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Martial Law in Long Beach NY
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11-02-2012, 06:26 AM #1
A Citizen Under Martial Law Incognito Anonymous

After hurricane sandy, Martial Law was silently imposed on the city of long beach. There is a 7PM curfew, anyone outside after was threatened with being arrested.

Many had gone out to bring supplies such as food, water, gas, clothing... but were turned away by state troopers. a 5 mile long line awaited people returning, during a gas crisis, the last thing you want to do is make residents of a hard hit community waste there gas trying to get back home

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11-02-2012, 06:32 AM #2
Anonymous Kritter Incognito Anonymous
They're probably worried about looting.

shït! People should have been prepared! They saw Sandy coming didn't they?

Interesting dress rehearsal. Pay attention kiddies!
11-02-2012, 07:55 AM #3
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11-02-2012, 02:31 PM #4
bohica Member
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As I sit in my heated and powered home, a freak happenstance that is confusing me, all around me are people becoming desperate as they hear of no power for another week. I mentioned Schadenfreude yesterday, but reality forces me to a more realistic emotion now.
These people don't know how truly ƒükkêd they are.

From another forum:

kennethelamb (signed in using yahoo)
I was wondering how long it would be before the shock overcame the awe. I've chased 38 hurricanes over the past 18 years for NYC's biggest paper, and for the largest paper in SE FL; been in the eye of 30 of them. So please take this with the experience I have while writing about this topic.

Bloomberg was another Nagin with his completely unrealistic predictions about when things would "get back to normal." Nagin said New Orleans would be up and running in 90 days. Bloomberg had the transit system running in "2 or 3 days," - that's by tomorrow! - and the electrical up in "3 to 5 days," an equally delusional prediction. Why do they tell such lies?

You people are a combination of Ivan and Katrina. If you want the Real World of what to expect, read up on them. The pictures of your area could substitute for the devastation photographed in Pensacola from Ivan, and Mississippi and Louisiana from Katrina. It will take years to rebuild. More than you can now expect will never be rebuilt.

I am, like many of you, amazed at the cold, callous, judgment of Bloomberg about the Marathon and other priorities. You have people who are beyond destitute - and the top priority is not them. It is taking care of his fellow banksters and Wall Streeters; the everyday people be damned.

Let me give you the Reality Check that Bloomberg, et al. won't give you: 1) It will be at least two weeks before you are done rescuing people. You'll know it's over when they go from people sniffing dogs, to cadaver sniffing dogs; 2) You'll be lucky if you have electricity restored everywhere in two weeks; don't be surprised if some areas are out for nearly a month.; 3) As supplies of food and fuel disappear, it's going to get violent; 4) As the police begin to drop out from their 80-hours shifts, the looters will be out - look for the National Guard or US Army to finally restore order; 5) The insurance companies are going to withhold every penny they can from you - the truth is they don't have the funds to pay out what it will cost to pay off policies and I'm sure incredible numbers of people don't have flood insurance because they never thought it would ever flood, a la New Orleans; 6) Price gouging will be widespread as supplies dwindle; 7) Rebuilding will take years because of a) lack of people to do the work, and b) lack of money to pay for it - see the remark about the lack of flood insurance to understand why; 8) Some will never rebuild, a la New Orleans and Pensacola; 9) Drug and alcohol abuse will skyrocket, and with them domestic and street violence as people find no other outlet to dissipate stress and depression; 10) The use of mental health facilities, and stress related illnesses will also skyrocket, putting major demands on money for medical and prescription costs; 11) Bankruptcy of cities, townships, counties, and maybe even the state will become the only way out for over-burdened governments; 12) Bankruptcy will also sweep through all the marginal businesses in the area - they won't survive the timeline that they need to restore cash flow - and you can count on the banksters to do absolutely nothing to help them. The banksters aren't about to lend out the money they can write to themselves as multimillion dollar bonuses.

That's the top of the list for you. It's the Real World that you about to live. There is no easy way out - only the toughest will survive - the rest will end up dead from the stress, from suicide, from drug overdoses, or simply move away unable to cope with the devastation.

