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I was given 3 Ibook g4 last night, HOW do you use these things
02-13-2016, 06:38 AM #31
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Alrighty JR

I downloaded Linux Mint Cinnamon Quinta onto an External Hard Drive

so far I booted up three laptops with it

A Big 17in HP
One Acer 15in

and an older Dell Inspiron

Linux Mint is freaking awesome dude .

I cruising around the Tutorial and found a Media Player
forget the name , that allows downloads off the net without checking license
so far , I've burned 3 CD's of music using it .

This Linux mint is bitchen

I have one laptop using Linux Kali 2.0 but I can't get pass
the user name and password yet

still seeking , I tired to boot it with a fresh copy but it keeps going back to

so I'm stumped on it for now
gotta be a backway in like Apple and Windows
02-13-2016, 08:01 AM #32
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,569 Threads:240 Joined:Feb 2011
on the Laptop with Linux Kali 2.0 ,
I'm locked out by a user name and password account
that I do not have , it was given to me and the Chick
Can't remember her user name or password for it

so , I found a hack to get past that situation

for those who one day may need to get past the password account

here is a video on how to type the code to set a new password
to get into the administration account

you'll thank me later ,,, I know I know , you ain't going to need it
right ?
02-13-2016, 12:14 PM #33
DaJavoo If looks could kilt
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Linux Mint 17.3 (the 3rd of the 'R' series) is the latest version ~ Cinnamon is much improved over the 'Q' version...just sayin'.

Regardless, glad to hear you're likin' computing without the virii, trojans, and spyware that plagues Windoze not to mention the updates which take two days. chuckle.gif

One of the better parts: It's free.

02-13-2016, 12:26 PM #34
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
Posts:30,289 Threads:1,495 Joined:Feb 2011
Speedy, stable, secure and pretty intuitive. hi5.gif

Most people I know that finally do it are like... why did I spend all those years screwing with Winders?


02-14-2016, 04:54 AM #35
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,569 Threads:240 Joined:Feb 2011
I did the back door hack and it was successful

I am using the Laptop now

it was so freaking simple it hurt to think about
all the poor slobs who throw away their laptops
with Linux when they forget the password .

and YES Dajavoo and JR , it is way fast as hell , much cleaner and tons
of useful tricks ,

so the Laptop is up using Linux Kali .

fast sumbitch it is too . no need for TCPview to kick tracking off
my Laptop anymore , they can't get in

I set the admin to : Root and I am loving this

learned a shitload of stuff i never knew before .

it's using Ice Dragon for a browser right now

it has firefox if i want to activate it later

but Ice is nice and will stick with it

it has the firefox buttons so why bother with firefox at all

Daj , the edition of Linux Mint I have is 2.0 something , it's on the other
three laptops
all three are fast as hell now

02-14-2016, 05:00 AM #36
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,569 Threads:240 Joined:Feb 2011
here's the tutorial i used to reset password and account to root

it WORKS !

02-14-2016, 01:24 PM #37
DaJavoo If looks could kilt
Posts:1,775 Threads:45 Joined:Mar 2011
Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Li...t_releases

(Scroll down for version number of kernel, desktop and programs for each release.)

The "Quiana" (17) release, with the older kernel may well be the sweet spot for your rigs, CA.

You mentioned the desktop 'Cinnamon' and with the 17.+ releases Cinnamon got some serious polishing. If you're curious, (or notice flaky behaviour) you could just upgrade the 'Cinnamon' component through Synaptic with no problems.

Linux Mint is growing up and away from Ubuntu ~ they are no longer "tied" to Ubuntu's insane 6 month release schedule and now update release when they are deemed ready.

You might wander over to the LMint forums and do a query with your computer models to see what's out there so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. One thing about most all Linux forums is that folks are very helpful.

Here's a link to the Duck-Duck-Go search engine that is tailored for Ubuntu derivatives and offers up only items related to Ubuntu, et.al., in the results:


Have fun! cheers.gif
02-15-2016, 07:51 AM #38
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,569 Threads:240 Joined:Feb 2011
Hey thanks Daj

I noticed that Kali doesn't recognize DVD players , that you have to write in the
make/mdl numbers yourself and set it so it can find it

blew my mind for a while when I tried to use my dvd and it would read it

went to the forum and did a search on the problem and
found others had the same and already asked and were answered

This is the first time I've written any type of code so I'm learning
and this is great fun too .

I have to download a driver for the dvd first and then
I'll do the code for it

I'll let ya know how I did with it , so far everything worked out
I had to try twice to come in the back door to boot as root user because
I missed deleting one letter before I changed the code for the password

but man , it was so easy to do it scared me when it worked the second time

I'm loving this Os
02-15-2016, 01:59 PM #39
DaJavoo If looks could kilt
Posts:1,775 Threads:45 Joined:Mar 2011
Glad you're havin' fun, CA! cheers.gif

Yeah, that's the nice thing about Linux ~ seldom are you the 1st to find a snag ~ there's always sumbuddy ahead of you on the learning curve.

I haven't run Kali.

