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Is this a crazy idea?
Below Average Genius Show this Post
07-07-2019, 06:48 AM #1
Below Average Genius Incognito
Would you be surprised to find out that Earth Quakes release EMFs and can release tiny clouds when they are wiggling?
That's weird because 5G releases EMFs into the clouds, too.

Do the EMFs start dancing with the rocks and 'roll' on down the road?
IDK for sure, do you? Does anyone know for sure?

And wouldn't it be a good idea to test a few rock piles to see if they vibe to the 25 billion EMFs that tickle the rocks each second?

All it took was ONE windy gust to send the Tacoma Narrows bridge into a wave pattern before it fell into the drink way back when. Better safe than sorry, or is that a crazy idea?


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