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Cynicalabsurdance , The end of a Strange Life
01-17-2019, 11:24 PM #211
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it's a Tight Fit getting in , but those two stacks of Silver Bars made it worth the squeeze ,, WOOT !

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01-17-2019, 11:29 PM #212
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YES,,, I'm Richer than ,,,

ah never mind , I just loved finding the Treasure ,,

Pfft ,, what do I buy with this sh_t anyway ?

Pics of the Bars to come .
Gotta move a stack first .

Help on the way , Slip Knot ,,, Franklin's Tower ,,, roll away the Dew ,,, every once in a while , you're shown the light ,,,
in the Strangest of Places ,,, if you look at it Right .

I moved a stack out of this Cache already , this is a side Cache , outside the first Vault .

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01-17-2019, 11:31 PM #213
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They get nothing , F-ck 'em .

heh heh hee heh heee ,,,,

anybody ready for a Private Island ?

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01-19-2019, 12:44 AM #214
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Spent the Night in Front of the Forth Vault .

Spooky @$$ Apparitions floating glowingly around the Rocks for hours Man .

here , have a look at a Spook .

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01-19-2019, 12:45 AM #215
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Enjoy a Nice Angel Glyph

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01-19-2019, 12:46 AM #216
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See it ?

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01-19-2019, 12:50 AM #217
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Here's it's Symbol
you'll have to blow up the above pic to see it in the Rock Formation

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01-19-2019, 12:51 AM #218
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Now look for the Rock that was Carved to look like the Urn above .

In the Urn are the Chronicles and Maps .
01-19-2019, 12:54 AM #219
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here , this is it .
01-19-2019, 12:56 AM #220
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Sorry , it didn't post the Pic

here it is , inside the red circle

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01-20-2019, 12:25 AM #221
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From the Dawn of Eden

Unto the Last Thought on your Mind

Like a Wind Blown Seedling

Flying through the Window of Time

You Wander ,,
Leaving on your Journey

in search of your endless Dream .~~~~~~~~~~

The drive of learning ,,
Keeps you always seeking ,,

Alive with yearning ,,
Constant Curiosity ,,, grows to Peaking ,,

The Flame within you ,,
stoked by desires ,,,
to find the answers ,,
Drives you ever onward ,,
Like a high wind ,,, to a Wild fire ~~~~~~~

Growing ,,,
Like a Flame ,, into a Wild Fire
Dreaming ,,, flowing full of desire ~~~~~~~~~

And so by Tomorrow
you'll be Sailing
and you won't even hear these
words I'm speaking ,,

But I know you'll find them somehow

Yes , by tomorrow you'll be Sailing
Meanwhile , my heart will be sinking ~~~
Unknown to me how to mend it now

I can't make you stay
and I can't see my way to go

but I know , if understanding
would just open within us

we'd see our way somehow
to stay together ,,
and be together right now ~~~

" in search of your endless dream "

Like a Wind Blown Seedling

Flying through a Window of Time

You Wander ,,,

is search of ,,,
That perfect dream ,,, ~~~

Tell me what your eyes seek
in all those long miles ,,,

Please just let my Heart Speak ,,,
allow us both ,, are sweetest of Smiles

if I can't love you ,,,
then Love I guess for me ,,,,
just won't ever be ~~~~~

and Yes ,,,

Like a Wind Blown Seedling ,,,

Flying ,,,

Flying through a Window of Time ,,,

You Wander ,,,

in search of your Perfect Dream ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

( A Sad one for once )


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01-21-2019, 07:11 AM #222
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Wave slides into nothing
on this Island's Shore ,,

Like our love ,, it's there

and then it is no more ,,

Swells just to disappear ,,,
On this Island's Shore ,,,

I can't hold you back ,,

if you want to Leave
and I guess I can stand the Pain

but still ,,, it's killing me ,,,

To Face this departure ,,
once again ,,,

and I shall search my Very Soul
try to find inside , What I have , to give
and make you not want to go ,,,

Wanderer , listen to me
it's not enough , just to get yourself Free ,,
there's a condition handed down from above
we're afflicted with addiction to love ,,,,

