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For anyone who knows my story.... the audio failing is recordable
allah zakkbar Show this Post
10-19-2017, 02:31 AM #1
allah zakkbar Incognito
along with the mocking and denial.... and its why they kill the freemasons, cia and fbi and secret service...

anyone recording today at the café has what kills on tape... they are singing SCARED while AUDIO FAILING and mocking and saying SO .. like lizards...

got it on tape.

'back' 'laughing' while I post this live.

and now 'that aint it' 'where is it' and laughing and lizard audio failing noises.

'and the next day' and now more audio failing.

10-19-2017, 06:23 AM #2
Ninelives Singing In The Rain
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Sounds like people talking in a large room, just background noise, and your talking over them, I can't hear it.

Look Up


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