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BIGFOOT ! nice perfume , and the Fractal
03-20-2018, 06:06 PM #1,276
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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didn't i say ,,, ROAD TRIP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woot !

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03-21-2018, 12:41 AM #1,277
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Lit up world
with a Green Blue smile
water wild flows
the skies watching ,,,
and all the while ,,
the child grows
and our Music takes us home ,,

Ah to Pass through here ,,
and then travel on ,,

isn't what you'd think ,,
it's a journey ,, only ,,
and it doesn't take very long ,,

The Sound of the Ladies sigh ,,

was all the reason I checked in
and when she's gone ,,
I'll be moving on ,,,
Back into those bright Stars
in that Dark dark Sky ,,,

I'm tired and thinking

I find myself ,,, sinking ,,
I listen for her sigh ,,,

Seems fading away ,,,
as I'm sinking ,,

Maybe Time
I don't know ,,,
Maybe she's left ,,
and now ,,,
Time for me to go ,,,

Lit Up Girl
with Green blue eyes
danced like fire
across never seen Skies ,,,

Coat Tail on a Comet
my avenue home ,,,

follow the Sound of the Ladies Sighs ,,,
all the guide I'll need , to get Home
across these starless skies ,,,

~~~ I think I have a Tape Worm ,, something swiped my roll of scotch tape ~~~~

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03-21-2018, 06:27 AM #1,278
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Story Book Time ~~~~

Sometimes , ya gotta speed up
other times
slower get ya where ya going
without the Skid to your lid

Then ,
every one has a pace
whole damned planet
and every race
ya can't please even one
much less all ,,,

so a Happy spot is made to fit most

but if you don't like it
just remember ,, you ,, ain't the Host

Some came to make a claim
others came to place the blame

others still , just to Toss a Toast
as they claim their name ,,,

I came just to see ,
perhaps a Butterfly
perhaps a Bumble Bee

maybe I came ,, as a Joke
or to wear a Body get it wet
get it soaked

who can say why they came

best we have is a Personal Game
worst we lose , is a little shame ,,,

I'd like to dance a while
maybe eat Tacos
like going out of Style

I've come and made some love
let me tell ya ,, good enough reason
to come here from above ,,,

if you're on a plan
I hope you make it before we land
cause the clock stops at five fifteen
don't get caught on the in between ,,,

Dish Soap is how I wash my Hair
I know man , you'll say you don't care
but if you get stuck dry
ya might want to try it on the sly ,,,

Pop the Bag
stop the Flop
don't look now
but her Panties dropped

Heh he , ain't that fun ????

yes I know , you love Panties
as much as anyone ,,,

Can we dance , maybe sing ?

ah com'on man ,, let's just do this thing ,,,

~~~ Road Side Cafe on a Rainy Night , Flooded out Hiway , bridge out , and no money to pay ~~~

Trade some love for a Bed ,, wake me up in the Morning,,, that is ,,, if I ain't Dead ~~~~~~~

so yes , it's true , all those years and miles gone by ,,, They never complained ,,,
but some were bummed , and some others ? yes , they managed to cry ~~~~~~

Roll away the Dew ~~~~~~~~~~>>>>>>___-------->

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03-21-2018, 05:36 PM #1,279
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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interesting display of Talent

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03-21-2018, 06:04 PM #1,280
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Insensitivity is running strong today
low rent minds
trapped in evil thoughts
with a deed that binds

the Ratio of ,,,
Folks reaching out to each other
too low to make a dent ,,
in the numbers of people
with minds of low rent ,,,

T.V. Watching , kills the Spirit of people
leaves them tranced in a doped state of mind

Brothers and sisters
now see each other as the enemy
separated by lies ,
no one seems to ever get free ,,

Price of Life reaching beyond grip
lower dignity, and quality of life ,,
when even Children become disposable
you against them , is all you come to know ,,,
against each is the Plot ,,,
and you allow it to grow

now why'd you let your World
go to Rot ?

