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Heart Breaker , I'm gonna get Drunk
03-22-2018, 11:55 AM #91
Sandy Incognito Anonymous
(02-26-2018, 07:53 AM)Cynicalabsurdance Wrote:  Oh fekk this is a Funny thread

I forgot about this shït .

~~~~~~Phoney People song ~~~~~

Well , the Winds of Change
come slippery seeking
to rearrange
the minds of you and me

slippery ,, yes ,,peeking
into our Vulnerabilities

Control of all Mankind
and while this is going down
we sleep like dead to the Light
unaware of what's coming over us
as it surrounds

We sleep with hope
in our dreams

forgetting , we're doped
and nothings as it seems ,,,

We stand beneath the Light
to be examined
for what causes us
Fright ,,,
the wind then
rushes in , swift it supplies
that Curtain of Night
that blinds our eyes ,,

Darkness overcomes
while we sit , stare , into
our phones
like stoned apes who
twiddle their thumbs ,,

Swift again
the Darkness comes

sit down children
continue on
Twiddle those Thumbs

Comes a Time
and the one
who can bring us light
inform with Rhyme
if you'd listen to him
but yet you fight

and as he turns to walk away
into your Virtual Reality
you continue to succumb

he'll not be back
on another day

sit down child
twiddle that Thumb

Your Future looking
mighty dim

when it comes
will you remember him

doubtful you'll recall his word

That Kitten on the Screen
so cutely and totally absurd ,,,

Yes that's a Wind of Change

change to the worst
through constant distraction
of your Brains ,,,

Sit Down Children
just Twiddle away ,,

don't think of tomorrow
while you can play today

All your Freedom up and went
while those Phones ,,
grabbed attention ,
while all your freedom
you'd happily put up
for rent ,,,

ashes to ashes all fall down ,,,

That Teacher you spurned
won't be coming back around ,,,

sit down , Twiddle again
when you look up next ,,,

your worlds come to an end ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~ You cannot claim you didn't witness the change , while your face , stuck in that Phone , refused to see ~~~~

( Snowsongs 2018 )

Nice lyrics.
Yesterday, 05:59 AM #92
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,054 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011
thank you

old Social Satire Song Style .

generation of Rebels that I'm from .

This one I wrote for a Lady Friend , it's one of my Favorites for the textures it criss crosses ,,

~~~~~~~ Soul Sediment ~~~~~~~~~

She stands to reason
what cannot be felt

her heart in season
no doubt she feels it swell

Love glazed eye's
leaning backward over head

under blue skies
sitting pretty on her bed

Talk of ages
was that,,,
she'd come down sometime

turning back pages
to a lost but much better time

Knights in Armor
steeds dressed to kill

lance over shoulder
await command of her will

Too many days in the desert
waiting for rain

too many days laying
soaking in pain

free now
she runs to fill
her hearts longing
to sit upon her hill

Come round to reasons
none suffice
bare knuckled pride
has a very high price

Love on the fly

has a much deeper price

Love through her will

has an even deeper slice

Pay out for loving
the wrong man
she finds herself spent

straight out loving
what she can
as though
her love's for rent

What does it
compel her to stand
stand there waiting
waiting on the
wrong damned man

What does it
brings her undone
by her own hand
hearts been twisted
twisted and wrung

daylight morning rise
high over her hill

sometimes your love
is not by your will

But by tomorrows fate
to bring you around
to find yourself better off
then loving that clown

~~~ ( chorus ) ~~~~

Love on the fly

has a much deeper price

Love through her will

has an even deeper slice

( second verse )

Castles no home
too large for a lover
who lives there alone

She wrestles with feelings
held too long
never let them free

keeps her reeling
away from being free

Small wonder her hurt and pain
you can't run wild
through a down pour
of tears like rain

Who knows
one day she may
again live her dream

heaven knows
she's heavy
with too much she's seen

Someone may come along
and teach her
how to love again

She'll hold together her heart
hopefully until then ,,,,

~~~~~ ( chorus ) ~~~~~~

Love on the fly

has a much deeper price

Love through her will

has an even deeper slice

this pic is her when we were Teens

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Yesterday, 06:05 AM #93
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,054 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011
and this one I play far too much , deep reflections going way back with this one .

~~~~~ Song of Source `~~~~~~```

last time I seen the one

She was resting on her Sun

Listened to the river course
through my veins

and the song of source
beat against my brains

Seems I just can't take away those
thoughts of mine

Seems I'm stuck in a mold
of someone Else's making

Seems i can't break the code
and somethings shaking

shaking me down
shaking me
shaking me down

When i rose my head
I could hear voices
not exactly what they said

but their simple choices

stopped to touch the candle flame
just time to be burned

stepped right up to make my claim
of all the stories I lived and learned

Last I saw the one
she was standing next to me

I was standing aside
to let the passing of the next scene

When she placed her hand in mine
i flinched back to reality
retraced the land of mind
and found she was gone from me

Lose a moment in time
no tellin' where you skipped

lose a little space
and no tellin' what time
you lost
or what place

Lose your heart to a fragment
of a woman who loved you hard

you can't say it was a loss
cause you gained
no matter what it cost

You lose standing stagnant
afraid to leave your yard

you can count it a loss
you refrained
from chancing the cost

~~~~ Chorus ~~~~

shaking me down
shaking me
shaking me down

She and i found something
together we never would have seen

sometimes fate brings you together
for what you should have been

and sometimes it just falls together
like wind you can never chain

this time fate folded arms around
two who were meant to be

there is no real dividing line
between the heart and mind
of two who love so hard
they meld like 999 fine

~~~~~ ( Chorus ) ~~~`

shaking me down
shaking me
shaking me down

as stated , a very deep reflection , a love story in Bold .

we still have contact past 30 years , still love each other .

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