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Giant Foot Print 200 Million Yrs Old - South Africa
06-25-2014, 04:02 AM #1
Gumby AKA Chtumby
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06-25-2014, 04:48 PM #2
Octo Mother Superior
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Ancient Bigfoot damned.gif
06-25-2014, 05:27 PM #3
Ruby Wolf Member
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This giants footprint was probably impressed into molten rock that was cooling down yet still warm and malleable enough to preserve its imprint...

Many millions of years ago everything else grew much larger than now like trees and lizards and fish and insects and mammals ect ect...

So why wouldnt extremely ancient humans have also?!

Especially the variety spawned from evil alien demon gods descending upon earth to mate with and impregnate the ancient female humans who gave birth to them...

Then possibly wiped out by deluge and or prehistoric nuclear wars preserved and evidenced as the world wide iridium layer?!



06-25-2014, 06:28 PM #4
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Looks like the maker , took the adage " Leave something Monumental Behind "
Literally .

" I BELIEVE " heh heh lmao.gif
06-25-2014, 06:33 PM #5
Octo Mother Superior
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He took a giant step for mankind chuckle.gif
06-25-2014, 07:24 PM #6
Wolf Pup Member
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(06-25-2014, 04:42 PM)Beyond Smolensk Wrote:  Our human history that we are told to think and taught to believe is so contaminated with so many lies and deceptions it makes me sick and frightened just to think about it...

Supposedly modern humans have been upon earth for only 200,000 years...

Yet heres a 300,000,000 year old metal bell adorned with winged demonic entity >

Yet heres a 500,000,000 year old metal hammer with petrified wooden handle >

Yet heres a 600,000,000 year old metal vase covered with inlays and intricate etchings >

Just some of so many other beyond strange out of place out of time artifacts that have been discovered and excavated from all over earth and then quickly hushed up and suppressed away into the void of ignorance and denial...


Because modern humans are a helluva lot older than the lies and deceptions we are being taught to think and told to believe as we have risen up and then were knocked back down by cyclic natural calamities and self inflicted disasters and evil alien invasions again and again for perhaps hundreds of millions of years and not just for several thousand...


Tptb know this and thats exactly why they have subterranean atomic blast proof bunkers designed and constructed and ready and waiting for them and not for you and I and our legally extorted tax trillions that paid for them to be built...







Personally, I think the dating procedure is way off. Carbon dating is not a reliable way to see how old something is. I'm not a bible thumper and I do not think the Earth is 6000 years old. Your examples show that they can not be that old.
06-25-2014, 08:29 PM #7
Gumby AKA Chtumby
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I think things are way older than carbon dating tells us. Carbon Dating is based on radioactive decay.

Im sure over the Eons the Earth has been hit by many Gamma rays from Mass Coronal ejections from the sun, more powerful than the Carrington event.

This would reset and recharge the Radioactive decay.

And we have proof of this all around us. The roads we drive on, store radiation from the sun. So why not everything else?

Just my belief.

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06-25-2014, 09:50 PM #8
Ruby Wolf Member
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Geologists and archaeologists and other scientific experts are fairly certain of the various ages of different strata of rock without even radio carbon dating them and the immensely ancient ages of the rock and coal that those and so many other fantastic mind bending currently enforced belief structure shattering fashioned metal objects were discovered within is hard core evidence towards proving that modern humanity is a helluva lot older than we are misled to think and has risen up and then mostly wiped out way more than we are deceived to believe and its going to happen again unleashed upon you and I or our children or their children sooner or later some day...
Not Gumby Show this Post
06-26-2014, 12:20 AM #9
Not Gumby Incognito Anonymous
Heres an article that might help the actual date of the Great Flood:

Study: the Greenland ice sheet collapsed 400,000 years ago

06-26-2014, 12:43 AM #10
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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(06-26-2014, 12:20 AM)Not Gumby Wrote:  Heres an article that might help the actual date of the Great Flood:

Study: the Greenland ice sheet collapsed 400,000 years ago


;spock: Interesting, from the above link...

"The study is one of the first to zero in on how the vast Greenland ice sheet responded to warmer temperatures during that period, which were caused by changes in the Earth’s orbit around the sun."

shocked.gif What the heck could cause that? Could a large body have come within a close enough proximity to disturb earths orbit, or was this some type of gravitational anomaly?
One can only speculate at the cause of something that bizarre, first I've heard of that explanation for the ice age kibosh.

06-26-2014, 02:03 AM #11
Kreeper Griobhtha
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Damn cavemen just HAD to drive SUVs and cause global warming...


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They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to poor
06-26-2014, 07:34 PM #12
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Sure was good for the Coffers of the Gawd Pimps ,,

That Constantin was so easily influenced by that little Christ Pimp back
in the third century .

Sure was bad for the truth of history though .

Kind of enraging when you think of all the cruelty slammed on people over the centuries
by those Fear Pimping religious idiots .

I can well see why the Church would fear evidence of the " TRUE " past .
Anonymous Kritter Show this Post
06-30-2014, 04:47 PM #13
Anonymous Kritter Incognito Anonymous
Bunch of fake bullshit.

How are you people gullible enough to believe this garbage?
06-30-2014, 05:19 PM #14
Ruby Wolf Member
Posts:10,255 Threads:721 Joined:Oct 2012
(06-30-2014, 04:47 PM)Anonymous Kritter Wrote:  Bunch of fake bullshit.

How are you people gullible enough to believe this garbage?
Okay like have you any ideas about what it would actually take and require for someone to accurately fake a giants footprint imbedded into solid rock?!

Yet its so much easier to live with if we just blow it off and ignore this and all the other strange and inexplicable out of place out of time artifacts while denying the terrible implications they so obviously reveal...

That most of our force fed history that we have been trained to robotically think and taught to slavishly believe for so long is mostly riddled and covered up by a sinister psych ops veneer of misleading half truths and nefarious deceptions and blatant lies...
10-02-2014, 04:06 PM #15
Ruby Wolf Member
Posts:10,255 Threads:721 Joined:Oct 2012
Most of our ancient human and prehistoric dinosaur history that we are relentlessly told and taught to think are actually sinister tricks and nefariously misleading deceptions that support the currently enforced belief structures of the royal bloodline elites that we are continuously force fed to believe while keeping the oblivious mainstream public as far away as possible from knowing the faith shattering truth thats been hushed up and suppressed beneath growing mountains of deliberate ignorance and intentional denial and blatant lies...



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