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" Hey , those Walls are White and they're NOT going to stay that way !
05-09-2017, 08:08 PM #1
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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" Well ,,
These Walls
if they could speak ,,
If the Closets could release
all Skeletons they provide shelter

Maybe ,
Our lives , so weak ,,
We'd fall to our Knee's
Exposed ,,, we'd freak

Finding , all we've done ,,
turned our World
Helter Skelter

Hey Mr. Dancer ,, is that the Orb I seek ,,,
Hey Mrs . Shoppie ,, is That Object Shiny enough ,,
Hey there Show Dog ,, is that a Diamond on your leash ,,,

or am I losing all the White upon my Walls ,,,

Oh gawd , why are minds so weak ,,,

Where's the Ghost under my Bed
How long a Time
can it take
for you to hear ,,, just what I said ,,,

No that's no Spider upon your Hand
Just a Reflection ,,,
off your Heart as you breath in Deep
Come on down off your Private Screen ,,,
Come now man ,,, let's see you Stand ,,,,
Come on man , show us your inner Creep
Come on Man , come on , get clean .

These Walls are White ,,,
or so they appear on your screen
This Ain't your World to Fool
This Asylum ain't you Wife to Beat
Can't you care about doing Right
It's your habit to always be Mean ?
Is there noting or no one ,,
to defeat your Rule
Why don't you at least Try ,,
TRY ,, to sweep up your street ,,,

Just to suck it all in ,,
Yet never release ,,,
can smother you in external Debris

how swelled must you be ,,,

Can't you deny yourself your Greed ,,
You can try to Command over all you can see
but you can't walk across,,,
Walk across a Storm at Sea ,,
So why do you bother ,,,
attempting to reach ,,,
Reach for the Stars ,,,
While This World ,,
you fill with Scars

When all you've touched ,,
you ruined with personal NEED

Your Walls , white with your Bleach
Lies , washing them clean
and no one can figure ,,
Figure out what You Mean ,,
and by the way , the Universe ,,
is way out of your Reach

Just to Breed a Need
for more of your selfish Greed ,,
is a life not lived but spent ,,,
and you can't find in yourself
any need to repent ,,,

But the Children need
more then just Crumb ,,
a little more ,,, then the Pressure felt
while under your thumb ,,,,

( added verses to be fitted later )

And the Sails of your Free Booter
are dyed with Blood ,,

Red Meat Manners in a Hell House
you call home

and the Sneer you call a smile
ain't going far for a pass

and one day soon ,
be assured ,,,
I'm kickin' your ass

( Bridge fits here )

Senators and Congressman
Visit Islands in the Sun ,,

where little Boys and Girls
Provide for them ,,,
Their Twisted Desires
and Favorite Fun

While Housewives , before their T.V.
Cry outrage at a Game show Host
and slurp the sweetness of Fat Food
with less ideas of what it is ,
they wish to be ,,
But fully know , they want the Most

and ,,
the Vote goes down
while population on the rise
Politicians as Clowns ,,
ignore the Children's Moaning Cries
and Space is just imaginary to those
whom seek ,,,
and ,,,besides all that ,,
You'll never be ,,,
the " Special of the Week "

( Bridge )
Those Walls , White ,,
but they ain't staying that way ,,

cause we've the right ,,,
To stain them all away ,,.,

~~~~~~~~ Head , then Tail ,,, call it a Morning , where you woke in hell " ~~~~~~~

I be back ,,,
05-09-2017, 08:53 PM #2
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Above , Ode to The Powerful ,,,

Been said , the Powerful cannot feel Love ,,

Covet ?
Yes .

Love ?
No .
05-10-2017, 04:49 AM #3
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Supposing ,,,

The spirit rides a Merry
as the wheel spins round

The luck of the draw ,,
depends on the Karma
that's kicked down

Supposing ,,

You may as well just go on ahead and flee

but Bus Tickets , they ain't cheap ,,,

Besides all that ,,,
into your mind ,,, Fear always
will Creep ,,,

Last Train out , Grabs the Tally ,,,
score cards ,,,

and empties the Fridge of the Last Beer ,,

~~~~~~~~ I love a Whistle ,, sounding the end of Game ~~~~~~~~~~
05-10-2017, 10:00 PM #4
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Get it rolling ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

" the worse thing about knowing the truth ,,,
is that knowing the Truth ,
is the Worse thing you can know .

Knowing , That She's Dancing
upon your Roof
is Positive Proof ,,,
She's got to go ,,,,

But that Much fun
Ya can't let slip away
Because your life ,,
requires somebody
to provide you
your fair share of Fun
and She's just  ,,
simply made that Way

and ya can't get that
in your Box of Cracker Jack
No ya can't let go,,,
and expect her coming back

Shadow Dancing
against ,,
a back dropped Moon
She's in her dream ,,
Not Lost ,,
She's Dancing
not likely to come down
none too soon
She's ,,,
She's living the Dream

While the Rain Drop reflections
Keep time to her Beat
and Her Emotional Directions
Tuned , to her hearts beat

and Tomorrow
she may be gone
but tonight you have her
Have her all to yourself
the two of you alone
You see in her ,,
The Happy Child you'd love to be
if only ,
you could get that free

