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Flu cases double again in Louisville! Dallas 2nd worst in the nation!
02-08-2019, 09:31 AM #1
Me? Incognito Anonymous
A couple months ago, Dallas announced it was getting 5G at the Love Field airport and at a public park.  Now Wlgreen's reports the citiy has the 2nd highest flu rate of anywhere in the country. The #1 worst flu destination is just east of Dallas-Fort Worth in Tyler-Longview.

Meanwhile, Louisville was having a mild flu season up until Dec. 21st when a taste of 5G was added to their menu. Since then, confirmed cases of the flu has exploded. Within weeks they had four times the number of confirmed flu cases as the previous record setting year nationwide.

In the next two weeks, Louisville recorded more than a doubling from 881 cases to over 2,000. Three weeks after that, their flu cases have doubled again to over 4,000 cases.

It is often difficult to get information about particular cities, with Austin being a prime example. Last year Austin had triple to 10 times as many flu deaths as any of the previous 12 years. I was tracking their week to week data at the Travis County Health Department website. Austin is by far the largest city in Travis County. Week after week, they dutifully reported their updates - until March. Theat's when their information changed greatly in two separate weeks. Their mid April report hid the death toll!

Sacramento is another location that reveals nothing about their flu situation. Verizon installed six towers in Sacramento in a city of about two million.

Austin got it's first bit of 5G in 2017, far ahead of almost everywhere.

The pattern looks pretty clear: add 5G in the least way, and you'll see a big increase iin the flu. Can we really afford to find out what will happen when families are exposed to far more 5G in place?
02-08-2019, 09:42 AM #2
Me? Incognito Anonymous
In regards to Dallas, having 5G at the airport means a lot of people would be exposed for short durations, ecxcepting the staffs who would be getting hammered by a low dose of 5G.

The passengers would be getting a double whammy, however, because the metal plane pings whatever electronics there generated from the plane itself and the plethora of lap tops in use.

When I flew first class (bucket list) last June, and was surrounded by them and in-flight movies, I was garbling some of my words by the end of the flight. My guess is that Nancy Pelosi is suffering from a similar fate with her weekly round trip flights to SF. Her antics are becoming more and more pronounced as was witnessed at Trump's SOTU address.

Nan's disintegration of late just might make her the poster child for what 5G and heavy exposure to WiFi can do to a person.
02-08-2019, 10:27 PM #3
Me? Incognito Anonymous
BTW, while Louisville has the highest incidence of confirmed flu cases, Bowling Green has the second highest.

Bowling Green has gotten a what is being referred to as a "C Band" satellite testing from Charter Communications as of December 12 or thereabouts depending on approval. The test is to continue for 180 days.

So if you were wondering why Bowling Green is getting the 'refried bean" treatment, as in their noggins being the beans in this case, Now you know.

Kentucky has a good number of cities. Do you suppose it is a coincidence that the two cities that have had 5G sprinkled on them in December would also be the two cities with the highest flu cases? If you think that your head is firmly buried in the sand. That would be a good place to be because sand helps to generate negative ions when a breeze with humidity or water hits it.
02-13-2019, 09:02 AM #4
Me? Incognito Anonymous
A recent news reports indicates Unusual" flu symptoms in Louisville, namely "hives and rashes."

A researcher from Israel pointed out maybe a year ago, his name escapes me, that our sweat glands are structured like helical antennas and are therefore especially susceptible to 5G. What a coininky dink that 5G Lousiville would be seeing a "rash' of rashes with this flu season. What are the chances??

It's just another fluke because...look squirrel!

02-13-2019, 09:05 AM #5
Me? Incognito Anonymous
(02-13-2019, 09:02 AM)Me? Wrote:  A recent news reports indicates Unusual" flu symptoms in Louisville, namely "hives and rashes."

A researcher from Israel pointed out maybe a year ago, his name escapes me, that our sweat glands are structured like helical antennas and are therefore especially susceptible to 5G. What a coininky dink that 5G Lousiville would be seeing a "rash' of rashes with this flu season. What are the chances??

It's just another fluke because...look squirrel!


Update: the report is from 2018. 4G does the same thing because the ions are the same although less numerous.
02-15-2019, 05:53 AM #6
Me? Incognito Anonymous
Louisville's flu continues to ravage the area. After doubling from 2,000 to 4,000 in three weeks, they have added another 900 confirmed cases in the week ending February 9th, five days ago.

Keep in mind that Louisville had a mild flu season two days before 5G was turned on there on December 21st. The number of cases has exploded ever since, In the first two weeks, they averaged 300 new cases. Then in the next two weeks, they averaged 600 new cases. Then about 700 cases per week for the next three weeks, to be topped by 900 cases last week.

I predicted this would happen. When is the last time you read someone's prediction here or anywhere else where the actual events so closely tracked the prediction?

How is it that I could possibly be so wrong about what 5G would do, according to some responses, yet the reported numbers are confirming otherwise?
02-19-2019, 05:16 AM #7
Me? Incognito Anonymous
Last week's Louisville Cardinal reported the following:

"Jefferson County has been hit the hardest, making up nearly half of Kentucky’s total. There are 3,715 confirmed cases reported so far.

People aged 11-20 are the second-highest age group to be affected by the flu, only surpassed by children under 11. The average age of a person diagnosed with the flu in Jefferson County is 22."

Students are wedded to their laptops in school and their cell phones after class, so it's is not in the least bit surprising that they are getting hammered disproportionately with the flu.


Are you starting to realize that I don't just make this sh** up? Be advised that whatever sickness we have seen thus far is just the first act in this play. I'ver been correct in every aspect of this prediction thus far. It's not because I'm smart. I just see the flu train coming down the track and am predicting that the train will be further down the track shortly.

This flu season won't fall off rapidly like other flu seasons. Rather it will become quite extended. Act three begins this summer when 5G is activated in 30+ cities unless folks wake up to what is happening before their very eyes now and in the next few months.

If they don't, my next prediction is death unlike anything seen since we dropped atom bombs in Japan. Some people will collapse immediately. Anyone with any extended exposure is likely to collpase in days or a week into comas and not survive.

If you recall what happened at the Cuban embassy, the employees had to be evacuated from a single source during working hours. This will be a triangulated exposure all over town perhaps.



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