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Ok , One last Time , take notes
04-03-2017, 04:21 AM #46
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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In the Process of ,,,

Let's start this way ,,,
Thinkers of this World had to be prodded , those who have a compliant
attentive Audience , an Audience that had great Faith in them,,, and LISTENED to them .
Those of the Halls of Learning , respected Scholars ,,, Those
of the Species that had access to young Minds ,,, Minds not yet so conditioned
to accepting how ,,,, well ,,,, Status Quo Ran the World .

out of Nine , a few would enter for that Venue , and have done very well there .

this assignment we had given ourselves ,,, was a lot tougher then we Thought .

The Influence , was a lot stronger then we at first thought .
Self Aggrandizement ,,,,
is almost a way of Life here , a Culturally accepted and supported Consciousness .

Common Sense ,, has Value ,,,
Yet here ,,, Common Sense hasn't been given it's full Value yet .
04-03-2017, 04:25 AM #47
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,515 Threads:238 Joined:Feb 2011
We're coming in .

Next Chapter : The Entrance

I'll begin it tomorrow

and Hi JR ,,, not ignoring , gotta write while thoughts are fresh in mind .
04-03-2017, 07:28 PM #48
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,515 Threads:238 Joined:Feb 2011
When asked what Planet Earth , This World , is like ,,,
I came up with this ,,,,,,,,,,,

" It's World full of Pleasure ,,,
a World Full of Pain ,,
a World Full of People ,,
Judged Clinically Insane "
04-04-2017, 01:06 AM #49
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,515 Threads:238 Joined:Feb 2011
Again :::::::::::::::::::::::::

" It's World full of Pleasure ,,,
a World Full of Pain ,,
a World Full of People ,,
Judged Clinically Insane "

It's a World full of Thunder
a World full of Rain
a World full of People
Judged Clinically ,,,, INSANE !

It's a World full of Ignorance
a World full of Shame
a World full of People
Judged Clinically Insane

It's a World Packed with Policies
where no one see's the same
a World full of Bickering
over nothing Special ,,,,,
~~~Just to win the Game ~~~

A World full of Psychopaths
Whom refuse to accept their Blame

When Asked about it's Future ,,,
I cringed with Grief ,,
Said look upon it's past
same ,,
yet this time no relief ,,
They can't seem to
make it last ,,,

A World full of ,,,
04-04-2017, 01:29 AM #50
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,515 Threads:238 Joined:Feb 2011
~~~~~~~~~~~ The Entrance ~~~~~~~~~~

Pacing the Balcony , preparing , Deep Thought ,, attempting
to ,,, Try ,, to get comfortable for this Journey ,,
A Panicked voice ,
Screaming out to me ,,,

David ,, it's Michael ,,, come ,,, come QUICK !

Setting down the Orbs in both my hands ,, leaped to the ground
already running in midair ,,

We reached the Hall and slid across the floor to
where Michael was beseeching us to come forward fast ,,

I looked into the Yellow Stone ,, the Woman with Child of no Soul ,,
bent over a sink ,,
Retching ,,,

" What Happened ? "

" She drank some kind of Potion to abort the Child "

" WHAT ! "
" WHY ?! "

" She doesn't want to be Burdened with raising the Child ,,, no time man go ,,

" But,,

" No time David ,, you'll have to heal the fetus it's dying'''
quick ,, go ,,, go go go ,,,
Take the Body ,,, "

I had envisioned that my Parting would've had ,,,
well ,,,a little bit more Fan Fare then this ,,,
Made the Leap ,,, down the light string ,,, into the Fetus ,,
04-04-2017, 01:49 AM #51
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,515 Threads:238 Joined:Feb 2011
" There is a Mountain ,,,
Where Eagles Soar the Sky ,,,
How I'd love to join them ,,,
if only I could Fly "

There is no Sadness Greater , than that brought on ,,,
Through the Loss of a Beautiful Child .

I had never taken a Body ,,, where the Mother's Blood
ran so cold ,,, so BRUTAL ,, so selfish ,,, as this Bitch .
04-04-2017, 02:24 AM #52
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,515 Threads:238 Joined:Feb 2011
I entered the Woman , yet due to the Chaos of her Retching ,,
I had a hard time getting properly situated into the body of the Fetus ,,

Add that the poor Fetus itself was twitching and squirming in
it's Death Throes ,,, ( Man this is hard to write )

In , facing forward , set ,, the heart stopped , just as I began to get
to work with flushing the substance from him .

Panic in the Woman , Panic in me , which is a rare emotion in my
Home World ,,, I couldn't give up ,, I willed all I had ,, gave all ,,,
the heart picked up a Beat ,,, I could feel it's blood begin to flow again ,,

I could see Shadows of People back lighted by a Ceiling light ,,,
Paramedics actually ,,, but to us , we term ,, healers as our preferred calling is ,,

They lifted the Woman onto a rolling vehicle ,,, outside and the shadows
faded away ,,, must have been Night ,,,

a Lot of Noise and Colorful flashes ( Sirens and lights )
The most disgusting emotion emanated from the Woman's Consciousness ,,,
I tapped into her wave length ,,,, This Bitch ,, she wasn't concerned for
the Health of the Baby within her ,,,, she was in dire fear of ,,, being arrested
imprisoned ,,, PUNISHMENT , for attempting to murder the Child .

