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It was three weeks ago when i started talking about the weather
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05-30-2019, 04:50 AM #1
Below Average Genius Incognito
I'm not one to follow the weather at all. Heat, cold, rain...it's all good.

But then Chicago had a three freaky weather events in two weeks shortly after 5G mobile was initiated there starting on April 3.

The last event that brought four days of heavy rains resulted in flooding in Naperville and contributed to Davenport's 140 year record flood.

Then the tormadoes started cropping up, originating with sever weather in 5G Houston before going through three or four more 5G towns. There have been over 500 tornadoes in the last 30 days including the last 13 days in a row. At least three more occurred today.

1- I predicted along flu season that has only ended because the CDC refusing to provide complete data the last two weeks. We did indeed have the longest flu elevated flu season for at least 15 years maybe more.

2- I predicted Austrlia would get slammed by the flu. They are indded getting slammed with 6x as many cases as norml.

3- I predicted unrelenting severe weather. That is what we have gotten.

It's pretty amazing that someone could be so damn accurate about all these things. Usually those who make predictions are right 5%of the time at best on conspiracy boards. My predictions have been close to 100% over and over again.

If I'd been wrong, plenty of you would have had a field day while delighting in my foolhardiness. I'm having the field day instead.

Prediction #4: Severe weather will be with us at a much higher rate than normal. Severe weather will continue to be record setting until the US is at its wit's end with widespread destruction from record flooding and high food prices, not to mention the likely collapse of the Oroville Dam in the coming days or weeks. The dam is 5 or 6 feet from overspilling the emergency spillway. It could give out sooner due to liquefaction.


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