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Heart Breaker , I'm gonna get Drunk
04-09-2018, 06:07 AM #106
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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This old Screen , torn ,faded ,
and ready to Die ,,

It's too late , to stop the Film
and can't back out
All of our Eye's
beginning to cry ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

This same old scene ,,
over and over
like some old Picture
in some tattered
Romance Magazine

Producer ,,,
Long Dead and Gone
supporting act
left us behind
left out of town
left just you and I
to carry on
and for a Fact
Before we fail this time
This old script ,
I'm setting down

Let the Curtain Fall ,,
There's no longer
an Audience to
watch with awe

nothing left
but empty seats

even the Props
melted away
into the cracks
they creep ,,,

Windows Framed
inside my mind ,,
with Velvet Memories
with none to blame
some blissful
some unkind ,,

There's miles to go
for some new Flick

maybe we can show
an old Dog
a brand new trick ,,

but this roadside attraction
has come to a close

lost all traction
fell to the Floor

Time to Take to exit
when the lights have all gone down
what happens next
when the Curtain fall ,,
and there's no one there ,,
no one left at all ,,,

This old Screen
we left shadows upon ,,,
has found it's end
there's no cause for us
to carry this Play on
exit time my old friend ,,,

Let the Props and lights
be no more and ,,
die on their own ,,,

Backstage Steps
form two flights
head out alley door
we're now alone ,,

Time has finally come
for Closing Night ,,

~~~ Like a Bad Play , bad love affair ,, fades into the Dark ~~~~

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04-13-2018, 06:21 PM #107
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,500 Threads:236 Joined:Feb 2011
get something to roll off these fingertips

~~~~ Rusted Deep ~~~~~

Well I run to find some reasoning
this Bottle of Melted Memories

But I can't seem to catch up
with what my dreams seem to mean

There's a reason behind everything we
try to prove
but if that reason falls through the cracks
as your Train leaves it's groove

then it's a reason you cannot deny
nor in truth defend

because most of what you try
is based on bad intent

and selfish from the get

always overdone in theatrics
to get the titty that contains
the most milk

I could run faster ,
but I realize the answers
always move faster than Light

so if my expectations over run my talents
then it's just a simple fact
that life has something for me to relearn ,,

now down some stairwell
down into a Basement devoid of light
my emotions hung on a Hook
most are shinier than the ones before
but at those , I have no need to look

and if I had common sense
I'd turn , just haul ass
and run for the door

but nothing's going to stop this ride I'm on
I've worked very hard ,
just to spend the cash that I make

work and suffer every incident
and as I go ,, creating for myself
this life I live , it's just my fate
so if you're waiting on me ,
I assure you ,,
I'm always in a Hurry
to make myself
just a little more than late ,,

so turn off the button on your Auto-play
and realize early in life ,,
that Late is just my way
and of coming back again
when I should have
simply remained gone

Take a look at Lifestyle
now ,,, tell me which do you prefer
for the one I like the best is always ,,
wild , Free,, as well ,,covered in fur

The House on the Hill owns a broke down fence ,,
the Widow's Walk to me makes perfect sense
for all the folks are gone
and to pay a price is just by rote ,
causing you to carry around change
in the form of common sense
infused and coated in recompense

so leave the door ajar
and when the worries wander out ,,,
know that they won't wander very far ,,,

they'll always come right back to you
refreshed and larger than they ever were before

Worse is when you come to find all those friends
were Fair Weather and all waiting for your Storm
to roll in ,,
just to leave you standing there with holes in your pockets
and very little else to your name ,,
yes , they were nothing more ,,
then people playing you
with their selfish Game ,,,

I'd take the Time ,
but to take it
I'd have to carry it
and that is a burden
one more then I believe I need
so why not just leave it laying there ,
I'd be lighter as we run away
from time , and it's Brother Greed