On my older, or lower powered rigs I stick with LXLE and for most noobs and recently even my new rig, I use Linux Mint. Since the Cinnamon desktop has fully come into its own I find it very capable and can tinker with it to my own liking. Where before, it was not 'configurable' enough for my personal use.

Basically, Mint just works and I'd rather use my computer to compute rather than fiddle with it all the time ~ doing that reminds me too much of Windows ~ where 50% of the time was keeping it crap-free, 40% was trying to get it to behave and the other 10% was using the damn thing.

But, as you are new to Linux and you have the basic burn-install-operate cycle down pat, you're free to explore all the wonder of the various distros.

A decent resource with basic reviews on most distros: http://distrowatch.com/

As you've started with Kali and MInt ~ you're splashing about in the Debian-Ubuntu branch of the Linux family and there are hundreds of distros that are hanging off that branch of the Linux family tree. Stay there for familiarity's sake unless you want to really get confused ~ but the main trunks of the tree are: Debian, Arch, Red Hat and Slackware.

I guess the biggest concept for folks new to Linux is that the components that make the OS are separate entities, rather than all glommed into one amorphous mass like WIndoze.

There can be much mixing and matching of the desktop gui, window managing. and kernel in the various distros. About the only thing that hangs in the various 'families' is the repositories to load new programs and updates into the distros. That essentially, is what makes a distro a member of any major branch.

If down the road you find a distro that is to your liking but it has too many things loaded in the standard offering, or needs something else or you like with a different desktop, etc ~ guess what? YOU CAN ROLL YOUR OWN!!! Yup, there are easy to use tools that allow you to do that!

Linux puts the personal back into computing. cheers.gif
02-15-2016, 04:07 PM #40
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
Posts:30,289 Threads:1,495 Joined:Feb 2011
I far prefer the Debian-Ubuntu branch of Linux myself. So many software packages available, and the community is second to none.
You really can't go wrong.


02-15-2016, 08:29 PM #41
DaJavoo If looks could kilt
Posts:1,775 Threads:45 Joined:Mar 2011
(02-15-2016, 04:07 PM)JayRodney Wrote:  I far prefer the Debian-Ubuntu branch of Linux myself. So many software packages available, and the community is second to none.
You really can't go wrong.

Me too, JR. Synaptic is damned robust and near fool (re: idiot) proof.

I've tried Arch-based Manjaro and I hoped it was going to get me onto the rolling release train ~ but even with that distro, the Arch YAST crap-shoot was like playing a game of Jenga. damned.gif
02-16-2016, 05:02 AM #42
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,569 Threads:240 Joined:Feb 2011
update on the laptop I have with Kali on it

the guy who owned it is also a code writer for Ubuntu/linux

I have Kali 2016.1 which just came out last month

funny thing , it was loaded on this machine back in Sept. because he is one of the techs that created it .

here's the webpage to download it

02-16-2016, 05:11 AM #43
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,569 Threads:240 Joined:Feb 2011
So what I have is Kali in it's raw state , ( nothing mounted as far as plug-ins )

so I have the raw foundation to build my house with what ever I wish .

Kali has penetration tools for testing security , hacking , wifi security hacking
and a bunch I can't even describe what they are for .

so it's like a machine set up for hacking , all kinds of password finders and stuff

right now I'm like a baby with a big tool to big for me to use yet

But he's going to be sitting with me and walking me through it

he owed the lady money and left her the laptop for collateral
she gave it to me because he missed his dead line to repay her

she couldn't get into it and boot it up because she didn't know the password

i got in the back way and used root as admin now.

whew , the stuff to learn now , my head aches bad from being on it all
damned day learning .
02-16-2016, 11:03 AM #44
DaJavoo If looks could kilt
Posts:1,775 Threads:45 Joined:Mar 2011
You're biting off a biggun as far as learning curve goes.

Kali is not a casual distro. chuckle.gif


From Link:

If you are unfamiliar with Linux generally, if you do not have at least a basic level of competence in administering a system, if you are looking for a Linux distribution to use as a learning tool to get to know your way around Linux, or if you want a distro that you can use as a general purpose desktop installation, Kali Linux is probably not what you are looking for.

In other words, you're 99% prolly gonna hose the installation. chuckle.gif

For bolting on the training wheels you might start here:

02-17-2016, 09:35 AM #45
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,569 Threads:240 Joined:Feb 2011
yeah no kidding

my head is swirling like hell

but I am making progress with all the help I'm getting

I messed up config on the dvd , THAT ran me in circles for a bit

on the hard drive I loaded with Mint 17 , I loaded in using a dell

then put the hdd in an Acer , guess what ,,, The wifi kernel was configed
for the dell wifi modem

and now I have to get it to read the Atheros in the Acer
got the code to type in

but that's tomorrows project

the gift is , that I am finally learning something about codes
and how to write them

\start over

Kali is not too forgiving either LOL

well , not until you figure out how to undo a fuckup

The Kernel for the Atheros wifi in Mint 17 came with a bug in it

so I have to now go back in and rewrite the code
to get the driver to sniff the wifi modem again and mount it properly

my buddy here who plays with Linux all day suggested I just reformat the MINT
with my usb flash all over again and this time code it properly



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