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Dominated by a older middle aged woman LOL
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05-16-2019, 06:45 AM #1
Anonymous Kritter Incognito
I met a milf online, 54 years old, works from home, and single with no kids...
From one of those websites...

Thinking it was just something kind of weird to do that made my blood flow a little...lol

After a few months of living together in my house...
She adopted me and then married me too.

I met her after my dad died..

The funny thing is, she's kind of big, 5 ft 9, and about 170 lbs, thick and solid, and curvy..

I'm 32 years old...
And I'm 4 ft 4 and 75 lbs..
So I have a 54 year old mom and wife put together...
Who is not extremely much larger than average..
That physically dominates me.
05-16-2019, 07:33 AM #2
UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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Obviously, you got what they need. Kudos to all of you.
05-16-2019, 02:35 PM #3
bohica Member
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4’-4” and 75 lbs.
My 5 year old grand daughter is almost that size.
Do your friends call you Eddie? (Short for Oedipus)

I'm in my seventh decade on Earth. I know things.
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05-16-2019, 09:30 PM #4
Anonymous Kritter Incognito
Ok Kiddoo, a Milf is 30 to 38 may be 42.
WHAT You Got there is a CUCKOLD!
rofl.gif lmao.gif


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