No one loves you as much
as they love what you have

and what's your's
they feel they can take away

so we'll ignore them
as though they don't exist

dance on their wishes

laughing at them ,
wouldn't that be a Twist ?

they want money ? they can wash dishes

and leaving out any doubt
that we're crazy as the Bees
with their wishes we'll Paint
the walls in the Likeness
of a sneeze ,,
then while we write an Epitaph
fitting their Dead dreams
we'll throw them to the Crows ,
and then ,,
after the Pen has made it's final Stroke ,,,
we'll sign off ,
claiming it's all just a Joke
laugh to their faces
just because we can ,,,
then run off to see
the Snow Melting
into the Ocean
like water
made from Clay that's
turned to Sand ,,,

Yeah , so the Flames of Hell sprout from our mind
and in turn , the Rain of Comfort is hardest for us to find .

so we live on self motivation
and use each other while we form a Nation
then use it to gather up more ,, just to put it all
up for sale at our American style Store ...............................~~~~~ Tildy World ~~~~~~~~~

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04-14-2018, 02:05 AM #108
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,500 Threads:236 Joined:Feb 2011
^^^ That right there was cool , I wrote while I was in trance . cool that eh ?

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04-14-2018, 08:38 AM #109
T-Town Chancy Member
Posts:105 Threads:0 Joined:Jun 2017
you would get drunk at the drop of a hat. chuckle.gif
04-14-2018, 08:05 PM #110
Elegant Fail Member
Posts:333 Threads:15 Joined:Apr 2018
I just cracked a beer myself.
Anonymous Kritter Show this Post
04-14-2018, 08:14 PM #111
Anonymous Kritter Incognito Anonymous
I'm going to join you wine.gif
04-14-2018, 11:42 PM #112
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,500 Threads:236 Joined:Feb 2011
~~~~ Ever Clear Change ~~~~

Well the Stop ,
come's when you're sick
of being dead inside

Like when you Flop
the Bushes get too thick
to supply you the Glide

dizzy is a Permanent feel
and then to be drunk
is all that seems
for you to be real

Burp and move along slow
watch where ya step
when the headlights begin to glow

Run down and over done
ya been plastered since
your life's begun

to live in any other Guise
for you child wouldn't be too wise

cause your stagger
is now your normal Stride

Love your Drink
it's the only way
you know how to ride
no need for you to think
your stumble get's you by
sleep on your face
instead of your side

so when you vomit
it's saves your hide

Hic and belch

drink some scotch
afterall you're drinking
for the Irish as well
as the Welch

get drunk till your Nee's cave in

shit , here ya go
have some Gin .

Hic ! drool.gif
04-15-2018, 03:52 AM #113
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,500 Threads:236 Joined:Feb 2011
Well are you still on the Road she asked
Yes , I'm calling from some Deserted town
in the Southwest

So , do you intend to come home sometime soon ,,

well I answered , I can't even be sure of the Sun rising
and I may be Home one day , but ,,,

as she choked up , I followed with ,,
" it's a move I waited all my life for ,,
and if I don't do it now ,
I can't say there'll ever be a when ,,,
so for a little while longer ,,

She broke in , tear in her throat ,,
no doubt a few down her cheek ,,
I'd loved to have you come back soon ,,

What would come ? , Hell would I know ?

I'm tasked for this Adventure without end

With Hostility she asked : " are you and that Guitar married now ? "

" Oh , Listen Hon' , can I call you back in the Morning ? "

It's a Scene and a Routine we worked out long ago
some type of Lover's conspiracy , where neither admit
they're hung on a Line that just comes with the Scenery ,,

Dangling , neither of us admit the love between ,

but still can't stand to be apart ,, not for long

The mellow rap of a drifting sprinkle comes
I drop the receiver of the phone off the Hook
walking away ,, unfocused like life walked the other way

it's a Motor Day ,
two wheel fly by ,
on a Desert Road
that forgot it's Glory even before the life ran out
on the nearest Town ,,,

As a Rover Girl
I never said it was Over Girl
I'll be right back
Rode away , like the night had fangs inches off my Spine ,,

Fine ,,, she yelled at my Back ,,,
go ,,, there's someone somewhere
I stopped ,,
she went back inside ,,
as dread rode up and down my spine

and this Time , the 5th month into this unbalanced life of mine on the road ,,
I really can't say I'll ever return again ,,,, I can't really say much ,,
this pull in myriad directions , deeper emotions involved
then I wanted to admit to myself ,, afraid of what I felt for Her ,,
and the Mistake I may Make that would hurt her ,,

Just Run Rog' ,, that'll fix it all ,, ( Like Hell )

You'll face a few Choices sometime ,,,
that'll turn out to be tougher then you are ,,,

free to ride or ???

ride or stay ???

Could I make her happy anyway ?
scared I couldn't and loved her so much ,
scared I'd hurt her through running away from my feelings for her ,,

and now on that Run ,, and about to suffer another Breakdown ,,,

In this , where two lives ,,, may have been a Meld for life ?

what is there left to speak but the regrets of missing
a possible ,,,,

but no ,
thoughts are not to be turned around that direction ,,

Rear view into a Mist that you'll never see through anyway
You cannot answer with a Possibility ,,
it didn't happen ,, it just didn't happen ,,
and no way to see back there what may have ,, Happen " If "
so move on Man ,,,

Over the Tehachipi's ,,, into the Valley where
smog claims to have it's capital city ,,

sing to me ,,
Her faint voice comes into my mind
twisting my Heart with a ,,, stab incredibly deep ,

" Sing to me ,,, Rog' ! "

I hadn't sung to her ,, in so long ,,,

now Passing Magic Mountain ,
there's no Magic to that Roadside attraction
but it was our first date as Teens ,,

Coast , and then back to her ,,,
Tired of my Fear of my feelings for her ,,,

and so ,, the metal flashes white in Chrome
the Tail Wind behind ,,follows me Home
while the Fore Wind resist my Chest , Tired ,, all this day
Home Coming without Fatigue
just never has Happened for me ever ,,

The Gate into the Complex ,,, on the intercom ,
she lifts the phone ,,
" Honey ,, I'm Delivered unto you "
I'm watching the Upstairs Window when the curtain Parts ,,
she looks out and down at me as she presses the gate open key ,,
her Hair flowing from the Breeze blowing through the Window screen
That Golden Thickness she loved to have weaved ,,,

Welcome Home my ,,,

