiving , over whelming love ,
we all have this gift within .

I had to break down walls to explore it ,
she worked very hard with me to break those walls down , Trusting was the hardest wall
to break through .
once free , strong enough and brave enough , I let my Love inside come out to grow
be alive , live , and easy to give my love , once the walls dissolved .
She as well had her own walls , together , we worked for each other in love of each other .

Transforming together , we freed ourselves and each other of very deep damage done .
we owe a lot to that love between us , it saved our lives .
Fated to meet ?
Unknown , Perhaps the Empathy of each , was the attraction between us .
do we understand what we gained from the love we experienced in our relationship ?
With the Whole of our Hearts

How are we now ?
Grateful .

Happy Valentines Day

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02-13-2018, 05:48 PM #1,157
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Cha Chooo

Chooo eeee

^^^^^ Hey Kiddies ,,, what language is that ?
02-13-2018, 08:53 PM #1,158
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Out my Window
below the trees
there ,
the stream does flow

Somewhere under the Rainbow
low with Springs Summer Breeze

Through the Portal , watch me go

Insanity is just another State of Mind
The other states , I can leave well behind

Alaska Doesn't count
I refer to
the other Forty Nine

So when the Station Bell Tolls
and that Big Steam Engine Rolls

I'll be Port Bound for my Ship

She has her Love secure in a Jar
whispers there , across her eyes

another sad Wish
cast upon dying Star
She's lost all care ,
tired of the Lies

I knew we had to change
Pieces lost , must be found

Pieces now to rearrange
some no longer around

I knew the Love could be saved
Picking shattered pieces up
as they fall to the ground

Yes , and so it Often Seems
separation for a Time

Make Hearts Fonder

Yes , and to save the dreams
Pieces , in succession aligned

Seems for awhile ,

Our love began to Wander

Can we feel the Tale
of our loves story

Can once again , feel the swell
Of Loves infinite Glory

Rhymes sewed in
along our Path of Loving

Every Poem sighed in a breath free

Cobble Stone Hearts disagree ,,
they're too cold for loving

for those , Love may never be .

~~~~ The Deeper we go , The Finer we Become ~~~~

On a Steel Door at the Asylum , is a Name Plate nailed , " Insensitive "

For now , the Room is Empty , holding , for the Moment I may become fitting to the Name ~~~~

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02-14-2018, 07:41 AM #1,159
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~~ Sasha Song ~~~

Found ,, side of the Road
a Mind I'd lost years ago
from a bout of overload

So , now I got something
to show ,, not just that Hollow
you've all come to know

I've been thinking more of late
Busiest mind I've ever known
like a speeding monkey , on a Roller Skate
with wings of a Wind to which she's flown

With all the rest that mind stored
while lost , to the world ,
find mundane a little bored
like a Leaf by water swirled
I can now think beyond
where ever the before I've gone

Lost , and forgotten , but never missed
I worked just as well , even under moments
clouded in Mist ,,,

I'm happy to be wandering
while the Mind keeps Beat

Good it is , to hear thundering
while lightning fires cells within Mind
unto my Feet

Come the days of gone by
gone the days I would cry

Come the Nights on the Fly
when I'd lay down to wonder of you
and our reasons why

Found some way to comfort me
not in the least , and not in a way
that before I'd ever see ,,,

If for just one Moment you'd try
I'm sure we find the path on which to rely

come tomorrow
where will I be
come through this window
now ,,
come comfort me

~~~~ Sasha sings a song of Butterflies
She's there behind her smile with
necklace all of gold
a Hint of Madness in her eyes ,,
while her song fills ears Untold ,,

She is not likely to ever rest
she's flying far too High

Sasha's found that which works Best
at waking full her Mind ,
she'll simply try to get through
try to get by , try like mad her best

We're not here to gather fame
nor wash your hearts with Love

A simple task we have to follow
and to gain ,,
is show you out the door above
unto Paradise spelled out
in the letters of your Name

Once Again , we're found
after like my mind , owned by loss
we're coming now ,,
we're homeward Bound ,,,

Sasha's Song , carries away
all the Blues we'd ever have to pay

~~~ seen within a Bubble , the Twilight of Life within a Rose ~~~

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02-14-2018, 05:59 PM #1,160
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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That was COOL !
strange ,
but cool ,, chuckle.gif

Ok , on the map today , rolling northbound , big cosmic Hot Spring and
a Thermos full clean thoughts .

nice eyes eh ?

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02-15-2018, 08:23 PM #1,161
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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A little surprised ,,
you're not out riding
that Magic Carpet
across Open skies

Woman as you
could fly me unto anywhere

Yes , Open to you're tricks
Magic in your slippers
Roses weaved in a row
through your hair

gotta say it baby ,
you're one awesome lady
Mmm hmmm Open up
take me down your stairs

Saw you dancing other day
in the woods , lost my breath
Entire World around
began to fade away

hair in the breeze
like a waterfall
down to your knees
ah man , right there
I lost it all ,,

~~~~ Magic , not a Practice , it's Being ~~~~

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02-16-2018, 07:15 AM #1,162
UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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Finding yourself is also teaching us. Baby steps.

