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Complete elimination of privacy in Australia October 13th
08-30-2015, 02:16 PM #1
CmdrDraco Member
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Quote:Whatever do now do in Australia, every site you look at from porn to whatever, will be recorded by the government and will be accessible by more than 20 agencies without a warrant. This complete elimination of any privacy takes place October 13th.


08-30-2015, 02:47 PM #2
Kreeper Griobhtha
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Welcome to Club Freedom, Aussies!


What politics from both sides wants to teach us is that things are never complex. If you have your little package and something doesn't fit into that package, You don't know what to make of it so you want to dismiss it or then you will have to do the work of reconsidering your assumptions. - Michael Malice
08-30-2015, 03:59 PM #3
Accidental Stoner Member
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...or does making it official mean it's been in place already for gods know how long..? 13.gif
08-30-2015, 04:03 PM #4
SpiritMasonChazz Member
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The NSA records everything here in America and globally. There is no more private connection to a world wide server. Information can and will be used against you. Thiss is a info war era and most young people are clueless on posting sex and drug affiliated selfys that can bite them someday.
08-31-2015, 02:21 AM #5
CmdrDraco Member
Posts:89 Threads:10 Joined:May 2015
NSA was able to hide it from the public for a really long time, and they were at least slightly embarrassed when it leaked out.

But it's difficult to pull off an "Edward Snowden" on the Australian .gov after them being all like "ha ha we got your metadata, assholes!".

They should make a "Be safe around computers" video also :)
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08-31-2015, 02:36 AM #6
Anonymous Kritter Incognito
behaving sheep have nothing to worry about.

08-31-2015, 08:13 AM #7
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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spock.gif Pretty much what's going on in the US.



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