~~~~ each , and when it's cured , then ,,, ~~~~~~~~

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04-15-2018, 05:46 AM #114
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,500 Threads:236 Joined:Feb 2011
and as the Lab Rat lives on
turning the Covers on his Tormentors ,,

he flashes his defenses ,, they Worms fade back into their hole for a bit ,,,

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04-16-2018, 04:42 PM #115
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,500 Threads:236 Joined:Feb 2011
Ok , cooking up a new theme for the next script for this Movie .
I think it's got more sex appeal then ,,,,

what Celeb is the current Hottie right now ?

well , insert name above and you get what I mean

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04-18-2018, 05:51 AM #116
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,500 Threads:236 Joined:Feb 2011
In the Mist of distant memories ,,

comes those old friends with whom
We would spend our time
some in which we would sing

and when the screen begins to clear

I can almost see you sitting there
beside me swaying with your Tambourine
keeping time soothingly ,,, Happy eyes watching
everything ,,

That old Album of Pictures we used to keep
Made to hold the Memories we meant to cherish
as we grew old ,,
Sure has Borders Torn and Pages stained in Mold

But in the images and through the stains
can still be seen ,,
The Love we experienced as Teens ,,

Nothing melts as slow as memories
Nothing sustains us longer
and we're hopeful for all that comes
but where we've been , last and lives on and on

