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I was given 3 Ibook g4 last night, HOW do you use these things
02-17-2016, 11:59 AM #46
DaJavoo If looks could kilt
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Hardware support is built into the kernel in Linux. You do the driver code thing if something isn't supported.

What I'm saying is that the kernel either supports a wifi or it doesn't ~ it's (all native hardware support) in the kernel, NOT the machine the CD/DVD was burned on. (You gotta shuck off the windoze mentality here.)

I cannot speak to Kali ~ but from what I gather it's a skinned back, lean and mean security testing tool ~ on the aggressor side of the equation ~ not the defender side, e.g., the Tails distro is for defense.

Wifi is a known weakspot in the fortress wall and perhaps Kali has tailored the kernel to be installed via a wired (more secure) connection? Not that it can't test wifi, but most who are using Kali for its intended purpose are prolly NOT installing it via a wifi connection.

Wifi used to be a lot more iffy a few years back. In the newer kernels there aren't too many probs with it that you commonly hear about.

That's also one of the cool things about a 'live' distro ~ one you can test drive before installing ~ you actually get to see if it plays well with hardware or runs with scissors.

However, I suspect Kali isn't one of those. chuckle.gif

Suggestion: Explore the new world you find yourself in with one of the Linux Mint installs. The comparison is a BB gun Vs a 1911. If you slip up and shoot yourself in the eye, you'll only go blind with a BB rather than brain dead with a .45 cal thru the main ingredient. cheers.gif
02-17-2016, 12:54 PM #47
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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I wasn't concise above , The wifi is fine on my Kali Machine

it's the acer machine that the wifi is messed on
reason being

The Mint was booted to a Dell laptop , so the kernel read the wifi on the dell and config for it's modem which is different then the acer modem which is an Atheros wifi

I took the hard drive out of the dell and put it in the Acer with Mint pre mounted while the hard drive was in the dell which has a different type of wifi card .

so , I have drep the new wifi so the mint will see it and mount it

code is something like dev/cfig/ath5 -f

I can do it easily, I had to look up the process is all and I found the
code to mount it

the dell had a bad keyboard and some other probs
the acer is fine but had no hard drive so I switched the hard drive over
from the Dell to the Acer

mint boots right up
i have to open a terminal and make the commands for the new

on the Kali , it is not config for the dvd as yet
I can do that tomorrow

yes Kali is a MONSTER hacker security tester
invasive bastard for the white hats

I ahve to be careful or I'll get temted to level some karma with it
02-18-2016, 06:36 AM #48
DaJavoo If looks could kilt
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(02-17-2016, 12:54 PM)Cynicalabsurdance Wrote:  
I ahve to be careful or I'll get temted to level some karma with it

Just make sure the boomerang feature is turned off. damned.gif
02-18-2016, 06:46 AM #49
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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whoops , didn't know about boomerang

I'll have to look that one up


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