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Cynicalabsurdance , The end of a Strange Life
Yesterday, 02:01 AM #121
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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(53 minutes ago)Octo Wrote:  We need to set up an interview situation with you as soon as you get into civilization. On skype or preferably a similar, but not as weighty platform. JR has been talking about that forever so let us know the when and where.

I just got a new laptop with Camera/Microphone and capable of Skype " Voice&Video calling "

Haven't set the Skype up yet , nor have I used the Web Camera .
guess I should try it out .
thank you
Yesterday, 03:57 AM #122
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Ok , I got my Skype booted up and ready to use ,

guess ya gotta PM your Skype addy so I can call ya's .

I have to relearn how to use Skype .

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Today, 02:12 AM #123
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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" Was it worth ,
the dream you thought it'd be ?

Did it turn into , your new reality ?

Did you make a deal ,
with the Prince of insanity ?

Can you say , or is it a shame to thee ?

Chances were , and mistakes are made
Choices occur , sharper than , edge of a Blade

we slip , we fall , from our choices made

Future finds ,
we've all been had

confused minds , thought it'd never
turn out this bad ,,,

Reality now ,,
comes back too late ,,

for us to change ,,
or ,,,
refresh our fate

Sun's gone down ,,

It's all too late ,,
to turn around ,, retrace our steps ,,

This fate we face
we all must learn to accept ,,

Was it worth ,,,
The price we pay ???

To live to see ,,,
we turned out this way ,,

World falls down ,,

and we pray ,,,

But this time around
We can't be saved ,,,

Tomorrow screams ,, into our face
as we cringe to find ,,
long ago , we lost our grace ,,,

Was it worth ,,
The Dream you thought it'd be ?

Ground rolls on
under our feet ,,,

as tolls come down
Tolls ,,
a price we cannot meet ,,

Too late for Tears
Useless now ,,,
to fight our fears ,,,
gone somehow ,,
gone now ,, so many years ,,

Was it worth your time ,, to destroy your love

~~~~~ Fates self made head bangers ~~~~

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Today, 02:43 AM #124
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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" And no where can I hide
and I can't outrun the faults in my pride

There's no home can hold me down
ain't no scenery like this in town

there goes my old mind again
talking to myself like I was
my own best friend ,,

and here come those thoughts of you ,,,

like the time you'd fooled me into loving you

Another Face in the fog
another place ,,
and it's all turned wrong ,,

Sorry to offend , but it's darker now
than it's ever been ,,

I know you think all I do is complain
I know you believe I've always been insane

But a break has never been what
you've given me ,,
so really ,, which of us am I to blame ?

With all my might ,, I Loved you far too deep ,,

and in this night ,,,
the loneliness of missing you ,,
digs in with a slippery creep ,,

What it takes ,,
to get you to want to see ,,,

I just can't find in you ,, any sensitivity
it's like your Soul has left ,,
on a dead cloud's eternity ,,,

Fare thee well on your endless journey ,,

Fare thee well ,,

Everywhere you look
there's fear in some people's eyes

and every feel of them ,,,
ain't nothing like
receiving ,, some happy surprise .

And as you walk through
that Parking Lot
Your head held down ,,
hiding your eyes
in fear of some may see ,,
what you feel you've lost ,,

Tell me ,,
are you feeling alright ?
are you aware ?
is it just today you've come alive
or is it ,,, just a slight matter of ,,,
trying to survive ,, ?

Lady ,, pretty as you ,,
I'm sure you've something better to do ,,

than sit there cussing the sky

Come Child ,,,

Allow for me to Teach you to Fly ,,,
Free ,,,
Wings on slippers
need the Dust knocked off ,,,

Let us Fly ,,

~~~~ Other side of the Hill , that Grass was green , until Winter set in ~~~~

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Today, 02:57 AM #125
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~~ Sage lands Burning ~~~~

Fades to Blue
from a dark dark sky
Those Thoughts of you
and the reasons why

Suns coming up
and the feelings right
Jars of Souls

in a Lovers cup
and alone again ,
i meet the night

Silken Sigh whispered on my cheek
if you loved her so
then give her what she seeks

Lovers whom listen
have a special tone
to they're voice

Silently glistens
when shone
it's solely your choice

drive that away
or keep to own

Night has a Sky you can feel in a way
That last you through
to the following day

Love has a Feel , you cannot throw away
Once inside ,
it's in there to stay

try to ignore it
it just will not go away

I cannot unlove
what time has buried deep inside
I cannot shove back
an incoming tide

Love deep as this
in the soul
is too hard to hide
and never let's go

Star shoots down
trailing green
through purple sky

falls to the ground
mysteries seen
with the inner eye

Small Mountain to the West
covered in White Sage
Love comforts best
what causes the rage

Sowed in Peace
Nurtured with love
The soul's Peace
feels as silken lined Glove

Heaven lies inward
never out there
blanketed in loving Kindness
handled with loving care .