Do you want to try
and live without it

I can't see you living like that

Can you give us a Try
must you doubt it

I can't live a one Man Act

I can't see us without us

Wanderer ,, Listen ,,,

is where both of us wish to be

I understand ,,

but that old Road can hold
two as easy

Listen ,,,
shsssshhh ,, quiet now ,,

Listen ,,,

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End . ~~~~~~~~~~~

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01-23-2019, 09:26 PM #223
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Copy Pasted from one of my Old Post at another forum

~~~~ Begin ~~~~~~~~

Exposing the Powers That Be! Part I...

To begin, we must realize who and what we have been instituted to believe as the True God, and why that is.

The Illuminati, which are the Powers that be, are controlled by ancient entities who have for eons directed affairs in this world, they do indeed travel by what we refer to as UFO´s.

These entities, which are referred to as Lucifer in ancient scrolls and such, direct the Illuminati, and the Illuminati direct those affairs of the Lucifeans.

Out there above this planet, is what you may call a craft, Larger on the inside then the out.
The Craft is cloaked, Not visible to the human eye.
This Craft, populated by entities that have for many eons, directed evil into this world.
Within this Craft, may be found those who have been abducted, they are enslaved there in that craft.

These entities, direct the Illuminati, all the wars this world has waged, including the war the united states is once again involved in, is directed by these fucks.
Help is on the way, in fact, the help has been here for quite some time really.

If you pray to the God of the old testament, then you are under the effect and desire of the entities within that Craft.
So to the a/c with the smart ass statement about what effect Moses and King Solomon and their belief system has on their life right now, You had best begin to connect the dots little one.
Believe it or not, every waking day, you are controlled by those lineal thought processes laid down long ago.
Every Law you ascribe your ass to, is a dictate of that Belief system.
All the current laws that control you, have their basic fundamental connection to the Laws of this belief system.

You have Kings and Queens, you have rulers, you have the HAVES and the HAVE NOTS.
BUT, do you understand fully why this is so?
You understand little,,, very little of your condition, much less the meaning of it, and the why of it all.
You here because of a basic desire to understand and as well , you seek the answers to the questions that you know are there in your soul, but that you cannot for yourself answer.
Deny as you may, You are clueless.
You relegate yourself to the doomsday diatribe because of your feeling of a complete loss to understand your own plight and condition and the meaning thereof.
Yet, when the answer is about to be given, you shove your finger in the hole to shut it out, for it frightens you to think that the truth is about to be revealed, and your soul may have some stains to bear, and that is a revealing you feel should better be avoided.
Slay on, slay as you try, but the truth is everlasting, and will raise up to stare you in the face repeatedly until you except the truth.

You can lead mankind to the Light, but you cannot make him see
You can lead a man to knowledge, but you cannot make him think.

In that sphere, or realm, that is the UFo or craft, sits the Lucifer, the satan, or the combination of entities known or believed by us to be the Ultimate in evil.
Refer to them as you may, call them the fallen angels
Call the the disembodied souls of the Merovingians
or the evil spirits
Any name you give them, or they refer to themselves as,,, it is all the same
We are their slaves

It goes way deep
way back
and all the way to the top
Every part of it is self evident
from the suppressing of ancient archaeology
to the invasion of country's by the power brokers.

We are aware of these things already, so why discuss or address these at this juncture, better to outline the pre-formulated construct via protocol.

We are the Creation of a very Loving entity, this is true, however, we have been interceded upon, by those who have passed themselves off as God or Gods.
Into ancient Egypt, came these Gods, they laid down a foundation of belief system, and that was the LAW of ONE.
Ra, being that entity that dictated for a while the beliefs and events of Egypt, this condition was first brought out of Atlantis and spent its horns in Egypt, where Moses was initiated into the sect.
This condition was brought here into the United States in ancient days.
I sit at the base of the Organ Mountains near Las Cruces New Mexico,
On the east end of Soledad Canyon of the Organ Mountains, Stands Soledad Peak, on the North side of that Peak, Carved into the face of the North side, is the God Ra, and Asteroth.
They Stand 90 feet high, they have been there for thousands of years.
The look down into Rucker Canyon
Up Rucker Canyon, is a finger ridge that comes down from the ridge on the North wall of the Canyon, on top of this ridge, will be found the stone monuments set up there by that ancient race of Ra worshipping people.
All throughout the Organ Mountains will been found the ancient symbols of that ancient race of people.
My initial UFO ride when I was but 4 years old, was from my home at 1337 west gauge avenue, Los Angeles California, to the Organ Mountains, where I was shown the Deposit of Gold Treasure, 52 of them in all, just in that one mountain range.
The entities aboard that craft were Nordic appearing, One Male, One female, the Male Referred to himself as Ra, the Female referred to herself as Aster, or Asteroph.
She had around her neck, a gold chain, dangling from the chain, was the star of David.
They explain to me, that in the future( which is NOW) that I was to come and retrieve these deposits of treasure, and use it to bring a condition of heaven on Earth to our world here.

The Gold is of Various time frames, and of Various manufacture, by Various cultures.
Some of it was the treasury of Atlantis, which was removed and brought to this area just before the final devastation of Poseidon and the final 5 Islands.
Some of it was the Aztec Gold, brought back here to keep it out of the hands of the Spaniards.
But, this is the same place the Aztecs got most of their Gold in the primal anyway.
For the Aztecs simply built upon that foundation that was left behind by the remnants of Atlantis.
Anyway, These treasures, the Ufo´s, and all this ties into the Powers that be, and the directors of events in this world by these evil bastards.

Let me send you on another hunt...
it concerns the treasures of the Merovingians , which the first two Knights Templar were the descendants of, the Merovingian Kings were the descendents of Mary and Jesus Christ, which was the Descendent of King David and King Solomon.
Do a Google search on Rennes chatau and sauntier, the priest, On a stone sarcophagus at Rennes Chatau is an inscription that reads:
The word sion, is translated to mean SCIONE
I am one of 9 first born Sons of my generation of the true descendents of this linage.
That is why I inherited the Treasures of the linage.
Only the first born son, is the inheritor of the legacy of the Father.
Right now, there is a covert search on for any son´s I may have fathered, for if any exist, the same fucks that tortured me, will attempt to torture my first born son and get his legacy.

If you wish to hear about a real good Ghost like entity