Dance Melinda Dance
comes to your Mind
as you sit and watch her
Play Acting she's insane
on that Roof Top Dance floor
where she chose to let loose
and unwind ,,,
watching her Dancing
Dancing in the Rain

( Insert Bridge )

Well ,,
it's that Moon
they Harvest By
Hanging Tough on string
provided by ,,
the Big Man in the Sky
and the slower the Rain
The slower her spin
Til she drops to the floor
Pursing Lips for your Kiss

You float over slivers of droplets
that meld into Glint
Your Mind adrift
with your Reason Spent
Blame it on that Back Dropped
that Moon Hanging High
it's never too late to enjoy
The Joys of Meanings
as they've come
and they've went
it's never too early
to Love a Girl for her spirit
But it can be too late
if you don't heed ,,
that message she's sent ,,

It Just a Bad connection
you may have to hang up
and try again
or ,,
it's your reflection ,
and it's time to begin ,,

Sojourn unto that Back Dropped Moon
Knowing She came into ,,
your Loving life ,,
none too soon ,,

She's Thinking ,,
you're a Bit slow
She's Danced her best
yet you take not the Bait
If you cannot Figure it
Just Go
Go , it's getting far too late

~~~~~~~ Not the End ~~~~~~~
05-10-2017, 11:30 PM #5
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,626 Threads:243 Joined:Feb 2011
and then there's this :::::::::::: <<,,,,,,

Been writing songs for days now ,,
some kind of something inside ,, making a heck
of a Try to get out ,,,
Kinda like when we were kids , behind the couch or chair ,
and found that Label that stated : Do not remove
and so we tore it off , in hopes we got away with a Sneak ,,

or that Morning I awoke to a Gnawing noise
Turned over in my sleeping bag to see a Beaver chewing away on a Trunk
while it's Mate kept a watch on me ,,
and ,,, a Thought crossed my mind on the sight of them , something so funny ,
I burst out in Laughter so loud , that I spooked them away ,,,
and then forgot what thought it was that Cracked me up , before I could enter into
the Road Log .

Or , it's like , That Night ,, camp fire down to just coals , giving off
just a dim glow ,,,
The Bushes begin to rustle ,, this Huge Shadow moves into the Clearing
while my Mind is Busy attempting to accept my immediate demise ,,,
4 steps in the Shadow takes , then stops ,,,
a Huge Moose with Horns longer than I am Tall ,,, Confused eyes saying ::::
" Um,, What's THAT THING ? "
and for the life of me , I know not why , I blurted out to him ,,
" Good Evening " in Robert Plant Style ,,,
he too , was spooked , and split quick ,, leaving me with the most intense feeling
of loneliness , I almost tried to call him back with an Offer of Coffee .

Ya know , just that Piece of something inside , trying to get my attention
and get me to release it .

Like a Music score , one that Tickles the Nose Hairs ,,, with ,, Hey ! Hey You ,,
I'm in here Man ,,, Look at me would you ?
I NEED to get out Man !

or ,,,
On a Return Trip to Redondo after a few years of Roading it ,,
and Lisa Grabs my Journals ,,, for she loves my stories as she says ,,

begins to read through one of them , One with the small Sketches
on the Margins , sketches of the event described in the chapter ,,
and She Bust a Gut almost wetting herself ,,, ( for true ) and
tosses it over to me saying " Did it bite you ? "

I look down at the sketch, recall the Bug , Bigger Bugs are not made , and replay
the event in my Mind's Tele-Screen ,,,
Big Huge Bug chased me right out of the Snake River , stark Naked , over river stone
coated in slime , as I slipped several Times and fell face on Palms , saving teeth,
but not mind .

The crazy ass Bug , it flew right up to my Face as I was washing my Hair ,
through one eye peeping ,, there it is , inches away ,, Buzzing ,,,

The Sasquatch of the Bug World is upon me ,,, MOMMY !
I ran like a Chicken with Tail Feathers Afire ,,, ( BIG Bugs , Like Tarantulas , scare Bejebus out of me )

Just something I misplaced like those stories is trying to come out and Play
on a Page .

If Mind Data were Sketches , I might have found it by now , brought it out to play ,
but it's words , terms ,,, syllables ,,, and a Pain in my Butt .

so here I be , down on Bench like Bug Fart on Log , typing things , hoping as I type ,,
it will roll off my finger tips ,,,

Things come so easy when they're in the front of our mind ,,,
Those that are in the Back of our minds , smothered between useless thoughts
of Rich Food and Whack-a-Doodle Patty smacks , Jumping Jacks and
Laugh attacks ,,,,
Fighting through the Thought Population Density of an already over
Imaginative Pituitary ,, and Fat cells that fill in those Wet Spots of Youth ,,

Well , if it comes in ,, I'll send it your way , cause most likely , your connected to it somehow .

Happy Hippie Day
It's a Hippie Holiday ,,,
colored in Wide Eyed Wonderment ,
05-17-2017, 12:06 AM #6
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Ja hee buss !

Social commentary ,,
or just unhinged ,,,
Tee Hee

gotta spank that Monkey when he acts up , but watch your back ,,,
he'll piss in your cup .


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