02-16-2018, 07:51 AM #1,163
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Caterpillar sheds it's skin to find a butterfly within .

Snails leave a Trail .

Ants wear no pants

Rog' is always a perfect example of being a Rog' .

I'm the Poster Child for the Rog' Foundation , please donate your ,,

I can't say it lmao.gif lmao.gif lmao.gif lmao.gif lmao.gif lol.gif lol.gif

never mind rofl.gif lol.gif wtf2.gif wtf2.gif wtf2.gif
02-16-2018, 08:06 AM #1,164
UniqueStranger Art in my heart
Posts:15,019 Threads:442 Joined:Jun 2012
(02-16-2018, 07:51 AM)Cynicalabsurdance Wrote:  Caterpillar sheds it's skin to find a butterfly within .

Snails leave a Trail .

Ants wear no pants

Rog' is always a perfect example of being a Rog' .

I'm the Poster Child for the Rog' Foundation , please donate your ,,

I can't say it  lmao.gif  lmao.gif  lmao.gif  lmao.gif  lmao.gif  lol.gif  lol.gif

never mind  rofl.gif  lol.gif  wtf2.gif  wtf2.gif  wtf2.gif

The Joker.

Hi Maurice.
02-16-2018, 07:45 PM #1,165
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If the seeds
fall from the Sky
with the rain of spring

Something succeeds
and Reasons Why
stand staring into everything

Cull the sense
before you find
we're under ,over
or around your fence
any way we can
we'll find escape
open the Mind
yet close your heart

who can find
a lost mind

Who commands their Heart :::
" Be gone , just go ,, depart ! "

who can walk on a Leash
their freedom
and remain sane

Turned around ,, and
the Ground began to rise

Before me there above the Pond
stood ten foot tall ,,
the Most intriguing eyes ,,

Spoken word in Rhyme
came from center
where I began to slide
into another life
to live some crazy life
with ,,, Companions
young but Wise

Looking down , gazing across
some portion of a Crazy mind
requires getting Lost ,,

I'd like to show you Sympathy
Love , care , solace
woven into Empathy ,,
with a finer pair of Eyes

but , unlike all the Rest ,,
You must earn the right ,,
to experience that
why the Surprise ?

Once again , if you will ,,,
Might you find a way to get it right

or must you always
turn every moment
into the Ugliest of Fights ,,,????