Then you should inquire of me the persona of the entity I met in the cave that held the duplicate Arc, that was really a strange encounter, the entity appeared at first translucent, then, took on full physical form.
As though he was at first a hologram or spirit, then ,,,,, well, whatever the word for it is, transmuted to his physical self I imagine would be the proper phrase.
anyway, as much as bullshit as it sounds, it is none the less very much real.

Hey Jonk, you ever wonder why the Government spends so much time and money denouncing UFO´s and blocking attempts to foia documents covering ufo´s ?

Could it be that if the Public was made aware that UFO´s are as real as they are, then the fact that the MJ 12 and our coverts have been dealing with them , may seem a possibility to the public and the stories that have been leaked out may start to become believable and the Public may call for an address of this situation and thereby perhaps uncover the ugly truth of our Military and C.I.A.´s involvement with nasty deeds done to American citizens by the Bastards?

Well, that's a fact my friend, it is just exactly what the fuck the whole cover up is all about.
and I got that straight out of the BUGS the Military is working with.

Well mann 48, you exemplify to an extent , that which I am attempting to convey
Indeed, the Lucifereans are Humans, as well as the controllers who motivate their consciousness.
Just as the anti-christ is "NOT" one person, but a group of personas.

You state I have it all wrong
heh heh, I must giggle at your statement my little one, for I have set upon both craft, of both personas.
The Angelic as you call them were the Arcadians, they were my contact that brought me to the mountains at 4 years of age and showed me the deposits of the treasures.
As well, The Satan, or if I may, THE BUGS, They as well showed me treasure, in an attempt to sway me into their domain or way of being.
You are pretty much preaching to the choir here.
Remember the christ story of being in the cave and fasting, he is met by the ADVASARY ( SATAN) and tempted to bow before him, and satan offered him all the cities and treasures if he would bow before him and worship him ?
Pretty much what the BUGS did with me.
There were several fed agents who witnessed the event, the documents outlining my abduction by the BUGS in 1996 ( Oct. 13th to be exact)
I not only lived the event, I have the documents procured that outline the event.

Look Man 48, I do not delineate these events to argue this fucking mess
I tell it as it is to let it be known.

I also have a document that states exactly who Ra is.

Man 48, do some research on Sauntier, you will find out that he found ancient documents hidden at Rennes le Chatau, he took them to the Pope, the Pope Backed down from sauntier and granted him his request.
Just what do you imagine those documents covered.
They PROVED many things that had been covered up by the church and state years and years ago.
One thing they Proved was the rule by Divine right did not belong to the heads of Europe.
The King and Queen of England right now at this time, are imposters to the divine right to rule.
That divine right belongs to only one linage.
The Linage of King David.
My own documents show that linage chronologically and concise in all good detail.

Think how that pope felt about those documents that sauntier had found,,, who of this world would bow before a simple pope, when the true bloodline of Christ was alive and walking this world?

Best to consider what I write here Man48
The truth has been squashed long enough my friend, and it´s revealing will have dire consequences for the powers that be, all across the board.

Tiresome is the life lived under the threat of the Church and State.

Free of that stance will shall be once again
For the truth is surfacing all over the Globe now.
It is coming in from every corner.

as I said, some of these pukes in the UFO´s have set themselves up as GODS, they are not, just as you state my friend.
BUT, they have fooled many for a very long time.
Take the Aztec God Quetzacotl,,, who do you think he was?
The same damned bastard that the white Salamander is, the Salamander called Moroni, of the Mormon Belief system.
another nut cracked for your disapproval
what I am trying to show you here is that the various Gods of Various cultures, or actually, the supposed GODS of these cultures are all one and the same entity.

There is as you say, only ONE true God
The others worshipped are the imposters.
Think about the winged serpent God of the Aztecs " Quatzacoatl
He told the Aztecs he would return at a certain date

That date turned out to be the date of the Aztecs worse nightmare, the Arrival of Hernando Cortez.
That's the way of the Satan, he loves to lift you up, just to slam you down.
Look at all the Human Sacrifice of the Aztecs to this winged serpent god Quetzacotl.
Does it remind you of the Babylonian God?
Take a look at the Roman God GEB and Janus, anything sound familiar with these and other Gods found over the sea from Rome?
Yeah, I know what you mean Man48
and what I am attempting to get out is WHO and WHAT these fuck ups are, and how they control those who have the power.
Think the Golden Rule
That's my Job buddy, to keep the Gold out of the Hands of those evil fuckers.
To retrieve it and use it for truth and righteousness.
Whereas , they will use it for Evil, just as all Lucifereans do and have done for eons.


Copyright © 2005 A Circle of Nine: The Roger Snow Enigma. All rights reserved.
01-23-2019, 09:33 PM #224
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My Post on a Mormon Owned Treasure Forum from 2008 or so

Faith, without substance, is an empty wind

Post Number:#102 Postby Roger Snow » Fri Jan 11, 2008 7:41 am
Yeah Faith, sometimes faith is all you have,,, and,,,
well sometimes, Faith is all they have to sell you.

The Paradise after life, is like buying a Pig in a poke
No evidence that it's true
Faith is the commodity that one buys into when substance is lacking and the sellers
have a crook in the agenda.

So, what we have so far in this thread is a phot of what is supposed to be the Mercy seat
the top of it
oops, that was the other thread was'nt it.
The exact location can be just as well said to be where i placed it as i found it in 1986
where my photos showed it to be in the Organ Mountains.

Just as wild, for i never ran any test on the treasure i found except the lifting of the seat and witnessing the bolt of electricity emanate from the gap between the seat and Ark.

Granted, are not all claims of locating the Ark nothing but big claims without the substance appearent as evidence to back the claims?

My photos show a mass of treasure
However, one cannot give a photo an acid test to see if the alledged gold in the photos, is actually Gold.

Just as the photo of me, taken by my Dad, holding a bar of what looks like gold, at his house in 1986
the night of my discovery, only proves that i was holding what looked to be a bar of gold.

One who places extreme faith in that bar being gold, does not extoll a great amount of logical deduction by doing so.

Faith as a product of onesown dreams does not always produce bonafided evidence, that what faith was
placed in a dream, may be a vain undertakeing.

Todays technology, can produce easily the appearence that an item is the actual article.

By that fact alone i would not put too much faith in what i see in photos or hear as testimony.

Now, Whyte, if you have the photo of the bottom of the Mercy Seat,,,, can we see it please.

smiles, looks over sholder, grins at the screen, and hits the post button

