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MH370. 1st Post updates regularly.
04-09-2014, 06:19 PM #61
The Survivor Truthtard
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Search 'regains recorder signal'

Teams searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane have reacquired signals that could be consistent with "black box" flight recorders.

An Australian vessel heard the signals again on Tuesday afternoon and evening, the search chief said.

Signals heard earlier had also been further analysed by experts who concluded they were from "specific electronic equipment", he said.


Life is like a penny, you can spend it on what you like, but you can ONLY spend it once.


10-11-2014, 04:49 PM #62
The Survivor Truthtard
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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en-gb"><p>ALERT Emirates Airlines boss Sir Tim Clark says he believes Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was not on autopilo... <a href="https://*.co/OE2sGNaI2Y">https://*.co/OE2sGNaI2Y</a></p>&mdash; AirLive.net (@airlivenet) <a href="https://twitter.com/airlivenet/status/520908726866169858">October 11, 2014</a></blockquote>

There have been plenty of conspiracy theories about what happened to missing jet MH370 but now the respected head of one of the world's leading airlines says he believes the plane was not on autopilot at the end and may not even be in the Indian Ocean.

Emirates Airlines boss Sir Tim Clark made the controversial comments in an interview with German magazine Der Spiegel.

"MH370 was, in my opinion, under control, probably until the very end," he said.

His theory goes against current thinking that the aircraft was on autopilot until it ran out of fuel and crashed into the southern Indian Ocean.

He added: "Our experience tells us that in water incidents, where the aircraft has gone down, there is always something.

"We have not seen a single thing that suggests categorically that this aircraft is where they say it is, apart from this so-called electronic satellite 'handshake', which I question as well."


Life is like a penny, you can spend it on what you like, but you can ONLY spend it once.


10-11-2014, 07:40 PM #63
Octo Mother Superior
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That should obviously have been considered from day 1. 13.gif
10-12-2014, 12:01 AM #64
The Survivor Truthtard
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(10-11-2014, 07:40 PM)Octo Wrote:  That should obviously have been considered from day 1. 13.gif

They did not need to consider anything. They know what happened.

Life is like a penny, you can spend it on what you like, but you can ONLY spend it once.


10-12-2014, 01:23 AM #65
The Survivor Truthtard
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Missing Passenger Plane: Emirates boss provides insights on flight MH370 question.

Why is there still no trace of flight MH370? Tim Clark, CEO of the airline Emirates, exerts Interview sharp criticism of the investigators. He believes: Someone is in control of the disaster has given machine.

Since 1985, the Briton Tim Clark is leading the airline Emirates , he built the company into one of the world's largest airlines. Today the 64-year-old is regarded as a connoisseur and critic of the aviation industry. Even the fate of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has a Clark pointed opinion. The accident aircraft was a Boeing 777, and Emirates operates 127 aircraft of this type. More than any other airline in the world.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Since the disappearance of flight MH370 early March, seven months have passed, and still there is no physical trace of the machine. What can you do?
Clark: It's a big mystery indeed. Personally, I am concerned that we treat the case as well and sometime just be business as usual. Flight MH370 would then perhaps in "National Geographic" a topic as the biggest mystery in aviation history. We must not let that happen. We need to find out how could this plane disappear.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: And what do you mean? What has happened since?

Clark: I think that something has taken control of the aircraft from the outside.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Can you be more specific?

Clark: Everyone has to think about himself, whoever has done what. We need to know who was really in this plane, and we need to know what it had loaded. For all those who were involved in the investigation, we have to make pressure. Incidentally, I am not of the view that the tracking systems of modern long-haul jets need to be improved . The Boeing 777 is already one of the most advanced aircraft in the world, with the most modern communication systems. MH370 should never have been placed in a situation, in which the aircraft was no longer to locate from the ground.


Clark: The transponder is controlled from the cockpit. Using these instruments, the air navigation identify the particular machine by secondary radar and track. If you turn off the transponder, you disappear from the radar screen. We must never allow: The aircraft must always be traceable.

SPIEGEL ONLINE : Are there any other ways to locate a civil aircraft?

Clark: The other method is called ACARS ( Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System - Red d.. ). We use this system primarily to monitor the aircraft systems and engine performance. At Emirates, we are pursuing from the ground every single machine, each of its components and engines at any point of the planet. Often we discover by error in the system before the pilots they notice.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: How can I disable?

Clark: ACARS remedy is not an easy thing, and our pilots are trained to do so. But with flight MH370 someone has managed, namely thoroughly. This must not happen. We must ensure that ACARS continues uninterrupted, regardless of who controls an airplane. If we succeed, we can monitor aircraft also over remote marine areas. Additional tracking systems are then unnecessary.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What should be done for concrete?
Clark: I would recommend the aircraft manufacturers to make the deactivation of ACARS out of the cockpit impossible. This also applies to the transponder: I do not see why a pilot can switch off it at all should. MH370 was in my opinion, controlled flight, probably to the end.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: But why would someone intentionally to five hours flying to Antarctica?

Clark: If that was the case at all! I mean that every detail and all so-called facts of this case in question provided and must be investigated transparently. This has not happened once almost. There are lots of information that we have to deal more directly and honestly. Every second of this flight must be analyzed. Until his adopted end in the Indian Ocean . For one so far could find no trace, moreover, not even a seat cushion.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: You wonder that? The possible crash area west of Australia is huge, also the search began there until very late.

Clark: Experience shows that crashes over water there's always something to find. We have so far not a single proof that the aircraft is there. Nothing. Only the so-called satellite handshakes . Also I ask, moreover in question.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: At what point in flight MH370 start your doubts?

Clark: In the history of civil aviation it has - apart from Amelia Earhart 1939 - not been a single accident over water, which would not have been at least five or ten percent traceable. MH370 against it just disappeared. For me, this is suspicious, and I am totally dissatisfied with what has so far come out.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Who could change that?

Clark: I for one do not - I manage just one airline. But I will continue to ask tough questions, even if others would return the issue rather under the carpet. We have a duty to the passengers and crew of Flight MH370: This riddle must be solved.
SPIEGEL ONLINE: Malaysia Airlines has already experienced this year, two disasters, MH17 and MH370 brought the company to the brink of ruin . If you were standing today at the forefront of this airline, what would you do?

Clark: That's a tough question. No one had so far overcome two such tragedies within a few months. For Malaysia Airlines, it would be difficult to deal with this stigma. You need to rethink their business model, maybe their name and logo. We as an industry must help to bounce back this company. But with such a damaged brand that is extremely difficult.

Translated from http://www.spiegel.de/panorama/mh370-emi...96056.html

Life is like a penny, you can spend it on what you like, but you can ONLY spend it once.


11-26-2014, 07:05 PM #66
The Survivor Truthtard
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Search for missing #MH370 has now covered more than 7,000 square kilometres yet without trace of any wreckage.

The underwater search for missing Malaysian passenger aircraft MH370 has now covered more than 7,000 square kilometres yet without trace of any wreckage, according to the latest report by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) released today.

However lead investigator and director of the MH370 search Peter Foley told media in Canberra the team remained very confident the search would not be in vain, Bloomberg reported.

While scouring for the remains of the aircraft ATSB is also mapping a wider debris field, primarily to locate the flight recorders or black box.

Life is like a penny, you can spend it on what you like, but you can ONLY spend it once.


11-26-2014, 07:19 PM #67
yankees skier
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I'm sure it's been repainted by now. coffeetime.gif




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