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Lovely country, but be careful. Everybody will have beer on your tab.
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Lots of gold been created there
the natives have a pidgin like english
need a translator
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How to speak KIWI

I bin here in NZ since 1978 and have finally mastered the lingo , and now can share this valuable knowledge

A= arm said when thinking

B = bull, what the power company sends ya

C = Cuds children

D = donut , long version of Don't

E = Ear , what ya breathe

F = Fush , sea creature

G = guess, used fer cookin

H = Hull , land that's not flat

I = Icecream , when the AB's lose

J = jug , irish dance

K = kens , its in Queensland

L = Lust , ya make it to go shopping with

M= Milburn , Capital of Victoria

N= Nutter, to have a yarn

O= one doze , panes of glass in a wall

P= pigs , hang yer washin with

Q= Quad, for old note

R= Rung , bit of jewllery

S = Sucks, the number after five

T = Tin the number after nine

U= Undies, West Undies, good at cricket

V= Volley , between two Hulls

W = Windy, sheilas name

X = Xylophone, same in any langwudge

Y= Yuppie , expression of delight

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Beautiful country! cheers.gif


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