If Seeds Fall ,,

useless waste for a World ,,

that spends so much time
Blocking out the Sun ,,,

while selling itself in slices

Once Again , spins , swirled
sold and spoiled ,
dying of unpaid prices ,,

~~~~~~~~~~ Bugs !!!! ~~~

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02-16-2018, 09:10 PM #1,166
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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On the Edge of Sea and Sky

someplace ,, somewhere ,,
There must reside ,,, Peaceful quiet .

Traveling Souls ,, seek some Solace there .

Can you once in a While ,, feel within a Strangers Smile
can you love them , it's all so very true and so worth while

Found some Comfort there , in many , alone , or together
in whom I came to befriend ,, Peaceful Quiet we shared ,,

We're not as alone , as we make out to be
throughout the wandering ,, we're met by those,,
whom as us , just wish to be Free ,,,

And anywhere , is Home , as safe a place to be ,,

as on the edge between Sky and Sea ,,
just a little less confining ,, a little more Free ,,,

Tomorrow , Travel once again ,,
as yesterday , we'll make another friend ,,
another Stranger ,,, whom meaning seek ,,
another Journey without End
another Soul Free to seek ,,,
Meaning ,, ~~~~~~~~~~~~ End ~~~~~~~~~~

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02-17-2018, 06:04 AM #1,167
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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I don't care who you are ^^^ that photo, the Lady exudes a quiet pensive Peace Man .
Contemplative , alluring , captivating
and how about that Mist texturing the Suns Love upon her ? WHOA !
02-18-2018, 09:23 PM #1,168
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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flood in the Alley
got the cats all upset

Streetlight burned out
and every Bum's soaking wet

Say Sasha , is that Gin
No sweetheart
just a Jug of sin

Well then , say you want to dance

not right now my man ,
ain't time for no Romance

Up town ,
and the fog drops down
from highrise ,,
through your mind
and into to the ground

Man Hole cover
ain't no place Man
for Pig like you
making love
to your Mother

Sick Streets ,
drenched in dark din
well , got 20 dollars ???
Oh yeah !
well big guy won't ya
come the hell on in

one way Twist your Eye
and down the street
you'll watch ,,
a good man die

now ,,,
twist it back again
There's Sasha ,, licking
sweat off her bag O Sin
again ,, yes, and again and again

she stumbles
but she won't fall
been a sinner all her life
the Girl's immune to Strife
big fat and ,,,
Round as a Ball

before she get's to going
spins her chin your way
see ya Sailor , good knowing ya
you always know ,,,just what to say

Uh , the Truth comes as daylight breaks
every sight , gives you the shakes ,,,

Know what it's like
to wake up without a Hangover ?
well listen up
and move over brother ,

Nope , that far back , I can't recall
in fact , last I knew ,,
you were just 2 foot tall ,,
and my Mothers Lover

wow , ain't this street mean ?
no not really , it's just unclean

Sasha Baby , comin' Back ,,,?

Pfft , what ya got to trade
while I'm on my Back

Yeah , streets a mean scene
Hung out to dry ,
and in time we find
it's a just a Matter of
keep it clean
well , anyway ,
we may as well try

Bobby's got a Game
guess his height
and give him your name
he's all yours the entire night

10 cent to a Nickle ,
find the Pill in the Pickle

on a bad day
is when you wake up Dead
good day ? when you wake
well, just a spin to your head ,,,,,

Dark is a City ,
with people of a Darker Mind

ain't no light there
for your soul to find

Cruise the Ladies of the Night
shop all you want
just don't bite
yes a Bug hides
in every bite
end up bleeding
when you pee
come's down to that ,
don't you dare
place your blame
place your blame on me

Circuit Runner
on slim downed try
come tomorrow
saying a prayer
over ya as
he watches you die

Up the Street
and down your way
some mofo shot dead
for runnig away ,,

Cops got a Target for free
shot in cold blood
over a Bag of Dope
while trying to flee

Yeah , City here ,
burn it down
let the weeds
come rising up
and back around

let the Trees take it back
get this Darkest of towns
outta my sight

Judge on a Bench ,
tell me the truth now Mr. Lynch
that was you boogering a Child
behind that Fence

Judge stands up feeling mighty Tall
" Yes it was , and the one
out there in the Hall ,,,?

sick muthaforkers
all over the place
This City born of sickness
Totally filth
Total disgrace ,,,

when shït gets this real
time has come
to toss a wrench
into the Deal
as a rule of thumb

gotta stop your game
stop your sin
and face your blame
then do you in

City Lights gone out
best thing to Happen
since the war broke out . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ end of the City

~~~~~~~ Don't treat me like a Child , just because I'm Free ,,,, and choose to be Wild ~~~~~~

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02-19-2018, 01:01 AM #1,169
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,340 Threads:231 Joined:Feb 2011
Been awhile
since I rode out
seem's the venture's
come full route

circle of space
squared off by time
wrinkles deeper
across my face
Like slab of meat
dipped in brine

weary now
like never been
maybe lay down
one last time
full old life ,
been full of sin
full blown gone ,
too tired now ,,,
to rise again ,,,,,,,,

Been many a woman
on my arm
some tried to keep me
some so mad ,
tried to cause me harm
ain't none been able
to reel me in
escaped them all
escaped with a Grin

Many a Man , had to fight
some became friends
many a Drunk , on many a night
seems a good place now
for this Road to end
lay my bones down
one last flight
say good bye old friend

old soldiers don't die ,
they just fade away

but us old Road dogs
well , even dead , here we stay
Can't say either is true
can say , damn it ,
too tired ,
to go on gettin' through

Gonna see those Pearly Gates
if I can't get in
just a matter of karma
and perhaps a twist of Fate

Gonna find
that place of peace
where the grass grows tall
over my grave

that final Meadow
reserved for my release
maybe an angel or two
for my soul to save ~~~~~~~~,,,, Journey's End ,, ~~~~~~~~

homeward Bound ~~~~~~~~~

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02-19-2018, 06:26 PM #1,170
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~~ After Fall ~~~~

She's not about to fight
In her way , she's full of loving
loving deep in the light

Won't argue
won't pretend
ain't built that way
she's so real
she's looking inside
as she's looking
through you

Baby ? she won't say
she ain't here just to play

lovers dream together when
they got it right
Dreams that blow you away
blow you right out
and into the Light

Whispers come
through veiled ascent
touch your life with calm ,
silently , away
we find our cares ,,
all our cares have went

Tell the story of before the Fall
back in the Spring , when we had it all

Tell me again of time gone by
Tell my soul of the sound
when the Angle cries

Sing to me those songs we had
sing of times , before it
all fell , it all went bad

Hold me within your Wings

Oh Angel child ,, I think I hear
all of Heaven ,
when the Church Tower Rings

sudden now ,,
i know nothing is there
nothing for me to fear ,,,

I Know that by the sound ,,
as the angel sings ,,,,

She won't fight ,
she's here to take you Home
Carry you Home
Home , into the Light .

~~~ Lifted eyes at the end , see there into heaven ,, there standing , angels , all of them Friends ~~~

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