~~~~ End Copy Paste ~~~~

I just got together with a Local here that informed me
that he caught some guys digging and Stealing Treasure from my Deposit .

He gave a Name : Jamison or close to that spelling .

here , Have some Feds

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~~~~ On the Ark of the Covenant sighting in 1986 ~~~~

copy pasted here from Treasure Forum , Whyte Eagle was the Forum owner , He is now in his Mormon Heaven I guess .

copy/paste begin ~~~~

I love this kinda stuff
Whyte, there is no relavent evidance that can be produced by myself at this time.

I can recount experience, as we have all read over and over in my post.

Before i can recall the markings on the Ark i encountered, i have to undergo regressive hyptnosis
or eperience a trigger release, we won't bother an outline on that

So i'll describe a bit of the experience, and we can maybe deduce what i saw from that.

I was led to the cave Whyte, a flat rock covered a low entrance , descending a few steps down into the cave the ceiling was low for about 12 ft that the tunnel sloped down, then tunnel opened into a larger room.

As I said, i was led to the cave, like a burro by a carrot on a string <---<< thats important to keep in mind in this.

My Dad set behind me and showed me the locations of each artefact
THEN, a loud voice screamed at him to get OUT
I tyrned and saw a gruby scruffy charactor standing off to the side
I began to leave the cave thinking we just invaded someone elses hoard.
He told me to stay, it was my Dad that had no buisness being there
The treasure was mine by birthright.
He lost his right to any by default of consciousness.

Funny stuff so far?

