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Flu deaths accelerated last week
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05-04-2019, 07:09 PM #1
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Flu deaths for the week ending April 27th grew to 2,300. The previous week's death toll was 2,200. The increase occurred despite the number of new cases being reported as declining, according to CDC's reporting yesterday. Warmer weather provides a natural defense against 'catching' the flu.

Visits for influenza like illness - a key marker for overall infectious diseases - continues to be at a higher rate than any previously recorded year, according to the CDC website.
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05-04-2019, 07:35 PM #2
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Meanwhile, there are hepatitis A outbreaks in several states across the country, such as Colorado, Arizona, Louisiana and Virginiabased on a search of Google's top 20 listings for hep A..

Florida has over 5 times as many cases on an annualized basis over last year and 10 times higher than 2017.

In the previous 10 years Louisiana reported between 5 and 14 cases a year. In the first 4 months of 2019, LA has reported 139 cases!

There are similar stories from other states.

A friend of mine was a victim of a similar supposedly fecal-transmitted illness.* Prior to her illness, she was so vibrant that she was climbing trees at 2 am to string Christmas lights. She ended up being hospitalized twice for at least ten days each time. She became ill while visiting Disney World which one would suspect would be highly plugged into 4G WiFi.

* Conventional medical wisdom is that these illnesses are transmitted due to a failure to wash hands after defecating. Of course all sort of microbes can be found in poop, so it becomes suspect #1. yet, when we look at the rest of the world where hand washing can be a luxury (consider India for example where public bathrooms are a nightmare) they don't have pandemics of these diseases at the level that one would think would be appropriate.)


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