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04-09-2017, 09:07 PM #1
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Said the day after yesterday would be the same day as today .

Do I have to use Flash Cards on People , what in my syntax , leaves the
hearing void of comprehension ?

Always be Mindful ,,,, MIND FULL ,,, always be .

The Savior , while Hanging from the Tree of Death ,,, Shook the Dust off his Sandals ,,,
A sure sign from him , that he shall never return .

And so ,,, I come to watch , see the condition , I am neither Impressed nor Pleased
with the sights .

The Cosmic Tourist , unattached , objective observer , holds a Truer View than
the Natives ,,, for nothing to fear of that Stance .

Comes the moment ,,, and passes right on by , without a hair being
displaced on the Observers Head ,,,
Time is relative to those whom require some sense of stability to their staid and confused mind .

For to expand beyond closed parameters ,,, is Fearful ,,, FEAR FULL ,,, Full Fear .

No , the Obtuse is not comfortable for the Fearful , whom negate their capability
to become Mind Full .

Feathered Down comfort Throne from which they Hide Their Eyes , supports their
assumption ,,, that ,,,
That perhaps it will all just go away if They Ignore it long enough ,,, Jesus will Judge
after all ,,, it's his responsibility to take care of all this Mess we got into >

Mind Full ,,, and there's still room for a Throw Rug and Tea Table .

For , what did they fill their mind with but Abject Fear ?

Cosmic , yes that pertains to my Travels ,,,

Seen perfection in Worlds much younger than This , for the Residents were Mindful ,,,,
Fear was no attribute of theirs ,,,

Hope Came riding with a Cape to spread over them ,,, Joyous Happiness they did indeed
become , like some Garden filled with Toddlers not yet taught to Fear .

No , not some Messenger bringing sweet Wisdom and Guidance to a World of People
who have forsaken their Grace for Greed ,,, no not that ,,,,, am I .

Observer of many Worlds , yet no report do I compile on any .

I watch to learn , Knowledge of differences is all the reason for to do so .

I Hear the Babbling of many , as well as the Shortest of Wise Verse ,,,

I hear to Learn ,,, Mindful ,,, yes Full Mind ,,, is what I seek in my Cosmic Ventures .

From a World , where Fear has never been known ,, nor Greed or Gluttony ,, where Pain
has no where to Roam ... ~~~~~~~~>

Yes , Cosmic Travels ,, wherein time is nonexistent .

Space is a Child of the Mind ,,, as Time is the Grand Daughter .

Fruitless Challenge to fill a Mind with Fear .

and so ,,, I've no care not to refute Fear ,, to it's Face .

~~~ Travel Tales ,,, where Talk is Cheap ,,, and Visions True ~~~~~

Scold Thy Genes ,, before you pass them on .
No Fear ,,, or in time ,, you'll run out of space ,,, as well ,,, in Space ,,, you'll only run out of time .
04-10-2017, 03:45 AM #2
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,626 Threads:243 Joined:Feb 2011
Mindful """""""""

" like some Garden filled with Toddlers not yet taught to Fear . "

Warm in a sense , as the Milky Way makes you feel ,, Awed with the Warmth
of it's sight ,,

Quiet ,, serene ,,, The Black Out Sky , ,,

a little beyond the speed of light ,, Black out Sky ,,, Warm in a Sense ,,
as the Feel of a Dark Purple Pre-Dawn ,,, Horizon ,,, beyond a Calm Sea ,,

Mindful ,,, Other Worlds Younger than this ,,, have passed it by ,,,,
04-10-2017, 03:57 AM #3
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,626 Threads:243 Joined:Feb 2011
Mindful ~~~~~~~~~~

" Worlds much younger than this ,,,
Where Talk is cheap ,,, and Visions True ,,,

No sound of the Coin ,,,, ever heard ,, for none has ever existed there ,,

Wistful Child ,, Open eyes , to all those splendid sights to see ,,
The Universe alight , within that Darkened Sea ,,,, the Night Time Sky ,,

Mindful ,,,,

A Place I'd much rather be ,,,
04-11-2017, 07:29 PM #4
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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And So ,,, the Perception evolves into The Concept ,,

Birthed of the Concept , The Action ,

In Turn ,,, birthed of Action's Loins ,, the Reaction .

Ebb and Flow the Tide , as results born of Perceptions ,,
Will either roll in Beauty ,,, or lay to waste with Flame .

Mindful ,,,
for if we fail with Minds , we Fail in Total .

The Back Drop , is nothing if not Stage Prop born from our actions .
It's but a Distraction to cover True Intentions .

is it not ?

Indeed , if the Game is built upon Defunct Intentions ,,, somewhere in
the Mud ,,, can be found the Blood of the Slaves .

That Likeness set upon the Apex of the Monument ,, is Ego gone Evil .

Oh Pharaoh , Blessed be your Slaves , for they , unto you ,,, have made Beautiful ,,,
your Tomb .

Perceptions ,,,

Weak in Heart , Dark in Soul ,,, Mindless of Humanities ,,,,

Yea , there Stands the Monolithic Monument in Stone ,,,
Below , Soaked in Slaves Blood ,,, Bones of the enslaved .
Above ,,, the Apex ,,, upon that ,,, The Likeness of the En-slaver .

Glory to the En-Slaver ?
Perceptions ,,, ? Must the Enslaved Glorify their Master ?
indeed , the Slaves Perception of the En-Slaver ,,, Causation for their Enslavement .

Setting upon their own Heads ,,, a Master of Evil ,,, ?

Yes , this they did ,,, Leaving Monoliths as Testament .

Mindful ,,, We as they , Have done the Same .


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