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From Domestic Abuse, to Incestuous Rape – it is time to say NO
05-30-2011, 03:59 PM #1
Upāsaka Member
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Quote:I’m sick of the rhetoric being used to blame the Greek people for the crimes of a handful of powerful criminals working form inside the country in conjunction with foreign politicians, banks and corporations. This rhetoric makes it appear as though the Greek people at large are to blame for the rape that is now being carried out, not just against their current standards of living, but against their very sovereignty.

Sovereignty is not just a word. In this specific case, it will mean the ability to prevent oil and gas drilling off the country’s eastern and western shores (the Aegean and Ionian) in the near future by foreign multinational, the ability to control the educational curriculum of the country’s schools, the allocation of funds for internal development, etc. If you want examples of what losing control over one’s own sovereignty means, look no further than South America. The continent is replete with such examples. The recent revolutionary movements in Bolivia, Venezuela, etc. are reactions to oligarchy and privatization, the likes of which we are now seeing accelerate in Greece.

The Greek media is farce. It may even be on par with that of Venezuela (contrary to popular belief here in the US, Chavez does not control the dominant media in Venezuela – it is the oligarchs who were there before him that own and control this industry). It is working in synergy with the Greek government to suppress the truth about what “the memorandum,” passed in May 2010, actually means for the Greek nation, and continuously downplay the anti-government demonstrations taking place in the country. This type of media censorship is more evident in Greece than it could ever be in the US because the country is so small, and so much of the media is concentrated in Athens, where so much of the news takes place. People can participate in the events themselves, and then contrast what they saw with what is being reported in the news.

Let us be clear here. There are many people in Greece who stand to benefit tremendously by the liquidation of the country’s wealth and the loss of its sovereignty. These people are licking their chops at the prospect of dipping their fingers in the IMF pot. They are as guilty as the foreign banks doing the raping. In fact, they are more guilty, because what they are doing is akin to treason. It is incestual rape.

What is happening in Greece now cannot, and will not continue. I am sure of this. The country has been in a condition of domestic abuse for some time now, but such conditions are more difficult to escape from psychologically. It is one thing to be raped by your boyfriend, and another to be raped by a stranger in a dark ally. It is much easier to resist the stranger than to resist the lover. What is happening now is that Greeks are more and more coming to recognizing the privatization and liquidation of Greece for what it truly is: an unlawful compelling of the people to hand over the keys to their destiny under duress; by the direct threat of force. In other words, rape.

Not everyone in Greece can rebel with the same level of confidence and fearlessness. The older generation has insecurities and concerns that are legitimate, and there is only so much that they can be expected to do. But for the younger generation, my generation – for those who are still siting on the sidelines – it is time to reassess priorities. You no longer have the luxury to balance personal welfare equally with national preservation. The time has come to choose sides. Either you put your country first, or you put yourself first. It is that simple. Either you decide that standing up for your history, your culture and your collective spirit is what matters most, or you decide that it is time to devote all your resources towards preserving your own living standards. The later choice is one for the elderly, who cannot be expected to stand on strong legs. But for those of you who have youthful blood running through your veins, choosing to cower behind a TV screen or hoping to use this crisis as an opportunity to profit is a shameful, treasonous and an ultimately pathetic mode of existence.

The world is watching the people of Greece. The battle lines are being drawn, and the first spark is to be set in Athens. The country is the most vulnerable, most indebted and most corrupt of the PIGS nations. Recent events have made it ALL THE MORE CLEAR that we are nearing a breaking point, where the Greek people either capitulate to the final steps envisioned by the Memorandum (the transformation of Greece from a sovereign country into a protectorate of Europe) or they say NO; we will not allow you to invade our country and enslave our people!

If you believe such words to be hyperbole, then you are blind to history. Just because the invasion is not happening by a land army carrying rifles and riding in tanks does not make it any less predacious and ominous for the people being conquered. So far, Greece has been ruled by corrupt oligarchs, but at least there was hope for change. If the country is sold off to foreign interests, then the Greek people will have nothing left to negotiate for. They will be helpless to prevent the further destruction of their environment (imagine, for a moment, traveling to Lefkada only to see a giant oil rig pumping crude out of the Mediterranean basin), and whatever resources they have will be used to further enrich a class of new oligarchs and politicians that are not even, in theory, accountable to the citizens of the country that they will be occupying.