Oh yeah I thought to myself ,,, this baby is going to need an Angel ,,,
That hit me , just as I was about to exit the Fetus after healing Him .

~~~ The Tyrants Melt before The Saints ~~~~

~~~~~ To the Hugs of Puppies , The Angels Sing ~~~~~~~
04-04-2017, 02:52 AM #53
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,515 Threads:238 Joined:Feb 2011
There is a Home Brewed Concoction that few people
know of ,,,

Using Mistletoe , it will kill a Fetus , and the child will stillborn
within hours , This is what The Woman had made , drank , and waited
to feel for the Death Throes of the Child ,,,

In an Instant , obvious , This World , far more defunct than any I'd ever
Visited ,,, I couldn't shake the Urge to abandon the Venture ,,, get OUT !

These People are not worth the trouble ,,,,

Then mindful that this was a situation , that we are not to bother
with attempting to Save them ,,, Our Focus was to Save this
Layer , Dimension,,, World ,,, Fractal of the Vibration , to lose it
to these peoples Destructive habits ,,, would rip a Hole , a Void ,
and that ,,, the effects , would touch across more than just this World .

Once , in a Conversation with one of them ,, They stated ,,," wouldn't it
be better if someone powerful came along and just Eradicated the Species ? "

I looked up from a Doggie I had been petting ,,, and replied ,,,
" Better that we not even consider thinking of that "
04-04-2017, 04:33 AM #54
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,515 Threads:238 Joined:Feb 2011
Ain't no special name on me
got it at the Bargain Revelry

Ain't no special Person
on that be sure

Can't see the Ocean from my Perch
and ain't got no special cures

Ain't ever said a Prayer
in no Church

All I know ,,,
is mostly slurs

But ,,,,
I can sing like a Bird on a Wire ,,,,

Not going down that Dusty Road no more ,,,

out of the Pan
into the Fire ,,,,,

out of the Pan ,,,,
and into that Funeral Pyre ,,,,,,,

Got no more Rode to Ride
Ran out at the Cul d' Sac of life

One way house on a Dead end street
Good lord child
gotta go
Gotta move these feet

Going down hard
on a Ship of no land ,,,
Pirates stole my soul
Going down hard
on a ship without a Soul
Good Lord Child ,,, feel it in my hand

Could'a been driftin' all day and night
could'a been a still born
by the guiding light
Could'a step out ,, and took my leave
But turn my Back on a Child ,,,
just ain't me .
04-09-2017, 03:12 AM #55
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,515 Threads:238 Joined:Feb 2011
" Within the Fetus , everything said can be heard .
04-09-2017, 07:06 AM #56
nobody Member
Posts:240 Threads:72 Joined:Dec 2014
Humans like to "fast track" it.

 Nobody, Has a need to know about anything!
04-14-2017, 03:11 AM #57
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,515 Threads:238 Joined:Feb 2011
" Within the Womb "

There was for the most part , a constant bickering going on
outside the Woman's Body during waking hours ,,

Owing to the fact , in our World , none is ever heard , this situation
was going to take me quite a while to acclimate to .

If you can understand , we haven't any Term for " WAR " as we've seen in
this World ,, simply , we refer to the events we've watched here , as " Darkness "

If you could view the energy of Rage and Hate from the consciousness of a Human
Mind ,,, you would see a Bright Red Stream of light , like a laser beam shooting though
the Galaxy .

Outside the Womb , There was one particular Voice that was so disruptive
to Peace , I actually felt the Fetus Cringe when it was heard ,
yes ,,,, even the nervous system of the Physical Body was reacting to that
Evil in the Voice .

That person , would be the cause of my first exit from the Body , and the Body
hadn't even been born yet .

Later , I'd find out , that it was the same person that caused the first Soul
to abandon the fetus completely , and refuse to return to it .

That Voice belonged to what would turn out to be My Father for this World .

~~~~~ Charge your Batteries folks ~~~~
04-14-2017, 04:37 AM #58
Accidental Stoner Member
Posts:8,588 Threads:79 Joined:Feb 2011
Tell us more, please...

Gonna be a bestseller! :)

04-14-2017, 08:54 PM #59
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,515 Threads:238 Joined:Feb 2011
Hey Stoner of Accidents ( Tee Hee )

this actually , is a True story , I'm struggling with memory lapses .
some parts I have to go back and fill in .

I know of a Lady who also could remember herself being in the Womb .

Trip isn't it ?

Best seller ?
boy , when I was healthy , That would have been cool .
tee hee
04-14-2017, 09:10 PM #60
Accidental Stoner Member
Posts:8,588 Threads:79 Joined:Feb 2011
Don't I know it, man...

Oh well.

No way outta thisone, so better tell what one's gotta tell.




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