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With the escalation in Ukraine, I had a keen interest in a number of accidental prophecies that happened prior to the events that are happening now. As far back as September of 2012 the European press was very concerned about the announcement that Russia was going to host the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

It was reported that what was taking place was a self imposed burden on Russia and that it was more or less a baiting proposal to put the Olympics in a place where heavy militant activity could disrupt the games.

It was proposed that Vladimir Putin knew of the risks and was literally creating a scenario where he was daring any militant faction to come in and compromise his 1500 mile “ring of steel.”

Sochi was already being seen as a dark and foreboding locale for the games and already seemed as if it was cursed because of its past. The concerns that were being expressed in 2012 were that the Olympic Games in Sochi would revive a skeleton in Russia’s closet.

The Circassian genocide. Sochi is the land of the Circassians.

As the Mideast Times reported: “Most of the population of Circassia was brutally expelled from their country by the Russians in the 19th century. The Russian-Circassian War ended in 1864 with the departure and expulsion of the Circassians from their territory in what many historians consider the ethnic cleansing of the Circassians.”

Once again, the Olympic Games are the fulcrum in an area that is known for its ethnic cleansing and attempted genocide. The Slavs in Europe also attempted to commit the worst mass murder around another Winter Olympics site in Sarajevo.

Nostradamus the well known psychic had mentioned in one of his quatrains that World War III had its beginnings “during the games of slaughter” in 2008.

“The year of the great seventh number accomplished, It (World War III) will appear at the time of the games of slaughter: Not far from the great millennial age, When the buried will go out from their tombs.” — Century 10-74

The quatrain has been linked to several other possible prophecies regarding World War III, the rise of the third Anti-Christ and Nuclear conflagration.

In his Epistle to Henry II, Nostradamus clarified his prophecy stating that the great Empire of the Antichrist will begin where once was Attila’s empire and the new Xerxes will descend with great and countless numbers, so that the coming of the Holy Ghost, proceeding from the 48th degree, will make a transmigration, chasing out the abomination of the Christian Church, and whose reign will be for a time and to the end of time.

Attila’s Empire of course extended through Europe, Russia and China. On August 8th, 2008 during the Olympic Games in China, Russia invaded Georgia. Georgia and Sochi are neighbors by border. Six years later the war continues, this time in Ukraine. Ukraine sits on the 48th degree parallel north, uncannily matching Nostradamus prophecy.

There have been many people all over the world that are seeing the empire of the European Union extending throughout Europe and it is this encroachment that has fueled the turmoil in these areas.

The European Union has been open with what they represent and there is no secret that they wish to be the new imperial fortress similar to the Roman Empire. The European Union is rapidly dissolving the ideas of national sovereignty in a giant step toward globalism and one-world government. “The Superstate is preparing the way for a more powerful central government, one that will eventually be headed by a world dictator.”

The European Union has fully embraced imagery that fits the antichrist Whore of Babylon prophecy. On the Euro coin is a woman riding a great horned beast.

More - http://www.groundzeromedia.org/foreign-horrorspondence/
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JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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But...it's...Clyde... chuckle.gif


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(03-04-2014, 01:19 PM)JayRodney Wrote:  But...it's...Clyde... chuckle.gif

Blind squirrel gets a nut every once in awhile chuckle.gif

To be fair him or his crew do find all these connections that can be verified......I mean as far as if the people did say these things/predictions or not

I still hate them cuz they wont take my callz 13.gif
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JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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lmao.gif I get the feeling they don't much care for you, but yeah... even a broken clock is right twice a day.


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Octo Mother Superior
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(03-04-2014, 07:17 AM)KILLUMINATI Wrote:  On the Euro coin is a woman riding a great horned beast.

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mcmxc Member
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An interesting read! I've always believed prophecy has a part to play, but that it's less 'magic' more 'subconscious guidance'. That elite groups hide behind the occult and religion and symbolism not out of true belief, but that these things are metaphorical signposts in a way. This doesn't change the fact I think 90% of it all is brainwashed idiots online trying desperately to make sense of it and be a part of things, but the ones with power and influence like Nostradamus are always worth researching.



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