I pray for every one of you. There is no way to sugarcoat what you are about to experience.

I'm in my seventh decade on Earth. I know things.
11-02-2012, 02:41 PM #5
Octo Mother Superior
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Good post Bohica and probably pretty spot on scenario. sad2.gif
11-02-2012, 02:56 PM #6
Shadow Incognito Anonymous
That's sorta depressing Bohica sad2.gif
11-02-2012, 03:03 PM #7
Octo Mother Superior
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Unrest growing among NJ, NY citizens: Dumpster diving for food, fist fights over fuel, tempers flare in Sandy aftermath

After about the third day, all those social niceties start to erode. People are hungry and angry. There's a feeling of desperation and even abandonment. What seemed to be a polite society two days earlier suddenly becomes more sinister. The survival needs of individuals begin to outweigh social boundaries, and what emerges is desperation... even panic.

"Dwindling gasoline supplies are causing frayed nerves as the region endures its third full day with massive power outages." reports Fox News. "Frustration with gas supplies topped the list of issues causing tensions to boil over in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, the states hardest hit by power outages in the wake of superstorm Sandy. Residents jockeyed for fuel at the few stations still pumping, searched store shelves in vain for batteries, struggled with sporadic cell phone service and found themselves unable to buy necessities at supermarkets."

State troopers have now been deployed to gas stations in an effort to head off near-riots as citizens lose patience and tempers flare.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/037790_supers...ation.html
11-02-2012, 03:07 PM #8
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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Pfft. coffeetime.gif People are tripping, and preppers are terrorists according to DHS. What a crock.

11-02-2012, 03:07 PM #9
Octo Mother Superior
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Without Electricity, New Yorkers on Food Stamps Can’t Pay for Food

Recipients buying eligible foods are suppose to swipe their EBT cards like any other credit card for their purchases but since Hurricane Sandy hit, most Lower East Side stores don’t have electricity to run credit card transactions and are only accepting cash. Leaving many people on EBT with empty wallets, empty refrigerators and no access to food.


11-02-2012, 03:16 PM #10
Shadow Incognito Anonymous
sad2.gif no water, no food no gas no money no heat. What about sanitation? That happened here, something of that magnitude (Like if the freezing rain had turned into an ice storm that took out power) I know we'd be okay for a long time. All winter perhaps.
11-02-2012, 03:20 PM #11
Octo Mother Superior
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Well at least we wouldn't have to worry about refrigeration. 13.gif
11-02-2012, 03:30 PM #12
Shadow Incognito Anonymous
chuckle.gif true.
11-02-2012, 03:47 PM #13
Kreeper Griobhtha
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(11-02-2012, 02:31 PM)bohica Wrote:  Bloomberg had the transit system running in "2 or 3 days," - that's by tomorrow! - and the electrical up in "3 to 5 days," an equally delusional prediction. Why do they tell such lies?

I saw a report this morning about electrical crews from the south being turned away in Jersey because they were not union workers.


I guess Jersey's douchebaggery is your gain NY. Unless you decide to turn them away also. Wait until they find out relief was refused...


Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to poor
11-02-2012, 03:56 PM #14
Shadow Incognito Anonymous
11-02-2012, 04:03 PM #15
Octo Mother Superior
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Quote:NEW YORK -- Fish guts flowing down a Union Square street. Untreated sewage in the Hudson River. Spoiled Haagen-Dazs dumped on a deli floor. Toilets that won't flush.

Superstorm Sandy has left a mess behind in a city never exactly known for its cleanliness.

In Manhattan, as power remained out for many customers below 39th street, Rod Zindani, owner of the Best of New York deli on Water St., stood by large plastic trash bags filled with melted single-serve tubs of Haagen-Dazs ice cream. “That’s $1,000 to $1,500 worth,” he told CNBC.

It's all got to go.

Nearby, Carlos Solorzano watched a restaurant worker in a white chef’s coat hose away fish guts left behind in the street by sanitation workers. Along the curb, a tiny river of pink liquid, sprinkled with fish bones, blue and red octopus parts and bits of mackerel, flowed away.


I bet it's gonna stink pretty bad in a few days. damned.gif



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