So some moment stands a little higher
than most all the rest , and at times , it comes back
to us ,, in a Feel so real ,,, we relive it like it's
upon us in the now ,,,
and when it's one wrapped in Love
it would seem as though it's
the only one we'd want to ever know ,,

yes , I recall that Moment you're speaking of
and yes ,, I still can feel the Love ,,
and I hold it near ,,
for it's the one that seems
to stand out most above
for in it,, there's so much power
drenched in Love ~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~ Journal walking , and as I slow ,,, to pause at one Picture in particular ,, the Feel comes over me ~~~~

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04-18-2018, 06:27 AM #117
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,500 Threads:236 Joined:Feb 2011
go back and read page 1 of this thread again

this thread is a crack up man .

Gawd I love Life when it's a Funny Movie .
04-19-2018, 04:39 AM #118
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,500 Threads:236 Joined:Feb 2011
Driving force , behind the Helm
where unto shall we Roam

Wind has a Feel , as though
we're here to stay ,,

though it'll pick up,,
So plot the Course
pick the tune
savior the moments
together , under this Full Moon

Driving Force
Tack Port
comes a Wake to take asunder
Black out sky middle of day
See the Lightning
Feeling the Thunder
We may make it yet
or so we better Pray ,,,

it's a run down rig but holding tight
Bilge Pump seems to be alright

Hell yes Child
we just might make it tonight ,,

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04-20-2018, 03:40 AM #119
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,500 Threads:236 Joined:Feb 2011
Some take advantage
some give what they can
and some just past their time
tormenting anyone they can

Slime in the Society wearing
Uniforms ,, authority over others
yet not to keep them safe
but to take and beat and shoot them down

it's The Second fall of Rome

soon to melt down
into the ashes from which
it come ,,

Won't the Red Man be happy to see it go
and all that Nuclear polluting goes
up in a Glow ,,

won't the fall be nice to see
wouldn't you love to be here
as it slides into the Sea

wasted words on a shallow page
all those Threats backed with Rage

every Man and Woman free
to live life as it ought to be ,,,

Children safe from Harm
no more bullshit
no more false alarm ,,

Parks green with trees
instead of Fences and Gangs
floating thigh deep in Debris

No one affaid to walk at night
no longer Hungry , or Hiding inside
filled with Fright ,,,,

World safer from American Agression

no fear of a Drone crossing the shore
blowing away Tribal People
living in Caves forced to sleep
on a hardrock floor ,,,

Fall of Rome II and we're all finally
free of Fear ,,,
think about skies without Planes
bombing Children at Home
Mothers with their cloths
covered in Tears ,,,

yeah it's been a Shame ~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Fall underway ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Great View from up here ~~~~~~~~~~>>>>>

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04-22-2018, 05:21 AM #120
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,500 Threads:236 Joined:Feb 2011
Falling through Sky
not meant to hold

In Windows ,, I can see Beyond

Out Doors ,, I see only lovers Found

and through the Clouds ,,
Falling ,, like Tears set free ,,,

If you're waiting on me ,,,

Within my Mind ,,
Night never seems to come

It's shining ah so damn fine
Hold tight now ,,

I'm beginning to Climb ,,,,,,,,,

Roses soar ,,
over my Shoulder

while Ripples run ,,
to catch up with the score ,,

Windows clear ,, see unto Eternity ,,

See those who come ,, to Rescue me ,,

Hands play ,,
in clay to mold ,, a Life for me ,,

Strands fray ,,,
revealing a Soul ,, Born pure and Freeeeeeee ,,,,,,,,

Steering me away ,,,
Far from where ,,,, I once used to be ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Full Sail of Wind ,,,
caressed with Care ,,
Gliding softly now ,,

Into The Silver Skies of Eternity ,,

Lined in Silk ,, Folded in the Arms
of a Child's Memories ,,,

We Love in soft sighs ,,
and love to be ,,, just Free ,, free as we wished we'd ever be ,,,

~~~ The Sky is Rising High ,,, High over Me ~~~~~~

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