It gets way better, hang in there.
He walked me over to the Ar, instructing me to put the Ephod on as he did the same
We gave the mercy seat a lift, ZAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! the spark.

I dropped my side of the seat
we tried again and this time no spark

Now, here comes some more funny
He then showed me a stack of goldbars to the left against the wall of the cave covered with Buffalo hides
on top, the spear of desriny and the staff of moses
a few odd shaped bars.
As he spoke and demonstrated a few things a few yards from me, while his back was turned, I lifted up the hides,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,????



EEK ! instead of the entire stack being bars, just the front roll were bars
the rest under the hides were all rocks with modern day 2x4's laid across the top to hold up the hides.

OK,,, though the lid was heavey,,,, though the shields of Solomon were heavy
though the bars were heavy,,,, though all of it in the light available ~LOOKED~ like gold, i never tested any of it for gold content.

What would you deduce this site and the contents to be Whyte?

Stage prop ?

It gets even better Whyte

This cave was dead center of Soledad canyon, on the FT. Bliss portion of the military reservation.

Who could set up a stage prop on this military res and to what purpose the extravagant ruse?

Well, for who, we can guess the the defence inteligence agency could possibly manage to do it.

But the motive would have to be a very strong one, not just a prank, and not just a vendetta to forefil

Remember, it was of paramount importance that i PHOTOGRAPH THE CONTENTS.
Very important that the person impersonating my Dad, take a few photos of me holding the goldbar.

( impersonation is done with a latex mask made from a plaster cast of a persons face that is to be impersonated)

Was the Ark real Whyte ?

Allow me to help you figure it out.

My Dad was a treasure hunter, he had a nation wide rep as one.

He was old and dying at the time of this leedle ruse so,,, his son would have to be subsituted as the patsey.

You see Whyte, some people got together, they wanted into Victorio Peak
No big deal, that had been tried before,,,, Right?

Not the same, this time they had Senator Oren Hatch backing them, I believe you are familiar with Sen. Hatch, are you not ?
He is your senator right?

Ok, along with the senator many Congressmen were also backing the attempt into the peak.

Here's a theory
always a theory eh?

Say that DIA did not need snoops and polititions digging up an old can of worms.

A daed horse is not always dead but simply playing opposum for a time.

Ok, take the patsey ( Roger Snow)
manufacture a cave, fill it with brass Holy objects
lead that Roger to the cave
have him photo the cave
take the photos
anonomously get them into the hands of the folks who want to open the can of worms

now, stop them from digging with another ruse such as charging them extreme high price for security.

Now, set it up to look like the Roger is running for the treasure in the photos

will the baited bite?
will they kidnap the Roger for a brass treasure and compromise themselves and create a situation for them to be extorted into giving up on their Victorio Peak quest ?

Again i ask you Whyte,,, was the Ark i was led to the real deal,,, i mean, do you believe it is?

Well,,,, it was not the REAL DEAL.

It was bait Whyte

Bait that worked
and perhaps forever

Victorio Peak remains closed
no further serious attempts to get back in there has been made since 1999 when other bait was manufactured and bit on.



Any resembalence to the actuall truth, is no fault of mine.




No Whyte, i would adamanly say that the Ark I got to play with was nothing more then a ruse.

The gold, the Solomon Shields, the Giant Menorahh, all of the stuff was manufactured theatrics and formulated stage prop.

Who got stung with it and why ?

I don't know all of it yet
but i bet it is why i cannot get any federal officer to approach me and ask to investiagte it all.
Too many people with carreers to protect, high up politicals involved as well as justice department clowns who break laws like breaking wind.
They cannot afford a federal investigation into their shorts.

Well, there in a slight nutshell,,,, is the true Roger Snow Enigma and the circle of nine.

A Black -Ops , co-vert project , designed to disuade folks from digging up a past that has long been buried.

Let it be,
Let it die.
Move on to future events that may serve us better as a Human Community.

Old Gods are too wore out for our future

Old paranormal war boxes as well.

New tools
New freedoms
new lives
new peace
new world for the other has fallen away ,,, if you let go of it.
a new heaven
a new earth
a new world
a new consciousness, devoid of the threats of eternal hell fires and blood atonements

Looking in the rearview mirror of life ( the past )
can cause you to not see the new world ahead of you.
and become that new world
free of Gods that extort loyalty through threats.

well, something to ponder ,,,, is it not?

:- <---------<< momma!!!! MOMMA!!!!! The butt probers back !

Help us,,,,,!


Good old Rog with a giggle everytime

That sound close enough?

~~~~ End Copy/Paste ~~~~

and now , Have an Alien Bug Type Person ( see Pic hee hee )

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