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Joe Rogan is a CIA paid shill, his whole show is one big advertisement
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01-30-2020, 02:01 PM #1
ramen flavor packet Incognito
What a lying bald fucktard that Rogan is. Listen to him speak for five minutes, he always plugs an idea, a verb, or something subjective that eventually leads to a corporate tie in.

Like I was listening to him talk to Joey Diaz about how Starbucks sucks and me mentioned that coffee bean has better croissants, and better coffee, then after some digging, I found out that coffee Bean is one of Joe Rogans sponsors tie in to his whole list of companies that he mentions in his podcast that in turn, adverts for them

And this guy has a lot of influence man. For some reason people love this bullshitting bald fuck, and his fake Italian friend Joey Diaz. Why the fuck does Joey Diaz have to speak Italian when he is CUBAN WTF

Also Joe Rogan cheated on his wife, he's a CHEATER
01-31-2020, 02:18 AM #2
nona Incognito
Right you are.
you're on your way...
 The next step is to totally ignore him.


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