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08-16-2013, 10:31 AM #16
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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heh heh

My Dad knew Eve Ball and spent a lot of time on the Mescalero

there was a very old Man he knew on the Res.

Juan was the only name I knew him by .

He told a story about an old woman on the Res. who took him
to the Cavern in Dog Canyon and showed him the weapons
of the tribe .

before you enter Dog Canyon

second Rincon south of the mouth of Dog Canyon is another Cavern

low on the S.W. side is the entrance concealed mostly with stacked
stones that the adobe mixed with Antelope blood and caliche has
fallen off of .

At the end of the tunnel

there is a 100 foot in diameter pit
the floor of is 35 feet deep

across the pit can be seen the entrance to a tunnel that
goes further into the mountain .

08-16-2013, 05:47 PM #17
Softy Incognito Anonymous
Hi White Ribbon,

I love the Mountains and love riding horses,,,

but can't remember any previous lives,,,

it is beautiful country here,,,very blue skies,,,

lots of trees,,,and not too many people,,,

nothing against people,,,just nice not to have

too many around,,,and alot of New Mexico,,,

most of it actually is either Indian Reservation,,,

or National Forest,,,not a bad deal,,,and the Hopi

are here as well,,,much more passive than the


Hi Accidental Stoner,

Glad you got to know something new,,,

also know you are far away from this area,,,

so probably a little harder to relate,,,

but alot of people don't know about Lozen,,,

or the real histroy...

08-16-2013, 06:16 PM #18
Softy Incognito Anonymous
Hi Rog',

They fought alot of battles at Dog Canyon,,,

remember being there long ago,,,and 45-70 brass

from springfield carbines,,,was everywhere,,,

the brass had turned black,,,now days it has

all been gotten,,,for the most part,,,and it is

even illegal to get it,,,but no doubt there is

Indian stuff stashed there,,,somewhere,,,

interesting,,,remember you mentioned this before,,,

and Frenchy's cabin...

08-16-2013, 09:08 PM #19
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Lozen's psychic ability is interesting .

there are stories about her i can't recall ,

would have loved to have met her and asked just one question .
08-17-2013, 06:48 AM #20
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:9,842 Threads:223 Joined:Feb 2011

the story of mankind

made in 1957

from the book written in 1921

the interesting item

the devil and the spirit of man
are arguing over to wipe mankind out or not .

weighing the good deeds against the bad

reason the are pondering

because man developed Nuke Weapons

this was written 24 years before nuke weapons

if you can find a copy

get it and watch it .
08-17-2013, 06:53 AM #21
Softy Incognito Anonymous
Mescalero Apache - Religion and Expressive Culture

Religious Beliefs. In traditional belief, a Creator (neither male nor female), which is beyond human comprehension but is manifested in natural phenomena, made the world in four days.

Portions of the Creator may be seen in the natural universe (thunder, wind, and so on), and the physical representation is said to be the sun. In addition, there are two Culture heroes, the Twin War Gods, Born for Water and Killer of Enemies, as well as a heroine, White Painted Woman.

Power suffuses the universe and can be employed for good or ill. There are now many Christian denominations on the reservation; most people compartmentalize and maintain both Religious systems.

Religious Practitioners. Singers are the traditional practitioners and are so named for they sing ceremonies, complex recitations, and rituals. There are also medicine people, skilled in herbal and psychological healing. Ga?hé, Mountain Gods, are impersonated in complex rituals; they may dance to conduct a blessing or healing.

The world of humans is the world of illusion and shadow; reality resides in the other world of Power and Creator.

There is disagreement about whether reincarnation is possible, although most traditional people believe it is.



08-17-2013, 07:03 AM #22
Softy Incognito Anonymous
Hi Rog',

almost posted at the same time,,,

will have to look into that book,,,

that is interesting...

08-17-2013, 08:40 AM #23
Softy Incognito Anonymous
The Mescalero Apache Indians have all their spirit animals, and they also believe the animals have their places in the world. There is many animals in native Indian culture that are considered inherently evil and inherently evil.

The owl is considered intrinsically evil in the native Indian culture. Mescaleros believe that one other power, the owl is evil and the bearer of the power of a human witch. While some other Mescalero believe ghosts are within the owls.


Within the original aboriginal homeland of the Mescalero Apaches "lies the four sacred mountains: Sierra Blanca, Guadalupe, 3 Sisters Mountain, and Oscura Mountain Peak. These mountains represent the four directions of the universe."-Wendell Chino

Oscura Mountain peak is within the White Sands Military base and is located near the "Trinity Site," where the atomic bomb was tested. This means that no one except military personal are allowed in the area of this sacred mountain.

Mountains are sacred places for the Mescalero Apaches because they are believed to contain healing medicine. The higher you go on a mountain, the better the medicine will be. Their religion was based on these mountains. "Traditional Apache religion was based on the belief in the supernatural and the power of nature. It explained everything."-Wendell Chino





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