Sit and complain , stand and rant ,,,
you'd do more ,,,
but Tranced ,,
you believe you can't ,,,

well , get aside with your selfish Fears ,,,
I'll take the Helm ,, This ship needs a Captain
that isn't afraid and Knows how it Steers ,,,

Leaders of Straw Dogs as the mindless obey ,,,
they as well , better jump out of my way ,,,

Power over other's is the Name of the Game
and the Population of an entire Planet
let the Dice Roll
and pay the Price
when it knocks them Low ,,,

Spirit of America ?
Now where do you see that ?
all I see around me
are Phone Face People ,,,
who've become Obese with
Disgusting Fat

Waiting on a Savoir ????

Man you may as well wait
for hell to freeze
and meanwhile you selfish pig
Obey , get down upon your knees

Populated by gutless people
devoid of Heart ,,,

Some I'd help ,
if I could only tell them apart ,,,

Yeah , Times a little desperate , I admit ,,
But I'm a Survivor , a Fighter ,
I don't tolerate this kinda ,,, sh_t ,,,
get outta the way ,,,
while I mend this world wide hole ,,,
or I'll toss you in it as I fill it in ,,,
you're a coward anyway ,,,
to me ,, that's a Mortal Sin

People Tranced with hand held Device
this is a World I'm expected to fight For ?
well isn't that nice ,,, sorry Man , I Roll
my own damn pair of Dice ,,,

~~~ See ya on the Flipside of Window E ,, and if you don't make it , don't you blame your game on me ~~~

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03-22-2018, 01:44 AM #1,281
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Just Life Man ,, it's just Life .

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03-22-2018, 01:46 AM #1,282
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Sometimes it's Life Times Two

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03-22-2018, 02:31 AM #1,283
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Lovers ,,
damned good life being single through it all

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8 hours ago #1,284
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Smile a Sweet Goodbye
Wink your way out the Door
as I lay here about to cry ,,
prostrate like a Child on the floor ,,

Say the Mantra ,
that comes
with every departure

Save the Melodrama ,,
You've destroyed out future

Just go now , leave me lying here
feeling somehow , somewhat ,,
hell I'm not even sure ,,,
hard to tell through all these Tears

Every Scene you've Starred in
you've be the Vamp ,,,
and in this Flick child ,,
I've been to you
nothing more then a Tramp ,,,

Like an Evil Temptress
with a wave of your Wand
You leave another man Broken
soaking in tears to fill a Pond ,,

Now grab your Broom , and Fly
your ass gone ,,,

cause within seconds babe
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fill in the Blanks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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8 hours ago #1,285
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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High into the White Mountain
Soar the Eagles of my Mind

and somewhere down the River ,,,
Where it's said my life
Runs out of time ,,,,

and as I turn ,
In every distance I find
shades of scenes from my trial ,,,

There's no need anymore to Run
Those were days of my rising
but now
I'm at the set of my Sun ,,,

This old trail I've given
a Pretty good Run ,,
or so it seems from
the amount of Scars I've Won ,,,

and as I try to look back ,,,
all I find in my life there
fades simply into Black ,,

I've no memory left to reveal
and I've no care any more ,,,
that's just the way we all should feel ,,,
keeps it clear
keeps it all so Real ,,,

There's no Motion left
in these old Bones
nothing works as it should
just set my tired life down
on that Bottom shelf ,,,
I can't rise ,
no matter how much
I wish I could ,,,

God don't tell me that's the end
of this Man's Rainbow ,,
That vision before my eyes
is that my gone family and friends
is that a ripple in the skies ????
never mind , I don't want to know ,,,,,

It's Time for me to finally
unfold my Wings
Time to Fly on back Home
This old Man's Road ,,
has come to an end ,,,
said I've heard of these things
That when It's time ,,
when You leave ,, you're never alone ,,

Guide me now ,,
through the Current of my River Home ,,,
I don't fear this end of my Road ,,
and thanks for coming
so I'd miss going home alone ,,,
it's all so beautiful,, just as I'd been told ,,,

Going Home ,, ain't so bad ,,
and when you're back there
you never mis this World
nor in it , what you had ,,,

Take ,,, Take me Home ,,
so I don't remember ,,, ( <---<< stole that , thanks Phil Collins )

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7 hours ago #1,286
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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above verse written while listening to ::::::::: Helpless ( Neil Young and the Band )



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