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My experience being experimented on... can anybody else back this up?
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12-03-2020, 06:05 AM #1
Butimcrazyright Incognito
about 5 years ago I was experimented on, not sure why I was chosen, but as a sex worker with a mental health history-- bipolar (not schizophrenia or anything) im sure I was seen as disposable. I wish I was making this up but I've had 3-4 people corroborate with me their own experiences in their own words.

-there wax a lot of drugging and hypnosis involved. I wasn't supposed to remember any of it. Something called quentapenine ? Quinine? I can barely remember what they called the drug. A deliriant, disassociate.
-a device that flicked bright red and blue strobe lights and ... shocked me, somehow. It wasn't tms or anything, it felt like my head was painfully vibrated. I brought up the subject to someone who worked with the government and he was shook because he said that device was used on him with his consent as part of an anti-torture interrogation program.
-a process called fractionation, where I was repeated things on loop, while strange processes like playing a recording of me doing things was projected in front of me. To cause an out of body experience? Idk.
-a blacked out room where I was taught to flip a knife hundreds and thousands of times a day, for some reason, and was periodically beat to shit and woke up with bruises.
-strange tracks of time that days went by in a blur, or weeks went missing
-occasional random periods where suddenly ill feel like I'm someone else, like an agent or something, and ill see cars honk and point to me different directions, and ill roam around and make gestures with my hands for some reason. Same truck pulling up on me, same people. Terms like foursquare or kings corners cross my mind. Like im supposed to learn how to follow someone. Techniques to briefly tail someone and then report back. Then wait further away to observe them before they appear at their next spot. Really complicated patterns. Then suddenly they'll go away unprompted and ill feel like myself again and totally ridiculous for acting like that.
-horrible horrible visions of absolutely disgusting scenes. Hideous fucked up looking people that just weren't human anymore. Bodies being chopped up and dismembered. Aliens or something. Could just have been special effects but I don't know.
- met a woman who promptly broke down and bawled because she said her son was shot by the cia for trying to expose the program. Just kept shaking her head up and down saying yes yes no you're not crazy.
-went to the hospital with pain in my thoracic cavity. Was told there was foreign objects in me. Promptly got sent to the mental hospital even though I wasn't in psychological distress.
-ive had new uncalibrated metal detectors pick up all sorts of signals in my head and neck and body and I don't know why
-was talking about psychology once and had someone ask what branch I served in or if I was cia, because I had accidentally listed a top secret mind control process just by repeating what I could recollect what happened to me
-a man wearing all black one time slipped me a 10 dollar bill folded in a really weird pattern while I was going thru a personality break. I could see in his hand he was palming this really huge gold coin that had an eagle on it. He looked like he really wanted to tell me something, stuttered, and then walked away. Never saw him again.
-oh and one more thing I can recall, is the part that made the lady cry was that I listed a specific detail. There is some sort of white powder that has like, idk, pufferfish toxin, drugs of some kind? Highly secret formula. It is easy to disperse in the air just by blowing it in someone's face. What it does is make the person have a vivid hallucination that they're living an ideal life. Like the food is great, the music is good, everything is fine. Then the real reality splits away and whatever horrific thing the torturer wants to get you to do, like kill your friend, you'd think you were stabbing into a steak or something instead. Such a weird specific detail but she told me the specific race of people the stuff comes from culturally and it was exactly the same as the one I already though. Thats how I know its real. I guess its used to both control people to make them do fucked up things, or just torture them for pure sadism when they see what happened after.

Really bizzare stuff, but he was killed for trying to expose the substance and how/why its used.
If there's anything else ill add more.
I'm just desperate to find out if anybody knows what happened to me. I wish I was crazy but too many people have spoken up and told me im not. I may not be 100 percent on the details but thats as much as I can recollect besides a few tangents.


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12-05-2020, 06:20 AM #2
UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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I can't say I've experience what you've experienced, but hey we've all experienced weird shit in our lives. All I can say is when you are ready just put is behind you and move on.


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