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Flu up another 3.1 million
03-29-2019, 11:26 PM #1
Me? Incognito
That's 12% of this season's flu in one week. We are into week 28 of the season, so the latest reported week is more than 335% higher than the average flu season week.

The March 23rd incidence of "influenza like illnesses" continues to outstrip last year's devastating flu season for the same time period. This week's number will be revised upward next week as usual as more reports are collected. This week is already 50% higher than last year's for the same time period.

No flu season in at least the last 15 years for which records are available has been nearly this high this late in the season.

In three weeks (four+ weeks according to CDC reporting) there will be an explosion of the flu in Chicago and Minneapolis - if the cities are even functional enough to submit records! Most likely, those cities will become dysfunctional to the point of societal breakdown. Hospitals could close or be grossly understaffed because they are high consumers of WiFi already!!

If Chicago and Minneapolis become disaster zones beginning April 11th, will you believe me then?
03-29-2019, 11:41 PM #2
Me? Incognito
There were over 3,400 deaths for the week, according to preliminary estimates and upwards of over 49,000 deaths total for the season from the flu and flu related pneumonia.

By July of last year, there were nearly 80,000 total flu related deaths - a 40 year record. With Chicago and Minneapolis about to skew the numbers, this year could equal or exceed last year - if there is anyone to keep track or if people were well enough to seek medical care.

But there will be an utter breakdown in those cities if 5G is left on. Few to man the ambulances and many people too sick to go by car. Will doctor's offices also be closed? You bet!


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