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BIGFOOT ! nice perfume , and the Fractal
07-31-2019, 05:47 AM #1,396
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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(06-14-2013, 10:35 PM)Cynicalabsurdance Wrote:  ~~~~ Implants : Alien as well as U.S. Gov.'t ~~~~~~

U.S. Intelligence Agencies create more problems that you or anyone
can clean up .

These are the progenitors of most of the Worlds problems .

Great Britain is no better .

~~~~ 1960 , 1337 West Gage Ave. Los Angeles California ~~~~~

If I did not make the bed, why should I lie in it ?

A beautiful appearing Golden Glowing Disc shaped Craft arrives
over our back yard .

My two sisters , myself , are taken aboard in Beam me up Scotty
style .

We are later returned to home , and the Naval Intelligence Department
has two of their agents waiting .

We are moved from above home to one south of there by miles

at 2107 Rockefellr lane redondo Beach Calif .

We then get a Family Doctor name " Nomicos "

The National Security Agency decides to implant me with a tracking device .

Since i am not willing to allow them to do this ,,,

they think up a plan to get it done using our doctor

back yard in Redondo Beach

There was a foot path from our back door to a shed which I used
to play fort with .

The Agents place the broken bottom of a coke bottle on the path
to the shed .

I came outside and walked for the shed .


Thank you again NSA

I was cut deep and badly

Good old Mom ( if you wish to call her that )
washed it, put a rag on it and i sat inside all day .

it needed stitches .

That would cost money

and she would miss her Soap operas while waiting at the Doc's office .

No way that's going to happen .

She was addicted to the issues on Soaps , and miss one ,
or interupt her watching ,, you just got your A$$ beat hard .

Nice Mommy , enjoy the soaps in hell bitch .

that night , two agents came into the house while we slept .

a male and a female

the female snuck up to my bed

and smeared some infectious ooze into the cut

I screamed
Ma Came in
they all argued

the male agent said : " You just threatened a federal officer ,
want to go to jail for ten years "

( Later during another implant episode , an agent said the same thing to me ,
so I kicked his nuts hard )

sure enough
by morning , RED STEAKS all up my leg

Ma has to miss her early morning soaps this time

we went to the Doctor

Nomicos cut out a pit in my foot to implant the small porcelin encapsulated
transmitter the agents gave him .

two day later
the infection was worse

back to Nomicos

he takes the implant out
I asked him what that was

he said it was a tuber , to help the foot heal

he called the female agent who was out in the hall and said

" It's not going to take "

She said ::::

Ok, we'll think of something else then . leave it out "

Points to this are

#1 . U.S. Intelligence will harm children without a care

#2 . You as a U.S. Citizen and tax payer help them by
paying for what they do to children

#3 . Most of you will never even think to stop it or investigate it .


Well hell

lost that one I guess .

Agents , Provocateurs ?

Pfft ,
Just criminals .
08-01-2019, 11:55 PM #1,397
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~~~ The Inner View ~~~~~

Soul Deep
is where we have a need to go

Nothings important outside of you

Matters are all within
Look Deep inside ,,,

Soul Deep
and reflections become so clear

Soul Deep
we find , life , there's nothing to fear

And ,
Life is but a short short ride

See the Eternity ?

Soul Deep ,,
and we find ,,,

The Soul's Journey
is not defined by lines

Never ends
never runs out of time

been that way by design
Designed by the Hand of Divine

Soul Deep ,,
Take that inner view
maybe doing so ,,,
you'll come back to you

and recall ,,,

This World was not the Beginning of it all

No you've been around a long long time
and keep in mind
as an Angel ,,,,
You'll never Fall ,,

Soul Deep
Take that inner View ~~~~~~~~~~~ End

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08-10-2019, 12:55 AM #1,398
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,545 Threads:240 Joined:Feb 2011
12 minutes until fully charged
13 days until you get home

60 years until you're garaged
70 years until you lay down your bones

another minute please
you see it's only 4:19

got 'cha mind in a Circus of thought ?

It's alright , let go and let the Fleas all drop

Battery on everything I own

all of them discharged , flat or Blown

55 mph in a 70 mph zone
no one hurries
when they're driving all alone

2 days travel at a good pace
Mysteries unravel
if you ask with Grace

You're another berry on
the same damned Bush

just another Pimple
upon Earths Tush

everyone wants to be special
stand out , be Unique

That makes them all the same
all of us are freaks

I'm no better than the one behind
The same damned problems
reside within my Mind

I may not be exactly like you
But I can out do ,
all those things you do

11 minutes until fully charged
getting closer to release
from this borrowed Electricity

10 minutes until fully charged
getting closer
and to think
this charge is always free

Scotch Tape around my Phone
dropped it once
sat on twice
such is fate when you have no home
phones don't bounce
or take to Ice
ain't tough like a Dinosaur Bone

Cheap Chinese Plastic
Temporary life
for Temporary Muse
Everything's so cheap
breaks with the least abuse

8 minutes until fully Charged

30 seconds to go
for my Coffee to Heat

add ten seconds more
to bake this Meat

You're wishing now
to understand
what the gist of all this Babble
make sense somehow

well I'm just a very very Old Man
from a Home of Rowdy Rabble

So don't go having a Cow ~~~~~

One second until Fully Charged

see ya now ,, I'm off , back to my Barge ~~~~ End


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