The time for action has come. Do not allow these new privatization measures to be carried out in any way, shape or form. Whatever it takes, this government must be toppled and a new, nationalistic, sane and non-authoritarian resistance must emerge that provides for real political alternatives and rational choices. The path will be difficult, and fear will be omnipresent, but such is the nature of liberty. The promises being made to Greece by the IMF and its status quo politicians are those of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Quote:The Greek "Ultimatum": Bailout (For The Bankers) And (Loss Of) Sovereignty
So after one year of beating around the bush, it is finally made clear that, as many were expecting all along, the ultimate goal of the Greek "bailouts" is nothing short of the state's (partial for now) annexation by Europe. According to an FT breaking news article, "European leaders are negotiating a deal that would lead to unprecedented outside intervention in the Greek economy, including international involvement in tax collection and privatisation of state assets, in exchange for new bail-out loans for Athens. People involved in the talks said the package would also include incentives for private holders of Greek debt voluntarily to extend Athens’ repayment schedule, as well as another round of austerity measures." Thus Greece is faced with the banker win-win choice, of not only abandoning sovereignty, a first in modern "democratic" history, in the pursuit of "Greek" policies that are beneficial for Europe, or not get a bailout,.....

I find it sickly ironic, that the media concentrate on the rape case of DSK (horrific though rape is) while Greece's asset's its Sovereignty will be sold like a cheap whore for the lowest price to the Banking Mafia. IMF state financial terrorism that has wrecked developing countries around the world, have now turned their eyes on Europe.

Greece will only be the first of many nations within the EU who will be subject to this IMF Financial/Sovereign asset rape and fire sell off.

As the blog, states above its time to say no and stand up for there rights as Greeks, take back the state, your politicians are selling you into complete serfdom.

Default tell the IMF/ECB, NO MORE!
05-30-2011, 04:28 PM #2
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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cheers.gif Hey P! Really interesting quote:
Quote:"I’m sick of the rhetoric being used to blame the Greek people for the crimes of a handful of powerful criminals working form inside the country in conjunction with foreign politicians, banks and corporations. This rhetoric makes it appear as though the Greek people at large are to blame for the rape that is now being carried out, not just against their current standards of living, but against their very sovereignty."

This rhetoric goes far beyond the Greek people. Remember the global warming scam? The one currently repackaged as "climate change" with the same goal; a universal carbon tax that does nothing to address any climate problems, real, potential, perceived or fabricated for a variety of reasons.

My point is this is this type of propaganda is a spreading the blame, of sorts in order to create the illusion that YOU and I are to blame for this or that disaster, shortage, or whatever suits the proverbial fancy of those who jokingly think they control all this disorder.

I've noted on numerous occasions Prince Charles cheerfully spouts unimaginably hypocritical things like "WE need to cut OUR carbon footprint" 13.gif Seriously, whose taking personal jets all over the world and how much does it cost to hat all those drafty palaces and castles anyway?

Ditto for Japan. I recall people saying things like it's a shame the people have such a craving for power that these had to be built. gaah.gif There are alternatives, it's short sightedness on the part of business, industry and government who reap huge benefits in terms of profits from these operations. The technology exists to make them safe, but they have until recently refused to develop it.

I'm certain WE are to blame for that as well.


05-30-2011, 04:46 PM #3
Upāsaka Member
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Afternoon JR cheers.gif

This is the world we live in. These people have no regard for people only profit.

Europeans need to stand together, protests are starting to take place across Europe but these protests need to change into a movement a revolt.

This is a song that never loses it power and what people need to remember.

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05-30-2011, 07:26 PM #4
Anonymous Kritter Incognito Anonymous

05-30-2011, 08:09 PM #5
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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Cash is worthless, gold and silver are the only things worth having at the moment, no surprise here. I'd love to print money and use it to buy gold. Nice find AK! hi5.gif




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