As Angels dance
on the head of a pin
hold on to your love
feel your heaven within

Sweet the memories i have of you
may loving kindness guide all that you do

Maybe we'll meet one day again
My love keep you warm child
keep you smiling until then

~~~~~~ End

~~~~ Song #2 ~~~~

Smear the Sky with your sighs
light the Eve , with glint of your eyes ,,
Candles can't come close
to the Shine of your smile ,,,
Stay Child , if for just a little while
maybe forever ,, or longer

Don't fade away ,,

I've stood beside you
through all hurt and pain
Time has come now
I have a need ,,
for you to treat me the same ,,,

Those Wings above you
Those I've spread
My love is as deep as
all the words that I've said ,,,

Stay ,, beside me
in this Time of my need ,,
be the Woman you've promised
from the time you planted
your loving seed ,,,

There's no caution
I can can abide
I've left myself wide open
while you've calmed all my
life inside ,,

The wonders
we've brought into being
the Faith blended with Hope
I'm not prepared ,, to stand
to watch those fade ,,
to lose all those silken moments
we've together made ,,

The Dark Clouds we've cleared
The Skies we've turned Blue
The darks weeds choking love ,
that we've sheared
The Love we built to be True ,,

Don't let them Fall ,,,

we've enough left between us ,,
to regain them all ,,,

Don't Fade away ,,,

~~~~~ End ~~~~~~~~~

Sage Lands is to me one of the best I've put out .
True inspiration is required to bring out our most sensitive .
If you can believe , you were that inspiration , I recall how
much love I was feeling for you the night I penned it , I was shaking
from the feel , I really was .
Song #2 was a possibility relationship
if it ever happen for us , what it may have been
or could be like .
Realistic or pragmatic , has their place in life , Song and Poetry ,
is not always that place .
Hearts are a World that has no reliance upon realistic .
We feel from the Heart , we Rationalize from the mind.
Two separate Portions to one being , that cross into each
other rarely .
The Idea to the verses is to touch your heart with the feel
of my heart . Hopefully , that touch happens for you when
you read them , it's what they are meant to do for you , give you
a feeling of love .

~~~ End Copy/Paste ~~~

" I try to avoid contact with a massive crowd of people ,,,
but,,,, they keep making more of them """"


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Today, 03:45 AM #126
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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"" Real Life Scenes comply little ,,,
with those within my Mind ,,
Seem's ,, Fatal to think otherwise ,,

when all my interest ,
are printed in Rainbows
across velveteen Skies

Mary goes Round
in squares and trapezoids

Roddy comes down
with ingrown hairs on Hemorrhoids ,,

I'll tell you when a good time has come
but ,,
by the time I do ,,, it'll all be gone ,,

Shhhhhsh ,,,
slow it down ,, dance a little softer
got plenty to go around ,,
so no rush ,, to gather ground ,,
Dance insitu as you can ,,,
Dance a little harder with that Fan ,,

Twirl now everyone

We're just a Dance for Fun
not for money ,, or Charity ,,,

Dancing for the sake of the Sun
and maybe a bit , for Hilarity ,,,

Slow ,,, that's better ,,
just a little sweat under that sweater ,,

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Interrupt this Masterpiece , for a special announcement from ,,, Ozza Gazza ~~~~~~~

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1 hour ago #127
Octo Mother Superior
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(Yesterday, 02:57 AM)Cynicalabsurdance Wrote:  Ok , I got my Skype booted up and ready to use ,

guess ya gotta PM your Skype addy so I can call ya's .

I have to relearn how to use Skype .

Sounds great! Let's do it right after the Yule celebrations, I have time off so we should absolutely do it. I haven't been on skype forever so I need to dig out my old user info



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