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Court Files Reveal FBI Opened Obstruction Case Against Trump Before Mueller’s Appointment.
05-10-2019, 01:31 PM #1
Morphos1759 Member
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05-10-2019, 06:47 PM #2
Anonymous Kritter Incognito
Quote:Republicans have reacted with a push back, saying the President could not have obstructed justice since Mueller found no underlying crime by Trump associates of coordinating with the Russians in the 2016 election.
05-11-2019, 12:48 AM #3
Kreeper Griobhtha
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It's all a weak ass attempt to keep Trump from accomplishing anything else before the election.

What politics from both sides wants to teach us is that things are never complex. If you have your little package and something doesn't fit into that package, You don't know what to make of it so you want to dismiss it or then you will have to do the work of reconsidering your assumptions. - Michael Malice


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